PRESIDENT TRUMP Attends a Meeting and Photo Opportunity with Black Leaders

PRESIDENT TRUMP Attends a Meeting and Photo Opportunity with Black Leaders

well I want to thank you very much we’re here with some of the black leaders of our country and people that are highly respected and people that have done a fantastic job and for the most part I’ve been working on this whole situation with me fresh from the beginning and we’ve done a lot we’ve done opportunities those weekend criminal justice reform we’ve done things that people didn’t even think possible criminal justice reform we’ve let a lot of great people out of jail just such a great example a fine woman and she doesn’t say she didn’t hear she made a mistake she was in there for 22 years when we let her out and she had practically another 20 and you couldn’t produces nobody in Hollywood that could have produced that last scene of her that was a real deal or what you saw her kids it’s really a fantastic thing so what I think I do is I’d like to for the media I’d like to go around the room and we can do just a quick introduction of each other and I’ll start with me my name is Donald Jones [Applause] thankfully still in a lot of interesting times and you’ve been seeing the polls the Falls have been incredible yes we’ve had some polls with and I could say black I could say african-american yes a what the polls are at a level that people have never I don’t think they’re students I won’t be satisfied until they get one hundred percent because nobody is black people for the country that’s right you’ve been unprecedented I believe Jarrod’s please well comedian Terrence Kate listen I am sitting next to the greatest president Angeles fan King founder of American King Foundation recently pardoned by the greatest president [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and all these thank you [Music] therefore all of the heavy amazing honor and blessing of serving as president but I just want to say I’m taking a lot of arrows for you but I am proud to do it because I appreciate my name is Jared Kushner I know all of you here and I tell the president all the time how proud I am of the job he’s doing but I want to tell all of you thought I’m very proud of you you’ve been great partners of this White House you’ve come with ideas you come with suggestions and every time I bring these ideas to the president yo’ii says if these are the things that need to get done let’s do it as spirit and resource let’s get it done and what we’ve done together is we found half ways to really revitalize a lot of communities but also revitalize a lot of people and create a lot of opportunity for people who didn’t know before so I just want to thank all in your communities and for helping us work to accomplish what we have these cameras we have one of our great stars [Applause] reasons I don’t even know if I’ve ever shared this but president that I supported the very beginning was because I knew he would fight for our communities [Music] I’m Stacy Washington and I’m the host of stacy on the right and i’ve been supporting you from the moment you were the nominee and after that i have been amazed by the absolute way you have you banished all of your naysayers when it comes to the pro-life issue the religious freedom issues the things that are nearest and dearest to my heart and we’re in my baby feet and then also my defense pin because you’re the first president since I’ve been an adult I’m a veteran who’s ever said we need to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and I believe in what you’re doing and I thank you for it we pray for you and we are just ready for you to have four more years so thank you for letting me come into the people facility I’m evangelist alveda King and executive director of civil rights for the unborn and founder of alveda King ministries people ask me all the time what do you do for the president I pray for the president the other thing is what has he done for you lately well we don’t have time but promises made promises kept saving little babies in the womb bring it steal milk meals back bringing jobs back to America helping with the economy reuniting her families and it the list goes on and on promises made promises kept and I’m old enough to say I’m 69 years old but having seen this saying I’ll do it mostly with a smile hmm and getting it done so I’m very grateful and getting that girl out of jail Jesus your pardon [Applause] and you told me what a wonderful person she is and she was there for a long time and was going to be there for a long time do you want to mention that she’s pardoned and the first thing she did so she cried I don’t remember if I call it one day I said they chained women to the bed when they had with babies in jail oh it’s so that’s fun and then Angela call when they cry mom the immigrants they immigrants but they separate us from our children here in America so cherish the day you called it said she will give that I said sir after I get up off the floor I’ll talk so I’m just broke I’ll be quiet there you happy you’re Jonah severely damaged thank you I’m Jack Brewer former NFL player you know currently I’m a professor at Ford only buddy School of Business I’ve worked my entire life understood that community’s teaching my brothers and sisters and then it failed now for the Nancy community and I gotta say mr. president I ran