NEW Love Movie 2020 | Young President and His House Wife, Eng Sub | 年轻总裁 电影 Full Movie 1080P

NEW Love Movie 2020 | Young President and His House Wife, Eng Sub | 年轻总裁 电影 Full Movie 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi Media. Chief Producers: Xin Junzhong, Zhang Long Scriptwriters: Xin Junzhong, Wang Haiquan, Tong Yang Director: Wang Haiquan Shit, road competitor Go get him Go get him! Hello, girl, come play with us You scared? Come on girl, come on Rest assured I am not that boring Asshole Chen, something bothering you? Nothing big Just something strange came up lately Really bothers me So Is there really something usual? Hey honey, are you home now? Yes Ok Have you departed? We are on the way to the airport OK, safe drive I miss you so much Me too, honey After this contract I will come back to you ASAP Jiamei, I need hang up We got a situation, I need to go now Jiamei! What happend, honey? Honey? Who is talking to me? Who is that? Jiamei, Jiamei I am sorry, you can not come in Mr. Li Mr. Li Xiaoman You just go back I am here It will be ok It will be ok Just go Where is my sister? I don’t know what happend? Who did this? I did If something happends to her, I won’t let you off I don’t know what is going on here? You did this on purpose, on purpose. Excuse me, please keep quite Young President and His House Wife Jiamei should be mine You took my love away from my life And you did this to her I won’t ley you off Brother, I have good news Chenguang proposed to me When? Don’t you know? I’ve been his queen since we were kids He is a lucky guy Jiamei What? Did you choose the date? Yes,we did We chose the date 5th, next month We will have a honeynoon All of a sudden, my little sister has grown up So I wish you a happy life Luo Xiaoman Let’s play a game Truth or Dare If you don’t give me the right answer This electric shock device will make you choose rather to die If you dare to scream You won’t have your pretty face, got it? Please don’t kill me All my money is in the drawer and my pocket I can give you my credit card if you want or transfer through Wechat I won’t call the police Trust me Bedstand Second drawer There are some condoms You talk too much Who are you? What’s going on between you and Li Chenguang? What do you mean? What’s going on between you two? I am his secretary, and he is my manager Really? Yes! That’s it, nothing else These wierd things lately, is that you? So why are you going to Singapore? It was just a business trip, really! Tell me How you become his secretary? By accident It was really by accident So You take care of the first floor and the layout of the mall Rest assured, Mr. Li As for the rest of the floors and the elevator operation You are in charge Ok, Mr. Li By the way You look dash today Of course, ever since Mr. Li got married He is a new man Okay Go back to work What’s the purpose? Walk the walk, talk the talk Fighting All thanks to Jiamei How lucky I am to have her Right? Lipstick and it’s sweet Lady It’s not what you think, I can explain Pervert Who , me? Ok, whatever you say I apologize, it’s all my fault I am sorry, ok? Pervert, scumbag! OK Because I take advantage on you, right? So what, you just ran away? Okay.. Shame on you! Well, I still care about my reputation Tolerate!! You, scumbag dirty scumbag, parasite Are you done? Crazy woman You want me to make up to you? Come on, come on What are you doing? You want it even? Just kiss me back Now you think you are right? Young lady, stop it. OK? People are watching at us How about this, name a price How much it takes You, you bastard So you don’t want to take the money I am just going Pervert!! No one rivals you as the biggest pervert in the world You scumbag Look, everyone I give you the biggest pervert in the world Everybody, take a look This is how a parasite looks like a scumbag of the society Yes, you are the rubissh of the society the parasite of the society the super No.1 pervert Lady! Still? I am already home Manager hello Morning, Manager How’s everything going? Manager Almost ready Anytime you want Let me see Here Everybody May I have your attention, please? Just a second I want to make an announcement To enhance our businesee I specially invite an outstanding student from Fudan University Ms. Luo Xiaoman to our company. Welcome! Hello, everyone, I am Luo Xiaoman Nice to meet you all You! You two know each other? No Pervert I can sue you for defaming Pervert! Crazy woman Pervert!! Crazy woman!! Pervert!!! Crazy woman!!! Pervert!!! Crazy woman!!! Pervert!!!! Crazy Woman!!!! Family members? Here We tried our best Jiamei Whatever you become I’ll be there for you Remember the vows we took at the seaside? Jiamei I love you What did you say? I can’t hear you I say I Love You! Louder! From now on, this island is called Mei Guang Love Island You are the princess What if someoen want to steal your princess and took the island? Then They have to walk on my dead body Cause I am your chivalier