Welcome to Dohyung’s house [The Return of Superman/2020.03.01]

Welcome to Dohyung’s house [The Return of Superman/2020.03.01]

(Whose house is this now?) This is a new house. Whose house is this? This house looks so clean. There are a lot of CDs. And there’s a speaker too. I bet the dad is a musician. This must be the bedroom. – What? / – What? – Scripts? / – Scripts? – Is that a poster? / – A movie poster? – What? / – Is he a movie actor? But I don’t see anything that a kid would use. (Crying) I can hear the baby crying. The baby woke up. So there is a baby. By the way, the nursery is huge. – The baby is sleeping alone. / – The baby is alone. (Stretching) (Wriggling) The baby is squirming. My gosh. (He tries to get up on his own.) My goodness. His head feels heavy. Is it heavy? My goodness. (He tries once again.) Did you sleep well? It takes so long for him to get up. (Smiling innocently) Good morning. Right. He looks just like Son Sukku. (By the way, where are his mom and dad?) His parents are snoring away. The baby woke up alone. (I guess I’ll introduce myself later.) He just woke up. Where is he going? (To the bookshelf?) He looks the same age as my daughter, Hayoung. What is he doing? Is he reading books in the morning? My gosh, he can read books by himself? At that age? I mean, he’s not looking for his mom. (Educating himself) He’s reading in the morning. Gosh, he’s like a scholar. (He picks out a book first) He got thirsty. (and drinks his formula furiously.) He’s drinking it up. What baby doesn’t even cry when left all alone? He doesn’t even look for his mom. (He finishes it at once.) I guess he’s been raised to be independent. (After checking the empty bottle, he reads again.) (Vocalizing) He continues reading after finishing his milk. (He’s reading the book out loud.) is he reading the book? Mom. – I mean… / – Now he’s looking for his mom. Your parents were snoring away earlier. (Crawling to the living room) Goodness, this baby is so laidback. – He’s smiling. / – At whom? At the camera? – Gosh. / – My gosh. He’s so gentle. He’s never seen a camera. He must find it fascinating. He’s not shy around it either. (Intrigued by the camera) (There are so many uncles here.) Whose baby is he? Where is he going after saying hi with his eyes? Is there a toy he likes? (He grabs the lion doll he’s attached to.) When will Mom wake up? Hurry. Gosh, I guess he can already talk since he reads a lot. Mom. (Shall I wake her up with some music?) Is that a CD? – What… / – He’s picking out a CD. Does he want to listen to a CD he likes? (Please play this CD.) He picked one. (He starts the music that will wake his mom up.) What is it? – It’s done. / – My gosh. He played it on his own? (Yes, this is the beat I’m talking about.) – He’s excited. My gosh. / – Dohyung. He’s startled. – Dohyung. / – Is that his mom? (The music wakes his mother up. Who is she?) – Do. / – What’s happening? (Actress Lee Mido) Why are you coming out from there? She can pull off the role of an innocent high schooler – and a cruel villainess. / – You do it. She shows a varied and wide range of performances in dramas and movies. And her posts, Mother’s Private Life, have been going viral. Seriously. They’re trending. A lot of mothers in Korea could relate to my posts and liked my posts. (Lee Mido, Dohyung’s mother comes to TROS.) I’ve only seen you as the narrator of the show. Frankly, I was curious about your life as a mother. I see. You’ll see my natural side just as it is. I can’t wait. Did you play this yourself? – When did you wake up? / – Just now. – Gosh, now I see he looks just like you. / – Right. (Mother and son are getting along well this morning.) – Give me a kiss. / – My gosh. (Dohyung has been learning to walk on his own.) Dohyung can’t walk by himself yet. – We’ve been practicing. / – Dohyung, hold my pants. He can walk while holding on to me. – Of course. / – He’s a bit scared. Take my son, Yeonwoo, for example. He walked when he was about 16 months old. (I slipped.) Shall we dance? Gosh, his mother is a great dancer. Wow, you’re trying to get up on your own now. Try to stand up from there. Grab the sofa and get up. (Hold on to the sofa and get up.) There you go. (Heave-ho!) – His legs are strong