Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 69 – Full Episode – 18th February, 2020

Mere Dad ki Dulhan – Ep 69 – Full Episode – 18th February, 2020

‘People hide their face
and intention very easily’ ‘in real life too.’ ‘Sometimes, people
deceive others.’ ‘And sometimes, they deceive
themselves.’ ‘I want to meet you.
How will I recognise you?’ ‘I will be carrying
an orange colour stole.’ ‘I am waiting for tomorrow.’ ‘I was so excited to know
how your date was..’ ‘Why are you making me do this?
I can’t do all this.’ ‘Try to understand this.’ ‘This circus is not
my cup of tea.’ ‘Dad, I won’t force you..
– No! – Talk to me at least.’ ‘I can’t do all this.’ I have no clue whether I helped dad
or I put him in trouble. Dad. I thought this is your
favourite song. That’s why.. Are you upset.. …with me? Why should I get
upset with you? You didn’t do anything. What’s special
about today? So many arrangements! I have prepared everything. You get caught
whenever you lie to me. Hence, tell me
what has happened. What?
– Tell me what happened. Nothing happened.
Actually.. Tell me. I was in a bad mood last night.
That’s it. I am fine now. I-I have no problem.
Everything is fine. Why? Did anything happen
with that lady? Like, argument or fight?
– What.. Why should I fight with someone?
I am speaking the truth. Nothing happened.
Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Why are you looking upstairs
again and again? What? Till now, you have
seen thrice. Oh! Your mood got spoiled
because of her, right? No..
– Did she do anything? Why would my mood get spoiled
because of her? I mean..
My mood keeps fluctuate. That’s not the case. Because she is leaving
the house, right? I see.
Whatever you were doing.. You pretended to fight
with her, right? Eventually, you are going
to miss them. Are you out of your mind?
Why will I miss them? You are too much!
– Yes, I know. You won’t miss Mrs. Sikka. But you will miss
Ms. Guneet for sure. Whatever you may say,
she has done a lot for us. Am I right or not? What have you prepared?
Spicy scrambled eggs? Spicy scrambled eggs,
butter toast and hot chocolate. I am planning to take
an off today. We will celebrate
‘Amber and Niya Day’. Why will you take off today?
You were supposed to attend.. That one..
What’s that called? Quarterly interview? Quarterly performance review.
I am impressed. You still remember? As long as my memory
is working fine I will remember everything
related to you. Got it?
I am such a caring father. You are an irritating dad. I can’t hide anything from you. You smell everything. But you have started
hiding many things from me. Now you’re just pestering me! I didn’t hide anything from you. Everything really is fine. I’ll tell you what? Finish your breakfast,
get ready and go to office. But you.. You’re going to take rest today
and not go to office, all right? I want your word. Well?
– Okay, I won’t. I’ll stay at home. All right. Hello?
– Hi, Guneet! Good morning. How are you? Good morning. I’m fine. We are meeting this evening,
aren’t we? Yes, we’ll meet.
– Where? – Anywhere. We can meet anywhere. I’m okay with it. What’s the matter?
Are you all right? Yes, everything is all right. I had a light headache, so..
– You should’ve told me. What else is a doctor
useful for? Listen, let’s wait
until afternoon. If you’re feeling okay by then and are still
up to it, we can meet. Or we can let it be. – No,
let’s not cancel the meeting. I’ll be fine. Let’s meet up.
– Are you sure? Yes.. Bye. Take care. Hi!
– Why are you hiding? I thought that it was Amber! You scared me! Why haven’t you left yet? Amber will dress
you down if he sees you. I didn’t want to leave
without talking to you. How are you? I don’t know how
to answer that question. I feel all right. But then, I feel like shouting,
screaming and crying. I’m such an idiot! How could I think I’d meet
someone online someone I could talk to that he’d turn out
to be a nice person come to meet me and make my life happy. I never took a second to think
if he was even real and went to meet him. I’m so stupid
that I feel mad at myself. Guneet, you’re not stupid. Guneet, you follow
your heart, not your brain. And your heart is true. So you think everyone
to be the same. You trust everyone. Let me tell you,
that’s not your weakness. That’s your strength. One need courage
to live like that. It’s the true. I salute you for that. Guneet, there aren’t many people like you left
on this world. Never get upset,
or never become weak. You’ll feel uncomfortable
and discomfort and pain but this special smile of yours never lose it. You’ll have many
of such things in your life. But you’re a free-spirited
person. So live with your nature. And everything
will be all right. I promise. Amber, what are you doing? Are you trying to make a tent
inside the house? You just got your leg mended. Are you going to break it again? Call Ghanshyam if you want
this so badly. What’s happened to him? What’s he doing? Whatever it is,
it’s not my fault this time. I didn’t do anything either. I know my returning from US
was an irresponsible decision from the company’s
point of view. It wasn’t one for me. My dad is my only family. The decision
was a deliberate one. I know that the company gave
a second chance and I’m doing my best. Having said that,
in the last two months I’ve put in my best
