Removing Radiator For Decorating

Removing Radiator For Decorating

The first job to do before removing the radiator is to isolate it this is done by shutting of both vales at each end first use the cap to just tighten it down then just nip off with a spanner if you have thermostatic vales fitted, you need the shut of caps that would have came with the vales when new without these it is very difficult to isolate the radiator we are going to use an ice cream tub to drain the water into sometimes its worth cutting a slot into the side of the tub to help it fit but on this occasion it fits on the the radiator valve perfectly supporting the radiator valve losen the nut to let the water drain into the tub after it has been drain for a few minutes, loosen the bleed valve to let the air into the radiator to speed things up as the tub begins to fill just retighten the nut a drain into a suitable bowl once the radiator is drained you just need to undo the other end and the radiator will just lift off it may still have a small amount of water in so have a bowl ready here you can see the simple hooks that hold the radiator to the wall you may find that the valve just drip slightly and may just need nipping up again once the radiator is removed when refitting the radiator first of all remove any old jointing compound from the joints and just spread very thinly some new water jointing compound with both nuts now fully tightened we can then undo the valves to let water back into the radiator and use the bleed valve to let any air out of the radiator if you are unsure about bleeding radiators see my video on bleeding radiators thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel

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  1. Dont forget to count how many turns you do on the lock shield and make sure you turn it back on by the same amount of turns as you can unbalance the system.

  2. Actually, its either "know it all" or "know nothing" I cant make out what one you're actually saying because your lack of vocabulary makes even the most simple sentance a little hard to understand. I would suggest try adding pictures to your sentance's in future. Hope that helps. And on a side note you could always ask your mother to get you extra help in school.

  3. 1) It's 'sentence'. 2) The plural is 'sentences'. No apostrophe needed.

    If you're going to request that someone 'get extra help in school' try learning to spell and punctuate first. Otherwise you end up looking rather stupid.

  4. I saw another video that showed you don't need to drain the radiator! All you do is lift it and angle it down so that when you undo the valves completely, the radiator is full of water which can be drained out elsewhere. People have various ways of doing it – yours is very messy and slow compared to the video by "plumberparts" on youtube.

  5. If the central heating is on a condensing boiler don't forget to top up pressure system as you refill.  Boiler will probably "trip" when you next want hot water if this is not done.  Be gentle with shutting off those isolating valves as well.  Big spanner and too much oomph = goodbye to valve. 

  6.  If you temporarily remove the radiator but cannot put it back that same day can you use the central heating system while that radiator is off?

  7. Hi,I have a thermo on my rad. I took the rad off as described but it drips. I'm now looking to blank the holes while I decorate. Can you please advise what type of blank or plug I need ? I've seen plugs/blanks on ebay but I'm not sure if I have the right thing or size. Thanks in advance.

  8. Great video and really easy to follow 🙂
    I've broken my spiddle on top of the radiator valve… any ideas how to replace this without draining my whole central heating system.

  9. Thank you! this is the job i have to do on saturday,
    with the help of a 8 year old grandson,
    as he seems to have most off my tools at is house.

  10. Could this be a semi permanent solution? I have a radiator at a bay windows and i want to build a seat under the window. Could this be used so if i ever needed to reinstall the radiator i could? Thanks

  11. Explains about 'caps' ref thermos valves. There's whole threads (Screwfix) about trying to get caps that have been lost

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