Quitting YouTube??? Long-winded Q&A in the Walmart Parking Lot | Week + More in the Life!

Quitting YouTube??? Long-winded Q&A in the Walmart Parking Lot | Week + More in the Life!

– Out, the kids are playing
ninjas outside, of course, and anyway, we got
getting snow on our trees. You probably can’t see
our garden out there, but it’s probably picking
up these trees here. So yeah, I think that’s
all it’s gonna get. I don’t wanna go down the steps here, but oh I hear it, I hear you snow. And let’s see, I can probably, might pick up, oh I need to turn on some more porch lights. Looks like we’re in a dark hole but instead we got lots of snow going on. And here’s how close we are to spring. There’s the irises coming up. And we’re getting greenery on the plants. And then the daffodils, they got snowed. They might defrost and
perk up a little bit. Hi baby. So Daniel say, it’s Thursday. Say Thursday we’re going
on our walk with an apple. Yeah honey? Sure, yup let us catch up. So it’s Thursday afternoon. We needed to get outside some. We’re going on our hike right now, and then we’re gonna get back in the house and heat up our chicken
soup from yesterday, and then hopefully I have
two big organizing projects I would love to get
through this afternoon. And always overly ambitious but we’ll see. Maybe I can at least get one done. Nice, come on buddy. Still got that apple, come on, yeah. We’re on the hill home but
Daniel has stopped for a break to poke his stick in
the ground in the snow. A stick, stick in the snow. Okay, here why don’t you
see this cool big stick? You see that one. That’s fun. Say next week it’ll be 80. This week we had snow. Okay buddy we gotta catch
up with everybody else. You want this? Yes that’s a cool one. Oh yeah. You can really dig in some snow with that. Cool. Okay let’s get back walking home. Back at the house now and Daniel wanted to play
in his little mud kitchen. But of course, even
though the sun is shining and melting the snow, he
doesn’t have gloves on, so I don’t think it’s gonna last too long. The audio might be picking
up that bird making a racket. What you think Daniel, you cooking? You mixing? Cooking. Cooking in your kitchen
and the flower pots. Tweet tweet says the birdie. Okay this is so funny. So I dropped the boys off at youth group and I’m here having my guilty pleasure of I’m watching Happily
A Housewives weekly vlog and I’m having fried chicken
from Kentucky Fried Chicken ’cause that’s what I was craving, and now I have three sheriff vehicles. The parking lot here at
KFC is getting filled up with the sheriffs department so I don’t know what they’re doing, but I thought, you know what, I’m not gonna hang out here for whatever they’re doing
at the Kentucky Fried Chicken while I’m enjoying my chicken
watching my YouTube video. So what I was gonna do is
I’m planning to go to Walmart to finish up the rest of our grocery haul. Get our meat and things. But I’m gonna move my
car over to the Walmart so I can watch from a distance, but I know they are busy
fellas doing their job and I’m sure they’re
filling the parking lot of the KFC for a reason. I don’t think they were there to eat. I mean they have computers
out and they’re there talking and pointing and all of that. So I lived in the city,
and even the inner city for several years. I like living in the country, and I’m just gonna enjoy my chicken and my Happily A Housewife weekly vlog. Yeah yeah they’re just there
having a big old powwow. So I’m coming over to Walmart where things are
hopefully a little calmer. So while I was here enjoying my chicken in the Walmart parking lot, we had four sheriff cars come
cruise in here in and out so it was just my entertainment to watch I guess along with my YouTube video. I had my chicken. Sad disturbing news is, I have most my plastic fork so
I cannot eat my green beans. When I go into Walmart,
hopefully I remember to grab one from the deli. Something big and huge that I’m adding to our already busy week
is I am so inspired. So this is Jamerrill
nesting phase one, right? I am so inspired. We have a pretty good size walk in closet. I mean it’s huge to Travis and I because we’ve never had a master, a true master bedroom, let alone a walk in closet before. So I’m very inspired to
do away with all of that and to turn our walk in closet into my personal home office. So obviously it’s not
gonna be huge anything, but it’s gonna be plenty of room to, I’m gonna take the closet
shelving in there out and I’m gonna put, I’m looking at a couple different desk right now, and I’ll have room for
bookshelves, a desk, a nice chair, my printer, some shelving, those new chicken wire
wall organizer racks I got at HomeGoods the other week. I’m just gonna have
plenty of room for myself, and I’ll have a door
that I can shut and lock for my work days during the week. Now right now, and really
for the last two years that Travis has been back in school, I’ve only been able to consistently work pretty much every