the NFL tears for bummer I’ve been a Democrat all my life woman Democrat back then you changed changed ain’t touching me and you made my worked with to another level you inspired me and every time I go into those prisons and I ask my guys you know how many of you had affects your sentence reduced and they raise their hand I know I’m doing babies and I saw a champion those babies while on the other side it’s just like today Democrats they don’t want to give any chance no more babies at all I made a video it went viral I wanted writing a book about what I believe that father was taking place in our country called why I couldn’t stay silent and I just continue to be impressed and honored at how much you have stood up to your work how much you’ve done for all Americans and how that’s risen the black community as well how you champion the lives of unborn babies and it is a privilege and an honor David J Harris jr. by the way I think I forgot to say that it’s a privilege to be in airport [Music] [Applause] I love showing folks that black Trump supporters do more than that it gives me an opportunity I did just last night in Nashville that the opportunity to speak to black folks and the Spanish will especially blacks that’s look at my hand and say whitey support this president and when I rattle off all the things that you’ve done and why I support you they say wow I didn’t know that maybe that’s listening to mainstream media Wow so that’s why I’m also a news [Music] story [Music] [Applause] [Music] you’ve done your job with your policy we have a simple job you’ve done the hard work for us now we just have to get out and push the message because the mainstream media will not tell the people the great things you’ve done for our community [Applause] [Music] [Music] because the [Music] [Applause] my name is Bruce Laval that’s Daryl I love you thank you for introducing me capacitors to President Trump you know when he said he wanted to spend the babies over I’m a rescue baby from the orphanage this president came out and says what about adoption I wonder where I would be I wonder what it would be like if this man was in an office just defending the babies in the womb or someone like me that was left abandoned in the home and that’s very dearest you know I’m one of the largest black-owned jewelry store on this runs a check the boss in Atlanta hey guys let me tags for the press I’m just going to for the record this president is about to resurrect and restore black generational wealth yeah but how many presidents says you know you bill the grocery stores you build your business you create your generation well you restore your 401k the disconnect and all the candidates that are leading in the Democratic Party especially by the ones that start he sponsor did in 94 yeah crying out now no flag on the stage where’s the flag from the fort where is that thank God we have a hundred flags when he’s on the stage yeah you know so guys you know this yes he will and is for the press for forty five years with all these friends traveling everywhere and I was privileged to travel with me the beginning and commit rallies thank God for pastor Daryl all the things we’ve been through now we run for president now all the sudden race how is that y’all know that’s a lie I’m losing money that comes to them and loses money well everybody else that serves makes money he loses money and everyone knows that serve all of us who serve at the pleasure of the President lose money it doesn’t matter what level you’re at don’t forget that there is no pay to play there is no special interest there is nothing that he won for president and I will not take special interest money and not be beholding to anyone except God [Applause] I do lose a fortune I give my salary and surprisedly now may be back in George Washington’s day but they don’t think any other president has ever given the shower explore my house and oh wow I don’t think I’ve ever had a story that I give it but I guarantee if I was if a leaf comes in quarterly if I was ever late it will be a front-page care what another best of our knowledge we have not found another president okay but I appreciate you just name is Paris Denard mr. president a commission for 30 Marshall College Fund which represents the publicly support the Soviet back pops the universities in the circ your first Black History Month celebration event it was a small people that’s who came to the White House we met in the room that was there Ron was there and at that that meeting I told you that you could yet the potential to go down as one of the greatest presidents for the black community yeah I didn’t know if you were going to be able to do it quite honest because there’s a great challenge nor the moon from campaigning to actually governing and being present that people could talk about all the things that you promise on the campaign showing that doesn’t matter the things that matter are the things that you’ve actually done in your position convincing and for the black community sir you are changing why yeah changing lives for generations yeah there were thousands of people millions of people out there that will never get chance to meet you but they meet us they see us and they tell us all the time how appreciative they are yeah and their minds are opening to things that canvas is doing a black City everything that the campaign is doing