enough. / – Yes. – He’s still afraid. / – Yes, it’s because he’s scared. That’s why he’s not giving it a try. Don’t sit down. (No, that’s not it.) – Are you frustrated? / – He’s frustrated too. Are you frustrated? Are you? Take this off. – His pajamas were suffocating. / – I see. His pajamas. (Taking off his warm pajamas) (My gosh, that feels nice.) You got out. Do you want to take that off too? – That one too? / – You want to take that off too? – Mom. / – Do you want to take this off too? Put your hands up. Take it off. There you go. (Dohyung’s head gets stuck.) – So that happens to other kids too. / – There you go. (My shirt is small. That’s all.) What? That too? You want to take that off too? No pants? My goodness. Look at his belly. Gosh, it’s hot. – Were you hot? / – He’s adorable. That belly suits Dohyung. Do you want to put on a lighter outfit? Do you want to wear the Bambi outfit? Like this? Where am I? I’m right here. Dohyung is gone. It’s cold. You should put on clothes. I can tickle your back. (He finishes putting on the Bambi outfit.) My gosh. Tell me. Which hand will you hold it with? Both of your hands aren’t free. – You should give one up. / – Food in one hand, – toy in another. / – What will you do? I won’t hold it for you. – Is that how you’ll drink it? / – He won’t let go of once he grabs a doll. I’ll bring your dad. (Hurry, please.) – Come here. Should I wake you up? / – I’ll get up. – It’s okay. / – Must I wake you up? – What’s going on? / – It’s really okay. – I’ll do it for you. / – What is that? – Come here. / – It’s okay. – What is this? It’s too early. / – You don’t have to. – Hold tight. / – Don’t do it. I have a special way of waking him up. My gosh, seriously. – What happened? / – Are you okay? He’s breathing heavily. – How did you wake him? / – Why is she alone? – Stop it. / – How did you wake him up? Gosh, what is this? You’re so strong. Hello, I’m actress Lee Mido’s husband, Lee Sangjoon. and I’m two years younger than her. – He’s really nervous. / – Nice to meet you. Hello. I’m an actress and the mother of 17-month-old Dohyung, Lee Mido. Dohyung, say hi. “Hi.” – There you go. Good job. / – Hi. I’m older than him. – We are two years apart. / – Two years? – I saw that / – But… she was bossy around people who were younger than her. (I was?) After seeing that, I decided not to let her treat me like I’m younger. Do you prefer it if I treat you as if you’re older? Yes, I do. Other dads are in the entertainment business. But my husband is an office worker. – You’ll be able to see how / – Food. – office workers take care of kids. / – That’s great. You’ll find my son charming when you keep watching. – He’s charming. / – I’ll show how I take care of him. Mido is like an onion. You can find out her charms – by peeling her. / – “Peeling her”? What are you talking about? That would be great. By the way, this is why he’s charming. – My gosh. / – What is charming? What do you mean? Your perverseness is your charm. – Did I sound like a pervert? / – It’s very charming. – I didn’t know. / – Everyone agrees. – He’s blushing. / – I had no idea. He’s charming. Meanwhile, Dohyung is eating away. – What’s wrong with you? / – When was I like that? – Why did you do that? / – When did I do that? Just now. Goodness. That’s a charming entrance. – My CDs. / – His CDs. – When the light was off… / – That’s what we do. – Really? / – Yes. He loves the CDs. – What should we do? / – What? He keeps messing your No. 1 treasure. Dohyung. – His hands are full. / – He’s saying hi with his foot. He’s using his foot. – Can you come down again? / – What did he just do? You can come down, right? – Come here. / – You can come down alone, right? – Come on down. / – Dohyung scares easily. (Do I?) (I should show them.) Seriously. (What?) – He came down. / – All right. He came down. (I will show them that I am not a coward.) – He can’t touch the floor. / – He is so close. My goodness. He is so cute. (Nervous) He is close. He just needs to feel the floor. (That was satisfying to watch.) – You are good. / – He succeeded. It took him two months to come down the sofa. Good work. – Shall I give him a plane ride? / – No, – not yet. / – He will like it. Since Dohyung scares easily, – we tried to toughen him up. / – He