(Part 2/2) “Sweet Memories of Pn. Cheeah” (Drama) – Majlis Perpisahan Pn. Cheeah

NOW PLAYING: “Believe” dari Justin Bieber We never knew that we
could success in something like exams… …curricula, or sports. But,
maybe we need some help. Like Mrs. Cheeah, she believe
that we can do it. She believes that she can
help us success. She believes, this teacher that can helped. So, thank you, Mrs. Cheeah. Thank you, Mrs. Cheeah.
We love you. A special thanks to
fellow students of 5 Harmoni. Such a close heart of Pn. Hajah Cheeah
Halimah binti Abdul Talib… …into her students. Until every
behaviour and conversation… …by Pn. Cheeah Halimah
in the classroom can be… …expressed again with full accuracy.
So once again,… …a special thanks to the
fellow students of… …5 Harmoni which had given us such a
cheerful performance… …and hopefully this will be
make a beautiful memory to our… …dearest Pn. Cheeah Halimah binti
Abdul Talib from SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong (1).

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