Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E66 (27 Jan 2020)

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E66 (27 Jan 2020)

Hello there, welcome along to the
House Of Games, I’m Richard Osman. It is Monday, a brand-new week. I hope work was OK today,
I hope school was OK today, if you’re retired,
who cares it’s Monday. You know what happens on this show,
we have four famous faces, they battle it out over a series of
rounds and at the end of the week, one of them walks away with this
extraordinary trophy. Nobody knows what it’s made of. I will say, though, it’s the blue
recycling bin. The blue recycling bin. Shall we meet this week’s players?
They are Kerry Godliman, Radzi Chinyanganya… ..Ebony Rainford-Brent and Mr Hal Cruttenden. Welcome, one and all. I like it at the start of the week
when nobody is angry with each other, no-one’s fallen out
with each other. They’re all going, “I think
we’re just going to have fun. “I think we all seem to get along.” Kerry, welcome. Hello. Lovely to
have you here. Lovely to be here. Are you a quizzer, Kerry? Well, I didn’t think I was
but I think I might be, yes. I’ve been playing a few of late
and I’m really competitive now. This is what we like,
competitive people on this show. Radzi, many, many years
of Blue Peter, you’ve moved onto other things now but you must sort of
know everything? I wish I did. I found out I’m poor at everything
but I’ll give everything a go. That’s good. I’ll tell you someone
who’s not poor at everything, we’ve have an Ashes winner
and a World Cup winner here. Oh. Ebony, welcome along. Our finest female cricketer
of all time. Now, Ebony, at the end of the week,
somebody’s going to win this trophy. I want it. I want it. Sorry, just
putting it out there. Goes without saying. And I’m looking forward to your
tactics throughout the week. As well as the trophy, though, there’s a daily prize at the end
of every day. Oh, hello. Shall we take a look at what we can
choose from today? These are Monday’s prizes. House Of Games smoking jacket, there
is a House Of Games shower curtain, House Of Games playing cards,
there’s a House Of Games towel, House Of Games bread bin. I do feel the dressing gown
has a bit of spice. Mine’s just plain white fluffy,
I think that changes the game. But shower curtains are something
that you don’t often buy, do you? So… That’s true. ..I could have
a spare and then bring that out at Christmas
time with the red. That is the perfect Christmas shower
curtain, you’re quite right, I had not thought of that. Now, Hal Cruttenden. Hello. Welcome along, sir, how are you? Very well, very well. Any
specialist subjects, Hal? Well, I fancy myself at stuff,
do you know, like geography and history, and then
can really humiliate myself. But I’m really weirdly bad at food. It’s interesting cos stand-up
comics often do very well, Hal and Kerry, no pressure. I really want to beat you. I just
want to make sure I beat Kerry. I just want to beat you. Cos you said you’re competitive and,
yeah, you’re meant to know lots. Ebony wants to beat everybody and Radzi wants to be
everybody’s friend. There’s definitely a dark side
there, isn’t there? You can tell. Listen, shall we get on? Yes. Yes. Every time I press this buzzer,
a new game comes up, and our first game is… Fingers on buzzers, please. I’m going to ask you two questions
at a time, the answers rhyme with each other. Here are your first questions.
What are the answers here? BUZZER
That is Hal. Turkish Delight, Sky at Night. Is it Turkish Delight, Sky at Night? There we go. Yeah. Well done.
Well done, Hal. APPLAUSE CHATTER AND LAUGHTER So lovely to see how happy
everyone is for you, Hal. Probably the last points I win.
But I’m just excited. Hal puts down a marker.
Next question. BUZZER
That is Kerry. Speakers’ Corner, Geri Halliwell? WRONG ANSWER TONE BUZZER
For various reasons I can’t take it. Radzi?
Speakers’ Corner, Geri Horner. Speakers’ Corner, Geri Horner. Did she get married?!
When did she get married? To a very rich man. Yeah, called Mr Horner.