Saturday and then I get in an hour or two if I can on the other days. I have, I’ve written about and shared and talk a lot about how I
make a full-time income online to support my growing family. If you’re interested in that
or haven’t heard that story, I’ll have the link in
the description below, and if I have it together, I’ll probably have a video pop up here. Anyway, I do have a real
full-time business that I run even during these last two years when I’ve worked part-time, and since Travis is
graduating in six weeks now, we are going to go back to
him helping me run the house and home school the kids and things probably, it’ll be, I’m still
gonna keep my Saturdays, but then I’m also gonna try
to get back in the routine. Our goal is for me to work
Tuesdays and Thursdays. So Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays Travis will run the house, run the meals, run the kids, run life, and I will be able to
just go into my office in the early morning and
work until basically bedtime. Now I like, I have it in my rhythm to work a 12 or 15 hour schedule in one day because of all the years
that I was a nurse. So I would much rather
instead of trying to work several hours every day, I would much rather the kids have two to three dad days out of seven where he can be the primary parent and I can just go and work, and I know when we did that before, is before he did two years of school, he as home two years helping me. It’s probably a whole
other video and things. It’s just hard to know
how to juggle it all, how to set up the household. Especially when one
parent has worked a lot outside of the home and
then they come home to help, what does that look like? So we had two years of trying a whole lot of different configurations. What was nice about that is
when I would have a workday, I could do something like, Travis would send me a
text message at lunch time and I could come down
and have lunch with him and the kids and same
thing at dinner time, or if something really fun was happening outside in the field with the
kids, I could take a break. So anyway, we’re going
back to that rhythm. So of course we’ll share that with you all on the transition and all those things. All that to say, when I
go into Walmart tonight, I wanna look at their office things, ’cause the desk I think I want, I wanna order from Walmart, but I’m just gonna see what
they have in the store here while I get my hamburger. What else can I tell you about
that and that transition? I already mentioned, I mentioned
in my grocery haul video I want to be able to, I should be able to go back to truly once
a month grocery shopping or at least one huge haul
and then one small haul later in the month, and getting a freezer cooking
day in here and there. I just haven’t been able to do that really since the summer, looking back at since Travis
started school this year he has a two hour commute everyday and we did, he went ahead and
he did the two years of school because he had the opportunity to do so. You know a lot of guys, he’s
been a licensed electrician for 20 years and then he came
home full-time four years ago just to try to help me get
ahold of life and run things and try to run things well when all of my online stuff exploded. So once my neck blew about two years ago, I had a pretty serious neck injury and I was feeling pretty burnt out anyway, and that’s about the time
I started doing YouTube just for fun because once
you get creating content and sharing online, even if you’re down with an almost broken neck, you still wanna find a way to do it because it gets in your blood. So we just thought it
was a good opportunity for him to retrain. He’s going back to school
for auto mechanics. His hobby, all of this time even though he’s been an electrician
has been working on cars, rebuilding engines,
rebuilding transmissions, all the car stuff. He’s a car guy, and I know you don’t have
to go to school for that. There’s a lot of things you
don’t have to go to school for, but in order for him to test and get his different certifications you have to have at least
two years of school for that so he just went ahead and did it. So I’m glad it’s almost done. What we’re looking at, sorry this is turning
into more of like a Q&A. What we’re looking at
doing is probably him developing a part-time
business form home potentially. We’ve also talked about
him starting his own automotive based YouTube channel because he watches a lot of guys fix cars, race cars, take cars apart, and my online training for Travis has been if you’re watching these guys, that means there are other
guys out there just like you watching those same creators. So we need to just get
you a GoPro and we need to train you on YouTube, Travis. So now on this channel, Travis himself, he’s not, it would make him feel sick to sit here and talk in front of a camera. Now with a car, he can have
the camera on the engine. He can show his hands, he can talk. He’s just, he’s more of an introvert. And I explained this in the comments when people wanna know. Where’s your husband Jamerrill? Why don’t we see your husband? Besides the fact he’s gone