with opening up these centers that are going to be in dozens of cities across the country it’s because you are leading by example yeah you’re changing live for the better and I am so proud and I’m honored to support because it’s easy I want to say things from my family from my friends thank you for what you’re doing with it we’re changing lives and yes in Black History Month we are here to celebrate Black History but we’re also here to celebrate the decorators present making black is [Applause] according to the New York Post I am Democrats worst nightmare I take great pride in being that my I obviously run the black state organization I started the black suit movement because I really just wanted to develop a route for all of the black Americans to follow me away from the liberal ideas I espoused in my youth I honestly I know people are hitting at the mainstream media but I gotta tell you I thank you all for waking me up for calling everything raises to the point that it made no sense and I had to start digging because every single thing the man said couldn’t have possibly been racist if he had been loved and celebrated for decades so it is thanks to the lies and it’s thanks to the left constantly overplaying their hand that so many black Americans are waking up today there’s a fatigue setting in we’re genuinely just tired of being told that everything is racist and everything around us nationalism white supremacy you may have seen me testifying in Congress against the absurd hearing of Democrats pretending to care about what’s hurting black America at the same time if they murder millions a little our be yeah hundred remove fathers from the home systematically the America they establish that’s right the same time to be incarcerated our men for decades mmm so when I say to you always thank you keep going and we will meet you at the finish line and mr. president there are those that write history there’s those that read history and I want you to know that you are making understand that we not new to this we true to this from day one yeah David we have been on your side and you’ve never left it yeah you know I keep hearing the left talking about they got champion for this and a champion for that well woman’s a champion going to win because right here not president President Donald J Trump thank you so much thank you first of all for making diamond and silt famous [Applause] and let me tell you all two things to do first of all the first time we met him he brought us on the stage and we didn’t know what was gonna happen and the first thing that this businessman billionaire did was looked at us and said I hope you monetizing this yes Wow not wait a minute you are Wow Wow this billionaire businessman who happened to be white I never had a black man come up Obama didn’t come and say hey I hope you monetize it you could have been sitting at this table of under or Obama administration oh but here we sit here this is a champion no let me say one more thing cuz I could talk bad but didn’t offer let it go president Trump is not a racist no he’s not come what he is is a real list yes no I only color he sees it’s breathing [Applause] because he’s very patriotic you love this country he loves America yeah and he loved Americans yeah here’s my last thing I want everybody to make sure that you vote right so you won’t get left go are easy remove every Democrat yeah Wow with time in itself and I’m usually the quiet one the silent one but you know silent can be violent allow me to say this first I want to say thank you for allowing me as a black woman a seat at the table that’s right you know because this would not have happened under Obama administration it happened under Trump administration is true you man you know they always say mr. president that well he’s a little rough around the edges but I always replied back in that you know that we need those rough edges to cut through all of the BS that’s going on on the hill in Congress we need somebody that’s not going to go alone just to get along with some smooth edges we need somebody that don’t have a problem but going toe-to-toe against the status quo that’s right and that’s exactly what you did mr. president we’re in the middle gob mistook was in the middle of writing a book uprising Don awakening of diamond is so you know when I while we’re writing this book there’s little things that’s coming back to us because we’ve been in this is 2015 from day one and one as we’re writing and I’m looking at a lot of different things mr. president we’ve come a long way a long ways that winning winning and ready and you know what they say to stay seen the song I don’t feel no ways tired but I haven’t got tired a winner 20 you will be the president of the it’s like four years ago yeah she said there are two people that she was watching on the Internet you’re the most incredible two people she’s ever seen Wow I said big deal what is it no she said you have to see this and I saw I guess for almost five years and I watched them and they had such a spirit and they were for me before I was even running and you have been such great and Candace I will say like you’re another one yeah she saw you too he said I just saw somebody with the fastest sharpest mouth in mind I’m gonna like with this mouth you were really young young really young but we appreciate it we appreciate everybody in this room and