MadHouse | Sitcom S01E15 – “CIRCUS in the House – 2!” | Niharika Konidela | Telugu Web Series

MadHouse | Sitcom S01E15 – “CIRCUS in the House – 2!” | Niharika Konidela | Telugu Web Series

‘In the Mad House,
you get paid for not doing much.’ ‘Hitting the bell icon is also
not too much to ask for.’ ‘So let’s hit it.’
‘Let’s subscribe as well.’ I lost the ring Lucky gave me. Search!
We’ll be dead if we lose the ring. Goa trip will be cancelled. Will you go to Goa even when I’m hurting? Lucky has the same twin ring. You want me to steal it? Couldn’t you come up with
a better signal? [Metal Creaking]
I didn’t hear anything. [Teeth Clattering] What?! What are you doing here? How did you end up there?
– Shant! ‘We don’t talk anymore!’ [Tom] Help me, guys!
At least order some food. [Humming Along] Charu, we should go to Goa no matter what. I got a new bikini body. We can’t go without Shant. We’ll go next month.
[Jo] Three of us will go. Big deal. No. We go together and only together. [Sighs] Okay. Let’s ask Tom. Tom! Tom! [Tom] Over here! Over here! Over here! Over here! “Mad House!” “These conversations on life” “They go over Einstein’s head” “It’s the beginning of many tales” It’s time chaos surrounds us” “Watch them closely…” “They’re all gathered under one roof” “Fun times are calling” “Mad House!” I’m over here, Jo. Oh. There you are. First clear this out. Will you come to Goa without Shant or not? Jo! The question is, can I get out of here? Tom! What are you doing down there? We were supposed to go to Goa.
Why are you down there? How will you come to Goa now? You can act anxious all you want in Goa. Now please do something. Okay. Okay. Okay. We need to do something!
I have a plan. – Shant! Shant!
– Yeah. Shant! Shant! – Do you have mood swings?
– Yes. No! No! Okay. We need to go to the doctor. For mood swings?! For my X-ray, Shant! Shit! You’re always spoiling my mood. Okay. [Door Creaks] [Mumbles] I wonder how Tom’s doing. Lucky, I’ll lock the door.
You wait downstairs. Shant! Shant! Shant!
Tom is in trouble. What happened? Tom has a problem. The solution to any problem is often
in our hands. Yeah. We’re heading out. I’ll give you the solution and go. Okay? Let’s go, Lucky.
I locked the door. [Mumbles] Go! Go!
– What? – What solution did he give?
– Psst! Come, I’ll show you. What? Come fast! [Peppy Music Fades] He’ll definitely die if he falls
from up here. [Gasping] I don’t know if he’ll die. But he’ll definitely be paralyzed. Do you have to discuss that right now? Please do something! You’ll be fine, Tom. Don’t panic. I’ll go to our flat and set up a rope. You hold it and slide to this flat. Simple! Simple? [Gasps] Will this work out? Give it some thought!
This is the 5th floor. Okay, let me think. It will work. Let’s try! Try? I’ll die if we fail. Tommy, hold on to this hook tightly. What the hell is this? This looks more like strangling rope to me. – Simple!
– Okay. Ready. Ready. Ready. Hold it. [Groaning]
Hold the hook, Tom! [Yells] Jo! [Grunting] He caught it! He caught it! [Both Yelling] Tommy! Stop it, girls! What are you doing? Pull! Let’s save our friend Tommy!
– Stop it, girls! Now that you’ve caught it,
just slide, Tom. What are you girls doing?
It’s more like you’re trying to kill me. [Screams] Jo! What’s wrong, Tom? Why are you screaming? Jo! Jo!
– Do you want our help or not? Jo, you keep pulling. If it’s going to be this,
I don’t want your help. Don’t help me! Don’t help me! Now it’s time for plan B. Okay, plan clear. I’ll simply hold your hand. You simply come to this side. Simple team work. That’s it. Just hold and walk. Give it some thought, girls! I’m telling you, right?
Just hold and walk! That’s final. But, Jo… I’m scared! Shut up! Tom! Hold and walk. Simple! Just hold the hand, Tom. Just hold… And… And waaaalk!!! [Screaming] Jo!!! Yes, Charu? All fine, right? No. I guess. We have to do something, Shant.
Please come fast. Lucky will just not let me go. Manage till I come. I’ll try to do something. But you please come fast, Shant. Oh my god! I’m scared, Tom.
Please do something. [Charu] Come soon, Shant.
Just hold and walk, huh? They didn’t have to build 5th floor
so high up in the air. Okay. I have a solution. Help! Help! Somebody help! A beautiful girl is asking for help. Help! Please! Okay. We’ll get caught if I scream. Please squeeze to that side.
I can’t be under the sun. My legs will be tanned. If I move any further, it will be suicide.
Want me to move? Charu! Do something! This balcony is so pale, Jo. Not a single plant. We should get some. Hmm. Charu! Yeah, you were saying something? I have a solution. You see that swimming pool
down there? Let’s jump into that. Just 30 degree parabola from here. What?! – Do you think it’s safe?
– It is! We should jump precisely into the water.
We might hit the concrete on the edges. But we should make sure we don’t.
It is safe. Okay. All the best. – What?
– Just jump. Good-riddance! Oh my god! It’s Prashant. What is he doing here? – What happened?
– Okay. Run! Run! Run! Help! Help! Help!
Are you alright, Jo? You saved her, Tom! What an idea! Yeah. Yeah. I saved her. Nice, Tom. How did you get this idea? Idea, my foot! Prashant is crawling on the wall.
We got scared and fell down. Yeww!!! [Peppy Music Fades] Shant, it’s okay. We’ll go next year. I’m sorry, guys. You all missed out on the trip
because of me. I’m sorry. You’re damn right. It’s your fault. Moron! We would’ve been at the airport by now. [Scoffs] Chill, guys! Shant, we got the ring at least. Oh! You got it. [Yells] Shant! Shant, my ring is missing. [Groans] [Yells] You lost the ring? Oh my god! Why are you yelling? Oh my god! You lost the ring? Look how carefully I saved my ring. It’s not just a ring. It’s our love! Damn! Yeah. I can understand his pain. If he had lost this ring… It would’ve been like
‘Circus in the House’. He would’ve gone that far for it. It’s very painful, you know. Yes. I also know how torturous it is. I can talk on this. [Jo] Very painful! Just because of you! Okay, guys. Cool down. [Mocks] Lucky, leave Shant alone for 2 days. He’ll be okay. That’s how strongly I believe
in your love. Trust me. [Mumbles] Please. Please. Please. Let his pain go down. He’ll be okay. I’m sorry, Shant. I didn’t mean to hurt you this much. Okay. I’ll go out with my parents
for 2 days. You guys take care of him, okay? Okay. I’m sorry, Shant. Bye. [Lucky] I didn’t know
I hurt him so badly. [Door Creaks] How long for the flight? Umm… One hour. Hurry! Hurry! Yes! Let’s go! Guys, I don’t have my makeup on. Give me an hour.
– Not again! Let’s go! Just an hour. Please!

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  4. It's 15th episode and still your subscribers is 144k to 146k from start.. That's your fucking series range. Stop doing this shit

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