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– I had dollhouses,
Barbies, and race cars, and that’s still pretty
much sums it up today. (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Welcome
To Dollhouse Beautiful. – Hi, I’m Nicole Fuller. I have chose to chrome my dollhouse. This is inspired by a couple
of my favorite artists. One is Doug Aitken and his mirrored houses that he’s built in the desert and it’s built to sort of come one with nature and
reflect the outside in and feel in perfect harmony. This dollhouse went all
the way to Pennsylvania to get its special chrome effect and it came out really beautiful. I’m really happy with it. Let’s start decorating. (upbeat music) We created in the top floor an art and music studio
which has mirrored sides which really kind of opens up the space and kind of collides all of
the artistic things together in this perfect symphony. One of our couple is a painter and she or he does great work. Really good work. And the other partner is a… musician. We have Fromental that I worked with to do all of our custom muraled wallpaper. So the walls have a lot of pattern and a lot of color. The wallpaper, it’s very pop art inspired. In the center we have an
area where you can hangout, you can relax, you can kind of
reflect on what’s happening. This is a place for color and creativity. And to dream and to dream big. This is our chinoiserie
wallpaper from Fromental. We did a custom color for our couple here because we, a lot of
times, do do custom colors. So we had a little fun with it. (upbeat music) This is actually the bed
that I designed for Sevoir and it’s called Stella. And Sevior made me a mini Stella wrapped in Pierre Frey Teddy Mohair. So, I mean dreams do come true. Meow meow. Here’s the baby. Look at his eyes. They’re icy blue. His name is Ice Ice Baby. (laidback music) We go into our master bath, which I think is so pretty. It’s got a lot of neutral colors. It’s a nice balance between
all of the dramatic color which is in the master. It’s very creamy. It’s got taupe underlays. It’s got some gray underlays. We kind of bring the
thread of color through on the bathtub with just a pop
of this bright cranberry red. We’ve wrapped the walls with this really great black
and white mural from Fromental which kind of emulates what’s
happening on the outside. The Earth around us. The trees. The landscape. So it’s all about sort of
bringing the outdoors in. (upbeat music) I used to live in London and I fell madly in love with AGA stoves. And now they’re here in the states. And this is our AGA stove
in an oxblood color. This stove, actually in
real life, you keep it on. It’s just always on and
it warms the whole house. And it was one of my
favorite purchases this year. Fromental wallpaper surrounds the walls and this is all hand
painted out of England. These are the new hot color. This pallet that’s in our living room which is like its got a
lot of putty, terracotta, sort of nude, neutral skin colors, pops of black, rich golds, rusts… (laidback music) The amazing John Pomp chandelier that was custom made for us. Which is quite exquisite. (upbeat music) It hangs over this very chic
sort of like Brazilian-inspired suede sofa that sits on top of this gorgeous rug from the Rug Company. It’s mixed with silk and wool. So it gives it kind of that
layered, cool luxe feel, but very relaxed, not too precious. And then we have this eternal boa tapestry which has actually not launched yet so we’re at the Dollhouse as the first ones to have it. (laughs)
(upbeat music) (upbeat music) Okay, so we did it. This was amazing. I am in love with our dollhouse. I have the best team in the business. And they are just, continue to blow me away every day. (upbeat music) It looks so great. I’m so grateful for all
of our wonderful partners who provided these
incredible pieces for us. The dollhouse was driven
three hours away from here to be chromed. My husband so kindly
drove it all the way there and then picked it up and
drove it all the way back. So he gets a major gold star. It was a family affair. This was so amazing. And I hope you had fun with us. And thank you so much for
watching Dollhouse Beautiful. (upbeat music)

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