SELLING OUR HOME 🏠 Making a decision on where to live?!? (I want to cry)

SELLING OUR HOME 🏠 Making a decision on where to live?!? (I want to cry)

and two of my babies were born in that
home Owen and Brooklyn this is my star
hi everyone I thought I’d give you a little update while I finished curling
my hair a little vlog update so I don’t always do my hair by the way this is
like a twice a week thing is when I wash my hair and then I curl it and it lasts
me for a few days so PS my hairdresser is true Eastman with vanity hair she
does the most amazing extensions these are extensions obviously I could never
grow this amazing hair and be bleaching it even so this it’s been a couple weeks
since I recorded that last vlog that I uploaded last week and I just wanted to
give you a little update on where what life is like right now so it’s been
crazy for us you guys we just I went out of town with Sean we did our yearly
Isagenix celebration thing usually I don’t go to these because our
kids have always been so little and having babies and stuff I was never able
to go for so many years so I got to go and it was exciting and a lot of fun I
did really good on the flight surprising on you if you’ve watched some of my
videos you know that I have a slight fear of flight but I think I’m really
overcoming it if any of you get really nervous with flying and I did a video
sharing all my tips on how to get through a flight and overcome your
anxiety when flying so we did that right when I got home Owen got sick and it was
really bad at he ended up with him really bad ear infection we were trying
to cure it naturally that was really stressful poor guy so much pain so we
finally took him to the doctor found out it was an inner ear infection so we
couldn’t have cured it with the garlic ear drops anyway he had to go on
antibiotics unfortunately we’re really trying to avoid it but yeah so in my
last video I told you guys that were making some big changes and I explained
more of that on my recent podcast episode but basically what we’ve decided
to do well we live in two homes and we’ve been doing that for nine years now
almost nine years and this is the first year where we’re realizing that we don’t
think we can keep doing this it’s just very stressful it’s been so much fun but
it’s hard living in two homes so I’m in the process of folding laundry packing
up my closet decluttering just a little bit it is like when you transfer the kids
every year in school and I’ve got friends and there’s just different a lot
of things you have to consider when living in two homes so we we split it up
six months at a time so it’s basically like moving every six months granted
they get to go back to all their same friends and people that they know and
their same school but it’s still a lot of stress a lot of work but every year
we’re like okay but it’s worth it it’s worth it and it has been but until now
we’re just like burned out on it and we just don’t want to keep doing it so we
have decided to move to our st. George home full-time and I’m happy really
happy about it but I’m also sad about my Draper home that’s like our first home
together me and Sean and two of my babies were born in that home Owen and
Brooklyn’s all of our Christmases we’ve had in that
home I just have so many memories and I know that that’s just like you know you
just got it he okay was changed and moving on there’s always seasons of life
and it’s always gonna be that way so you just have to be okay with it
you can’t go back to when your kids are babies you can’t go back to your glory
days in high school you can’t go back at all and so we just have to keep moving
forward living in the present moment and being grateful for where our life is
that right now and then there’s so much to be grateful for it and I love every
bit of my life right now I just need to stay in the present moment so that I
don’t get sad about not having that house anymore so that’s one of our
biggest changes that’s what we’ve got to be working on over the next year we’re
gonna be slowly moving out of that house and probably eventually put it up for
sale or rent it out or still trying to decide what we want to do with on a hike
with Sean whoa look at that the way he shakes the way he moves I mean yeah hello
what are your thoughts about living in st. George more full-time and why do you
think it’s like necessary for us to do it now at this point hmm
well I’m having I was having a lot of anxiety about it like if I if I let my
emotions take control I’m having a lot of anxiety about it because I don’t know
something about you know it’d be in my hometown where I was born and raised and
I know right where we going oh sit down here for a second so let’s just keep
walking Oh going this way okay something about
it being my hometown and and you know where I’m from and I know a lot of
people there it’s the weirdest feeling like I I’ve really never lived away from
home except for my mission um which you know you’re moving all over when you’re
on a mission yeah and you know you’re gonna go back well we can always visit
but if we do sell the Draper house and that’s official yeah I mean I think I
think that I’ve been anticipating this for probably the last six or seven years
I think I’ve kind of known that we’re gonna have to choose one place and
settle down and grow roots that way and you know it it’s it is sad right yeah
