Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E70 (31 Jan 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E70 (31 Jan 2020)

APPLAUSE Hey, everybody, we’ve made it
through another week. Congratulations to us all.
It is Friday’s House Of Games. We’re going to give out
this extraordinary trophy. Shall we meet our players?
They are Kerry Godliman. Hello. Radzi Chinyanganya. Ebony Rainford-Brent. And Hal Cruttenden.
Welcome, welcome, welcome. Now, Hal, you’ve won four in a row.
Can you keep this up? Can you do the five?
It’s horrific. Oh, come on. I feel like it’s the most
important day of my life. No, I really do feel the pressure,
cos it has been amazing, hasn’t it? It’s been super, super close.
But I really want the cup. Which means I have to
come second, I think. Let’s take a look at the weekly
leaderboard, as it stands. Hal has a 4-point lead over Radzi.
Kerry, you have 7. Ebony, you have 6. 8 points for a
win today, 6 for second, 4 for third and so on. So, Radzi,
you still could catch up. The dream might be over,
Kerry and Ebony, for you both to win the trophy. Ebony, you spent your entire
career in competitive sports. Yeah. First as a player, now you’re
a commentator and administrator and all sorts of things. So my assumption is you’ll be
surrounded by people who will be taking the mick
mercilessly that you’re losing. I mean, I don’t have a good kind of
form on game shows anyway, and I think this is going to be
right at the peak of getting taking the mick out of.
I’m not expecting a lot of love. So, therefore, double points, this
is my chance just to underdog… It’d be a good day to have a good
day. Yeah. Would it not? Yeah. Radzi. Yes.
What a week you are having. Final many a time, but just falling
short. Just keep getting so close. Can you just,
this one final push…? I think I’ve decided
I’m just going to enjoy it. Exactly. Now, Hal has won four
prizes already this week, Kerry, which is a little bit much. Yeah. He’s won a onesie, a wheelie
suitcase. Things we’ve all wanted. Shall we take a look at
what the prizes are today? Yes. Here they are. The House Of Games deck chair, slippers, eau de cologne, doll and sparkling wine. I think the bubbles
would go down quite nicely. But bubbles you could get
anywhere… But not with the House Of Games… Deck chair for me. Really? Your whole house is
kitted out at the moment. I know! Been a brilliant week. Honestly, it’s been a load of fun
this week and, Hal, four in a row. Very impressive stuff.
No-one’s ever done five. Are you going to be the first person
to do five in a row or can we stop him? HE MOUTHS Let’s do this, shall we? Friday’s House Of Games
round one is going to be… I’m going to read you out some
sentences that are incorrect. All you have to do is change
one word in that sentence to make it correct.
Kerry, we’ll start with you. This sentence is incorrect but if you change one word
it will be correct. That would have been brilliant,
though. You need to change one word to
make that correct. Jacob Marley. So we’ll change…?
Bob to Jacob. Is that right? Gets us off to a good start, Kerry.
Jacob Marley. Radzi, this statement is incorrect. Can you make it correct
by changing one word? Ah. Ooh. It’s obviously not Glandular.
Is it Night Fever? Change Glandular to Night.
Well played. Absolutely. Very impressive. Now, Ebony, you’ve yet to score a
single point in any round one. Yeah. What, in your sport,
we would call a duck. No, it’s not, we’re not because
you’re going to give me a nice, straight-down-the-line question. OK, good. Now, one of the words
in this is wrong. Change that word, you’re going to get your first
round-one point. Good luck. Train is obviously the off one,
but I’m thinking what has he missed? What does England always miss? Sorry. Sorry, Hal. Gareth Southgate
was coach, wasn’t he? Not then. Oh, 19…
Oh, missed his penalty. So change…? Train to penalty. ALL: Oooh! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Oh, my God. Beautiful.
Lovely to see. Mum… Right, Hal, this is incorrect,
can you change one word and make it correct? I think it’s Athena. Or Zeus or something. Somehow I think it’s Athena but
I think it’s probably Zeus. Athena. You’re going to say Athena.