LAUGHTER It is Speakers’ Corner, Geri Horner. A nice point nicked there by Radzi,
well played. Next question. BUZZER
Hal? Isle of Man, Super Gran. Is it Isle of Man, Super Gran? That’s exactly right. Well done. APPLAUSE Super Gran, Isle of Man.
Well done if you said that at home. BUZZER
Hal? There’s Something About Mary.
It’s a Long Way to Tipperary. Is the right answer.
Very nicely done. APPLAUSE
That is good. Sorry, this is going to be
my best round. Next question. BUZZER
That is Kerry. Catchphrase, spaghetti bolognese. WRONG ANSWER TONE BUZZER
What?! Radzi? I think I’m going to stick.
Crystal Maze, spaghetti bolognese. Crystal Maze, spaghetti bolognese.
So sorry. I’ve just got to grab stuff.
LAUGHTER Here’s your next question. BUZZER
Yes, that is Kerry. Dalai Lama. SHE GIGGLES And the Sugababes. Its… I’m…
LAUGHTER I’m afraid Dalai Lama…
BUZZER ..and the Sugababes,
they did tour together but I’m afraid it’s not an answer.
Hal has buzzed in. Bananarama, Dalai Lama. Bananarama and the Dalai Lama.
APPLAUSE You are so good to have on the show. You’re such a generous performer. KERRY: Yes. Team player. There was a Siobhan in
the original Sugababes, as well. Yeah, there was.
That was the bum steer. Bananarama, Dalai Lama. OK. Next question. And what is this song? # Yeah, tell me get myself
together… # BUZZER
That is Radzi. Water polo, Jason Derulo? Is it water polo, Jason Derulo? WRONG ANSWER TONE
It is not, I’m afraid. Come on, Ebony, you know you want
to. I know the song… BUZZER
HAL: Sorry! That’s OK, you go. KERRY: Just control yourself, Hal. HAL: Water polo and Solo. Going
Solo. Solo? I’m Going Solo… I can’t take it, I’m afraid, Hal. That’s what I was going to
say anyway. Go on, you’ve got it.
I’m just going to say it. I’m just going to say the same
thing, water polo, I’m Going Solo. NO! Well, it’s… So what are you
saying? Water polo…? I’m Going Solo.
Is it water polo, I’m Going Solo? WRONG ANSWER TONE
It’s incorrect, I’m afraid. BUZZER
LAUGHTER Kerry? Water polo, Ridin’ Solo. Water polo, Ridin’ Solo? It is.
APPLAUSE He told me, though. That’s fine, we’re working together
here. Working together. So long as you were honest.
The last question in this round. BUZZER
That is Hal. Savannah, Louisiana.
Is it Savannah, Louisiana? Well played. A lovely end to the
round from Hal Cruttenden. You are out of the blocks. Well… KERRY: All that, like, “I’m not very
good at…” We’re on to him. When I said about two minutes ago,
I love it at the start of the week when everyone’s friendly with each
other… It soon goes. It fell apart early on. There was
a lot of incident in that round. Yeah, yeah. There’s a lot to talk
about at the half-time break. Let’s take a look at the scores,
shall we, after Round One. Look at that. Ebony, yet to get
off the mark. Kerry, you have one, Radzi, you have two. Early leader,
Hal Cruttenden with five points. Well played, Hal. APPLAUSE
Nicely done. Shall we play another
round straight away? Round Two is always a pairs round.
Today is going to be… It’s a pairs game, so the player
in last place gets to choose their partner. Ebony, that is currently you,
lying in wait in fourth, there. Who would you like to play with?
My new best mate. We go way back, actually. I mean, that’s a professional
sportsperson. Often someone in show business
will often go, “Oh, I don’t know, I wonder.
I might just go…” And then choose the person in
first place. Straight in. Absolutely straight in.
That’s the way to play it. I don’t think I’ll be very good at
this, though. So, Hal and Ebony… Will you drop the, “I’m not very
good at this”? Just lose it now. No, I think I’ve got a thing where
I know a lot of rubbish. I know a lot of things, but I’m
actually not very intelligent. And I think this is an
intelligence game. This one. As I say, Round Two.
LAUGHTER Ebony and Hal, you are a team.