won’t like it. (Dohyung goes stiff out of fear.) He went stiff. He went stiff. Isn’t that harder to do? (Put me down.) Try it again. Do it slower this time. (He takes a bite of the snack.) Is he enjoying a meal on the plane? (Dohyung is enjoying a meal.) (He gets scared later.) He got scared. Other babies like it when their dads give them a plane ride. What is he making? It’s a swing you hang up. Big sister. – Big sister… / – He says that when he needs help. I need to meet up with him. – I feel so close to him. / – What is it? Big sister is here to help. Put it over the bar first. Why couldn’t he do it? – When I am cornered, / – Put it through here. – I call my wife “Big sister” too. / – Okay. (Clicking) – Okay? / – You are cool. Whenever you have trouble, ask me for help. – Older women are the best. / – Bring Dohyung. Here. Dohyung, will you ride a swing? He is happy. (Shall we pick up the speed?) Don’t push too hard. His face looks shocked. – It’s too fast for him. / – Dad! – What? / – No, no. – We are pushing gently. / – We weren’t pushing hard. – He is scared. / – Are you scared? You were startled. You were startled. – Push gently. / – Okay. – Gently. / – Gently. – Gently. / – He likes this. Gently. – When it picks up speed… / – Ta-da. He is scared again. – You can tell from his eyebrows. / – They droop. His eyebrows droop as the swing picks up speed. – I wasn’t even pushing hard. / – My goodness. (He bursts out in tears.) – This won’t do. This won’t do. / – No. – Are you scared? / – He’s scared. (Yes, Mom.) Your face looks scarier, Dohyung. (Annoyed) You got scared. You look like a middle-aged man. Did you have some drinks yesterday? The president of a company shouldn’t be like this. For goodness’ sake. He put his foot up. Eat a snack. – You don’t have a free hand. / – Is that toy lion glued to his hand? Were you timid when you were little? Me? No, I wasn’t timid. – It must be you. / – I bet you’re the timid one. When I was little, there was a corridor in the house. I would climb up the wall until I reached the ceiling. – Show me. / – I stayed at the ceiling like that. When I was six, I was obsessed with climbing walls. – Really? / – I bet I can do it. Maybe not. – Show me. / – I haven’t tried it as an adult. Your mom is Spider-Man. – Look at your mom. / – I went up like this. – I went up like this. / – Look at your mom. – I was surprised too. / – I went up like this and looked down on everyone like this. I went up and looked down on everyone from the ceiling. I scared whoever passed by. I was not timid at all. You should try climbing up the wall. (It’s your turn!) Try it. – I am not scared. I am not scared. / – Try it. Hurry up and try it. If neither one of you are timid, – why does Dohyung… / – No, my husband does. – How do I do it? / – Go up. (Heave-ho!) He succeeded. Hello. (I am scared.) He is scared. I am sorry, but your husband is cute. Your perverseness is your charm. (He shows off the charms Mido fell for.) He got scared just from looking at you. Dohyung, was it scary? When you are scared, don’t cry. Say, “I am scared.” How did you cry earlier? (His eyebrows mirror Mido’s facial expressions.) He is copying his mom. How did you cry? – “I am scared.” / – He is cute. Hold on. Let me bring something. “I am scared.” – “I am scared.” / – What are you looking for? – Sangjoon. / – Yes? Look at this. You remember this, right? It’s the KBS drama I starred in. (The script of “Unkind Ladies”) A drama? – “Unkind Ladies”. / – Right. Dohyung has never seen me act. Dohyung, watch what I do. Repeat after me. – Watch what I do. / – That’s a good idea. This is a serious scene. What is it? I am quite offended. (Mido’s internal struggle) (and Jang Mihee’s controlled performance are the key.) – Will you act out that scene? / – I come in – and slam the door. / – My husband always helps me practice my line. (He channels Jang Mihee.) What was that? What is it? I am quite offended. What do you mean? – He is good. / – I was surprised too. He is good. Someone who can’t taste food can’t be your best student. Someone who goes through my room can’t be my best student. (She can’t stop) (her laughter.) Your acting skills improved. (Laughing) Dohyung. Dohyung. Do what you did earlier. – My