White House reacts to chaos in Iowa caucus

White House reacts to chaos in Iowa caucus

100 thoughts on “White House reacts to chaos in Iowa caucus

  1. No matter how you trying to picture her, you can see she is frustrated. First care for yourself, then you can say something about the way others should be living. Do you want to be lead by people like Stephen Miller, Gowdy, this woman, Pence. Everyone can see these are disturbed people.

  2. BRAVO PRESIDENT TRUMP. Great job, well done. MAGA 2020 from a Former Democrat 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎈🎈🎈🌼🌼🌼👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍💕💕💕

  3. I don't even know what she's talking about, but Valentine's day is coming up and somebody has the most beautiful blue eyes.

  4. Blackmailer biden. to prison, get junkie help n jail ! the whole. family are goons. for. traitor. obozo the fraud ! attack !

  5. Trump will say “Russia if you’re listening please help” or maybe the classic “China should investigate Biden”

  6. Will the DNC "Blame" Russia on this one!?! Did DNC remove HILLARY"S APPS from her "SUPPOSEDLY" Destroyed 2016 COMPUTERS and "REINSTALLED" them in Their "NOW" DNC COMPUTERS?!? BETCHA THEY DID!!!

  7. True, can't work among yourselves ,what makes you think they can come together to run a country. Already a failure …. What else is new.

  8. It’s NOT a big deal ! Hillary will pay Christopher Steele to compile a dossier of caucus results, with any outcome they want. No counting necessary. Sometimes the democrats forget their own resources ! 🇺🇸

  9. trump should give schiff,nadler ,waters & pelosi to the russians though on the downside russia might declare war if he does lol

  10. Who really thought the Dems could hold an honest election? They scream transparency while covered in so much mud on their faces that they can only flap their hands in anger against us, the Americans.

  11. Electronic and paper ballots.
    Use your paper ballet to electronically input your vote in . Then the machine gives you 2 receipts. You double check your vote, then you give one receipt to the people and you keep your receipt for your own reference.

  12. Sounds to me what the “people “ are expecting is to live off of Federal money but who is going to fill the federal coffer if everyone is living off them?

  13. Emigration. Laws are unjust and the immigration office has a scam that would be illegal for anyone else regarding processing possible entries into this country.

  14. not worried about it.. unless its bernie, rich reps and demos have never worked together better. i vote for google and amazon for prez, they atleast know what theyre doing, cut out the middle man

  15. Democrats be like " If Trump wins he stole it! If he lost its fair, we forgot the box in the trunk"

    Democrats are dirty and disgusting.


  17. TRUMP doesn't even have to campaign. The demoncrates are doing it for him.Overentitled swamp rats are going to be voted out.Trump 2020

  18. Median wages have DROPPED against inflation… What is this lady smoking?
    Typical fox though, I get it. Rah rah, trump is great, don't look at the numbers!

  19. The reason this impeachment is a sham is mainly…President Trump didnt need to do ANYTHING to improve his chances to win because he has ALWAYS been the only clear choice for President and the democrats know that and thats why they are trying to get rid of him any way possible. They know they dont stand a chance running against him. They were talking of impeaching him since before he even got in office. It does not take a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon to see this clearly.

  20. Not an immigrant, illegal alien. Stop all of them. And quit saying illegal immigrant, That is NOT the Correct definition.

  21. The reason Iowa doesn't want to post the results is because Trump won the Democratic vote!
    Face facts. Trump is a WINNER!

  22. Thank you Judicial Watch for pointing out how many counties had more registered voters than citizens! Everyone should donate a twenty or so to their work producing transparency when broken promise enrich themselves Democrats trying to steal an election!

  23. Nicolas Maduro, The comunist president of venezuela need a Democrat party to run his country," Send nancy,shumer, and scfiff and aoc and ilhan omar talhid rashif, warren berntny sander biden purisma and many others clinton ect ect. He can have them all, Maduro probably say" No please, keep them there.

  24. IOWA CAUCUS IS A DNC CONSPIRACY!  They knew that Bernie Sanders won the IOWA caucus and they are using a trickle release of counties to deny him his day of victory and all the Press releases that he deserves.  They purposely have released the results over days to make it appear like Pete B. won. By the time they give the victory to Sanders it won’t matter they will have denied Sanders of millions of donations he would have gotten and 10’s of millions of media coverage of his win.

  25. It was REPUBLICANS clogging the phone lines, Message to TO PEREZ please request that IOWA'S A.G. to investigate interference, also you have on line proof of people requesting REPUBLICANS TO CLOGGED PHONE LINES. In 2002 same thing happened in NEW HAMPSHIRE, people were sent to jail. Tom you can file with the FEDS for all that's worth. I have voted REPUBLICAN before, but find this very sick and DANGEROUS to AMERICAN DEMOCRACY. The right of the AMERICAN people to vote makes this country stand head and shoulders above any other country. TRUMP Sat the TONE by REFUSING to shake her hand( He saw her hand), NANCY tearing up his speech was just as PETTY as his not shaking her hand, both were wrong. GOD BLESS MR. ROMNEY, YOU BUT GOD FIRST. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC.

  26. They are trying to figure a way to blame Trump and then do the caucus all over again, until they get the results they want… This is the Democratic party today… this is NOT the Democratic party of 30 years ago

  27. What's is that maid of the WH giving opinion on Iowa caucus. Stick to cleaning kamodes. You can even give a press conference. Sorry that's that whole truth.

  28. Nor have they run the government during their reign over us, they robbed our government. Obviously. Just observe what they are getting away with because of their left over power. That is exactly why Trump was voted in as President. Now their caught in the whirlpool. Flusssssh!

  29. If its not proper for presidents to file against slander. Then what about a independent council to do it, to protect our President from that abuse. Staff of protective lawyers.after all he has secret service to protect him physically.

  30. If the Iowa caucus votes are going through Hillary Clinton server they’re probably getting deleted like her emails

  31. THE PRESIDENT HAS EVERY RIGHT TO BE HUMAN AND BE PISSED ABOUT THE LEFTS COUP ATTEMPT AND TREASON……… I WAS HOPING HE'D SHOVE IT IN THEIR FACES EVEN MORE THAN HE DID!! They are ALL domestic enemies and should be addressed as such!! They each and every one of them (on the left and rinos) should be charged with treason! You want to know which person in congress is an American and for American values……. just watch the SOTU address, it will tell you EXACTLY where they "stand"!

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