Radzi and Kerry, you are a team. Before the show you all sent me
an answer, but only using emojis. Your partner has to guess
what that answer is. So let’s see the category
we gave you. Radzi, we’ll start with you.
Before the show, Kerry sent me this. What 21st-century novel is
this a clue to? I think that’s a dog. Is that a dog? I presume it’s a dog. I’m trying to pick up on
subliminal here. Yeah, we’ve worked out what
you’re doing. Erm… A dog or… It was that transparent that I think
it probably could be a cat looking a little bit closer.
Or a… I mean, or… I mean, it could be a fox. Or… Or a wolf. Or it could be a wolf. And that looks like it could be
a building of significance, perhaps financially. Is it Wolf Of Wall Street? Is it Wolf Of Wall Street, Kerry?
No, it’s not. Oh, no. It’s not, no. Kerry, what
was it? Wolf Hall. Wolf Hall. Oh. That’s a sort of hall. I think it’s good. I got it.
Thought that was a good clue. Thank you. It was a good clue,
to be fair. Thank you. I thought we were meant
to use lots of emojis. I tell you what, why don’t we take
a look at yours right now? Hal, you’re meant to help. I was going to do it the other way
round, but now I want to see Hal’s. OK, so, I’m guessing his extremely
long emoji? Oh, yeah. Hal has given you clues to a 21st
century novel but what is the novel? OK, so… There’s a lot to unpack there,
isn’t there? Clearly there’s a pretty rubbish
start to this film and then it gets better and better. I’d say it’s the other way round. RICHARD LAUGHS Yeah, I’m loving the start. Have you got this one at home?
I know some people will. I haven’t got it. I haven’t got
it either. Shall we time you out? Yeah, I’m done. I’m done. Hal, can you talk us through your
thought processes. OK, this is totally the title, it’s not anything to do with the
story or anything. Oh. I couldn’t find an emoji for hunger
so I’ve got food. Oh, Hunger Games. Oh, that’s brilliant.
That’s so good. Hal Cruttenden, everybody.
Well done, Hal. That’s becoming a well-used phrase,
well done, Hal. Right, Kerry. Kerry, Radzi is going to describe
a 21st century novel to you now in emojis, what is this novel? Oh. Is it The Curious Incident Of The
Dog In The Night? Is it Curious Incident Of The Dog
In The Night-Time? I mean, I had basically forgotten
my own title so that was incredible. Yes, it is. Oh, well played, Kerry. That is good. That is good. By Mark Haddon. Can I just unpack it
for one second? I see curious. Yes.
That’s very good. I see dog. Yeah. Night-time. I see night-time. I love how you’ve shown incident.
It’s the incident. Yeah, brilliant. Is that a very twee house
you grew up in? Going, “The dog’s had an incident.” Hal, Ebony is now describing
a 21st century… She looks happy about it, as well. Yeah, well, mine are really
just literal so just simple, straight down
the line. OK. I mean, it’s almost like you’re
giving an extra clue there. This is a 21st century novel
described in emojis by Ebony. Hal, what is the title? Oh, Girl On The Train. Yeah. I mean, beautifully done.
Just simple. Very well done. Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins. That was really well done by
everyone, I thought. You know, even the one that we
thought was impossible was actually… You’ve got to hand
it to him. Yeah, well done. Yeah, it was great. In hindsight. Shall we take a look at the scores?
Two rounds down. Ebony off the mark now with 1. Kerry 2, Radzi 3. Hal still in the lead with 6 points. Well played, Hal. APPLAUSE Let’s take a look at Round 3 today. It is… You know how this works. We’re going
to show you bits of famous songs, but just going to show you the first
letters of the words of bits of those songs, you have to work
out what the song is. Fingers on buzzers, everybody.
Your first song is from the year… What is this song, please? BUZZER
That is Radzi. I thought it might have been
There’s No Limit, as in – # No, no, no, no, no, no. # That’s what I thought it was going
to be. Is it No Limit? It’s not, I’m afraid.