goodness. / – Why are you so happy? I am a bit hungry. – Are you hungry? / – Yes. Are you hungry? What is going on? Are you cooking, Mido? No. My husband insisted on making a feast for me and Dohyung. He made a salad and steak! That’s incredible. Lady, please sit down. – This is incredible. / – Do you want to sit here? What is this, Dohyung? Please enjoy. Dohyung, I prepared a baby’s lunch for you. (He is already eating.) Dohyung loves it. Since it’s your day of freedom, I made an effort. – My goodness. / – Thank you for the food. Is it tasty? – It tasted good. / – Cheers. – Dohyung, cheers. / – Cheers. (Dohyung does it with a piece of meat.) It’s so tasty. – He loves the food. / – Go ahead and eat. (At that moment…) Okay. Okay. My husband thinks it’s important – to set the mood. / – This is nice. It’s a French song. I think younger husbands have that in common. He always plays music. I am flying away today. I am free today! I am free today! (She begins to dance.) What are you doing? You know this, right? It’s Kim Hyeja’s dance – in “Mother”. / – You are right. I can see the resemblance. – It’s Kim Hyeja’s dance. / – She danced in the movie. (I must take photos.) Hold on. Is this how – the mom photos come to be? / – I am free! – Yes, this is how they come to be. / – I see. I am getting good photos. My goodness. (Mother’s Private Life. I am free today.) Mother’s Private Life is revealed for the first time. (Whenever Mido dances to enjoy her freedom,) (her husband takes photos.) My goodness. Your husband is passionate. You need teamwork to do that. Okay, let’s go. (Vibe of a director) Be serious. (Mother’s Private Life. I have a lot of time today.) Give me a day off. Take Dohyung to the hospital. He keeps having a runny nose. I think you should ask the doctor about that. – Get going. / – I will get going alone. Okay. I will take Dohyung to the hospital. – Can you do well? / – Yes. – Until that moment, / – Will you do well? – No problem. / – the husbands think, “I got this.” – I will get going. / – Okay. I am going for real. I am going, Dohyung. Dohyung, bye. I am going for real. I am going for real. – Bye. See you there. / – See you there. – I was a bit worried / – Bye. about the two of them going to the hospital. His mom left. His mom left for real. (How will Mido enjoy her free time?) Let’s go. – Freedom! / – Were you really worried? You seem overjoyed here. You even spun and skipped a step. (Mido’s steps show her excitement.) It looks delicious. – This is the place. / – It was good to be outside. – Going outside alone… / – It will be delicious. – I hadn’t done that in a while. / – I’m sure. I went to a restaurant to eat the mind-numbingly spicy mala crawfish and lamb chops. I waited for this moment. Dohyung can’t eat spicy food. One line in a movie just came to my mind. “Do you know how much I crave it?” – Mala crawfish is so spicy and tasty. / – It’s tasty. I love the pungent taste. The taste relieves my stress. – The stress of child-rearing. / – I love it. It’s so tasty. When you go to a restaurant with a baby, you can barely eat anything. – That’s right. / – It has been forever since I ate in peace. That kind of a dish must be eaten with both hands, which makes looking after a child impossible. Do you have the microphone in your mouth? (She eats a lamb chop in one bite.) Are you really eating a lamb chop that way? Of course. You must bite into it. It’s so tasty. The meat is so juicy and savory. I wonder if Sangjoon is doing well. (Meanwhile,) (Dohyung is crying at the hospital.) It’s a disaster. (Dohyung is crying at the hospital.) It’s only a stethoscope. He’s crying so hard when it’s only a stethoscope. (Sangjoon feels bad.) It’s okay. It’s okay. You did a good job. Dohyung, I am sorry. He has a runny nose. Until it goes away, we should use medication. It seems there are two vaccines he hasn’t had. Did you see the way his eyes shifted? – Two vaccines? / – That’s right. – He is 17 months old. / – Does he really need them? If he doesn’t get those shots now, he will be late. He is old enough for these vaccines, so I recommend he gets them before he goes. Dohyung, will you be able to take shots? – Will you be okay? / – No. What is he going to do? He even threw a fit over a stethoscope. This