Seindah 7 Warna Pelangi (2020) | Episod 6

Seindah 7 Warna Pelangi (2020) | Episod 6

So, how? How much longer
do I have to wait? I have to go to
another wedding. Please wait for
just a little while. I’ll go and check on them. I’m sorry on behalf of my son. Wait here. Andi. Juna, who’s that? Is she a friend of your brother? It’s not nice to let
a guest stay outside. Don’t worry.
Luckily, I’m here. I just can’t take it
when a pretty lady is sad. Go, Juna, go! She’s my special friend
in university. But we’ve broken up now. I’m sorry for causing a ruckus. I don’t know what has happened
between you two… …but today is Andi’s wedding day. Maybe there’s
a misunderstanding somewhere. I’m sorry for inconveniencing you. I’ll take my leave, then. Don’t say that. You’re our guest now,
come in and eat something. It’s okay,
I’m not invited anyway. Don’t say that, Miss…. Irdina.
– Such a sweet name. You’re here already. Why don’t you
eat something? You must be hungry. It’s not nice
to say no to the food. It’s okay,
I want to go home. You can’t go home in this condition,
you might have gastric later. I can go out
and eat with you. That’s enough. Are you going to get
married or not? Everyone’s waiting inside. Miss Irdina! Goodbye, Andika. I’ll always pray for your happiness. Are you ready? Can we begin?
– Yes. Andika Iman bin Ahmad Ehsan. I marry thee to
Aira Tihani binti Ahmad Imran… …with the mahr of MYR 300. I accept this marriage to
Aira Tihani binti Ahmad Imran… …with the mahr of MYR 300. Praise be to God. Andi, what are you waiting for? Put the ring on her finger. Who was that? Who do you mean? That girl. She’s my friend. Which one? Be honest with me.
Who is she to you? She’s my ex girlfriend in the UK. So, she came here all the way
from the UK? I don’t know. Why didn’t I know
about her at all? If you already had a girlfriend,
why did you choose Aira? I told you,
she’s my ex. If that’s true, why would she fly
all the way here just to see you? How could you treat her
like that just now? I’ve never taught you
to treat others badly. How would I know that
she’s going to come here? We broke up already. If you have broken up,
she wouldn’t be here. Maybe you’ve promised
something to her. No, I didn’t promise anything. Did Aira know about this? She didn’t know anything. Why would I tell her? I told you,
we broke up already. I feel bad for her.
– Why would you? She came uninvited. And she’s ruined the air. My goodness, Andi.
She’s still our guest. They’re rich. This hall is theirs. But they’re mooching off
their grandfather’s money. Why haven’t I met
with your friend? If I did and married him… …I would become rich too. What a statement. Do you want to be rich like them?
Do you think I’m poor or what? I can give you the same amount of wealth,
no problem at all. Typical Farouk. I was just kidding,
don’t be too sensitive. You know I love you. It’s not the time to joke around.
Let’s head in. I think you can say hi
to the guests. Come, honey. Farouk, long time no see. You came to the wedding. Of course,
my best friend is getting married. How are you both?
– We’re doing fine, thanks. Where’s your father? He has an official business in KL. He sent his regards to you. When can we get to eat
at your wedding? We’ll eat at Andika’s wedding first. This is Viona. Isn’t that your brother’s best friend? Go and keep him company.
– No, you go. Why would I?
No way. He’s always exaggerating.
I don’t like to talk to him. Let the elders keep him company.
– You’re right. Let’s head to the front. It looks splendid. Go and take some food for us.
I want to see Andika for a while. Are you leaving me alone?
– It won’t take long. Thank you for coming.
How’s everything? It’s great. Can I borrow your kris? Farouk,
I thought you’re not coming. Of course I’d come. How are you?
– Good. He’s my friend, Farouk. I haven’t seen you for a long time,
ever since you moved to Kuantan… …then you stayed in the UK
for three years. I thought you’d marry
a white woman. But it turns out, you’re marrying
someone close to you. That’s fated to be.
– Right, it’s destined. Congratulations. Thank you. Go and get something to eat.
I have to see the other guests. Before I dig out your eyes… …you better turn
your head to me. Sorry. I can’t help it. Your friend is handsome. Because he’s the groom today. He might not be handsome later. Why are you looking
at a married man? Go and take the food. Aren’t you going to eat?