BUZZER Oh, that is Ebony. Oh, I just had it, erm… # Na, na, na, na, na # Na, na, na, na, na, na, na… # So what’s the name of the song?
Here Comes…The Hotstepper! Is it Here Come The Hotstepper? It is not, I’m afraid. Oh. Ooh. So, listen, we have a good idea of
what it’s not, shall we continue? Yeah. Let’s continue the song. Oh, I’ve got it. BUZZER
Hal. Get Jiggy With It. Let’s take a listen. Is it Gettin’ Jiggy With It? # Na, na, na, na, na, na, na… #
Yeah. # Na, na, na, na, na, na # Gettin’ jiggy with it… # You said, “Get Jiggy With It.” I’m going to give you Get Jiggy With
It. Oh, am I OK? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s OK. Gettin’ Jiggy With It, well done if
you said that. Well done, Hal. Next song is from the year… What is this song? Here’s the title. Oh. Have you got this at home? Anyone want to have a go? Let’s take a listen.
What is that song from 1985? # Don’t you… #
ALL: Oh! # Forget about me… # Oh, Breakfast Club. Of course it is. # Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t… # Simple Minds. That is frustrating,
isn’t it? Mm. Radzi sitting there going, “I’ve
literally never heard that song.” I was actually thinking
it’s hilarious that you hear one moment of a song and everyone
goes, “Oh!” By which you mean everyone
in their 40s. Because music wasn’t designed
to be enjoyed this way. Next song is from the year… Ooh. What is this song, please? BUZZER
Hal. I think… Well done, Hal. I Can’t Help Falling In
Love With You. Let’s have a little listen. Oh, Hal! Is it Can’t Help Falling In Love
With You? # Wise men say…
Oh, for God’s sake. Fair play. I’m not even going
to clap you. Yep, Can’t Help Falling In Love
by Elvis Presley. Well done, Hal. Next song is from… What is this song? Here’s the title. Oh, have you got this at home?
Haven’t a clue. We’re stumped. I tell you what, shall we play it
and have a buzzer round? Gold, gold. Gold, gold!
BUZZER Did I press? Who pressed? Radzi pressed. Oh, Radzi pressed.
Yeah. I feel like I’ve absolutely
robbed you there. If you want to hand it over
to Ebony, you can. But I don’t know if I’m right. You know what would be my favourite
thing in the world is if you got this wrong. I’m not
sure the actual word, is it gold? Yeah. It is gold. Cos I don’t
actually know the song. Let’s take a listen. It is
gold, isn’t it? # Gold
Gold # Always believe in your soul… #
Well done. # You’ve got the power to know… #
Let’s let this run. # You’re indestructible # Always believing… # What a beautiful end to the round
in so many ways. I’ll take the points because I need
them, so thank you. Well done. Good teamwork there. Spandau Ballet. Shall we take a look at the scores? Three rounds down on Monday’s
House Of Games. Ebony and Kerry have 2
points each. Radzi, you have 3. He’s increased his lead,
Hal Cruttenden has 8 points. He really wants that…
Well done. I want the smoking jacket,
it’s a dressing gown. You want the smoking jacket. I mean, to be fair, it’s not that he
really wants it, it’s just that he’s getting more
points than anyone else. Yeah, fair. That’s more the situation. Yeah. Shall we play another round?
