Plaster of Paris and Pipe Cleaner DIY Home Decor – Decorator Style Bowl

in this video I’m going to show you how
to make a very unique and one-of-a-kind Bowl you’re gonna be surprised at what I
make it with and how I do it so if you want to learn how to do it well then
follow me what’s up glue dots I’m Elaine the
midnight crafter and the project I have for you today I don’t even know like it
was so random I was sound asleep woke up and now this idea of pipe cleaners and
plaster of Paris. who knows where that came from? I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work
even through the filming of this video wasn’t sure if it was gonna work so you
will be kind of learning with me as I go and some trial and error stuff which I
think it’s great that we can learn together on some of these things so it
doesn’t always look like you know that the youtuber does it perfectly and then
the rest of you struggle so we’re gonna learn together on this one
the end result is really really cool I think it’s very chic and kind of what’s
the word I’m looking for kind of designer too I’m really excited about it
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check that out watch this video let me know what you think and let’s go do it okay so one of the first things we’re
gonna do to get started with this is cover the bowl in your plastic wrap then
we’re gonna be taking our pipe cleaners and this is where we’re gonna start
forming the design of our bowl when it’s finished so this is gonna be something
you’re gonna sort of just play with and see how you want it to come together I
don’t think they’re necessarily has to be any rhyme or reason to it I’m just
gonna crisscross my pipe cleaners here and if you do crisscross them crisscross
them twice and once in each direction so that everything is really solid
otherwise those things wobble around a lot and they don’t necessarily have to
be even you just sort of place it on your bowl wherever you want this is
gonna be kind of a hard one to describe I guess because it is really dependent
on you and your style and just I’m not even sure exactly how I’m working on
this so I’m gonna be making some little leaf taina designs here by folding over
my pipe cleaner and just doing some little shapes you can do other shapes if
you choose whatever works for you and figure out how you want to attach where
you want to attach them I should say and anywhere you have a joint wrapped so
this one I wrapped around but you can see it still teeters back and forth this
way so what I’m going to be doing is also going the opposite direction with
the other pipe cleaner you’re gonna do this until you get whatever shape and
design and style you like for your bowl you can make some crimps in it if you’d
like and just keep attaching your pipe cleaners and then every time you add a
new shape kind of you know see where it is on your bowl
and keep adding to it eventually these are going to all need to attach somehow
that when we do take them off of our bowl that they still kind of hold the
shape I know this looks really strange right now and in my head it turns out
great so let’s just hope that it’s gonna turn
out like it is in my head probably should have gotten a different color
bowl for you guys to be able to see this I’m just gonna throw a t-shirt on top of
it so you can get an idea so you can see the shape I’m actually got I’ve got so
far this t-shirt is just strictly so you guys can see the color nothing more so
you can see this doesn’t really seem to be making much sense or a rhyme or
reason but I’m continuing to just add on pieces
just different shapes different angles some leave some swirls so you can do it
very angular if you’d like I tend to really like more rounded shapes I don’t
know it’s just maybe a personality thing who knows doesn’t this look weird I know
you’re probably wondering where is she going with this what in the world is
going on here you can even do this in a spider web design for Halloween if you
want to you may want to use pliers or something if you’re doing some of these
ends because this wire is a bit pokey and could be definitely easier with some
pliers as you go around just keep looking for any empty spaces you don’t
want the spaces in between to be too big because the more space the less
integrity your bowl will have and it will be easier to break so we just want
to try and have plenty going on like a beside how there’s a lot of different
shapes and a lot of stuff and the closer knit if you will yeah I don’t know what
else to call it but just some more action we like some action going on kind
of starting to take shape what do you guys think I know this is seems so weird
but this is something where you’re just gonna use your own creativity it’s not
something that I can really walk you through it’s just something you’re gonna
have to kind of play with on your own and go for it and you know what bottom
line is guys all it is is a little bit of time and a few pipe cleaners and you
know don’t be afraid to try new things to step out of your comfort zone and
just go for it you can do it I have faith in you and we can do amazing
things if we just allow ourselves to I always tell my kids and one of my
