World Record Tiny House – Studio C

World Record Tiny House – Studio C

♪♪ Narrator:
This is James and Sharon. They’re saying goodbye to big,
and hello to tiny on today’s episode
of Smaller Living. ♪♪ – We had a big house. – We did. Sharon: But we just
didn’t need all that room. [smacks] Both: There’s too much room! Narrator:
James and Sharon’s home is almost 3,000 square feet, and is too much home to handle. – It’s crazy! – We were wasting money
on space we just didn’t need. James: She’d be
on one side of the house, I’d be on the other, I hardly ever saw her. Where are you? Sharon: Well, I’m either
in the pantry or the guest bedroom? – It just wasn’t working. James: This house
is too darn big. Marco? – No, it’s your wife, Sharon! – Space, who needs it? [laughing] Narrator: So today,
they’re meeting with their architect, Bill, to find their new home. – From what we
talked about last week, I think I came up with some
pretty good options for you two. How about this? – I think just a little smaller. James: Mm, yeah. – Okay, how about this one? – Ooh, yeah, smaller, I think. – Well, that’s pretty small. – Okay, I said smaller! – She likes ’em small. – [chuckles] Okay, I think I know
what you’re looking for. Narrator: Three hours later, they’re ready to show us
their dream house. Both: Welcome to our tiny house! Narrator: James and Sharon’s
new home fits everything they need into a spacious six square feet, not to mention the outdoor space
they use to relax. [door squeaking] – Come on in. Sharon: So when you live small, you have to make the most
of every space. For instance, this is our couch, but rearrange the pillows… And it becomes our bed. Now remove the cushions… and it becomes our toilet. – It’s also our oven. – Oh honey,
show them your office. – Oh! This is where I do
graphic design. – Mm-hmm. – But I also have a hobby. Let’s… – Oh, oh, yeah. Heh. ♪♪ – I love making clay pots. ♪♪ – Oh! We have the most beautiful
guest bedroom. [whispers] Honey, show ’em. – The in-laws’ll love it here. – George has to go. – I need to use the oven. ♪♪ [lock clicks] – Let’s take a tour
of the kitchen, honey. – Oh, good idea! Bon appetit! – If you’re doin’ the cooking,
Sharon, then I’m doing the cleaning. [chuckles] – Kitchens are important
because you never know when your friends
are gonna come over. [doorbell rings] Oh! Come on in! James: Come on in. Friend 1: We brought
a housewarming gift! – Oh, it’ll look beautiful
in the kitchen. – I brought twister! – Oh, Todd. – Mom, dad, look who’s here! – Jenny, Todd! How are you doing? – I need to use the oven! Sharon: Oh. – Let’s make a toast! – Oh! ♪♪ – Honey. Just take it. Take it. All: To tiny living! [timer ticking and ringing] – Oh! Pot roast is ready. Narrator: Next time
on Smaller Living… – Grandpa: I need… To use… The oven! – Thank you for watching
Studio C. – For more teeny tiny,
itsy bitsy, very small, very minuscule– – Garet. – For more content
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the BYUtv app. – Then be sure
to like, share, subscribe, and comment down below on what you would put
in your itty bitty, teeny weeny, cutie little– – Shut up. – Sorry. Uh, what you would put
in your tiny house.

100 thoughts on “World Record Tiny House – Studio C

  1. 6 square feet! Even I myself couldn't fit in that little space!
    However, the oven thing is pretty cool. I think I might use it in a Lego sketch on my YouTube channel.

  2. Ironically that space is workable. People live out of vans and cars for example. Living out in the woods would limit you to what you need. Basically what you can carry on your back. Show me a contortionist living in a small box then you'll astonish me.

  3. Ok so I'm a college student..are there actually homes like these for sale, I believe I could maybe afford it…or split rent with a roommate

  4. Overtired overthinker here- the 6 square feet doesn't account for the built ins (Unless they're not built ins and just go outside 🤯😂). Assuming the guest bedroom, office, and pottery studio are about a foot in width a piece, and seeing as the walls are flat and not utilizing that extra space… lets assume the base is 2'x3'. We'll extend that to 3'x5' to account for the built ins, and suddenly it becomes clear- if the rest of that space around the built ins and on non visitor days the guest bedroom are used for storage… that house has the most incredible living space to storage space ratio ever! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂

  5. wow if you just made it a little bigger you could have a fold-out couch, oven/toilet is apart and the toilet is a real toilet, bigger guest room kitchen is a normal kitchen, and the outer looks good but the roof could use a little work. So basically when you're done you have an actual tiny house!!!
    Edit: and wheels to travel!

  6. Woman: ok just alittle smaller
    Architect Bill: ok…
    Woman: nope, I think smaller..
    Architect Bill: well ok..
    Woman: I SAID SMALLER!!!
    Architect Bill: ???
    Husband: She likes them small
    Architect Bill:👀
    Lmao omg died💀

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