Yes, we need to. I never know what round is
coming up, they never know what round is
coming up. Our fourth round today is… I’m going to give you
the answers to this round, there’s only four answers,
and these are those answers. Those are going to be
the four answers, you’ve just got to work out what the
questions are. Hal, I wonder if you could choose
an answer for Kerry, please. OK, I’ll go happy hour. Kerry, happy hour is your answer
but what is your question? It is one of these and you have to
tell us which one. One of those questions is
the correct question, two of them are not. Hang on, Happy Hour
is when you just… HAL: Exactly! Were you waiting for that box
to come up, getting cheap drinks? Yeah, imagine
if we put that as the question! Well, one’s got alcohol in it, so there’s a connection with what
I believed Happy Hour to be, but I don’t believe that can be it. I’m going to go with
the photography one. So the answer is Happy Hour. Is the question, what is
the nickname photographers give to the period in the day when light
is best for capturing images? It is not. It’s going to be the fruit flies,
isn’t it? What was the correct question? It WAS the fruit flies. Why didn’t I just go with the booze? Why, why, why? Ebony, will you choose an answer
for Radzi, please? Lightsaber Duelling. I mean, that’s
got to be fun wherever we go. I’ll take that. So, Radzi,
your answer is Lightsaber Duelling. It is the correct answer
to one of these three questions. OK, I’m pretty sure it’s not
the Alexandria. Tron, to be fair, that’s the kind of activity you’d see in that film. But, given France
and the 2024 Olympics, they’ve got some interesting sports
that could go into that, so it sort of wouldn’t surprise me. France traditionally are very good
at fencing, but I don’t see how you’d create a lightsaber,
and what would define a lightsaber. Doesn’t seem logical,
seems very dangerous as well, can’t imagine health and safety
liking it. I’m going to go with Tron. So, Radzi, you’ve gone with Tron. The answer is Lightsaber Duelling. Is Tron the question? It is not the question.
Oh! Wow.
Lets see what the question was. Could it be Alexandria? Oh, no, really?! It’s from the French Fencing
Federation as well. They’re giving out lightsabers. I don’t think lightsabers exist. No, they’re not real.
What’s connecting…? I thought they were just in
Star Wars, or… But, anyway, Radzi, would you now
choose an answer for Ebony, please? Because we obviously would love for
Hal to have Dull, Boring And Bland, There Is No News.
OK. There Is No News, Ebony,
is your answer. What is your question? Mm.
It’s one of these three. Those are hard!
Ooh! OK, I’m not a Sting fan, but I have
the feeling I’d know the name of an album There Is No News from Sting,
so I’m going to rule that out. I think the riskiest answer
is the Banksy painting, but… Yeah, I’m going to take the risk. You’re going Banksy?
Yeah. Banksy. So the answer is
There Is No News. Was that the title of the Banksy
painting? Oh, no! It was not, I’m afraid. That was Love Is In The Bin was the
title of the Banksy painting. Oh, is that what it is? Yeah. Yeah. So the question is… ..BBC newsreader! That’s the obvious answer,
should have gone with that. Those were the days, weren’t they? They just played music instead. Gosh!
Wouldn’t that be lovely, if Huw Edwards just came on
and went, “You know what? “There’s a strike somewhere,
and, er, “but here come the hotstepper.” LAUGHTER Kerry, I wonder if you’d
do me an enormous favour. Mm-hm. We need to find an answer for Hal, I wonder if you would choose one
for him. Well, let’s just go with
Dull, Boring And Bland. Oh, OK. Hal, your answer is
Dull, Boring And Bland, but what is your question? It is one of these three. I found with all the other ones
there’s been one where you’ve gone, “Oh, it should be that,”
and it’s never that one. And this time, it’s the
Wonderful Life one is the thing you go, “Yeah, that’s…” Hm. What do you think? “League Of Extraordinary
Communities, which three places…?” That’s so ridiculous,
that could be the one, couldn’t it? And I think the third one sounds… the second most likely. That’s a common conversation about
the Seven Dwarves, that there were sort of
other things, so I think it probably is
the second one. So you think The League Of
Extraordinary Communities? Yeah. So the answer is
Dull, Boring And Bland – are they three places
across the world? Is that your question? It is! APPLAUSE KERRY: Hal, for goodness’ sake! It’s like God’s on my side! Dull is in Scotland, Boring is in the USA,
and Bland is in Australia. And they all teamed up,
isn’t that lovely? That’s really sweet, actually. That’s the end of that round.
I think nobody got any points there at all apart from Hal.
Well done, Hal! Hal’s on 55 points. Let’s take a look
at what they’re calling The Hal Cruttenden Leaderboard. 2 points for Ebony
and Kerry still. Still 3 points for Radzi. He’s got a 6-point lead now,
Hal Cruttenden, with 9. One round to go. Shall we play our last round?
