Traveling Iraq Arbaeen Walk Najaf To Karbala City Middle East

Traveling Iraq Arbaeen Walk Najaf To Karbala City Middle East

I took part in Arbaeen Walk. The Arbaeen Pilgrimage is the world largest annual public gathering That is held every year in Karbala Iraq. at the end of 40 Days Mourning period after Ashura. the religious ritual for the commemoration of of Martyrdom of the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and the third Shia Muslim Imam, Husayn ibn Ali’s in 680. Every year this March is organized, in which Muslims, Mainly Shia walk approximately 92 Km from Najaf City To Karbala Arbaeen is constantly among the largest peaceful gatherings in history. Hussain Ibn Ali the Muslim Saint for whom the pilgrimage is made believe to transcend all cultural boundaries and be a symbol of Universal freedom and Compassion.

17 thoughts on “Traveling Iraq Arbaeen Walk Najaf To Karbala City Middle East

  1. Shrines are prohibited in Islam. It is shirk. insha'Allah permanent hell. No pilgrimage allowed in Islam except HAJ.

  2. My brother, but an explanation … Why do you say the third Shiite Imam Ali Ibn Al-Hussein? … Was there in the time of the Messenger there were Sunnis and Shiites? .. Imam Ali is not Shiite..but it is an Arab … meaning to the whole and not to the Shiites only … Shiites no They love the Imam for only a few … They visit them but do not imitate them .. Only deeds … We Sunnah love them with all our heart … So please do not repeat this talk👍love imam in my heart

  3. Sali hamari etni okat nhi Jo desh k bahar Jake ghoom saku sale salary milte milte or karjdaar ho jaate hai to videsh kab jayenge

  4. Thanks Mr. Tarar,

    Me too first time have gone through this walk by this video. Good and hard efforts you carried out to make on walk 92 kilometres detailed video from Najaf to Karbala.

    تَرار مِیاں !

    خوُرشیِدِ مدُّعاَ تِرا برُجِ شرف میں ھے

    اکِ ساقیِ کربلاء میں ھے اور اکِ نجف میں ھے

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