It’s not. BUZZER
Radzi. Zeus.
Oh, is it Zeus? Radzi, you get the points,
well done. APPLAUSE For a man who’s won four days in
a row, the textbook error of saying it’s either X or X… Yeah.
..going for the wrong one and letting someone else
say the other one. That’s true. Kerry, here is your next one. This is incorrect.
Change one word to make it correct. The African Queen.
Change Drag to African. It’s the right answer, Kerry. APPLAUSE Radzi, here’s your next question. What word do you want to
change here? Oh, I’m going to hazard a guess
that it’s not Coleen but I don’t know who
the name would be. So it could be a grandiose name,
such as… This’ll be good. Let’s go Susan. Let’s take a look.
Is it Susan Nolan? INCOIRRECT BUZZER THEN BUZZER Hal. It’s Mike Nolan. From Bucks Fizz?
I just thought of a Nolan. Let’s see, is it Mike Nolan
It is not. BUZZER
Ebony. I have no clue who the actor is,
don’t know the film, but I’m just going to change
director to actor. Is that right? INCORRECT BUZZER
It’s not. BUZZER Kerry. Well, it’s a bloke
but I don’t know his name. Oh, OK. I’ll give you that.
But it’s definitely the director. I’d say… I’m going
to just pick a bloke’s name. I’m going to pick…er…Brian. Was it Brian Nolan? INCORRECT BUZZER I mean, you win an Oscar… Really famous film-maker.
Christopher Nolan. Also did Inception
and all sorts of things. Yeah. Oh. Ebony. OK, here we go. Broke
your duck in the first round. Yes. Let’s see if we can…
Magic of my singles. Change one word here, please. I mean, that could be
quite a few things. I think we know. Do you? So you
won’t be giving anything away. Oh, you do know the answer? OK. There’s a few things throwing me
off here. What’s throwing you off? Well, obviously, DIY’s just random
alongside Beyonce. But then, “She took a brief foray
into the world of singing…” And she’s obviously been around
singing for a long time. So what do you think you have to
change – Beyonce or DIY? Well, DIY. But…
OK. I dunno. Or singing. Ebony…
I’m timed out, aren’t I? Shall we have a buzzer race
between these three? Yeah, let them go for it. BUZZER Yes, Kerry! Oh, Kerry.
What are you changing? Nick Knowles. Yeah. Well done.
Change Beyonce to Nick. It is the correct answer.
Well done. Nick Knowles. You either knew it or you didn’t.
I couldn’t quite… Yeah. Last question of this round, Hal.
Right. What do you need to change here? Um… Have you got this one at home?
Well done if you have. Looking at the faces in front of me,
I don’t think anyone here knows it. I just can’t think of anybody
beginning with… Richard Hill. Is it Richard?
So change Benny to Richard. INCORRECT BUZZER
Anybody else? It’s not a person’s name.
It’s the name of a film. So you change Benny to…
Beverly… Notting. Notting Hill. Oh, my God. Oh, that was really hard.
That’s really hard. That’s the end of the first round. Let’s take a look at
our first leaderboard. Hal was won the first four shows
but he starts off with zero here. Ebony, you have 1.
Radzi, you have 2. Kerry, 3 points, well done. Mm. Round two on Friday’s House Of Games
is going to be… This is a pairs game. The player in last place
gets to choose their partner. Hal, it is you today. Yes. Who would
you like to be on a team with? This’ll be telling. I would go Radzi.
Going Radzi. Tying my fate to his. Radzi and Ebony,
if you will swap seats, please. Ebony and Kerry, Radzi and Hal. Now, before the show you did
a little bit of work for this one. You are all going to be guessing
a work of literature but you’re going to be guessing using clues
which your team-mate filled in before the show.
We will start, Ebony, with you. You are going to be guessing a work
of literature from three clues which Kerry helped us
with before the show. Kerry has described a play. OK? Three clues for you here
that she has completed for us. So, according to Kerry… ..according to Kerry… Doesn’t help. ..according to Kerry… And… ..according to Kerry… I’m just transporting it.