The last round is always the same. It’s the first time you’ve ever
played it, though. It is… Fingers on buzzers, please. I’m going to show you a picture,
there will be a clue underneath. Smash the answers together.
A point for a correct answer, you lose a point if you buzz in
and give me an incorrect answer. Shall we take a look at
our first category? All the pictures in the
first category will be… Here’s your first Grammy winner,
and your first clue. BUZZER Hal! Barry White Men Can’t Jump. Is it Barry White Men Can’t Jump?
Oh, he’s done well there. It is.
Barry White, White Men Can’t Jump. Well played, Hal. Next Grammy winner, next clue. BUZZER Yes, Ebony? I’m just going to go… ..Donna Summer Solstice.
Is it Donna Summer? Is it Donna Summer Solstice? It IS Donna Summer Solstice! APPLAUSE
Well done. Donna Summer, summer solstice.
Yeah. Next Grammy winner, and next clue. BUZZER
Hal? Is it something like… ..Jose Costa del Sol? Let’s find out.
Is it Jose Costa del Sol? Oh, no, we lose points, don’t we?
I’ve just remembered. I think you’ve got them to spare,
Hal. It is not Jose Costa del Sol,
I’m afraid. Anyone else? Shall I just tell you?
Yes, just tell us. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Andalusia.
No chance. Never would have got that.
No, no. Well done if you got that one
at home. Next category is… So what are these hairstyles,
and what are the clues? Oh, for goodness’ sake! HAL: I’ve forgotten
the name of the haircut. You know the actor?
Yeah. Mullet, isn’t it?
So you know the haircut… BUZZER What did you just…?
She just said it! Hal? Mulletitia Dean. Is it Mulletitia Dean? KERRY: Oh, this is awful! APPLAUSE I’m really doing badly at this. Kerry, can we do Christmas together? No, I don’t want to see you
ever again! Next hairstyle. BUZZER
Yes, Radzi? Is it bobtuse? Is it bobtuse? It IS bobtuse! I don’t even get that,
I don’t know what’s happening! I don’t know what these things are.
Bob and obtuse. Are we doing maths now?! No, no, we’re doing
general knowledge. It’s not that you don’t
understand the game, you just don’t know anything. LAUGHTER Next hairstyle, next clue. BUZZER Here we go, Kerry. French Plait And The Temple Of Doom. LAUGHTER Let’s find out, is it
French Plait And The Temple Of Doom? It’s not, I’m afraid. BUZZER
Hal? French Braiders Of The Lost Ark. Braiders Of The Lost Ark. Well done, Hal.
How you got that, I don’t know! Why don’t we just
change the name of the show? To Hal’s House Of Games! It has a nice ring to it! Let’s take a look at
our next category. HOOTER Unsurprisingly,
we have run out of time. LAUGHTER That is the end of the round,
that is the end of the show as well. I wonder who has won. LAUGHTER Monday’s House Of Games,
who is our winner? It is… ..Hal Cruttenden with 11 points. Well played, Hal. Couple of cheeky points at the end
there, but, listen, you’ve got to take the points
where you can get them, right? Hal, you have won yourself a prize.
Brilliant. Which of these would you like
to take home with you today? I really want the dressing… Well,
it is a dressing gown, isn’t it? It’s a smoking jacket.
It’s definitely what I’m having. Smoking jacket?
Lovely. Hal Cruttenden wins a House
Of Games smoking jacket, well done. APPLAUSE Let’s take a look
at the weekly leaderboard, just to see the first points
up on the board there. Hal, you’re taking 4 points
through to tomorrow. Radzi, 3. Ebony, 2. Kerry, taking 1 point through
to tomorrow as well. That, I’m going to go on record
as saying, was a lot of fun. Thank you all so much. I am very much looking forward to
the rest of the week. I’ll see you here same time,
same place tomorrow. I hope you’re looking forward to
the rest of the week as well. We’ll see you here as well
on the House Of Games. APPLAUSE Brilliant. No, lovely. Honestly, genuinely pleased. This is much better than winning
and having to give stuff to charity! LAUGHTER

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