Jiamei Would you marry me? I will take care of you only you in the rest of my life OK I love you, Chenguang The tooth mark on his neck is yours? Well Is it also an accident? The tooth mark What tooth mark? Play dumb? Ok, I remembered It was not a misunderstanding It was an accident I was really just an accident Jiamei Just wake up I have something to tell you That tooth mark After we got married it’s the only thing I keep as a secret and I did’t tell you But I believe you will understand It was just an accident Luo Xiaoman, can you make it? The meeting is almost over I’m coming, coming, coming God Crazy woman Can you act like a “great lady”? You are a “lady”, that’s true What about the “great” part? Are you ok? None of your business, pervert! Hey, I’am just trying to be nice Okay, enough bicker Let me see The meeting is the big deal, just drive Couple fighting is normal You don’t have to hit your head Who is the couple with him(her)?! Ok, ok, ok. I got it Blood Took you so long to know that? It’s been a while I thought it was fine So what should we do? Why are you looking at me? I can’t stop the bleeding for you Hey, let’s go to the hospital first Ok I’ve told you Couple fighting, it will be just fine soon He(she)? Come on in No needle, no needle, no, no, no Good girl If you don’t want a scar on your head or be a bald You can leave now No shot But I’m really scared Is is that terrifying? Just think it as an ant bite It will be fine An ant bite? Easy for you to say that Ant bite? If I took the shot can treat you Okay, take off your pants I will wait outside Hey, don’t go I thought you are a tough girl Crazy woman You almost bite my ears off Pay him You deserved it, I don’t have my wallet Wow You guys, knock it off You can do it at home,ok? Hey, bro What makes you think we are a couple? I don’t think you are All right I know you can tell Who would marry her?! What? You are definitely a couple and you still ask me that question You are so funny, young man Li Chenguang What should I say? How I am ganna lie about this? Got bitten by a crazy woman? Come on If I say it was by myself What if she ask me show her how? Honey What are you doing over there? A moment Dude You are doomed Honey, What happend to your neck? I am fine I just stretch the muscle in the morning Come here Let me see How bad is it? I am fine, really Just a stetch Let’s go to the bed now Let me see if it’s bad No,no,no,no Really Go to sleep I didn’t sleep well last night I need to sleep more tonight Let me rub it for you No, no, no, no Just go to sleep Honey, move a little OK, ok That’s my girl Jiamei, I am gonna go now Not after the breakfast No, morning meeting Honey, your neck I guess one night is not enough I thought it was on the left side After the night the feeling just moved to the right side. I need to go I will walk myself to the door, bye I want two more big strawberries OK, where? Here That’s over my depth You do what I told you, save the craps All I have is money Wussy You can’t get it up even I’m this close Are you sexual impotent? Brother, am I interrupting? Get out! What happend? Tell me! Chenguang He I think he doesn’t love me anymore He might have someone else How do you know? I saw the teeth mark on his neck I asked him and he didn’t tell me How dare he! I am going to find him No, brother Don’t go, what will you do? Don’t go, I don’t want to give him too much pressure Pressure? How about you? Don’t be like this, just drop it I can fix it myself Brother, don’t get so excited, ok? You are the only sister I have If he didn’t treat you well I will kill him I will kill him What will you do? Don’t be like this I shouldn’t come to you if I know you will act like this You have to finish my strawberry tattoo today or you are screwed Hey, do you hear me? There was a boy He had a wonderful family with his parents One day, his mom brought a girl home He was happy Since then The little boy spent every minute with her laughing, crying with her together every single minute I’m talking about the strawberry thing What the hell is the little boy? Now, someone hurt the little girl One day I’m ganna kill him What do you want? Please don’t kill me I am telling you my paticence is limited Tell me what I want Tell me, tell me!! Tell me,tell me!! What do you want to know? Tell me What do you want to know? There are so many wierd things happened lately Some say I was haunted and tell me to do a worship It’s all my fault If I did Maybe you won’t be like this Done My honey’s soup is wonderful Wow, you do show me your respect today Of caurse My wife cooked for me with so much toil I have to drink all of it So in the future You have to finish all the dishes like today Deal As long as you don’t hate me of being a fatty Am I that shallow? As long as you are healthy you can do a great job Speaking of which Luo Xiaoman is doing a promotion in the shopping mall I need to see how it goes So I am sorry I have to ask you to go home by yourself