Just send it into my brain. I can’t even think of one film. I haven’t even got anything
to go to. Shall we time you out? Would you have known the answer?
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. Streetcar Named Desire. Oh! Streetcar Named Desire. Stella and Stanley Kowalski, Tennessee Williams and Vivien Lee and Marlon Brando. Oh, what am I thinking of? Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. I think
I’ve merged two films, haven’t I? That’s what confused me.
Yes, that’s what confused you. Radzi. Hal has given us three clues
that will lead you to… These are Hal’s three clues
to this novel. ..according to Hal… I assume you weren’t allowed
to put the title in there and you’ve cleverly
done that instead. ..according to Hal… LAUGHTER ALL TALK AT ONCE And your final clue. ..according to Hal… I mean, there’s just nothing.
Nothing to do with those clues, just nothing in my brain to
attach the clues to. The book’s essentially a surname. So we could just go for a generic English surname. I mean, it’s not Chinyanganya. Erm…Johnson. Is there a novel, Hal,
called Johnson? I think it’s Alec…
I couldn’t remember this. Tess of the D’Urbervilles. I did it for A Levels and can’t remember a thing about it. Is it Alec D’Urberville? No, she
married someone called Angel Clare. Oh, sorry, sorry. It’s set in Wessex and it was written by Thomas Hardy, you’re quite right about that. No points there. Right, Kerry,
we need you to find a… Here are three clues which have
been supplied by Ebony. ..according to Ebony… The next clue is… I need to give
you a little bit more. ..according to Ebony…
I can’t remember what I put. Narrowing it down. Mm. And… ..according to Ebony… ..according to Ebony. He was born in the year old and he wrote children’s books. And there’s a street in Germany
named after him. Yes. They might not all be accurate. I can confirm he is an author. LAUGHTER I’m going to guess…
Didn’t know it is. Oh, you didn’t know him at all? No. Well, you must have known
him a bit cos those… One of those is right?
There’s enough in there… There’s enough for me to work with? You’d have to go fairly lateral but, yeah. Is it Hans Christian Andersen? Oh, my goodness! APPLAUSE That was amazing. That is fantastic.
How about that? It was the Germany
and children’s books. Even though he’s not German, is he?
Copenhagen is where the street is. Born in 1805. And best known for fairy tales, but that’s great stuff. How about that? That’s impressive. Hal, you now have to guess… Radzi has filled in three clues.
So what is this poem, please, Hal? ..according to Radzi… Good answer. ..according to Radzi… Interesting. Could. Sort of. Your final clue. ..according to Radzi… Is it The Owl And The Pussycat?
Is it The Owl And The Pussycat? Yes, it is. Yes! That was awesome.
That was great. First published in 1871 – but in English. LAUGHTER It’s about the pussycat and the owl and it features an owl and a pussycat. That was very, very impressive
stuff. That’s the end of that round. Radzi and Ebony,
if you’ll swap back round again. Well done, you. Beautifully done. Two rounds down
on Friday’s House Of Games. Is Hal going to make it
five shows in a row? Let’s take a look
at the leaderboard. Hal has 1. Ebony has 2.
Radzi has 3. Still in the lead with 4 points,
Kerry. Shall we play round three? OK, let’s do it. We are nearly done
here. Three more rounds to go. I’m going to give you a category,
I’m then going to show you some answers but all the answers
are in code. It’s a very simple code, in that
A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. So you’re going to see numbers,
essentially, and you gotta convert them
into letters. Let’s take a look at
the first category. So who are these cartoon characters,
please? BUZZER Hal. Donald Duck. INCORRECT BUZZER
Incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
That is Radzi. Daffy Duck. Is the right answer. Well done. APPLAUSE Next cartoon character. BUZZER
Hal. Wile E Coyote. Correct. Well done. Well played.
