The Secret Tunnel Under the White House

The Secret Tunnel Under the White House

This video was made possible by Brilliant. Learn complex topics simply for 20% off by
being one of the first 200 to sign up at This video is about bricks. Now, one common mistake that I and others
often run into when bricklaying relates to brick moisture levels. You see, mortar contains water, and if a brick
is too dry, it will suck up all the moisture from the mortar and, rather than sticking
to the brick, the mortar will dry too fast. When that happens, the adhesion level will
be too low and the construction will be brittle. The solution to this issue is either to use
wetter mortar or to pre-wet your bri… ok there’s no way the feds will sit through
all that brick talk. I think we’re safe now. Today we’re spilling some government secrets. I’ve been digging through the archives,
I’ve been calling my unnamed sources, I’ve been spelunking the DC sewers to bring you
the definitive guide to the White House’ escape routes in case, you know, you end up
in a scenario where you break in via the rooftop ventilation shaft to the west staircase, sneak
across the hall to the Truman bedroom, record a TikTok where you make some pun about how
Truman sounding like “true man,”—I haven’t figured out what the pun is, all I know is
that there’s got to be one— and then need to make a fast exit before the fuzz finds
you. Not that I’m advocating for anyone to do
that or anything, but the good news is that in case you do, I’ve got you covered. You see, all that research I did brought me
to this—a secret document about a small tunnel between the White House and the Treasury
Building. First, some backstory: way back in 1941, the
baddies popped on over to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for an unannounced visit. This, according to New Zealand Herald etiquette
columnist Lee Suckling, is really just rude, but it also, of course, marked the start of
America’s involvement in the World War trilogy. Beyond that, though, it made a lot of people
in Washington nervous. That’s because Franklin “Big Daddy”
Roosevelt was just sitting around in a White House shaped target. It turns out that to do war you need your
President alive so those in charge of that asked FDR to move his residence to another,
safer location. However, FDR said, in the wise words of the
allies when Germany asked if it could create a pan-German racial state, “no.” Ok, so, backup plan: let’s just make the
White House more secure. “Great idea,” said someone, so they got
to work. The main project was to build a bunker under
the east wing of the White House but that was going to take a while and the Führer
said that he couldn’t delay the establishment of his pan-German racial state for construction
to finish. So, they looked for a short-term solution
in case the Japanese or Germans popped by again. It turned out that right next door, the Treasury
Building had a bunch of super-deep vaults that could serve as bunkers. “Perfect,” said someone, so these vaults
were quickly converted into a 10-room command center for the President including living
quarters for extended stays. Of course, if the baddies decided to firebomb
Washington, it probably wasn’t going to work great for the Secret Service to take
FDR, who relied on a wheelchair, via the scenic route through the gardens. That’s because bombs aren’t good for people
with paralysis. Therefore, they got digging. A 761 foot, 232 meter long tunnel was built
from a sub- basement of the east wing to the Treasury Building’s, sort-of, moat thing? From there, the President could enter the
Treasury Building and get to doing whatever you do when you’re the President of a country
getting attacked. I don’t really know it’s never happened
to me. But guess what: there are more tunnels. There’s a secret entrance to the White House
all the way over here. Right between 1510 H Street and this big,
brick-flavored building is an alley. The only signs that this alley is anything
special is the beefy anti-ram vehicle gate and the Secret Service gatehouse built into
the wall. Through that gate and down the alley is a
door that leads into the Treasury Annex building. From that building, there’s a tunnel that
leads to the main Treasury building, where, of course, one can connect to FDR’s tunnel. This all works as a great escape-route in
case a President needs to make a swift or covert exit but, as far as we know, it’s
never been used for this purpose. That’s the same case for the Treasury Building’s
temporary bunker which quickly was replaced by the permanent bunker under the East Wing
which eventually evolved into the Presidential Emergency Operations Center of today. Nonetheless, though, the tunnel apparently
still exists and is probably, but almost certainly not, the only underground tunnel going to
the White house from another building. Now, when the Secret Service knocks on my
door, I’m going to tell them that they can’t, in fact, arrest me because I haven’t broken
the law. Well, the federal law, maybe, but I haven’t
yet broken Newton’s Law. You see, I know all about Newton’s Law of
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100 thoughts on “The Secret Tunnel Under the White House

  1. Really, America? You can't comprehend Newton's laws?
    Kids in shithouse countries know Newton's laws and they're from shithouse countries. You're telling me, you guys can construct a complicated network of tunnels to keep the president safe during a world war, create an atomic bomb, send people to the moon, become the world's only superpower, rack up a national debt amounting to trillions of dollars, kill a middle Eastern military leader every decade, but you can't understand 3 basic laws that you see everyday around you? WTF!!

  2. You've been teasing that brick video for way too long.. WE ALL WANT & NEED THE BRICK VIDEO… Wait nvm this is that brick video… 😜

  3. As a fellow cripple person with paralysis I have to agree Bombs arent good for us cripples. I CAN SAY THAT CAUSE IM A GIMP BUT YALL CANT!

  4. Sam: mentions the World War Trilogy
    Lizard people controlling the world's future: "Take him out. He knows too much."

  5. This guy is too funny, about a month ago I discovered his videos, I watched pretty much everything including Half as Interesting.

  6. What about all the secret passage ways in the White House when it was rebuilt after the British burned it?
    "British troops set fire to the White House. On August 24, 1814, during the War of 1812 between the United States
    and England, British troops enter Washington, D.C. and burn the White House in retaliation for the American attack on the city of York in Ontario, Canada, in June 1812.

  7. You know all about newton's law from brilliant? Well then I guess I'm gonna quit my physics studies and get a brilliant subscription!

  8. Riding the escalator down to my DC metro stop is literally 2min 25 seconds long. Has to go deep as hell to get under all the secret tunnels throughout the capital.

  9. You are the bravest person ever. Posting this 7 days after someone was blown up into pieces from a drone by the wh.

  10. I love how the stock footage at 0:42 of the file folders has one labeled "Miscellaneous" that someone hand-wrote, and obviously misspelled it the first time. I wonder if that's in the stock footage description, or if it truly was unintentional?

  11. So essentially block the “not-a-secret-anymore” escape tunnels and there is no place to run? Thanks a lot half interesting.

    Secret service: mr. president, we need a new escape tunnel.
    Trump: defund the military and healthcare and build me a tunnel to Trump Tower! XD

  12. "I haven't broken newtons law"
    angry Einstein and quantum physics noises.

  13. #HalfasInteresting John B. Goodenough: How we made the Li-ion rechargeable battery. Goodenough, a solid-state physicist at the University of Texas at Austin who is 97, becomes the oldest ever Nobel laureate — although the committee said that it had not been able to reach him at the time of the prize announcement.
    जॉन बी। गुडएनफ: हमने ली-आयन रिचार्जेबल बैटरी कैसे बनाई। गुडएनफ, ऑस्टिन में टेक्सास विश्वविद्यालय में एक ठोस-राज्य भौतिक विज्ञानी, जो 97 वर्ष के हैं, सबसे पुराने नोबेल पुरस्कार विजेता बन गए – हालांकि समिति ने कहा कि पुरस्कार की घोषणा के समय वह उस तक नहीं पहुंच पाई थी।

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