is like a bolt from the blue. Dohyung looks like his mom when he cries. (He is crying already.) He is crying soundlessly. – He is crying soundlessly. / – You are doing well. It’s okay. (Bawling) One more shot is coming. (I can’t watch this.) – Good job. / – You did a good job. (Sangjoon wants to feel the pain in his son’s stead.) Sangjoon has taken our son to a hospital, but this was his first time – to see him receive shots. / – Really? I am sure he was crying inside. (Where did Mido go?) Meanwhile, I came to a place of bygone sentimentality. I visited a roller skating rink. I wanted to have fun as I did back in the day. This is it. This is what I like. (She puts on a glittery pair of roller skates.) My face suits the retro style. (Angling your legs perfectly is the key.) (I am done trying to look cool. Shall we go?) Be careful. (Embarrassed) – I won’t overdo it. / – Be careful. (She enters the roller skating rink humbly.) They are good. (She joins the youngsters who are roller skating.) I used to roller skate a lot when I was younger. – You are good. / – Back in the day… Gosh, Mido. You are charming. You are good. You are dancing. It was fun. Roller skating rinks are so well-equipped these days. Let me stand in the middle. Hold on. Aren’t you the same age as me? (Mido leads them.) (An endless line forms.) – What is this? It’s a circle. / – Yes! – This is hilarious! / – It was a grand unification. (Mido becomes the Pied Piper.) I initially held hands with five people, but suddenly… How many people are there? What is going on? Mido! – What? Sangjoon is here. / – Sangjoon. Sangjoon. Dohyung, it’s me. – How was today? / – It was utterly… – Dohyung. / – He got his vaccines. – Vaccines? / – Yes. He was behind. Thankfully, he took care of it. I was so relieved. Dohyung, did you get two shots at the hospital? After bawling, – he acted as if nothing happened. / – What? What? – Do you want to go to your dad? / – He’s going to Dad. – Dohyung, come to Mom. / – He became close to his dad. – I know. / – Do you like Dad better now? – Really? / – Before you came, – Okay. / – I had some time to myself. I brought some food since you were on my mind. – What food? / – You will be surprised. Really? Is it something I like? What could it be? Dohyung, open it. One, two, three. What is it? Fried food. (Is it sweet and sour pork?) – Ta-da! / – It’s fried food. Dohyung put one in his mouth right away. – It’s fried food. / – Dohyung. – Dohyung. / – Do you know what it is? It looks delicious, right? Should I try it too? – Try it, Sangjoon. / – Cheers. – It looks delicious. / – Dohyung, is it good? Is it good? – Is it good, right? / – It’s a fried frog dish. What? – It’s fried frog legs. / – Really? I will show you the pose. – Frog? / – The frog is posing like this. (The mischievous mom recreates the frog’s pose.) Oh, my goodness. How does it taste? – Tastes like chicken. / – Really? Dohyung, is it good? – It’s really good, right? / – Is it good? – It was very tasty and savory. / – Is it good? – It tastes just like chicken. / – I see. – I will be back. How cute! / – Mom is going. Look at my form. – I went back in time. / – You didn’t even look back. I was given free time after all. (Dad, what are you doing?) (I must take some photos!) He is good at taking photos. He definitely has an artistic soul. (Mom’s Private Life) I got some good photos. Dohyung was having a good time. (Bouncing up and down) – Go and play with Dohyung. / – Shall we take a walk? (Let’s go take a walk.) You are good. – He has a baby walker. / – You are good. There you go. Yes, he needs to practice walking. What’s your name? Gosh, who is this? (A young lady offers her hand to Dohyung.) – It’s an older girl. / – Dohyung absolutely loves older girls. (What will happen?) Will he walk? He walked! He prefers to walk with an older girl, not his mom. (Dohyung slipped and fell earlier.) (He begins to walk!) This is incredible. Dohyung is walking. (He made a record number of steps.) Just because an older girl held his hand… – He took six steps. / – Good job. You were great. – Okay. / – It wasn’t the end. After that day, Dohyung mastered walking. Dohyung is incredible. He will run soon.

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