everyday with a two hour commute, it’s just not his cup of tea
to be in front of people. This is fun for me to sit
in the Walmart parking lot and talk to this little camera in my hand. Up to this point it has
not been fun for Travis. So we will see. So don’t hold your breath on seeing him more on this channel. You might get more of a
glimpse of him once in a while but just like I try to be
respectful with my older boys, and with Travis. You know, if someone doesn’t
want the camera in their face, I’m not gonna force it. It’s not a YouTube requirement. So pretty much I’m all you get. So anyway we’re gonna go into Walmart, get this ground beef I keep taking about. I have to get dog food, cat food. Don’t know what else, and I just wanna look at
instead of looking online, I wanna see what office
things they have in here. So hopefully this week
between a bazillion things that we have going on, I want to tear into my master
bedroom closet renovation into my office space and Travis and I, we have two
huge dressers we hardly use. I need to downsize my clothing anyway. I looked in there the other day and I’m like okay I have not worn that, I know in two years. Oh I haven’t worn that in four. It’s just definitely
time to majorly purge. So we’re gonna go with dressers for now. Our bedroom is plenty big enough that if I want a place to hang clothes, I can get a wardrobe. I have room for that in there. What I also have right now
and I probably will not put this on YouTube is
I have two big piles of, I have, I don’t know, I have piles of bags that
have important papers. I have piles, I have some
boxes with family pictures and those kind of things. All of that just needs
to be majorly organized and I think doing this
closet office switch around will help me do that. And we do have plans, we just with everything going
on haven’t got to it yet. When we bought this house one of our big plans was
to turn our garage into, have it turned into, we’re
probably not gonna do it, but have builders come in, renovate our garage make
it into a huge family room, and then our breeze way
and then behind our garage we wanna do an addition and it’ll be a mud room, a pantry, and now room for two dog beds, and we might even move our
laundry room out there. So all of that is coming but
all of that is not something I can do in a week and I just all of the sudden am like, I want an office and I want a door because especially when
Travis was on spring break the other week and I just
left and went to Starbucks for several days, and that’s fun and all
but I don’t wanna spend my two or three workdays out of seven having to leave the house. It kind of defeats the purpose of being a work at home mom. So I really while I have
the energy and inspiration wanna get that closet done. So I’m in Home Depot. Travis and I are out running errands. And I’m getting things
to do my master bedroom walk in closet redo into, I turn into my home office. So I’m a little tired today. I only slept like five hours last night. It was my fault. So anyway, gonna be a
little slow in this video but we’re still out running errands. My mom is in town this week visiting and I’m getting my office
stuff and supplies today. Is the blue that I went went with, and it’s called lyric
blue by Home Decorators, and I got it in semi gloss. Probably really hard to tell
until y’all see it in the room, but now Travis and I are gonna
go into Buffalo Wild Wings up here and have some lunch. Hey guys, so it is Wednesday. Boy what is today’s date? I’ll try to put it on
the screen when I edit. I think today will be the 22nd. I didn’t film at all yesterday. Yesterday was a super, just a really hard day, super hard day. One of my friends, she
was an online friend. Have a lot of these modern
day friendship starts. She was a blogger that I knew, and I actually went on a
retreat with her this summer. I’ll pop a video up here, but there was a four day
mastermind retreat I went on and it was myself and maybe
seven or eight other ladies and my one friend Kim had rented a house and we all pitched in towards the expenses and we just had a wonderful day, I’m sorry wonderful several
days, three or four days learning and masterminding and
doing those kind of things, and one of the ladies that I met there, her name was Mandy, and I spent those four days with her and with her baby Judah, and she’s just a very very sweet lady. Loved the lord, I mean her
blog is WorshipfulLiving.com. I’ll put that up. Anyway, so she’s in my
online circle and niche and she was doing some
different VA work for me. I just had connections with her, and again, and I spent those
days with her this summer, and she died yesterday morning. She died, her husband died, and
her two small children died. I can say that because it’s
been publicly released. It’s been in the media. There’s a lot online. I’ve shared about it, other
friends have shared about it, but as of this recording I don’t know all the reasonings behind it, but their house caught on fire and their two older children got out and their grandmother