– Later. You’re so lucky. You’ve become rich now. Don’t forget about
your best friend. Forgive me, Irdina. I had to let you go… …even though I still love you. Abang. I didn’t know you’re here. I’m sorry I didn’t knock. Why are you looking
at me like that? I’m your husband now. Why are you letting me
be by myself here? I was helping the others
just now. You’re the bride today. You don’t have to do anything,
let them do the rest. But….
– Close the door. Close the door? Lock it. The curtains. Draw the curtains. Come here. Come closer to me. They’ve gone into the room
but it’s not even night time yet. Let them be!
They’re married now. I accidentally saw them just now.
– Or did you peep? No, it wasn’t on purpose. What are you doing here? Everyone’s outside. Are you here to take a break? I just wanted to gossip.
Where’s Abang Yazid? I haven’t seen him around. Don’t change the topic
or ask about Abang Yazid. You know him,
he’d never attend any family events. But it’s a wedding. Enough,
go and help the others. I came here to help you. Get the plates. Then, carry them all. Come here. Where did you go?
Having a good rest? No, I wasn’t. Can’t you see
these dirty dishes? Where are the bride and groom? They’re in the room,
and they haven’t been out since! So, you disappeared just now
because you were watching them? I knew it. You were busy
being a peeping tom. Be careful,
you might get stye on the eyelid. That’s a slander! I’m a good-looking man,
and good-looking man never lies. I just saw them. Who was that girl?
Is she a friend of your brother? Yes, she’s his friend. Just a normal friend?
– Of course, is there an abnormal friend? I don’t believe your brother. Don’t bother yourself about that. As long as Aira gets to marry him,
that’s all that matters. I’m out of here. Juna! Hello?
– Hello, Aira. Were you sleeping? It’s Maghrib already,
you shouldn’t be sleeping. I didn’t realize it,
I woke up and it’s dark outside. I’m having a headache now. You’ve just got married
and now you’re having a headache? Stop being ridiculous. Why are you calling me? Ibu Tini called me,
she sent her regards to you. She congratulated you
on your wedding. She called you, but you didn’t pick up.
That’s why she called me. I didn’t know she called me. Thank you for telling me
about that. One more thing. I’ve just received a call,
my mother’s cousin has passed away. So, I have to go back
to my hometown tonight. Is that so? My condolences
to you and your family. My mother’s cousin has been
suffering from a stroke for so long. I have to drive my parents
to our hometown. My father can’t see well at night. I feel bad for you. You must be tired from my wedding.
Now, you have to drive to your hometown. Be careful when you’re driving. If you’re tired,
take a rest at any RnR stops. I’ll be fine,
don’t worry. Okay, drive safely. Send my regards to everyone.
– Okay. You behave yourself. Stop it. Okay, peace be upon you.
Take care. Do you still have a headache? Yes, a bit. Can you massage my head? Massage? I’ll go and get some pills for you. I don’t know how to massage. If I massage you,
maybe it’ll get worse. Wait here,
I’ll go…. A wife has to know
how to massage her husband. Or do you want another woman
to massage me? We have a massage chair. There. Massage chair? Abang. You’ve been in there
for a while already. You’re in there for quite some time.
It’s getting late. Why? Do you want to
take a shower together? What are you talking about? I want to pray together. I see, I thought you wanted
to bathe together. Hurry up. You can pray first,
why do you have to wait for me? You have to be the Imam. It’s a congregational prayer. Like when we were little. You used to be the Imam. Okay, wait for a bit.
– Hurry up! Abang. Aren’t you going to
recite the dua? We can recite our own dua. It can’t be like that. You’re my Imam. Congregational prayer has
an abundance of reward. So, after the prayer,
we have to dua. Together. We shall ask from God… …so that our marriage is blessed. Did you forget
Tok Ayah’s advise for us? Stomach-ache! Abang! Abang! Mama. Our new bride. Finally, you woke up. I thought I took a nap, but I fell into
deep sleep and now I’m having a headache. You’re exhausted, aren’t you? Where’s everyone? Pak Long and Mak Long
went back to the old house. Mariam went back to her house. The rest, maybe they’re asleep
at the living room. The living room? Do you want to eat? I’ve heated up the food. It’s okay, I’m beat.
