Starting the new year with lottery [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.02.09]

(Another peaceful day at the muscle house) (Boss Yang resting in a corner of the gym) (Murmuring) (Stirring) Instructor Yang? – What’s that? / – Good morning. What’s that? (Ta-da) She goes above and beyond. (Like a queen from the past) Why are you wearing that in the gym? Didn’t anyone see you? They all saw me. No one said anything? It’s appropriate for Seollal. (Santa-girl look for Christmas) She likes to dress up. (Rainbow look for her workout) (Traditional-dancer look at Jeongdongjin) (Faithful to thematic concepts) Dongeun makes me aware of special occasions. It’s a fun way to live. Don’t you think it’s getting excessive? Getting fancier too. Maybe all her earnings go into clothes. All custom-made, right? (Custom-made clothes) She has such pretty manners. I only wish she didn’t eat so much. – The overeating… / – If I had a son… I’d want her as a daughter-in-law. I dressed in hanbok to give you… – A New Year’s bow. / – No need for that. – I should. / – No. No, no. He doesn’t want to give a cash gift. – Not Stingy Yang. / – Go away. Hey! (Director Dongeun gathers employees) Good morning. (Who are these surprised looking two?) (Last week’s interview for new hires) (Hired by dancing in a suit) (New hire, Actor Yoon Jun) (Experienced fitness competitor) (New hire, Kim Eunju) (New members of the muscle crew) (What did they think of Dongeun’s hanbok?) Can she wear it while working? She can’t. This isn’t the Joseon era. I wondered if we should’ve worn it too. Had we known, we would’ve prepared something. (Still learning the ropes here) Come here so we can give Instructor Yang a New Year’s bow. What’s going on? – She gathered them? / – Come over here. Let’s stand in line… What are you doing? She wants a New Year’s cash gift. One, two, three. Happy New Year. (In the end, he received a New Year’s bow) Happy New Year. Dongeun isn’t that much younger than me. She turned 40 this year. She shouldn’t bow to me. You’re still older. (Embarrassed) – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. (Male employees also bowing) – It’s still meaningful. / – She’s so cute. Jeongtae and Seongsu… Give your parents a call. – Yes. / – It’s Seollal. The others greeted their parents at home. You two should greet your parents too. (From Changwon, from Geoje) Everyone, sit down. Their parents live in the provinces. It didn’t feel right to receive their bow before they greeted their parents. It’s a holiday, so I wanted them to call their parents. I wanted to say hello as well. Wish them a happy New Year. (Seongsu calls his mother) Are you well? – How about you? / – I’m fine. Hello, ma’am. Hello, Instructor Yang. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you too. Are you in good health? She can see how her son is doing while watching Boss in the Mirror. She must be happy. I’m told they all enjoy it. – Sure, to see their son on TV. / – Yes. It’s a big deal in a country town. (Proud) I’m sorry Seongsu isn’t home for the holiday. Sometime soon… I hope to visit you in person. – Thank you. / – Sure. – Why visit? / – Please look after Seongsu. Yes, I will. She isn’t encouraging him to visit. No, she isn’t. She simply said, “Look after Seongsu.” You want to visit her raw fish restaurant, right? To eat raw fish? It’s not just a restaurant. She also goes out to sea on a boat. You want to borrow the boat? Yes. That’s why I want to visit. Look like he’ll visit soon. (He might go once it grows warmer) Stay healthy. Happy New Year. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. – Stay healthy. / – Happy New Year. I love you, mom. I love you too. (A gruff son’s confession of his feeling) I’ll call you again. (Son’s greeting sent by phone) (Now, Jeongtae’s turn) It’s Jeongtae’s turn. Jeongtae! Dad. Are you well? I’m fine. (Father and son speaking like friends) Good morning. Hello, sir. Dad, this is Instructor Yang. Happy New Year. Happy New Year to you. You’re a carbon copy of Jeongtae. Indeed. They look so similar. – Instructor Yang? / – Yes. – When you exercise… / – Yes. You need a lot of protein. Yes. Please spend generously when you eat out with employees. He saw everything on TV. (Muscle crew is cheering) (Flustered by the father’s blunt request) – Instructor Yang? / – Yes. If you need money, I’ll sell my rice field to help you pay for it. He must’ve felt so bad for Jeongtae to make such a comment… Since they always eat instant noodles. You can tell by the phone calls. Their parents are really fond of me. But they’re making blunt requests. Not really. Asking you to provide more protein. You can tell they want me to visit sometime. – No one said so. / – Huh? No one asked you to visit. You get a feeling by talking over the phone. He might sell his rice field. That’s how much he likes me. He’d even sell his rice field for me. Is he hearing things? He puts such a different spin on it. He does. – Instructor Yang? / – Yes. If you need money, I’ll sell my rice field to help you pay for it. No need for that, sir. Jeongtae must’ve been talking nonsense to you. He isn’t hitting him, is he? (Spanking with love) Have a happy New Year and stay healthy. I’ll visit you soon. – Happy New Year. / – Happy New Year. – How nice. / – An awesome dad. Boss Yang was being thoughtful. He wanted them to greet their parents first… – Before giving him a bow. / – Of course. He was being considerate. Their parents should come first, not me. We thought you made them call their parents to avoid giving cash gifts in return. That probably played a