who was visiting got out but Mandy, her husband
Scott, her little girl Lizzy, and their baby Judah did not make it out. So today’s better because
I did sleep last night, but yesterday, I had
thought at different times about turning the camera on and I just obviously I couldn’t. It’s just a really hard heavy day. Mandy she finished well and I’m gonna put a link
in the description below to a Facebook live
video Mandy did in July, the same month I had
gotten together with her. And it’s just an excellent
video about finishing well. And I’m sure it’ll encourage
several of you out there. So be in prayer for their
two teens who did survive. They’ve been through a lot. Everybody goes through a lot and I’m a big believer in
the lord can use it all for his glory, and I
know that those two teens who did survive, the lord
can through healing and time and just through many aspects help them help other
people who are hurting. There’s a lot of hurting people out there. All that to say, that was yesterday, and my mom is visiting this week. And what else is happening? So today what did we do? We went on a big walk. Like longer than our normal hike. And I’m pretty tired from that. And yeah. So I was gonna get to
work on my closet project. I thought, well I’ll, that’ll just give me something
to keep my mind busy. I’ll work on my closet, turning that into my office, but I’m not feeling it now. I just think there’s of
course videos I need to edit and online work I need to do. And I did walk all those steps today. So I’m just gonna work on that and I’m gonna start again tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow I can get started on that office project. We’ll see how it goes from there, but that’s just the
update of midweek update of what’s been. Wee! – Let’s go. – Good running. Oh this is grandmother’s dog Artsie. Daniel likes putting rocks
in our property marker, huh Daniel? Is that fun? You gonna put more rocks in there? Yes. Oh boy. So it’s afternoon, we had our big two and a half mile hike this morning. Daniel just got up from his nap. So I was letting him lead
the way this afternoon. Kinda wake up a bit, huh Daniel? You just waking up? Yes waking up. I hear you buddy. Mommy had a nap too. Here you go. You can do it. Good job Daniel. Yeah. Oh you got a big stick. You gonna put that in there? Look at that. Oh yeah yo mixing? Mixy mixy. Mixy mixy. Daniel that’s cold, bur! It’s not too cold. It’s in the 50s, but I
wasn’t exactly thinking of standing in the water. Oh splishy splashy. See if I can get out
of your sunshine there. Oh fun. There’s a big Lego head there you can get. So Travis has fixed the
washer a couple times. We’re hard on washers and dryers. So anyway, today I just
found one at Lowe’s online. Sent Travis a link and said, pick this one up on your way home. So Thea has Naomi,
Gabriel, Liam, and Amelia are out on the deck playing
with that new washer box. It’s like instant fort and Daniel and I, we’re out here walking in the forest some. You’re way ahead of me, Daniel. Yes, you find some more water? I hear the other kids. You gonna step over? Or just walk through it. That’s just a little bit. Good job. Walky walky. Come on yeah we’re coming. Momma’s coming. Oh he likes to color. He’s gonna wanna color
in there with you guys. Yes, oh cute. Washer fun. – I have up a picture out here. – [Jamerrill] Oh that’s lovely
I like the roof you guys have worked up too. – Yeah we made it look like a real house. – There’s only a two person rule though because there’s not enough room. – [Jamerrill] That’s
true, you can take turns. Okay. – [Boy] This is the map. – [Jamerrill] I like the map. Okay so we’re going
into an African village at the Frontier Culture Museum. Oh careful, watch your hand. (drums playing) Look in this one. – Is it snack time? – [Jamerrill] Looks like snack time. Nice. – Can we actually eat them? – [Woman] No they’re just herbs. We use them for medicines. – Look at all these. – [Jamerrill] Yeah they might
have had water in there. Okay let’s go to the next room. Let’s go to the next place. They are. The girls shared some food. Little donkey. Here just look, it’s their wagon. Let’s go to the next place. Hi are you in a hut? Yes, are you in a hut? Oh. Nice. I see. Beds and fire. Different skins. Yeah these are their beds probably. I’m gonna go after Daniel. Okay back in back out. Okay well that’s cool. Yeah that’s fine. Oh my. Okay and here’s a 700 pound pig. – It’s really. – [Jamerrill] He’s hot honey, he’s probably cooling off a little bit. Oh he snorted at you. – [Boy] Piggy don’t snort at me. Does snort mean it tickles? – [Jamerrill] He just made a pig noise. – [Girl] Look at how big his ears are. – [Jamerrill] I see, and his nose. – [Girl] You can’t see his eyes at all. – [Jamerrill] Just showing on
the map where we were today. It’s called the Frontier Culture Museum, it’s in Staunton, Virginia. We dd it all, it was lots of fun. (jazz music)

