Tough Decisions When Building a House

Tough Decisions When Building a House

100 thoughts on “Tough Decisions When Building a House

  1. We just completed a whole house remodel. The shower tile was the wrong color The tile installer had to rip out what he already installed. Went to tile shop to get the correct tile. Guess what, not available. Rule #1. Always have your materials delivered, inspected, and stored in a safe place before construction begins. Every time I go into our master bath I look at my second choice tile and how disappointed I am.

  2. Stucco Paint #1. Waite a minute in the Video picture. #1 option is #3. In the video you say #3 is #1. I’m confused. I like the one on the right. Not the middle. And not the cream color on the left. The one on the right

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  4. you guys are the definition of a white family. lol, also on the original lineup of the floor panels at the store, the panel all the way to the left would be a good option. the issue you are having is not enough contrast within the wood its self. as in the wood is mostly the same color and the only pattern you are seeing in it is shadow rather than color of the wood.

  5. The painters that put those paint samples on your house are very sloppy. I understand it’s new construction but you shouldn’t have paint stains on the floor.

  6. 0 decisions.. 😀 You should draw your house in 3d (for example – sketchup), then check it out in VR (for example in ).. and then you decisions will cone faster.

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