people have made such progress and we’re making tremendous progress you know something that happened recently that the press doesn’t write about but every year a group of wonderful people from the black colleges and universities would come up to my office a lot of people forty thirty five fifty one year and after the second year said how come you keep coming back and they came back for money give me money and I said why do you have to come back other colleges have money you know do you don’t come back every year and one of the gentlemen who is a crate guy from one of the schools good school very good school he said we come back because we have to because we need money and we come back and other schools don’t have to because they want us to come back every single year they want us to beg use that word they want us to beg and I said because I was straight you know it was the first year they came and I didn’t think anything unusual the second year and they come into the Oval Office and be good I heard of almost every one of the colleges and universities and after the third year I said you know you shouldn’t have to become I thought well I’ll miss you if you don’t come because they’re very good people I said you should have a long term use you shouldn’t have to come back here like this is demeaning to you he said it is we love being in the Oval Office but nobody’s ever had us at the Oval Office before but it is demeaning to us to come back and then we just passed a bill yeah we’re the rule since they got the money and it’s long term yeah soon you’ll miss them I’ll miss them and they’ll miss me but you know what now do all set so they have a long-term future never say things like we can’t even fix up areas even if we have the money for because we’re not sure that the next president or even you maybe for some reason you’re not gonna prove it so that’s one thing and you know you’ve been hearing all about this and they’re very they’re a big heart of this nation so we’re gonna fix that up for you and we’re gonna do it and we didn’t I don’t know what the length is but it’s very long-term it is it’s ten years so many years featurettes so I don’t know where I’m gonna be in ten years I probably won’t be seeing them but but it was very I thought it was very unfair now the presses are gonna right there and they’re not gonna write a lot of the things that were said in this room today because they just choose not to I don’t know why they choose not to but so many nice things you said we have tremendous media in this room we have tremendous media no matter where I go like this and I can honestly say that’s been true before I was president you see what it is the why someday somebody will explain that to me but that’s what it’s been I guess that’s how he got to be President to assert that’s right but they don’t explain as they don’t explain the opportunity zones where Tim Scott from South Carolina he’ll be with now making a speech tomorrow rally and salsa immediately we have tremendous popularity in South Carolina we’re going to go down some people have said I’m trolling the Democrats and maybe I am no matter where we go yeah Iowa no matter where we go we have much bigger crowds if one of the Pocahontas has 2,000 feet 2,000 people at all what a crap and I’ll have 15,000 people inside and I tell you so Colorado we had 20 25,000 people outside anything about Dakota and the cameras don’t cover the Chris my wife said how how was it tonight and I said great didn’t you see jack shit I heard it but they never go around Java spinning so we put it on the internet that’s a great thing with the internet but as she said but as I said you can’t disguise 25,000 a 15-2 or whatever it is you can’t disguise that because when you hear that sound sounds like an Ohio State football game or an LSU or Alabama 4th so it’s pretty amazing it’s pretty amazing but they don’t talk about it and yet when a job I’m not sure what’s happened yeah he’s got it crowded a small craft just to smoke about they’ll talk about how magnificent that was and yet we’ll have twenty five thirty thousand we went to South Jersey and they actually reported it which is shocking we had 175,000 ringless to ticket about 75,000 and South Jersey is closed during the winter essentially people are opening up the hotels are opening up their homes but we had a hundred and seventy five thousand requests as it gets and the place was just swamped with plenty of thousands of people outside and they don’t want to talk about it as the whole thing is so crazy and I don’t get it because it’s so good for our country what’s happening and whether it’s black or white or any other group Asian because you see what’s happening with Asian you see what’s happening with Hispanic the best unemployment rate for every group but I already importantly for this for black the best the best we’ve ever had the best but black people right now are having the best statistically the best numbers that you’ve ever had it’s really an honor we have a situation with the virus we’ve done a great job and the press won’t give us credit for we have in a world that has some big problems you look at China and you look at industry between the two countries and I did something that had never been done before because it had never been done before I closed our borders to certain areas of the world yeah I won’t be specific as it’s not