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A lot of people have asked me how to do
the Mirror Trick in Filmora You know the one where it looks like the
reflection is actually talking in a different way than you are… almost like
it’s a different person I actually don’t know how to do that
effect. Do you? Yeah I totally do I can show you how! Cool! You’re in good hands. I’ve
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to be part of the conversation The real trick to this effect is learning how to
set up your shot, and what I mean by that is if you look at the picture up in my
preview window here I’ve created a layout for this particular effect where
I had myself on the left and I had the mirror set off to the right in my
bathroom there’s actually a little medicine cabinet nuke here that has a
very intentional vertical line that I wanted to take advantage of so setting
this shot up this way was really important to what I’m gonna do next so
what I did is I started to read my line and I made sure I turn to the mirror and
interacted so it absolutely seemed like the reflection in the mirror was me
standing in front of a mirror talking but if you look I really tried to make
sure that I never crossed that center line I kept myself on one side and I
kept the mirror image on the other now when I got to the point where I wanted
to talk to the mirror and have it talked back to me in a different way I actually
turned and I asked the question and I stayed very still here for a minute as
still as I could and I waited and then I spoke the response line back in the
mirror and then I waited trying to hold that same pose and get back to where I
was then I spun back and gave my response so this was one continuous shot
that I started from the beginning right to the end now the reason I left these
big spaces in here is very intentional I found a spot right before the response
started right where my facial expression started to change can you see that
happening I’m pretty still and in my eyebrow start to raise I got right to
that point and I split that footage and then I went to the point where I spun my
head so take a look at me on the left and
watch for right when my head starts to turn right about there and I split the
footage one more time I don’t know if you realize this but if you grab your
footage you left-click and hold you can actually lift up and bring it up into
another track another track will be created now what I want to do is get to
the point where I spoke and I turn to the footage in my hair just stopped
moving and that’s where I want to introduce this second piece of footage
they’re a little bit off but they’re pretty close and what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna introduce a mask onto the upper section of footage and I’m gonna
separate these two because right now with this being on the upper track all
you see is that upper piece of footage and it blocks out everything in the
track below so from here let’s go up into the effects tab and let’s go down
to the utility section on the lower left now see here where it says image mask I
want you to left-click on that drag it down and put it right on top of your
upper track that is now applied to mask to this track and you may not be able to
see it because these two pieces are very similar you can almost see the circle
here let me turn off the other track let me click the eyeball now you can see the
upper track has been masked so that only that circle is allowed to show but we
don’t want a circle we actually want to separate it down the middle so the way
we’re gonna do that is double left click on that upper track let’s go over to the
video section in the upper left click on that tab and down at the bottom you’ll
notice that video effects now has a check mark on it and that’s because we
added that mask now as I scroll through these preset masks you’ll see the circle
is the one that’s selected but I actually want to use this other mask
over here double left click on that and it applies it so it’s set off to the
right everything to the right this checkerboard pattern is what will show
through everything black is what will be masked off now what we can do with this
X section here is control where these lines are if we move this over to the
right we can line that up pretty much right with my little cabinet line over
here and I’m only using the right side of this footage in the upper track
let’s turn the lower track back on now can you see what’s happening we’re
looking at the left side of the bottom track footage and the right side of the
upper track footage so when I get to this point it looks like the reflection
in the mirror does something on its own but the next thing I want to have happen
is the bottom track I want to be able to turn back to the camera so once this
upper track is done seeing its response right about here I’m gonna take the
lower track and I’m gonna slice that footage and get rid of this end piece
right here now let’s go back and grab our other footage that we snipped right
about where my head turned and slide that over now what will happen is it
looks like the reflection in the mirror stops talking and then I spin my head
now it’s not completely smooth can you see the changes in here they’re a little
off I can spot the change if you just look on the left I can spot that change
where that splice is so now I want to see if I can try to smooth these out a
bit let me start with this lower one I’m gonna expand this footage so that we can
see it I’m gonna start a little later in this head turn let’s start right about
there and I’m gonna slice this footage one more time down below I’ll eliminate
this middle section and I’ll slide that back over another way you can do in that
is just click on the space and hit delete on your keyboard it’ll move you
over or turn your ripple delete on which is the link chain up on the left let me
see if that’s a little bit smoother it’s just a little bit off but I think I can
take care of that with a fast dissolve I’m gonna go up into my transitions tab
and I’m gonna search for the dissolve transition if I start to type di yes it
shows up let’s bring that down into this section between those two pieces of
footage click on the end and bring it in and make it very quick dissolve right
here can you see here I’m gonna just shrink this way down just a very quick
dissolve that goes from this footage to the other you can just barely see it but
I want to help splice these footages together so they make a little more
sense when we play that in real time and see if it’s a little smoother
to get real speed you don’t notice that splice quite as much if we dissolve
between it now also up here where this goes from me sitting still
let me find right where my eyes go up right above there I’m gonna splice this
one more time and just lose that beginning section and I just want to go
to the point where my eyes open up and I’m gonna put a very slight dissolve at
the beginning of this as well so I left click on that dissolve drag it down to
my top footage you shrink it so I can see the whole dissolve and let me pull
that way way back I just want a really quick dissolve where it just immediately
dissolves in my eyes open up see it’s very quick it’s going from the original
footage to the new one but it’s so fast and it starts at the motion that helps
it sell that effect now let’s shrink it down and take a peek
and see if it’s noticeable I can smooth that out a little bit and I can also
find a little better spot to transition but just play with that until you get it
where you really like it for me a lot of the trick is being able to stay very
still the least amount of movement you do in between these shots the smoother
it’ll feel if you want to learn more Filmora tips and tricks, make sure you
check out this next video coming up right here! Peace!

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