Professional Cake Decorating Program & Techniques at ICE

Professional Cake Decorating Program & Techniques at ICE

Precision. Risk. Elegance. Artistry. Do you
have what it takes? The Institute of Culinary Education invites you to sample
the sweeter side of art and design with our Professional Cake Decorating program.
Whether you’re looking to own your own bakery or design cakes for special
occasions we cover it all from piping to hand-sculpting and everything in between.
In just months we’ll have you mastering the fundamental techniques, empowering
your creativity and inspiring you to bring these edible masterpieces to life.
Train with the best: ICE’s 240-hour cake decorating program was developed by Toba
Garrett, a top tier cake legend. Chef Toba has over thirty years of experience as a
cake artist, winning international awards and receiving acclaim in numerous TV
shows and magazines and has even earned the distinction of having her work
featured in the Smithsonian Museum. Plus modern cake master Elisa Strauss serves
as the program’s guest lecturer in fashion cakes and contemporary design.
She’s an ICE alumna and a nationally renowned cake designer and cookbook
author. Chef Elisa and her company, Confetti Cakes, have been featured on all
media platforms from the New York Times to Food Network. Chef Toba’s traditional
techniques layered with chef Elisa’s modern approaches together create the
perfect ingredients to help mold your success. Alumni of the program have
competed in the prestigious New York Cake Show, winning various awards
including Best in Show within weeks of graduating. This intensive three
month program is broken down into five courses covering an array of
international styles, such as English, Lambeth, and oriental string. Course one
covers the basics of buttercream and fundamental skills. You’ll prepare
several types of butter creams and learn the craft of piping cake borders and
flowers. Course two covers royal icing, tackling the intricate and precise
techniques behind flooding, delicate lace, and brush embroidery.
Students will also be introduced to rolled fondant and pastillage. Course three
focuses on advanced uses of fondant like ruffling, draping and smocking. You’ll also
learn the art of handwriting on cakes and hand modeling using chocolate and
marzipan. Next up: sugar flowers. In course four you’ll learn about sculpting and
airbrushing techniques that transform sugar paste into lifelike blossoms,
petals and seasonal foliage. Course five celebrates the elegance and artistry of
modern cake design, taking the skills you’ve learned and applying them in a
five-day workshop where students will create and present their own cake.
Whether you’re looking to design your own masterpieces or take your skills to
the next level there’s never been a better time to explore the growing field
of custom cake design. ICE’s Techniques and Art of Professional Cake Decorating
makes achieving your goals a piece of cake. For more information or to meet
chefs Toba and Elisa call 888-984-2433 or

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  1. i would like to learn how to do professional cake decorating like cake piping,wedding cakes how to make royal icing and professional buttercream frosting thank you.

  2. My ol alma🙌🏾mater!
    I attended the ORIGINAL on East 92nd street.👍🏽.Peter Kumps!
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