nice to be you know specific but you understand where and I close the borders to certain areas of the work very early we’d never closed the border before we’ve never done that the right way and flights coming in and people coming in yeah because they had a very early problem and I closed them I took a lot of heat from the Democrats they said what’s she doing because anything I do they’ll do the air like with the wall we will not build a wall they will not have a woman they would have been Sistine anyway but we’ve done an incredible job most early and actually the Democrat said I was a racist not from black people standpoint but from Asian people from Chinese people standpoint they said I was a racist because I closed our country to people coming in from certain areas they called me a racist well no these people are really in trouble I’ll tell you what they’ve got problems and now they say oh we have 15 people in this country that right now now we brought in 40 from these were Americans that were in trouble way outside near Japan and we brought him in and they were quarantined and they’re getting better that was 42 42 we’d brought him in which I felt we had to do so they immediately said it jumped from 15 to an extra point all right headlines and everyone they know we brought him in Jack because if we didn’t I mean we’re not gonna let something happen we had to do it and I knew immediately that the press would add it and say this like it’s catastrophic expect but we’ve done a great job those people are all doing well very well the 15 of the 15 most of them are doing very well one is quite sick frankly most of them are doing really well and the 15 will soon be down to 3 or 4 because we take them off the list as they were and there is no prick like if you have the flu you recuperate you get better and they’re recuperating but we’ll think of it we’re 15 people then we would have been that many many people have you done they don’t get credit for the press doesn’t write it they wrote a story today a game of press conference last night that I thought was very good at one very why no one it might be better I know better than anybody in the world we say something I know better than anybody I mean I don’t go around like Biden where I’m in Ohio when I say thank you very much the people of Iowa I don’t say we shot and killed 159 people with guns which is exactly half of a population yeah and nobody talks about it said they say turns oh it’s fine he did wonderful things not recoverable if you say as an example I’m I’m in New Hampshire and I say that I’m in Iowa you did if you say if I ever said a jack if I ever said that we have to do something about guns last year we killed 150 million people I guess he meant to tidy you know like a lot but still yeah the tiny tiny fraction of that number but if I ever said that it maybe career-threatening I mean you heard him he said ah in fact you when he said it man that was a big mistake he did very well tonight he was fabulous today yeah geez gift prone not the effort you know when you think about it I make these massive speeches I’d say 70 80 you know the best speeches are the ones where I’m not on teleprompter teleprompter just make it a little bit easier but you know I make them they’re my gifts no I get no credit for it I don’t get credit for these big brands I never write yeah we’re starting to figure it out again the job numbers are so good and things are subject but well we have really done a great job I think was what happened over the last couple of weeks with this and it just you know this is life things come up that you never even think about who would think that this was going to happen you hear it starts with a problem that they have in jail and you say that’s too bad and then it gets bigger and start smashing then I close the border I suggest again and we have 15 people instead of thousands of pen we have 15 people who are almost all better now but we do things and it would be really nice if we could be recognized by the person yeah it would be really nice if we do something wrong we get criticized by the president but I gave a press conference yesterday that was really a a very big press conference and some people thought it was great and most people saw it was covered lab what are the advantages is that I get covered live all the time yeah like that better because they can’t chop it up it was a very good press conference it basically was a calming press conference it was a conference to say we’re doing well it was a conference where I took out these statistics which were recently done from John Hopkins which is one of the great places in the country where it says the United States is the most prepared nation yes look at that country’s best prepared to deal with a pandemic Mehcad is United Kingdom than the Netherlands Australia Canada Ireland Sweden Denmark South Korea Finland okay so if you were going down in these guys just the talking frankly I may do what if I was them okay terribly he’s doing it’s so bad and I did say yesterday first time because I understand politics I think I’m pretty well I’ve only been doing it for a few years and I think did the best of my knowledge were in the White House and you know politics is fine but when it comes time to talk about pandemics or whatever you may want to call it you got to get away from politics yeah and the framers crying