in both the projects that I’ve been allotted. Your previous position,
the team head has been given
to your team member. You report to that person. Don’t you find it humiliating? What nonsense question was that? Shri is my friend, why would
I be upset about it? Niya, I’m the management
at the moment. The management doesn’t care
about the rapport between you and Shri. Are you a techie
or a gossip journalist? Do you want to pass
the interview or fail it? Look, the management doesn’t
care about your personal life. But it’ll be interested
in knowing how you’re taking this change. Whether you’re a team player or if you’re interested
in a position. Right.
Fine, let’s do this again. Honestly, I was upset because
Heart to Heart was my launch and suddenly,
I wasn’t in the project. Then I thought that my previous
setbacks won’t affect my future work
and if I’m talented I’ll prove myself
in any position I’m given. My team’s success is my success. And I’m sure that our team head
Mr. Shri will agree of my contributions in
my Heart to Heart revamp and Coffee Meet Design
development. Excellent! Amazing! Answer just like that,
with complete confidence. Yes. Niya, the boss has called you. Yes.. Kill it! All the best.
– Okay. Please come.
Bring it all inside. Come in.
Guneet, the decorators are here! Hey! Why have you put up
these curtains? We’ve to put up decorations
for the engagement. How will we do that?
Please pull it down. No ceremony’s taking place here. The curtains will stay up here.
Don’t you touch them. Now leave. Mr. Amber, you know that
my daughter is getting engaged. It’s a happy occasion. So, let’s discuss this politely. Well, it’s difficult for me
to be polite to people like you. Okay?
Be it your daughter’s engagement or a body-building contest,
whatever it is, do it outside. Don’t bring it in here. Why not?
Even we stay here. You stay over there, not here. You stay upstairs. Okay? I rented out that house to you,
not this one here. I won’t let you take over
the house, mind it. Do whatever it is upstairs and if I see any decorators
here downstairs I swear, I’ll create a ruckus. The engagement will happen
right here. Clause number 78. The tenant has the right to use
the space downstairs for any family gathering. And my engagement
is a family function. So, we can use this space. Guneet, calm down. It’s a happy occasion.
Let’s convince him the nice way. No, Mom. He doesn’t like
being treated nicely. He doesn’t know politeness. All he can do is throw a fit. He thinks he can scream
and intimidate people but that’s not going to happen. We’ll talk to him
in a language he understands. You better not talk
about politeness. Rather say that all you can do
is fool people. And you preach about manners?
You always tell lies. And you’re lecturing me..
– Go on, say whatever you want. Do whatever you want.
Act wayward all you like. Slam your head against the wall,
for all I care. The engagement will happen here
at any cost. What a mess! Listen, please resolve
your dispute first. We’ll come back
when you’re done. There’s nothing to discuss.
It’s all obvious. Just put up the decorations.
Mr. Amber, will you take it off? No! Not in a million years. Ma’am, he’s upset about
your engagement ceremony. And we can’t decorate the place
with this curtain around. What is it?
Were you paid extra to talk? Don’t talk rubbish.
Take your things and leave. If push comes to shove..
– He’s going nowhere. We’ve paid you the money.
Just start decorating. Put up the curtains,
we have no problems. But do it after the ceremony.
Why have you put it up now? Because it’s my house.
I can do what I please here. I’ll put up curtains or flowers,
why do you care? We don’t care.
We just don’t. The engagement will happen here
at any cost. You start decorating. Mister, you want to put up
these curtains, right? Wait till the engagement
is over. After that, we will put up
the curtains for you. And she’s hosting an engagement.
You should be happy for her. Will you get out, or should I..
– He won’t leave. He won’t. Please start decorating.
Let me see who dares stop you. I’ll wring your neck, I swear.
Get out of here. Ma’am, we don’t know
what your problem is. We can’t work like this.
– Why can’t you? Aren’t you getting paid?
Just do your job. Don’t you dare come here.
– I paid you an advance! – Go! Take your things away! What’s your problem? Can’t you
bear to see others happy? Does it hurt you
to see others rejoice? Huh? What’s your problem? Oh, it’s you! Greetings, ma’am.
– Let’s take the other door. Sure.
– Come. Guneet, all okay?
Any problem? Nothing. This hall was stinking of trash.
I was here to clean it. Fine, I’m trash. And you are a fragrant blossom. Then, please tell Dr. Bones here where you’d been to cook Kebabs
on Valentine’s Day yesterday. Go on, tell him. But please tell him frankly,
in complete detail. Mister, what’s your problem? What? Can’t you show some courtesy? What did you call me
‘Dr. Bones’ for? Oh! So, you haven’t told him
anything? He knows nothing?
Nothing at all? Strange! She’s has her fingers
in two pies at once. And you’re barely aware of it?

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  1. The Dr has no right to ask Amber to get out of the room…
    Its his house, amber is putting out the fire. Staying in house and as a tenant always over ruling him

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