cuz like you think of all the things you do that you can do there and but I mean
we can visit it’s only a four-hour drive like that’s what’s weird I have to think
about it more logically because if I let my emotions take over it’s like this
really dreadful scary horrible thing that’s making me feel uncertain and you
know and I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety yeah and then in the last few
days I think I’ve started to realize that you know gosh is it’s only four
hours away and we have you know we have a place to stay up there if we want to
go and so it’s not that big of a deal and ya know I am actually in the last
few days I started to feel more excited about it oh that’s good funny cuz when
you talk to other people like when I first when we we first bought a house
down in st. George’s 2011 and you I remember my sister and my brother
my other sister like they’d say things like oh man if you start going down
there then you’re gonna end up moving down there and that’s just kind of how
people from the north view st. George they’re crazy about it and so it’s such
a killer place for so many reasons and can I have to keep thinking about it
logically like we’re really lucky to have the life that we have and you know
even if we can’t live in both places on a long-term basis you know like oh poor
us like I gotta think about it logically because otherwise I’m I’m just going
into these dark scary places and I feel like
I feel like life is you know something’s being taken away yeah I think change is
always hard I think that’s where it’s been hardest for me because change can
be scary and official you know yeah yeah so that’s all I mean
you know I think the thought of moving it kind of freaks me out because I I’m
just always been such a homebody so I kind of like really fall in love with my
houses yeah oh I do like I just have so many that house and Draper is just
really sentimental to me now you kind of form a relationship with with the home
which people will say well why are you attached to a house there’s no heart
there’s no soul and I don’t know it’s different for me like I was so
devastated with my parents so when we parents so large my child at home that I
was born and raised well I wasn’t born there but essentially just raised my
whole life there and oh my gosh I was devastated to see that home go away yeah
hi anyway though that’s my thought so that’s the big thing and now what I’ve
been doing the last like three or four weeks since we’ve been back in our st.
George home is massive decluttering what I’m famous for I love it I I could
seriously do it all day every day organizing I went through and I
organized my pantry again decluttering redecorating I just love it it’s just
such a fun thing for me to do so I’ve been thoroughly enjoying all of this
it’s taking a lot of time but I love it and so I wanted to show you some of my
rooms some of the rooms that I’ve done like the before and after I made sure to
get a good before shot of each room so you can see the progress I made cuz it
was a disaster when I got back to this house I usually try to leave it really
clean and organized but we must have been in some kind of rush or I was just
getting overwhelmed with it all so I just left it a big mess so much crap I
had to get rid of it yeah but it feels nice I
starting to feel like like really settled and I like all that I like all
the different spaces in my home so I’ve just been really focusing on
decluttering and my plant-based diet I did a video on that no I recently
decided to go vegan and I’ve been loving that so I might do a video soon sharing
some of the things that I eat in a day or maybe I’ll just do a whole blog for
the day like what I’m eating for this day and just kind of give you guys some
ideas on what I eat well it’s it’s different every week because basically
what I do is I just do a big a bunch of meal prep
I’ll make if I’m gonna make something I make a lot of it and then I eat that for
the next five days or so so that’s how you can make veganism work if you just
plant if you just prepared lots of food all at once and if you’re okay with
eating the same meal every day for a little while then it’s really not not
hard to do so I think I’ll do that sometime but for now let me just show
you guys my house and all the progress is I remix it it’s so fun thank you guys
for watching

7 thoughts on “SELLING OUR HOME 🏠 Making a decision on where to live?!? (I want to cry)

  1. It’s hard to let go sometimes! I love how you said you just try to stay in the present moment. Yes, there are memories we have from our past but that’s not as important as what’s happening today. 💕

  2. It’s hard leaving your family and your home up north, but your going to LOVE living down here in St George! Best decision we made!

  3. Hang in there Crystal & Sean I know it's tough. Wishing you and your beautiful family all the best, as you make your transition. Continue making your videos I really enjoy them. Hope the kitty is doing well! Take good care of yourselves.

  4. It will be okay I promise. Just a lot of wine during the process lol. I get you – we let ours go too and I thought I would miss it but never once would I choose to go back. Saint George is still so mormon yikes! Head up to Seattle!

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