Can I go with you? Ok Look at that mansion What about it? How do I put this? I think it’s great Just the location What’s wrong? Nothing Maybe I’m dazzled Go, go Keep moving Ok Mr. Li What’s wrong, Xiaoman? Why are you pantting? I think someone is stalking me Are you haunted? Screw you You just can’t wish me good luck Can you? It must be you delusion I don’t know Maybe Mr. Li, do you need anything? It’s a busy day I’m just making sure you arrive home safely Ok I’m home now Ok Good night Ok Who is this? Pycho Wow, the big manager is still working overtime on weekends You don’t say I am not like you such an idle Hey, you don’t look so well Nothing I didn’t sleep well last night Have you ate? I bought pizza What is it? Hey, I’m just be polite Pizza! That’s what I want for today So big Hey, I’m just joking you around Stay away from my pizza You already gave it to me Give me It’s good It’s my diet meal for the month Go buy some more No, next time on me, ok? No pizza for you this time You want it? You already bite it How can I eat? Just leave it to me Give me all Next time Don’t be like this, give me the rest Xiaoman, you are here This way, please Xiaoman You don’t look so well Forget it I met a pervert lately He really pisses me off For some reason something strange keeps happening lately I’m losing my mind Are you be haunted by a ghost? I don’t think so Don’t scare me Hey Have you been somewhere weird lately? I’ve been working on the Resort project I didn’t go anywhere I’m telling you I know a guy Maybe you should go to see him I think it’s too much That’s just superstition I tell you something believe it or not One of my friend was haunted by a ghost I heared that he hide under the bed of his parents and scared the hell out of them We were assigned to the Beach House Project I was thinking maybe you should come with me today OK Get in the car Okay I already put the photo in a safe place I’ll keep my eyes on her Jiamei, I’m home Hey How was your day? Nothing special Just hanging around and doing some shopping I’m almost a housewife now You did’t go to your brother’s? You stalking me? What? Are you stalking me? What? me? Why would I do that? Are you having a fever? or what? Now I’m thinking of Ever since we got married I haven’t go to my brother’s once I made some dishes for him He is not easy alone Yep You should visit him more You should do that Let’s eat I made your favorite Here Thanks Right, honey I was going to tell you I should be with you for couples of days But The company has added a new project I have to go So I can’t stay with you Just eat I thought it was a big thing My wife is the best Where is it? That’s wierd I remember I put it here Where is it? Hold this We should ask the manager Mr.Li It’s been 30 minutes Can we start? The report is in a big mood We can’t hold him any longer Yep Here is the plan You go play some entrance music first We can’t just stall it, gogogo Just go Luo Xiaoman What the hell is going on? Do you know how important this press is? You did it well before What’s wrong for today? Just be here ASAP Okokok, I…I Excuse me, can you be faster? I’m in a rush Young lady, we have a traffic jam I am in a rush, too Everywhere is jamed There’s nothing I can do Chairman Where is your manager? He is picking up Luo Xiaoman in the front door You I don’t know what to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry Thank you for waiting for so long It’s been so long Mr.Chairman, Can we have this press or not? Maybe a rain check? Hey,dude. What’s the rush? Sit down, please We are about to go, ladies and gentlemen Just few more minutes Thank you for your patience Mr.Li, the warm-up show is almost over Where is she? What should we do now? Here You go deliver some opening remarks like a Talk-Show Me? I can’t do it It’s fine Just tell them the jokes you often say It’ll work Go, go, go I’m sorry, I’m sorry What’s going on? For God’s sake, you are here Finally Finally there is someone Silence, please Silence, please I’m sorry for keeping you await My sincere apology We attached great importance on the Beach House Resort Project with a planning book which shows our sincerity Now Please allow me to present the future of the Beach House Resort What’s wrong? My laptap is not working What’s wrong with you? I don’t know, it was fine yesterday Hey, are you playing us like a fool? We should leave Let’s go,go Wait,wait Everyone I can explain Everyone, let’s just calm down Just a minute Don’t go No, no, no Boss This press comes to nothing Can you reimburse the fare? Don’t add more fuel Are you sent by God to punish me? Mr.Chairman Xiaoman I’m sorry Mr.Chairman It’s fine, Mr.Li You don’t have to blame yourself It’s all my fault I should take the blame Thank you I Honey, you are home How was the press? Was it a success? It was a fiasco What? What happened? Why? What’s going on? Tell me God knows what happened? The profiles just disapeared The project didn’t work out and Luo Xiaoman