Patio Trends

Erin Nicole: Hi Erin Nicole joined by Rick
Vespa here at English Gardens, where we are enjoying ourselves in one of their many outdoor
patio sets. A lot of people probably don’t realize you
are so much more than plants and flowers. You have a ton of furniture and outdoor decorations. Rick Vespa: Right, everything from tables
and chairs, fire pits, fire tables, candles and torches, everything for outdoor living
to create that outdoor room we hear so much about today. Nicole: When it comes to creating that space,
what should people consider? Vespa: I think you want to consider, obviously,
your style, what type of entertaining you do, the purpose for your furniture. Is it just to relax in? Do you want to dine or are you going to entertain
lots of people? Is it just you and another person? A lot of things to consider. Nicole: And you have so many different options
to choose from. What are some of the trends we’re seeing
right now? Vespa: I think things are getting more modern. We’re seeing mixes of materials. By the way, all of these materials, some of
the stuff looks like it’s indoor furniture, but it actually can be used outdoors. This is all-weather wicker. Most of the fabrics that we have are stain-resistant. Everything is for outdoor use. Nicole: Now do you still recommend taking
cushions in when it rains or covering them up? Vespa: Probably a good idea to take the cushions
in or have covers. We recommend covers to protect your investment
regardless of whether it’s a thick cushion or all-weather wicker or aluminum. Everything should be covered. Nicole: Absolutely. You still want it to last a long time. Vespa: You got it. Nicole: Well Rick, thank you so much. For more of what you just saw here today go
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