I don’t feel like eating. Don’t just think about yourself. You have to think
about your other half. Andika. If he wants to eat,
serve the food for him. Remember. They must be tired. Andika. Aren’t you going to bed? I want to talk to you outside. Abang. Do you want to eat something? I can prepare it for you. Later. I have to see
Reyhan outside. Abang Reyhan? A lot of guests
came to the wedding. Thank God there’s
an adequate supply of food. Yes, it’s a blessing. Thank you anyway. For the cow. It’s not mine. It’s Tok Ayah’s. Not just you, the others
will get their parts as well. What is it that
you want to talk about? I have to be frank with you. We grew up together
in Tok Ayah’s house. We know each other. Even though we’re not that close… …but I care about you just as much
as I care about the others. I didn’t agree
to the marriage actually. But I couldn’t do anything
since you two are meant to be. I want you to take good care
of my sister. I know. She’s my wife now. She’s a good girl. Don’t ever hurt her feelings. Chill, brother-in-law. You’re too serious. Whatever happens,
we’re still going to be cousins. I promise to take care of Aira
like I cherish my life. I will love her like
I love my brother-in-law. Promise?
– God willing. It’s late,
let’s head in. Do you want to eat? I just want to take some rest.
Go on, Aira’s waiting for you. Tok! My grandsons are home. Come here. What’s this? My, my. My grandson is smart. Praise be to God. Now that’s my grandson. Good. Reyhan,
what are you waiting for? Give it to me now. Come on. What’s wrong with you? My goodness,
what’s the matter with you? This is terrible. What is this, Reyhan? You went to the same school,
but why can’t you have the same results? Why don’t you just look after
the cows at my farm? Stay here in this village. Manage my farm.
You don’t even have the brain! Thank you, Tok Ayah,
for making me a mature man. I will never forget your deeds. If you’re still here,
you must have felt so proud… …because Andika got married
to your youngest grandchild. Does asam pedas
needs torch ginger leaves? I better ask Kak Yam. Peace be upon you, Kak Yam. You took a long time to pick up.
What were you doing? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize
the phone’s ringing. I was outside. Do I need to put torch ginger leaves
in asam pedas? Not the leaves,
but you need torch ginger flower. I forgot. I don’t have the leaves.
What should I do now? Not leaves, it’s torch ginger flower.
– Right, torch ginger flower. There’s none here,
what am I supposed to do now? Seems like the new bride
wants to cook everyday. It’s okay. I can come over.
I have a lot of torch ginger flowers. To whom are you speaking? Where’s my towel?
Have you prepared my clothes? I’m going out later! I thought when that old man has died,
you’d leave the family for good. It’s okay,
I’ll come over to your house. I’m sorry for disturbing you.
– Aira. Why is he treating her like that? Why are you still on the phone? Didn’t you hear me just now? It hurts! You always make me angry. Insolent! Did you just hit me? A barren wench! You always said I’m a barren. Okay, fine. Divorce me right now! I don’t want to live with you anymore.
Divorce me! You want me to divorce you? It smells good. I haven’t eaten
asam pedas in a long time. Really? But I’m not sure
about the taste though. I don’t know if it’ll taste like
asam pedas Johor that Mama made. It’s supposed to have
torch ginger flower. But I didn’t have the time
to get it from Kak Yam. I don’t mind about that. Everything tastes good
when you’re hungry. It’s good. But it’ll taste even better
if you make it spicier. Look at you. Even though you’ve lived in the UK,
you still have Malay taste bud. I just can’t stand it anymore. If he’s home, he would hit,
beat me up, kick me, everything. He’s too much. He is like that since forever. But you’d always cover him up
and say that everything’s fine. You’ve been holding it in
for years already. Even though he’s like that… …he is still my husband. I have to protect his image. I didn’t tell anyone
including Tok Ayah. Tok Ayah told me
about Abang Yazid. He’s not a man of many words. But he was really worried about you.
– I know. I’ve always lied to him
just to cover up Abang Yazid. What are you going to do now? How long are you going
to stand this? I’ve made a decision. I want a divorce.
– Are you serious? I am determined. Okay,
I can help you with that. He doesn’t belong in our family. He’s only using you. Did he forget that
you have a lot of male cousins? I don’t know
what to say anymore. Okay. Let’s go to the clinic
to check on your bruises. I don’t want it to get worse. Then, we can lodge
a police report. Thank you, Han. I’ll just do as you say. Let’s go. What’s the progress
of our new house? It’s done already. But we just have to clean it up
a little bit. I just went to look at the house.
– Really? Praise be to God. I can’t wait to move there. Can you take me there?
– Sure. It was a gift from Tok Ayah. So, I’m giving you the honour
to decorate the house. Thank you.
– For what? For making me happy. That’s my responsibility. What about this house, then? We’ll sell it. To be continued….

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