chucked and all these people they can’t Nancy you can’t go out and just say terrible that’s terrible we’re doing incredibly think of the reaction 15 people and the billions of people we have 50 people yeah they’re getting better and soon they’re all gonna be better hopefully what is very serious Jake and we understand that and we understand it very well but but we also have the other group and they were all getting better so I think it’s an incredible achievement that our country’s done and it’s one thing I have to pay tribute we have whether it’s doctor pouchy we have the best people on earth we have the most talented people of everything we’re giving whatever other countries need we’re helping them sometimes it’s over phone sometimes we’re sending people but we have to run our code yeah people say why isn’t he in China well you know China has to work that other processor but they’re running it and they’re working very hard I will tell you it were very constant communication President Xi and myself very very constant but we are doing that and by the way their numbers seem to have maybe they look like they’re coming down which eventually hopefully that’s what’s supposed to happen yes but it’s gone to other places and those numbers will come down we’ve done an incredible job in this country and the professionals and me but forget I did one thing that a lot of people disagreed with including many of the professionals close the borders because they said it’s too serious took tremendous heat tremendous he was called everything including David racist okay I was called everything and for a while I said maybe I shouldn’t have done that and now it turned out to be great but I just think it’s really important for the media to report stories accurately but I tell you they shouldn’t go overboard the other way because they are trying to build this up and they are doing things and saying things that are absolutely crazy yeah and they are really hurting our country’s news media and it’s not all fake but as much of it is and they have to cover very accurately you know it’s different than covering other things this country is doing great we are in a position that few countries would be in and if we didn’t have the talent running this country and all the way down from top to bottom the job that these doctors have done the job at the professionals annuity and we’re working with local hospitals were working with the states all over the country and you know I got criticized because I said two and a half billion that’s a lot of money you’re doing a million dollars a lot of money yeah and the Democrats said how dare he only asks for to an average this never happened to me before usually I asked for two an opinion my people came this is what we need two and a half baby I missed it that’s a lot of money cuz you know if you’re in business you say do that video what I can build for two and a half it what I can do for that Janee so what happens is humor says he needs eight and a half you know they said I said I’ll take it do I get a piece so they criticized me because they say two and a half billion dollars he needs more what they should do is say why did it need so much yeah but they don’t say that because they have inverse thinking but the way they make you look bad is to say how dare he only is think of that how dare he only has for two and a half we demand that he take but the Democrats are screaming how dare he do that and they’re not doing a good job what you want a great job while they’re working on impeachment we were working on doing this because we were hearing well they were wasting the country’s time talking about the impeachment house and they got shut out except for one very foolish frankly not a very good senator right now man who got in on a false premise and he’s not very popular to bill in Spain and I guess I got half over I say 52 we got 52 and a half out of 53 games right but he’s not a very popular guy I can tell you a lot of people aren’t liking him too much and he shouldn’t have done what he did but we did nothing wrong so we had it worked through a impeachment hoax that’s what they were doing in the meantime we had already started preparing because we started hearing rumors we are so prepared like we’d never have been prepared now they’ll come up with a certain amount of money whether it’s two and a half I’ll be satisfied with that whether it’s eight and a half we’ll take that too we’ll have a lot of money left over we’ll do a great job we’ll probably do about the same job but I just want to say this is really above politics it’s easy for you know humor what kind of a job do you think they’re doing you should say they’ve done a great job yes yes and you know what he’d actually picked up votes people wouldn’t respect him what kind of a job they’re doing it terrible – he has no idea we had a trade deal I talked about it a little bit yesterday a phenomenal deal with China billions and billions of dollars of worth is going to come into our country maybe many billions who does such great yeah and they went to Schumer and they went to other it’s put talking points they went to the Democrats and they said what do you think of the oh it’s terrible tell they didn’t even know what the deal was in fact he said they took off the tariffs they didn’t want the terrorists I put the tariffs so unwanted he thought I’d took a look