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    I've never commented before but I love your videos! Just a suggestion for your husband having a youtube channel. Based on what you have said, he seems very handy. I think that youtube is really lacking on having how-to content on DIY home repairs and projects. Perhaps that could be integrated with the automotive content. I know I've always wanted to be able to fix some things myself at home but I don't know how. There are written tutorials but I'm such a visual learner that I really learn best in a video.

  43. My heart goes out to your friend and their family! Praying for peace for you and much grace as you move through this busy season in your career and your family life! ❤️

  44. Lot of hugs all around for you and your friend's family. What a tragedy. I pray she and her family are safe in the Lords arms. 💗
    You may gain some inspiration from a video from At Home With Nikki about her closet office. 🙂

  45. did you have the baby?. ♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆ just started watching your video vlogs recently. thank you for sharing

  46. so sorry about your friend many and her family. sending my heartfelt condolences. my dear momma was in a house fire in 2005 and God willing she healed and God kept her around for many many yrs.

  47. I just recently started following your channel … I love it ! It's a huge help with our family and I love the ideas you have ! I also do freezer meals of different things and make my own laundry soap ! Also , I heard about the loss of your friend Mandy and part of the family …. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend and her family ! I just recently lost my dad due to cancer this past summer ! My prayers are with you and her family !!

  48. I love seeing children play and enjoy the outdoors. Your kids always seem so happy. It's obvious you & Travis are wonderful parents.

  49. very sad news life is so hard so sorry you must be out of your mind sending you and your family love. xx

  50. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Truly🙏. Thank you for sharing your Love of God & the way you manage your household. It's encouraging. Especially as I'm expecting my second with a 10 month old. I know it's not easy so keep up the good work!!

  51. Whether ypu know someone or not you go cold to hear of families dying and in that was that's truly awful 🙁 we can just hope they passed sleeping without suffering, those poor teens x x people who can't feel sadness for something like that must not have a heart

  52. Do you believe in the resurrection? God's word the Bible promised in John 5: 28, 29 and Acts 24: 15. that we are going to see our loved ones again who passed away and that is a comforting thought…and that will happen here on earth soon Revelation 21: 4, and Psalm 37: 11. I am very sorry about what happened to your friends it is very sad.

  53. I literally feel anxiety (for you) watching your vlogs and all you have to deal with in your life! Do your older kids help with the younger kids? I'm not exactly sure what ages you have. Very sad about Mandy and her family. I'm not Christian and didn't know about her but just googled her then and watched a YouTube video she made. She looked like such a beautiful, kind, warm-hearted person – so sad 🙁 My heart goes out to the teenage children.

  54. i am a new subscriber. i have probably watched 30 videos so far. i am curious as to what you did with the clothes in the master closet since you have turned that into an office.

  55. I think its wonderful that Travis will step in and takeover the kids a couple of days a week. I take my hat off to him. Its something my hubby would do and has done when I've been ill, but it takes a real man to step into the breach. WTG Travis

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