favorite sayings, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right!” So just
go for it and think you can because then you can so easy to tell ourselves that
we can’t do something but you know you can you really really can just try and
don’t beat yourself up if things don’t come out exactly how you want them you
guys have seen me many times before if your subscribers to my channel and watch
very much you see that I show my mistakes in there too so we all make
them just who cares go for it no one expects you to be
perfect except yourself and that’s way too much pressure so just have fun okay
so you can see I pretty much have my bowl covered here and I like the way it
is the next step we’re going to do is we’re going to be putting the plaster of
Paris on this to kind of firm up all of this and start to form our Bowl
okay now the part where we get to get a little bit messy
I took some plastic and put it down this is just a couple of gallon-sized
ziplocks bags that I cut in half and tape together you can use a garbage bag
or any piece of plastic so I have here my a plaster of Paris and a glass of
just cold water from the sink and then an extra cup to mix in and I’m gonna be using a chopstick to stir this all up
with so first of all we’re gonna get in there and get about I think this just to
give you an idea I mean I don’t really measure per se but this is about a
quarter cup plaster of Paris and we’re just gonna start adding in water and
mixing it up and until it has the consistency of like runny-ish toothpaste
so you don’t want it to be too runny but then you don’t want it also to be so
thick and goopy that it fills everything fills all up and dries quick and you
know and you might want to wear gloves I like getting my fingers all in stuff I
like to be able to feel what I’m doing so I’m not going to wear gloves and you
may need a couple batches of this I don’t know I’m really not sure how much
it’s going to take at this point because we’re doing this together I don’t know
we’ll see we may need a little more so this is a good consistency here I don’t
know how well you can tell that but it’s pancake batter or something like that
that would probably be something good to describe it like here is my piece that
I’m going to be putting over this and we’re going to be working on covering
all of the pipe cleaners with this plaster of Paris mixture so we are going
to want to get both sides of it and this will give you an idea when this
is facing upward what your bowl is going to actually look like so I think what
I’m going to be doing first is starting on this underside and just giving that
gotta get your fingers in there I don’t know how else to do it but you want to
get your fingers all in there and goop this on because we want this to cover
all of our pipe cleaner really thoroughly so I’m definitely going to be
needing more of my plaster Paris mixture so if I had to guess I would say I’ve
mixed a a cup or so of the plaster of Paris and
just keep adding water till you get your consistency right so it’s best to mix
enough right from the get-go because if you don’t mix enough and you have messy
hands and messy everything and it just makes it a little harder and then carry
on just dipping and getting it all over so it’s kind of like finger painting I
feel like I’m a kid again you really want it to soak in to your pipe cleaners
because this is what’s going to give it the strength probably should have taken
my jewelry off first but I didn’t really think about that maybe my next video
will be on how to clean jewelry so keep going around make sure that everything
is thoroughly soaked and once you do all that we’re gonna be putting it back on
to our bowl which is covered with the saran wrap plaster of Paris is pretty
inexpensive guys so don’t worry about using plenty of it and making plenty you
may end up throwing some of it away but it’s really very reasonably priced I
mean this I’ve used this container of it for several projects and I still have
lots left okay so once you get all that on there really carefully try and lift
this it’s going to be a sort of heavy and put it back on top of your bowl make
sure you kind of reshape things where you want them because once this dries
that is where it’s going to stay it’s kind of like doing them mud pies when
you were a kid right if you didn’t like that then and you still don’t like
getting dirty and goopy you’re not gonna like this but just wear gloves it’s a
really cool project now you definitely don’t want to do this plaster Paris
while it’s on the bowl because of it’s all going to fill in and it’s going
to kind of lose its effect a little bit if you have little spots you kind of
want to touch up that’s fine like I have a couple spots here I feel I could use a
little more plaster of Paris but whatever is on the plastic is also going
to dry and you don’t want that to stick to your pipe cleaners the less we get on
there the less we’ll have to clean later really scope it out for any spots that
may not have gotten the plaster of Paris on it because those not only will show
at the pipe cleaner through but they’re going to be kind of weak spots in your
