White House responds to Barr’s concerns with Trump tweets

White House responds to Barr’s concerns with Trump tweets

98 thoughts on “White House responds to Barr’s concerns with Trump tweets

  1. AG Barr works at Donald Trump’s pleasure for him. People kind of forget Donald Trump is the president the commander-in-chief of the United States of America.

  2. President Trump keep on tweeting if these people have thin skin they get hit the bricks like that a whole general that used to be in your chief of staff I don’t care how many years he was in the service he’s a wimp pansy political hack

  3. Trying to tell Trump not to tweet is like telling a person not to breathe. I mean comeon this is 2020 he has been tweeting for years and whenever he feels he needs to let something out because he is frustrated he doesn't hold back whether its good for him to do so or not. Its just how Trump is he does not moderate himself and while he may have given Democrats ammo in which to attack him and Barr it doesn't take much for them to cry foul about something. So, Barr JUST DO YOUR JOB.

  4. Never stop Tweeting President Trump, so Fake News outlets that make false claims and then claim they're true because you haven't responded. BS!

  5. Why did Donna Brazile and the D. C. mayor show up at the hospital just minutes after Seth Rich was taken there ?

  6. Barr is a swamp creature from way back…don't expect justice to be served to his fellow swamp creatures. He will need to be replaced at the beginning of Trump's second term to get any real changes at the DOJ

  7. The President needs to keep on keeping on!!! I get A.G.Barr, he is right in the thick of all the swamp. DemoRats screaming foul, The media is losing it's collective mind, and the American People are standing up for Justice, Truth, The American Way, AND most importantly, AGAINST Socialism!!!!!

  8. If twittmo is smart they'd better not censor you Mr Trump. As a matter of fact he needs to go after these assholes. Run their tax base up to 98% Mr Trump. I would if I were in your shoes. YT, Twitter, Google Amazon and all so media platforms. These dks need to be put in their place like right now. Tax the sht outta them. To almost extinction. Their getting to political and to big for their britches. Soc media is bringing this country down.

  9. It is not like Barr is doing his job anyhow, so I say tweet away. If Barr was actually doing his job, and arresting the crooked cops that infest the FBI, we wouldn't be here now.

  10. William Barr is cueing publicly, that he does not want to prosecute his SES brothers and best friends. They are the perpetrators of the attempted coup, William Barr should have done something along time ago. William Barr does need to step down.

  11. Last I remember, this is america and EVERYONE has the freedom to Express themselves no matter what position you hold in america………

  12. Obama used to weigh in on current DOJ issues! Did the media care then? No! All OK for Obama; don't you dare Trump! Lol Tweet on Sir!

  13. Barr is mentally controlled by that wart above he his eyebrow which he contracted from Trump’s genitalia slapping his forehead.

  14. Maybe Barr will have to manage, and come to some kind of agreement with the president, because that is the president being the president.
    But it's no harm that the enemy press sees that trump and barr are both decent human beings who are not incivil all in unison like they are.

  15. I had hope when Barr was put in but we haven't seen one of these swamp rats going to jail. Nine years for Stone seriously? He's in NY non violent release!

    ‪RIP DNC (January 8, 1828-November 3, 2020) GOD BLESS AMERICA. ‬

  17. Thousands of people are dying in China because of a virus in China. Thousands are presumed infected here in the U.S. and its all Trump all day. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump… don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain.

  18. It’s called free speech, Bill. They have tried to deprive our president of his free speech what do you expect him to do?

  19. I think y'all need to calm and get a grip over there at the WH and DOJ. The Dems ain't got jack on either one of you. Just ignore them, and watch 'em choke on it. They always do

  20. President Trump is impatient. He's tired of kicking the can down the road. He's tired of talkin. We the people Elected him to do what he was supposed to do Which is helped the American people..

  21. What is the difference between tweeting his views and speaking directly to a camera and saying the exact same thing??? The only difference is the media can’t reframe or take his statements out of context or completely hide them from the American public to which he serves. Tweet away President!!! It’s a new age. Don’t let them bully the office of the Presidency from ever having this tool!


  23. ag barr needs to stop worrying about tweets and start worrying about putting criminals behind bars. trump hired him for a reason, now get to it.

  24. I said when Barr was appointed he was part of the DEEP State swamp. His dad hired J Epstein. Says it all! ALSO, what has the idiot achieved recently? NOTHING! No convictions. Hillary? Comey? Rosenstein? etc etc!

  25. McEntee and Hicks – BOTH  have ZERO resume's or any actual accomplishments, both got involved with Trump in 2015, both left over sexual issues and both are BACK because of sexual issues.  That's Trump for you!

  26. Pretty clear Barr is lying. He will do anything the Traitor in the White tells him to do. Barr is only upset that Trump keeps blowing Barr's cover making it harder from to hide all the crimes Trump the Traitor has committed.

  27. Barr is trying to figure out how he can get the free passes out to all his crook buddies with Trump tweeting about him not doing his job. Makes it really difficult for him to spring his deep state buddies.

  28. Dear Leader keeps breaking the la.. Wait….he is ABOVE THE LAW NOW, RIGHT? All praise Dear Leader. All those who dare to disagree, lock them up. The new America.

  29. Now that trump has Got off on the impeachment rap… I'm sure much of the country can relate to A spouse abuser that was let off by the Judge on a technicality

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