Well done. Wow. Next cartoon character. BUZZER
Yes, Kerry. Elmer Fudd. Is it Elmer Fudd? It is. Well played. Your next category is… These are all UK cities,
but what cities are they? BUZZER Yes, Kerry. Swansea? Oh, well done. Well done. Next city. BUZZER
Yes, Hal. Aberdeen? Aberdeen is the right answer,
well done. APPLAUSE Final category is… What are these sandwich fillings? You could put
anything in a sandwich. That is true, but it will be
specifically things we put up here. What is this sandwich filling? BUZZER
Radzi. BLT? Oh, well done. Well done. BLT. Last one of this round is… BUZZER
Radzi. Is it coronation chicken? He’s done well there, Radzi. Very nicely played. That is the end of that round. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we? Two rounds to go.
Here is how we stand. Ebony, you have 2 points.
Hal, you have 3 points. We have joint leaders
and they are leaders by 3. It is Kerry and Radzi
with 6 points each. Let’s play round four, shall we?
Today it is… This is played on our tablets. We’re going to show you a map. I’m then going to ask you to point
to various things on that map. Let’s take a look at today’s map. It’s a map of the
United States of America. Let’s take a look at the first thing
we need to find. Do you know the answer and then
do you know where that answer is? We’ll put that up on screen for you
at home. Point to your TV screen now.
Where do you think that is? Kerry, we will start with you.
Did you know the answer to this, or did you have an idea of
the answer? I assume Alcatraz. So let’s see where Kerry
has put that on the map. Northern California.
Have you been to Alcatraz? No. I went, I liked it. Really? Yeah, it’s like an old
prison, it’s vey atmospheric. Yeah. Spooky, though, I’d say. It was
quite spooky but in a good way. I served eight years there… LAUGHTER Did you get out with something
hidden in your shoe? A raft hidden in my shoe. That’s the
advantage of having size 14 feet. Radzi, what did you think
the answer was? Yeah, so San Francisco. So you
thought it was Alcatraz as well. Yes. OK,
let’s see where you put that. Little bit further down, California. Ebony, what did you think
the answer was? Alcatraz. But I put it, I think,
a little bit down. OK, let’s see where Ebony has gone. We’re all in California, aren’t we?
Hal. I thought Alcatraz. I think I’ve put it exactly
the same place as Kerry. OK, let’s take a look where
Hal has put it. Oh, that’s really close. It is Alcatraz. It is just off
the coast of San Francisco. Let’s take a look. Who is closest
and who has won the point? I think we have to give you
both a point there. A point to both of you there. Wow. Absolutely bang on. San Francisco. Very well done. We’re looking for this next, please. Oh, my. We’re all harking back to the glory
days of Alcatraz now, aren’t we? Radzi, do you have a answer?
What did you think the answer was? I believe it’s New Orleans. OK. But I’m just not sure where
New Orleans is, to be honest. Let’s see where you’ve put
New Orleans, shall we? Interesting. Doesn’t look crazy. Ebony, did you know the answer? New Orleans is my guess
but I just assumed South and I went above Texas. That’s New Mexico. Hal, did you think New Orleans? Yes, I thought New Orleans and I’ve got it very near
where Radzi’s got his. I think that’s the right state,
I think that’s Louisiana. OK. And, Kerry,
did you think it was New Orleans? I did and I’ve got it where
they’ve got theirs as well. This could be the greatest moment
in your quizzing life, Ebony, if you’re right. LAUGHTER It is New Orleans. Which is in Louisiana.
All three of you are in Louisiana. Let’s see who is closest
and who has won a point. Radzi gets a point there.
Well done. Very impressive. Last question in this round.
Will you find the following, please? Where did the Mayflower land? Ebony, did you know the answer?
Don’t know the answer. I know Delaware, there’s a lot of
ports around that sort of East Coast and I just chucked something in
there but I don’t know the answer. Let’s take a look where Ebony is. OK. Looks not too bad to me.
Hal, what was your thinking? It’s Plymouth, isn’t it? And I don’t know where it is
and I don’t know if it’s Maine or Massachusetts and I
think I’ve put it in Massachusetts. Let’s take a look. Where is Hal? I don’t know if that is
Massachusetts. Think it is Massachusetts. Kerry. I think I’m right next to Hal
or on top of Hal again. I put it on the sticky-outy bit,
Plymouth Rock. Yeah, Plymouth Rock, isn’t it? Radzi.