we didn’t what we get 25% of 250 billion then we get more about that and I left him on people said that’s amazing but the Democrats didn’t know that they said he took off the chairs and you know what they got killed he addressed us and report them so the naturalistic and again I should say I do it – don’t ask me and you know you do it – guess it’s a natural political instinct but when they say what kind of a deal is terrible terrible terrible and people get it fuck with their what we’re talking about now with the virus we can’t do that we have two different ways if we’re doing a great job we should congratulate as professionals that it’s the best of them yeah yeah you know what if we were doing a bad job we should also be criticized but we have done an incredible job we’re going to continue it’s going to disappear one day it’s like a miracle it will disappear and from our shores we you know it could get worse before it gets better quick baby go away we’ll see what happens nobody really knows the fact is the greatest experts have spoken at home nobody really knows but we have done and our professionals have done a fantastic job yeah you’re working with other countries we’re trying to help some other countries a couple of them have gotten hit pretty hard South Korea and Italy in particular and it’ll all work out and I just want to thank all of the people that have worked with us in government and some of these great professionals because they have been incredible the job to think of it with all of what you see going on 15 people we brought in the others but they’re doing great but 15 people is almost I would say America yeah also what I want to do this is I want to thank the black people of America yeah because frankly yes you people what you’ve gone through over the years yeah and now you’re making a comeback and excuse it whenever I saw whatever we had a lot of black people in there okay I have to say I go through a list you had the worst cry but the lowest housing unit and I believe 10 15 20 points and look a couple of them NBC just left because they don’t want to hear this Wow just left from NBC because it’s owned by Comcast and they’re the races she’s not gonna report any of this back she only wants to report something bad and there’s nothing bad in this what’s going on in this room is incredible when you look at what’s happening and I used to use the expression what do you have to lose it was much more effective what the hell yeah talked about you have a tremendous crime just lack of ownership yeah the worst schools I read like right tit boys yes and one day I’m saying I had that on that teleprompter which shows always a little boring but here I’m reading this place and I’m looking at the audience I said it wasn’t like written the Democrats have ruled 110 years and you have all these horrible statistics yeah vote for me what the hell I know I came off the stage and my people so that was so what do you how you look what Kim’s dad stands yeah Opportunity Zones I mean those opportunities are credible yes your colleges and we just get so many things but criminal justice nobody could get it and I had to call in a lot of chicks because we needed some very conservative Republicans to get this and yet we had some Bern we had Mike Lee we have Ted Cruz we guys that were already onto it it’s one of the reasons I said whoa the chuck Grassley was already there yeah I said that’s incredible that you had some of our toughest most conservative people already there and I was able to get other people plus we were able to get it through and it was a great achievement I don’t want to thank Jared because Jerry normally people would be happy with that and and the people that know our you know better than anybody else either because you are sitting next up yeah you heard this term maybe Van Jones was in my office Oh almost in tears and he was actually in tears asking for help and I think that’s good I think it’s noble and he was there because of Jerry yes and there was a group and they were saying today with five short and a couple of the ones that were not against us we’re going to delay the bill and then it goes to a Sunday right when you delay it for a period of time it’s you know they were going to do things to delay it very easily to do very easy to do I got them to be good didn’t get their vote didn’t need their vote but they were great because they didn’t do like a fight and I mean they were very filibuster the bill so what we’re going and then you would have just gone away people say hey everybody has to go home we have to start this again yeah and they didn’t do that they were great and we got the votes necessary we got it done nobody else could have done it in this case with me nobody else did it there yeah that’s right and Jared came in he said you know the only one and they got it done he felt it was so important now I’m getting tremendous reviews by some of the people that didn’t vote for their saying I wish we voted for criminal justice yeah yeah so then Joseph’s up making the speech I said to my wife come natural right the worst NBC is worse than I heard you can see in it absolutely and they paid me a lot of money and I made them a lot of money with the apprentice they paid me a lot of money over the years and I can’t believe it they’re just bad they’re bad people they’re really bad beautiful and they don’t report