got fired It was my bad It should a her chance to show herself But now I just made it worse That was epic Unfortunately, you missed it Tomorrow I’ll do it as usual Ok, ok Don’t blame yourself You were just trying to help her Who knows this would happen? I think she will understand it I’am just thinking If she leave the company where would she go? As a girl who is wanderring alone it’s not easy How about this? You can ask your friends or shoolmates if they need an extra hand If it’s ok you can recommend her Just drop it Let’s go grab something I am starving Jiamei I’m feeling a little off today Why don’t you eat first? I’m ganna lie down and take a rest Hey, beauty. Have a drink Come on Come on, have a drink with me Just one Hello? Stay there, I’m coming Who is it? It’s so late Luo Xaioman She got drunk in the bar She has no friends or families here I just go pick her up I’m coming with you It would easier to take care of her Okay, let’s go Go Honey Is she asleep? Yes I got her changed,too She is asleep Apparently she is loaded She won’t be awake until tomorrow noon She is not easy After graduation, she just came to the big city alone Although she is stubborn sometime she works really hard We should let her sleep Ok,let’s go Alright, honey Give yourself a break It’s late, let’s go home You have to work tomorrow Seeing you like this is killing me I’ve told you before Do your friends or shoolmates need an extra hand that is right for her? If they do you can send her there problem solved How did I ever think about this? My wife is so smart I’m calling Zhao now What time is it now? He must fall asleep Let’s don’t take a rush Call him tomorrow If you didn’t tell me I would not know it’s already midnight Who’s the smartest in here? Alright Go home Ok, get in the car Zhao How’s everything? Nothing Just I have someone in my hand is looking for a job I want to introduce her to you Ok, ok, ok, ok I’ll tell her to get to you Alright, I own you one Bye Xiaoman Fell better now? Here is the thing A friend of mine needs an administrative assistant now I’ll give you his number Just give him a call Ok, save it I’m just doing his favor Don’t think too much Okay, bye Honey Em? How’s everything going? Busy at work? It’s ok,not busy Why? Nothing Just wondering you were busy and we haven’t hang out for a while I want to take a trip Ok Tomorrow is Friday I’m off duty Plus the weekend we have three days Where do you want to go? With you anywhere is ok Alright Holiday starts on tomorrow Luo Xiaoman You are the exactly one we want Honey? Who told you to hire her? Do you know how she got fired? Because she got the job by sleeping with her manager Did you know that? Because of her moral quality she got fired by the high-level So what do you want? What do you want from her? Say it What possible can I want something from her? I’m just doing the interview For all I care Once you ran into a bitch like her Nothing good If she can sleep with someone she can do it with you,too Please watch out your mouth This shitty job I won’t even consider Hey, Luo Xiaoman You wanna go after her? Go, go get her I don’t even know this shit How do you know? Its none of your business Zhao Hey,Zhao How was it? How was she? I…I It’s not I didn’t want to help Out of the blue, my wife told me Luo Xiaoman has some kind of relationship with you That’s why she got fired My wife forbade me to hire her What the hell? I had no idea I am also confused I mean You are not that kind of guy You love your wife so much You bet I am I am not that kind of guy I wanted to help I just can’t How could this happen? Ok,I need to go What happened? Give me a second Xiaoman I heard about today The interview Ok Bye What’s going on? Hello? You skin is so smooth,I want to bite it You skin is so smooth,I want to bite it You skin is so smooth Who are hell are you? Hey mom Everything is fine here I just miss you and dad Take care of yourself I’m just messing up with you It was a joke You always want to know if I am a man Get off me Please Please, get off me Hello, Mr.Li Is everything ok? I haven’t heard from you lately I just need some air Nothing eles to do at home Can I help you, Mr.Li? Here is the thing We have a new project hard to deal with We can’t find the right person now The project is like the Beach House project Since there is no right person now and it’s been a long time so I talked to Mr.Chairman He agreed to let you back the company So you can come back to work tomorrow Really? It’s for real? Mr.Li Don’t joke with me It’s not the girl I used to know Actually It’s quiet good in your soft voice Psycho, I’m haning up Bear We got our luck back We’ve been through a lot Finally we are in good luck again My dear wife Thank you for doing this What’s new? You look happy Am I? Of cause I’m happy Remember we had a Beach House project? which was ran by Luo Xiaoman Now The company want to go on the project But we got no one Guess what? I went to the Chairman’s office