project and in your bowl later and now as always that the hardest part is
letting this dry and not messing with it before it is dry so we’ll get back to it
when it’s it’s dry you guys I’m super excited ok it’s dry I’m so excited so
when you are gonna remove this you have to be really careful because it is still
in a little bit of a fragile state make sure it’s really dry it’s actually been
a couple days for me because I just was busy but when you’re pulling apart it’s
not just gonna easily lift off if there’s a couple spots you need to kind
of press against carefully and work it and you just work it and work it which I
kind of did that a little bit ahead and then go ahead and pull it off and there
you have it I love it so if you look closely at it
you’re gonna see some spaces that are filled in so we want to kind of kind of
go at that stuff if you still have your chopstick that you use for stirring you
can kind of use that a little but be careful the other thing is you can use a
fingernail file if some of those pieces are a little too thick maybe and they
won’t just easily knock off with your chopstick or your finger so go around
and do that and then what we’re going to be doing is mixing up a little bit more
of our plaster Paris and we’re going to be going over some of the areas that are
still maybe flexible like this area here is for me if you guys can see that
and filling in kind of anywhere that we may have missed so I’m gonna go ahead
and clean up some of these little extra yuckies that I don’t want on there and
then I will get to showing you how we’re going to kind of reinforce some of those
other spots okay so I’ve got all my little pieces cleaned off and what I’m
going to be doing now is we’re gonna start on the inside of the bowl and I’ve
mixed up my extra plaster of Paris here and I’ve got a brush this one I don’t
know just any brush will do I just grabbed this one it’s a little bit
stiffer you can probably use a smaller brush and then any areas that you see
inside that still have some space you’re gonna have to work not super quick but
you know moderately at a decent pace to fill in any little gaps or any parts of
the pipe cleaner that you’re still seeing and this is what’s going to
really strengthen this so that it’s not really fragile so you may be able to see
here how this is still showing a lot of the pipe cleaner on this particular one
so I’m gonna go ahead and kind of fill that in around underneath and kind of on
the sides we’re gonna be once we get the whole underside kind of taken care of
we’ll flip it over and do the top side now I do like the texture so I’m not
necessarily trying to cover up the texture I’m just trying to make sure
that I’m not seeing pipe cleaner and that that texture is the plaster of
Paris on the pipe cleaner if your plaster Paris is starting to thicken up
too quickly just add a little bit of water into it before it gets the
opportunity to get too thick because after that too late there’s not much you
can do about it so any parts that are wobbly like this is still pretty wobbly
I’m going to go ahead and make sure I really reinforce that not only from the
inside but the outside as well making it a little runnier is a good idea when
we’re reinforcing because it dries up really quickly and thickens once it
touches this their base that’s already on there it
almost like it just absorbs that moisture right in there and stir keep
stirring make sure that that plaster Paris doesn’t just fall to the bottom
again work quickly I mean don’t stress yourself out but
work quickly and if you need a little more time and you see it’s thickening up
too fast just keep adding water so just continue on get this whole underside
done and then we’ll flip to the other side this way you can kind of stand this
so it can start drying on the underside while you work on the top side so I’m
going to tell you I’m kind of learning here with you guys as I’m going along do
mix small batches at a time because it really does start to thicken up quickly
just don’t mix too big of a batch because you’re gonna get frustrated and
have to throw it away and remix so I’m actually going to mix a new batch so
that I can start I just want to show you the difference between what the inside
looks like that has already been touched up and what the outside looks like you
can see there’s a lot more texture and stuff to it that we do want to fill that
in to give the bowl some integrity okay so now comes the really hard part which
is hitting the like button and letting me know that you’re enjoying this video
also really the hard part for me is waiting for this to dry we’re almost
done we’re gonna let this dry I’ve done both sides and that’s it and we’re gonna
be painting this and then looking at it and seeing what we’ve created every one
that’s gonna be unique and different so I’m really excited and hope you guys
will take this project on and make it so I can see what yours looks like okay so
what I got so far I’m debating if I want to paint it turquoise colored sort of to
as sort of an accessory for my kitchen or if I want to do it silver not so sure
yet but you’ll see

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