The Other Side of the Mirror with Dave Morissette

The Other Side of the Mirror with Dave Morissette

– There was a lineup in the back, and the girl says… – Hey! Hey! – Let me put the mic on. – Don’t surprise me like that. Good evening and welcome to “The Other Side of the Mirror.” Today, I’m with an impressive guest who has won many trophies, Mr. Dave Morissette. [Applause] – Thank you. Thanks for having me Rogatien! – Wow! I’m freaking out! How many games did you play in the NHL? – I played 11 games, including 10 in my first year. – How many Artis Trophies have you won? – Eight, I think. – So, you’re almost at a trophy-per-game pace? [Laughs] You just need three more to hit the same number of trophies as games. With the number you have now, you can almost play checkers with them. [Laughs] You could, you know… Hey, that would be amazing. You could play a game against Guy A. Lepage. [Laughs] He’ll bring his Gemeaux Trophies, you bring your Artis Trophies and come on! At the end, whoever wins keeps everything. As a player, do you identify more with Ovechkin or Crosby? [Laughs] – I’ll go with Ovechkin, just because of his physical side. – It’s called “Dave Morissette Live…” – Yes. – Live from where? – Live from our studios. – You know when you take off your suit jackets to play deck hockey… Why do you do that? – I have to move around. – I don’t feel like you’re moving that much. There are a lot of former goalies over there with you, and I see them out there in suits and ties and they’re making fake saves in slow motion. Geez! I’ve been watching you for a long time, and you know, you’re talking like this, and you’re always, like… – I guess. – Is it true what they say about guys with big hands? [Laughs] – Do you know my nickname is “Moose?” Oh boy! – You love it, eh, making things and all of that? Mr. Reno, and all of that? – Yeah. – Ok, good, well I have a request for you. Are you able to… – They say I’m pretty handy. – …take this, and make me a hockey stick. [Saw noises] – Ah! You flipped it because I asked for a lefty? – Exactly! [Laughs] – Wow! Wow! – I even taped it for you. – You know, speaking of renos, I know you like to work on things and all of that… So if ever you have some bad luck at home Intact Insurance insures houses. You knew that, eh? – Yes. Of course! I’m insured with Intact. – It was great to have you here, I find you nicer than your brother, Louis, and… Louis isn’t your brother? – No, Louis isn’t my brother. – Are you disappointed? – Who wouldn’t want to have Louis Morissette as their brother? – Well, Vero… [Laughs] Hey, thanks a lot! Do it with me! [Together] “The Other Side of the Mirror…” – with Davec Morissette! Mr. Artis! – Thanks Rogatien! [Applause]

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  1. We need a habs channel or streaming service to watch habs and rockets games outside the tsn 2 region .its always blacked out .

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