and he agreed to call her back How is your husband? It’s good You got your hands back and you won’t be this tired anymore You know me best I need to go now She is back Xiaoman is back Xiaoman is back Xiaoman The chief manager is waiting for you Ok,thanks Welcome back All thanks to you,Mr.Li give me the chance to start over Here is the planning paper Take a look and start to get ready Yes,Sir Then talk the talk Walk the walk If you screw this up I won’t spare you Rest assured You have my words Everyone I want to make an announcement To celebrate her return I decide that this weekend we hold an return party for her, how it that? Who’s with me? Yeah,great Ok, do you job now Having her back, I’m relieved Yep This is good My husband won’t have so much pressure Yes, now I can have more time to be with you But I need to tell you No matter how busy you are stay healthy Health always comes first Got it Right,honey This weekend I’m throwing a party for Luo I’m thinking useing this party to encourage her give her some support You should be there Weekend is not good for me I promised my brother to see him It’s been a long time You guys have fun It’s cold out here Let’s go back home Ok Brother Jiamei What are you doing here? Well Let’s call it a day Let’s take a rain check Ok Girl shouldn’t smoke You don’t want a baby? Of cause I want, he is the problem Xiaoman This project is a great success Even Mr.Cai is talking about you Well done, keep going All I’ve done is what I should do I need to thank you for bringing me back to the team I will keep going Ok It’s so late Let me give you a ride Ok,thanks Let’s go Are you alright,Xiaoman? I’m good Who are you? If you are a human be a man show yourself out You told me before and I didn’t buy it Now I do believe there is ghost in the world I think something is wrong, too Did you offend someone? Not a chance I’m just a little girl no money, no power Who would be offended by me? Is it him? Who? He Jiacheng, I need to talk to you Say it Jiamei and I don’t want to be disturbed by others Are you done? Yes I’m having a good time Thank you for throwing this party I’m beyond happy Here I want to extend my gratitude to someone Mr.Li Thank you for taking care of me for a long time I’m lucky to work for you May I ask you to be my date tonight? Dance, dance Dance, dance Dance, dance Take a seat, brother Where is he? He is having a party with his collegues I think he doesn’t care about you at all Get out of it, brother I believe in Chenguang He will love me forever What are you doing? Silence Please take your glass Let’s propose a toast the big hero of this project Miss Luo Xiaoman Thanks guys What’s this? Today is your birthday You forgot, but I didn’t Take a seat Make a wish But Chenguang I wish Chenguang will love me forever Ok,everybody Welcome our big hero of the night The beautiful Luo Xiaoman to take the honour Welcome Ok, ok, ok What’s this? What’s happening? No idea What’s wrong? Someone go check Daqing,you go Ok,I’ll be right back You still care about him? He didn’t even remember your birthday Brother I think he doesn’t love me anymore Did he sleep with someone else? Brother What are you doing? What are you doing? Are you insane? Why are you doing this? Ok, I know, I know It’s an intentional murder It’s not I swear Do you think I’m stupid? I am gullible? Tell me What? I don’t know anything What do you want to know? I have to know Why you kill He Jiamei? Where is Li Chenguang? Li is having a meeting in Chairman’s office Hey, sir, sir You can’t come in, sir Chenguang,thank you for your hard work You and Xiaoman did a great job Especially the Beach House project I was beyond satisfied Good news A Singapore company wants a coopration The company decided to send you and Xiaoman to negotiate with our counterpart in person Sir, sir Fuck off Sir Chenguang, I need to speak to you Who are you? Fuck off I want him Get your hands off me, we go talk outside OK, you have balls I’m sorry ,Mr.Chairman, he is my brother-in-law Just go, go, go He Jiacheng, really? at my company? You ask me? You have chicks around you all day Do you know you have a wife? What are you talking about? You can’t even remember her birthday I think you don’t give a shit about her Listen, Li Chenguang Jiamei is your wife You know it dame well how she is doing? If you cheat on her You will pay your price Mr.Li Mr.Chairman left a note for you You should get ready for the Singapore project and start off on tomorrow Right ,Xiaoman You heard it, too Before we leave We should know this company well on the Internet with detailed plan I understand In word or image? Both The more we got the bigger shot we will have Know yourself and know yourself Got it,Mr.Li We together take Singapore first then, Southeast Asia Try this What a coincidence, the lovely couple Hey, you are shopping, too? Yeah, why are you here? I should be the one asking you this As a husband, since you don’t have time I should keep my girl company