part. That might be the main reason. Since it’s the new year, let’s work hard. The competition is around the corner. Let’s work hard in the new year. – Yes, sir. / – Yes. On that note, I’ll give you a specially prepared gift. He prepared a cash gift? (Stingy Yang brought cash gifts?) Really? – He changed. / – I was generous. For this, I went big. (Eyes shining) (What a great workplace) (What got into Stingy Yang?) (He brought… Lottery tickets!) – What is that? / – Lottery tickets. Lottery tickets? Worth a dollar each? (Lottery tickets as New Year’s gifts?) Worth two dollars each. I never expected it. I thought he bought train tickets to let us visit our hometowns. I thought they were train tickets. I never expected lottery tickets. The moment I got the lottery tickets… It thought, “Does this count as a cash gift?” I thought it was a bit cheap. (Cheap boss) He’s quite blunt. He nicknamed me “Beggar Yang.” But I realized, if I get a winning ticket, I wouldn’t look back. I could just quit. I thought, “What if I win?” – I had hopes. / – Indeed. I had high hopes. The lottery ticket costs two dollars. You can win up to $2 million. (If you get two identical pictures) (You get the amount written on the right) If Jeongtae were to win the $2 million prize… Would you ask for a share? – A clean share? / – I wouldn’t. – You wouldn’t? / – No. It would all belong to Jeongtae? It all belongs to Jeongtae. You don’t need him to buy a meal? But we’d have a talk. You’d have a talk? – Why? / – To congratulate him. He’d leave before that. Since it might be dangerous, I’d advise him not tell too many other people. You’re the greatest danger. (First person to avoid after winning) Scratch yours, Seongsu. (Checking results on the spot) They’re scratching them on the spot. Since they might win. This way, they can’t escape. (The results?) What did you get? They’re all duds. (Next, Miru’s turn) Whoa, he got one! He got one. He won? (Moving faster than anyone) He’s fast. (Moving fast toward the prize) The highest prize is $2 million. (Same picture) It’s the same. Gosh! He got the same picture. (All nervous) (How much is the prize?) It’s $2. (Sad) At least it covers the cost. – It cost $2. / – I was startled. – I got one! / – You did? (Here we go again) (Second dash toward the prize) $4! (Yoon Jun won $4) (Muscle crew’s fortunes rising) We’re getting higher amounts. Will I get the first prize? It’s climbing up. If you win, you’ll stop showing up to work. Or you’d say today, “I’ll be right back” and leave immediately. (Power defense) A big prize will make things awkward. Keep an eye on him. He might say it’s a dud and take it with him. I got one. I got one, but I’ll check the other ones too. (Jeongtae, show your hand) (Getting up) He’s leaving. – He’s leaving. / – What’s going on? – He won. / – No, I didn’t. – He won. / – Thank you for everything. He won. They aren’t buying it. He probably won $4. – He won. / – $10? – What? / – $10? Earlier, you said you won’t take a share. Right. (Lottery ticket given by Stingy Yang) He made that clear. He’s acting suspiciously. (Did he win big?) Right. For real. – For real? / – No shares. (Third dash toward the prize) Don’t lock the door. You shouldn’t lock the door. Right. (Shoes left behind in a hurry…) (Steely defense with his whole body) You said it all belonged to Jeongtae. I just wanted to take a look. Besides, people who pick things up or buy things usually get a commission of 10% or 20%. Until the case goes to court… We should try to reach a settlement. Half and half. We’ll split it half and half. He would accept that. I thought it was a bit cheap. (Stingy Yang as usual) Who got winning tickets? You got the highest amount, right? $4 and $2 each for you two. How much did Jeongtae win? I got the highest amount. How about you, Jeongtae? Take a look. (Finally, Jeongtae’s lottery ticket revealed) (Curious) (Let’s see…) I’ll work hard. A $1 million dud. It’s a $1 million dud. Very well. – Anyway… / – I’ll just work. (Dream of quitting vanishes) Let’s get a good start to the new year. Life is filled with good deeds and meaningful work. Let’s go do something like that. Okay. Get changed and ready to go. – Okay. / – Now. Get ready. Visiting another all-you-can-eat restaurant? (What did he mean by “someplace good?”) I expected a volunteer clean-up. I thought we’d be dragged along… To some kind of workout. That’s what I expected. I expected an amusement park. (So innocent) (Senior employees burst into laughter) You have a lot to learn about Boss Yang. He goes to unexpected places. (While the employees are getting ready) (Boss Yang is busy in the corner) I got one. Still scratching lottery tickets? He’s scratching them alone? (Scratching hard) Without any employees watching… A big, burly guy hiding for that? (Reverent meeting with lottery tickets) He’s doing it alone without employees watching. He’s doing it alone on purpose. To avoid sharing the prize money. These things should be done in secret. The others didn’t get privacy. You can do it openly with your employees… – Watching. / – But if I win… That creates a headache. He is thorough. (Looking around) He bought a few more. (Something from his pocket…) It’s practically a book. (Boss Yang dreams of winning a fortune) It’s a dud. I thought it was a bit cheap. (Worse than we thought…) (His dream ends in a dud) It’s a dud. What a pitiful man. She says it’s pitiful. You don’t buy them regularly, do you? I buy them every week. – Every week? / – Really? Yes. That’s an addiction. He’s in trouble.

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