the truth I needed to see you then and neither does a lot of the media but so Van Jones is on I say to my wife this is gonna be great to watch this watch this he’s gonna be so nice to us because without me so he want to thank the Reverend Al Sharpton he went through a list of many people you mention you name but yeah but and by nine maybe people in this room maybe it wasn’t aware maybe you know but he went through a list of people that never heard and he said at the end who was the end of his show which nobody watch because only because the show still on I don’t think so but it was the end of the show and he’s thanked a whole lot of people I said to my wife you never think it’s like this that’s why I talk about it talk about it I said to my wife nobody could have done a President Obama I never want to follow him speaking this but I got it done then he didn’t mention my name is but I’ll tell you at the end of the show you mentioned all these things and then he said no look we have one thing we have to do this year we have to defeat this president of the United and you go out and we have to defeat this president of the United that was a few months ago I will never forget remember yeah yeah I will never forget that because it was bad and very very terrible not mention my name was bad it’s not that I want I get enough publicity but you know what this was an important thing yeah Emily it was an important I mean this guy worked so hard yeah I’m getting that done and he didn’t even mention or your name by the way but I mention our then we were like nothing you’re like nothing and I know how some of you feel you do things that you don’t get mentioned okay very same thing but then on top of the indignity of saying it we must now focus on one thing we must defeat this president you know and then the show and it my wife so that wasn’t too good wasn’t it’s a disgrace yeah I just want to thank everyone you’re very special people to me and I really do appreciate what I don’t do and what occur you know Fisher [Music] I spent tens of millions of those are little things defending myself against scum yeah worse and then they say I get rich or listen if a man from an Arab country goes into one of my hotels yeah they say Trump is getting away yeah they don’t realize I don’t even take far but if somebody gets in you lose billions of dollars but if a person rents a hotel for will for 300 bucks it’s like event these are very dishonest people hopefully out of all of this the press will become much more they do we have achieved something that will be rich but we have our own press as much as they hate all of us I guess yeah but they can’t put the cameras down although I did I did know as the one that did leave was was NBC which is pretty pathetic yeah but we’re gonna go into another room we’re gonna celebrate because we have hopefully I want to thank the people at this table you’ve been so incredible and beyond this table where she’s so great thank you yeah bring if you these big guys are standing but I want to thank you often you’ve been magic say one thing that you did act four years ago what the hell do we have to lose but if we don’t vote right this time we’re gonna have a hell of a whole lot not that four years yes you know I’d say it’s like a while to get ranked when this scribbs yeah they’re not gonna be able to destroy [Applause] [Applause] we get out of this president president who cares Oh God not just for Black Widow but for every American that we pray this know yeah you play his trench yes we think you’re God by the power of your Holy Spirit yes that you’re protecting you you’re protecting his family and you’re feeling you move oh yeah and we thank you for what you have done and what you have yet to do that so this your vessel yeah [Applause] well I think the presses have been really out of line and I think they’re also very worried that you know we’re gonna be running against somebody and they see these characters up on stage and you know anything can happen in an election and they see these people but if any of these people never did happen to assume the presidency you would have a crash like you’ve never seen before and I think the markets also putting that into the equation but the virus we’re doing a very professional job we have the best people or vice president’s working very hard we have tremendous people involved and we’re doing as I said we’re 15 people are there getting better we have one that’s quite ill got them late and but we have a country that’s pulling together and pulling together really well I think the Democrats should not try and make this or the Republicans should not make this a political issue this is above politics again we close the borders very early we didn’t let certain regions of the world come in by doing that we really saved a lot we made a great decision took a lot of heat over that decision but it turned out to be the right decision and that’s why we’re 15 and other places have many more so I just want to thank you and thank the media – thank you

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  1. 中共的初衷是不允许有任何不收党控制的组织和群体存在

  2. I am not drawn to the Show of All Clowns Gone Black. The entertainment is educational. My opinion remains the same. SICK! I am positive more of that "Blue is the New Color of Power, we got this" ! 🌊🌊🌊💯

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