I just thought…where would I go? LAUGHTER “If I was a founding father.” And so I thought it looked like a slightly
sheltered place, northeast. Slightly where those guys went
and thought, “That looks lovely. “Let’s dock our ship there.” That’s inland. That is inland,
yeah, that’s on the Great Lakes. So it’s physically impossible,
which is… LAUGHTER I don’t know what boat
technology was like. Listen, it says landed,
maybe the Mayflower wasn’t a boat, maybe it was an aeroplane.
You never know. Well, I can tell you it did
land on Plymouth Rock. Which is in Massachusetts. But who is closest? Oh, these guys. I mean,
that’s bang on, Kerry, isn’t it? Well done, Kerry.
Well played. Kerry gets the point. Very nicely done indeed. That’s the end of that round.
Tablets away, please. One round to go. Let’s take a look at the leaderboard
going into our final round. Ebony, you have 2. Hal, you have 4. Radzi, you have 7.
Kerry, leader, with 8 points. Anything could happen. The final round…
We know what it is. It is… It’s double-points Friday,
don’t forget. 8 points for a win, 6 for second, 4 for third. Buzz in and get a correct answer,
you get a point. Give an incorrect answer,
you lose a point. Best of luck, everybody.
It’s been a brilliant week. One of you is about to win
the trophy. Who is it going to be? Your first category is… Those’ll be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath – smash them together. BUZZER Yes, Hal. Simon Le Bonbon. Is it Simon Le Bonbon?
It is. Well done, Hal. Here he comes. Come on, Kerry. Next Simon. BUZZER Yes, Radzi. Simon Birds Of A Feather. Simon Bird, Birds Of A Feather.
Well played, Radzi. APPLAUSE Next Simon. BUZZER
Yes, Kerry. Simon… ..Peggplant. Oh, I’ll give that to you.
Simon Peggplant. Very well done. Takes my brain so long to get there. Next category is… Those’ll be the pictures,
there’ll be clues underneath them. BUZZER
Yes, Hal. Cymbaloo. Cymbal and Baloo. Well played, Hal. Next percussion instrument. No-one? Shall we take a look? It is… Snare drum and Rum Tum Tugger.
Next category. TIME UP KLAXON We’re done. We are done here.
We have two things to sort out. Firstly, who has won Friday’s
House Of Games – Hal, Radzi or Kerry? Friday’s winner
on the House Of Games is… ..Kerry! Oh! Right at the last minute. Congratulations, Kerry. Thanks. You get your choice of
these wonderful prizes. What would you like to take home
with you? I wanted that deck chair. Is Hal going,
“I wanted that deck chair”? There’s a guy with four prizes
going, “If only I had a deck chair, “maybe that would be thing
that would make me happy.” I think I’m going to go with
the deck chair. Oh, lovely. I think you’re right,
you know, sit in the garden… Exactly. Kerry wins a House Of Games
deck chair. Congratulations, Kerry. Somebody is about to win
this trophy. Who is that? Let’s take
a little look, shall we, at our final leaderboard
of the week. Who is our House Of Games champion? It is Hal by 2 points. Well done. Hal by 2 points. I mean, you’ve gotta hand it to the
guy. Let’s literally hand it to him. There you go. The champion. Congratulations, well done.
Radzi second every day. Hal, a deserved win there,
our House Of Games champion. How do you feel? You thought you’d
thrown it away there at the end. I did cos I thought Radzi was going
to do very well in the last round and I thought he was going to win. I was working it out in my head –
that means he’s won the week. But it was very tight.
Beautifully done, Hal. Thanks, all four of you as well.
It’s been a lovely week. Really, really enjoyed it.
Thank you all so much. We’ll see you again next time
on the House Of Games. Oh, yes. That is lovely.
That is very nice. Well done.

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