The new porch & overview of patio succulents – Legendas em português

The new porch & overview of patio succulents – Legendas em português

23 thoughts on “The new porch & overview of patio succulents – Legendas em português

  1. A wonderful video Fernanda! It is amazing that the birds moved into the houses right away! How do you know the names of all those succulents? How do you know about the name changes? Are you subscribed to a succulent society or something like that? So many different and beautiful types. I love all the large planters and containers you have. The Adenium has a beautiful caudex and root system. You have a real oasis over there! We are still snowed in and had more last night. Ohh if it was only spring. Maybe that is why I grow orchids so I don’t have to wait for spring to grow pretty blooms!

  2. 안녕하세요 반갑습니다 좋은영상 즐감하고 응원합니다 오늘도 행복하세요 ~👍👍👍

  3. your new porch is fabulous and its wonderful that the birds have already moved in to your birdhouses and started to nest! all your Succulents are looking amazing I can feel that warm sun on them, Thank you for an excellent video

  4. Watching your video, whilst you describe your wonderful collection of succulents, plants etc, was so relaxing and in the background one could hear the tweeting of birds calling mates to visit also. Thank you once again Fernanda for sharing your outside porch area and I could image the perfume wafting from your freesias.

  5. Nice to see the porch getting back into shape and the birds must be happy now their wait is over and they can find a home again. They are happily chattering in the background.
    I like the colour of the wood as it is now even though you are doing another coat of varnish. Your camellia is beautiful and the shape of the blooms really compliment the rosettes of some of your succulents.

  6. Que bom q ficou pronto se aupendre fico lindo suas suculentas estão lindas à sua pitaya logo vai florir, seus vasos estão lindos, eu estou colocando às suculentas em vasos d barro, eles duram bastante, seu jardim está um show de beleza vc tem bastante aloi,todas muito bem gostei do vídeo parabéns pelo cuidado c elas. Uma semana abençoada por Deus p vc é família abraços

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