small backyard patio ideas

Having a yard at home is a big fortune, no matter how large The courtyard has great potential to become a favorite spot to relax and chat with friends and family members But because of busyness not a few homeowners who pay less attention to the care of his yard Maintaining the beauty of the page is not easy But there are a few tips for you to be able to always keep the page title as one of the cool places to spend time at home In addition to care related to the design maintenance and arrangement becomes important to maintain the warmth of the page In the spacious garden and terrace you can design a courtyard with different themes to be able to accommodate varied activities perfect for making small events or entertainment Having a smaller area seems less flexible in this case but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your small page attractive On this occasion I will give you tips from several professional architects and landscape stylists to make a small backyard to be comfortable Cover the walls with vines You can grow vines like grapes right next to the fence of the yard Let them grow up to cover the walls This method will make the boundary between the wall and the ground smoother In addition, vines that grow to meet the walls can strengthen the natural impression of the yard Combine All Elements Try to combine all the elements on the page into one harmonious whole Combine plants with wooden frames, furniture and light curtains Make sure the Page with the House is well connected Make a connecting door between the house and garden with a size large enough The large door between the yard and the room in the house can create an impression of space for the yard and the room bordering the yard Don’t Be Afraid To Use Bright Colors Walls that are painted in bright colors will give a different impression Do not be afraid to paint the walls around the park with bright colors because it will provide a cheerful atmosphere for residents of the house Choose Furniture that Appropriate with the Theme and Style of the Page The choice of furniture in the yard cannot be careless Furniture to be placed on the page must be suitable and compatible with the environment of the page to make it look beautiful Planting Ferns in the Page Fern or cycas is one plant that is suitable for decorating the home page You can plant it in a pot and hang it on the wall around the yard Install Hammock Hammocks save more space than cots In addition, enjoying the yard above the hammock can give a different sensation when enjoying time in the park Present a More Modern Impression by Planting Plants on a Wooden Rack Hanging on the Wall Bamboo Shower with White Stone Accents Be Creative by Planting Flowers and Other Plants in Unusual Media Rocking Chair Can Improve Mood Presents Fireplace Elements The outdoor fireplace is the key to making your backyard comfortable, even on the coldest nights Play Your Imagination Be Imaginative. Many things that were previously unthinkable can actually beautify the page Window doors, for example, can be attached to walls and used as shelves to hold plants Don’t Conquer Narrow Space Do not let the narrow area of ​​the park make you stop creating Even though you can’t put a divan, you can install a hammock High Green Wall Apply this idea to your page to present a strong natural impression Several types of plants can be used for various purposes Decorate the Page with Christmas Lights to Make Your Page Charming All Year Long The Wall Can Be Used To Accommodate Beautiful Panels Lighting Design Can Beautify the Page Place the Plants on Each Side of the Chair There is no harm in making a page with a rural concept Appropriate Design and Lighting Can Make a Garden So Stylish and Comfortable Create a Romantic Atmosphere with Decorative Lights With Contemporary Furniture, the Page Becomes Super Modern Low outdoor furniture can add to the atmosphere of intimacy Maybe it’s tips that I can convey hopefully it can be useful and provide inspiration for you Thank you for watching

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