MadHouse | Sitcom S01E14 – “CIRCUS in the House!” | Niharika Konidela | Telugu Web Series

‘[Jo] Be smart like me’ ‘Don’t just ring temple bells.
Ring the notification bell as well.’ ‘Subscribe to Pink Elephant Pictures
for more updates.’ [Shant] It’s in the pants only, man. It’s so small… Where did it go? Look properly. What’s in your pants?
You’ve been looking since half an hour. What’s with the flower? It should be in my pants.
I’ll die if I miss it. We’re finding really weird stuff, man. Guys! What are you doing? I lost the ring Lucky gave me. I feel like dying. Die! Just die! How can you find something that’s lost? When you cause pollution,
you can’t find purity. Guys, we have a flight to Goa tonight.
Why aren’t you ready yet? We’re going. But Shant won’t be joining us. You see, he lost the ring Lucky gave him. Yeah. I’m so dead! [Whip Lashing] She’ll become the Ringmaster. Yeah. It will be just like a Circus. So we have to find it at any cost. Search! Search! Search! It’s not here. You’re being so dramatic, man. It’s not here either. Shant, relax! I’ll talk to Lucky and solve
the problem for you. [Yelling] No! [Scoffs] Fine! Search! We’ll be dead
if we don’t find the ring. Goa trip will be cancelled. No! We are going to Goa! Shant! Choose one. Are you coming to Goa or not? [Door Bell Rings] [Lucky] Baby! Baby! Shit! Okay. Lucky shouldn’t find me
without the ring. Charu, cover for me!
– Okay. Okay. You don’t move a finger. “Mad House!” “These conversations on life” “They go over Einstein’s head” “It’s the beginning of many tales” It’s time chaos surrounds us” “Watch them closely…” “They’re all gathered under one roof” “Fun times are calling” “Mad House!” Jo, what are you looking for? Manage. Manage. Manage. Umm… Something. Something that won’t be found.
– What?! We’re going to Goa.
So let me handle this. We can tell her. Lucky is happy. She’s chill about any news. Am I right, Lucky? No. Lucky is very sad. My fingers got crushed in the door. It’s so darn painful… I feel like killing someone! Oh my god! Now there’s nothing we can do. [Clicks Tongue] Shant! She put me in trouble. Lucky is here. All the best! By the way, you had some news
for me, right? Actually, nice ring. It’s a twin ring. Shant has the other one. Didn’t you see? [Door Creaks] Okay. We’ll just go. Hi, baby! Come on, Jo! [Mumbles] I wonder where the ring is. Baby, look what happened
to my fingers. Such a big wound? How come? We need to get you first aid. Tom, get Zandu Balm. I’ll go to Goa only after this heals. It will heal in 5 minutes, baby. You’ll go to Goa even when I’m hurt? Yes. I will. [Lucky weeping] What? Yes! Umm… I will not. [Sighs] Trip cancelled! Okay. I need to get an X-ray. [Groans] This ring! I just want to pull it out. Okay. Get ready and come fast. I live downstairs only. So don’t be late. Okay. Bye! Goa Trip gone down the drain! So no Goa. You cancelled the plan again. Jo, go take your makeup off. Girls, relax! Shant is still feeling bad about it. Like they say, Go.Goa.Gone. I’m not sad about Goa. I’m sad about the ring. Look for it, guys. Please!
Lucky will kill me! Shame on you guys! I don’t get it. Shant… Relax, bro.
I have a plan for you. Lucky has the same twin ring. You want me to steal it? I mean… Convince me! I mean, Lucky… Okay. Convinced. [Traffic Noise] [Door Bell Rings] Hi, baby! Hi! I’ve never seen you so excited. Because I’ve never had
such an exciting idea. I mean, I want to… You want to… When you’re alone… When I’m alone… I have the chance to do so much. But we need to get an X-ray.
So exciting! Yeah. Let’s go. Can you get me a glass of water? Okay. Give me the keys.
I’ll lock the door. Okay. Here you go. ‘And then she asked me…’ ‘Do I look alright?’ ‘And I say yes…’ Didn’t he get the signal? Couldn’t you have come up
with a better signal? [Shant] You look wonderful! Put it down. I’ll drink later. Charu told me we shouldn’t drink water
before heading out. [Mumbles] I guess they left. Food! I’m so tired. I’m really hungry. She doesn’t have any food.. Lucky must be really poor. Whatever. I’ll settle for the banana. [Groaning] [Phone Ringing] [Gasps] Lucky forgot her phone. And she just came in! Where’s my phone ringing? [Mind Voice] Now it’s time to crawl and eat. Please look for it, Shant. Look to the other side. Here it is. [Shant] Let’s move. [Tom Mind Voice] Now let’s crawl and hide. [Metal Creaking]
I didn’t hear anything. There’s something over there, baby. – Maybe it’s a cat.
– Let me look. [Shant Mumbles] I know who’s there. [Door Creaking] Oh god! I’m caught! Why is she quiet? I guess it was the wind. Okay, let’s go. [Shant Mumbles] But Tom…
Baby, I want tea. – Tea?!
– Yeah. Right now? Charu told me we should have tea
before heading out. Please make it for me. [Clicks Tongue] [Awkward Laugh] [Shant Mumbles] I hope he’s alright. He wouldn’t fit under here. Where is he? Where is he? He’s not here either. Baby! Where are you? Coming! Balcony? He’s not here either. Is he down there?
[Tom] Shant! Did he jump? Thank god! [Tom] I’m over here! Oh, there you are. [Teeth Clattering] What? What are you doing there?
How did you end up there? I’m not sure, bro. I don’t know how to come back. Do something, bro. You only do something and
make sure Lucky doesn’t see you. Otherwise, both of us will be dead. How do I do that?
Do you want me to die? [Lucky] Baby! I’m going inside. Be careful. Bro!!! Don’t yell if you have something
to ask me. Sing a song. Okay? Bye. Be careful. [Tom] Sing a song? You think I can sing songs
in this situation? Shant! Shant! What are you looking for? Looking if he slipped or not. Eh? I mean, I’m taking a sip and looking at you. Uh-huh? You don’t look at anyone
except for me, do you? Yeah. Why would I look at anyone else? Shant! He asked me not to yell, right?
Let me give a signal. Okay. ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘Like we used to do.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘Like we used to do.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ Whoa! Why is Tom so excited? – I know.
– ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘Like we used to do.’ [Humming Along] ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ Shant! ‘We don’t talk anymore.’ [Tom Yelling] Help me, guys!
At least order some food! I’m stuck in the middle of 405 and 505. Do something, guys!

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