It’s because we need to go abroad soon The company let us bus some suits on behalf of our company So here we are Chenguang, are you done now? Let me see How is Ms.Luo’s taste? Just like mine? We are still trying Nice for you, you have a great taste So….. It’s about time How about lunch together? How about it? I’ll pass I have something to do, I’ should go At least she knows Jiamei Here, have an apple Actually, what happened today I should’ve told you in advance But, I just I’m tired, I need to sleep Jiamei You are always the best wife in the world Please wake up Hon Honey, honey Jiamei, you are awake Great, great Honey I’m here It was all my fault It was all my fault I really It’s too late for anything Jiamei,I should go now Not after breakfast No Morning meeting I need to go Honey, your neck One night didn’t make it any better I thought it was on the left After one night the scar just moved I need to go now Bye At ease, eyes front Dress right based on the black board This is the standard stance for a detective Do we have to show the best verison of ourself? Yes Do we have to show the best verison of ourself? Yes Good job This is the culture of detective To build one family at the cost of taking down thousands Stay closed for 3 years and one business is enough for 3 years Our slogan is Brother Six is the best Brother Six is the best Who is the detective? I am What are you looking? Jiamei, this is your husband’s secretary? The big beauty: Luo Xiaoman Waht do you know? As long as the money is good you can know anything Out of no reason something strange happened lately I’m falling apart Xiaoman, are you haunted by a ghost? I don’t think so Don’t scare me Have you been to somewhere strange? That is her apartment Sis, you are generous I’ll take it from here About their whereabouts keep your eyes on them Rest assured Wherever they go I’ll keep you posted Right, honey I was going to tell you I should be with you for couples of days But The company added a new project I have to go So I can’t stay with you Just eat, I thought it’s a big deal You are the best Let’s eat Hello,Six Tomorrow he has a press on the seaside I need you to get in their company and take all the files and ppt In the middle of the night I can’t get in I have the key of the backdoor Come here OK My laptap is not working Is that supposed to be a joke? We should leave Go, GO, Go Wait, everyone, just a second Just a second, ok? Wait Are you sent by the God to punish me? How was the press? Fiasco The project didn’t work out and Luo Xiaoman got fired Seeing you like this is killing me I’ve told you before Go to your friends or shoolmates See if they hava a place for her? If they do You send her in Problem solved How did I never think about this? Got fired and still harassing us? Six Luo Xaioman got fired and my husband sent her to his friend’s You need to go fined the wife of his friend’s Tell her What Luo Xiaoman has done in the previous company Who allows you to use her? Do you know how she got fired before? She got her job by sleeping with her manager Do you know that? What’s wrong? Remember the Beach House project? which was ran by Luo Xiaoman Now the company wants to go on the project But we got no one Guess what? I went to the Chairman’s office He agreed to call her back As long as you make her crazy You can have anything you want I must kill her This weekend I’m throwing a party for her I want to encourage her show her my support What’s wrong? Power cut Let me see your taste Like mine? Li Chenguang, Luo Xiaoman You made me do this I won’t let you win Not even on my dead body Jiamei, Jiamei I’m heading to the airport Take care of yourself and wait me home Hey, beauty. Come play with us Come on Come on,girl Don’t worry I’m not that bored Jiamei, are you home now? Yes, I am home Are you set off? Yep On the way to the airpot Great Take care of yourself Honey, I miss you Okay, I miss you,too After the contract I’ll be home ASAP I won’t let you win All of this is due to my unconfidence and my trust issue It’s my pay Don’t say that I will never forget my life with you every minute and second Jiamei Don’t say a word Just take a rest You will be fine soon I remember when we were young I was always your queen I was the happiest woman in the world When we on our honeymoon I should’ve believed your love for me It was all my fault My fault I was too skeptical which made all of us unrest It’s all over In the future I will still be your stupid cavalier and you are still my queen, ok? He has a special relationship with you It’s not what you think His wife is in the hospital and he still call you? Nothing special? Password Sometimes love is an tie The wall of trust will fall apart in a second I want to apologize to you in person He sent this? What else you didn’t tell me? Nothing, really! I swear, I swear I’m ganna kill you bastard Sorry, the number you dailed is busy Xiaoman Xiaoman

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