Lennar Homes Tampa – Honest Review of Lennar Homes in Tampa FL

Lennar Homes Tampa – Honest Review of Lennar Homes in Tampa FL

Hi everyone, your new home specialist
Lance Moore and if you’re on the internet doing research and looking up Lennar Homes Tampa, you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to give you an
honest review of Lennar Homes in Tampa. Now I’ve been in the business since 1997.
I’ve helped thousands of home buyers. I’ve sold hundreds of new construction homes, and I
know the new construction builders process extremely well. So I want to talk
about Lennar Homes and give you a review from the way I see it. Now, first off, before I start, what I want to
do is I want to explain to you four different types of builders. I break
builders up into different categories… So category number one would be your just
your real volume builders. Builders like KB Homes, Syntax, Pulte, DR Horton, etc.
Your level two would be mid-level builders. Say Cal Atlantic Homes, Lennar
homes, etc. Your level 3 would be your semi-custom type of builders who will do
little tweaks to the floor plan and they’ll sort of customize it for people…
These are builders like Cardell Homes, Homes by West Bay. And then you have your custom builders, like Rutenberg or Avalon Homes, or Bakerfield Homes, builders
like that. So Lennar Homes is a level two. They’re a mid-level builder,
there a volume builder. Now I’ve personally sold dozens of Lennar Homes
and I’ve owned 2 Lennar homes myself, so when it comes to a review for Lennar, I
really have a lot of good things to say about them. I think Lennar is a very good builder. If
I were to take you in a Lennar home and walk you through the whole process of
it… Going in, in the sheetrock before the sheetrock was there, after the sheetrock
was there, their energy efficiency, how they build homes… You would be very very impressed by this. Now the one downfall on Lennar is they pretty much don’t let
you build the home you want on the lot you want. They go up front and they pick everything so if you want a certain home, they’re gonna tell you what lot to
put on. And they’re also gonna have the design packages already picked, which is
actually a good thing because they’re allowing you to pick certain packages
that a professional interior decorator has chosen so you’re not having to go to
a design studio and get you know absolutely I guess taken advantage of by
all different types of pricing. This is very unusual for most builders. Of course
they also have the “Everything’s Included” so you basically move into the home and
everything’s there. The washer, the dryer, the refrigerator, the blinds… But I would
say with any home builder, Lennar homes or anybody else, definitely get a real
estate agent to represent your your best interest whether it’s myself
or another real estate agent, but get someone who really knows the new
construction process because at the end of the day, you’re not going to pay any
more money or less money if you get a real estate agent. And in my case, and
probably 90 – 95% of the cases I could get a better deal for
you with the builder then you cannot get on your own because I’ve sold hundreds
of homes. I know the builders, I know the builder reps, they know me, and I make
them a lot of money. And I would also say if you’re looking at buying a new home,
check the video out to the right that I’ve done. I did a really extensive video
on new construction. It doesn’t make any difference where you
are in the process- whether you’re buying from scratch or whether you’re buying an
already completed home. It’ll walk you through everything from A to Z… Like how
to tell the difference between a quality and a quantity builder, how to tell the
difference between a quality and quantity subdivision, how to make money, how to
save money, how you could get the Builder to fix and repair major warranty items
years after the builder warranty expires. So check out the video to the right and
if you have any questions, if you’re looking for a good, knowledgeable agent
to work like a pitbull for you and get you the best deal on a new construction
home, give me a call. I would love to help you. I wish you the best of luck.

24 thoughts on “Lennar Homes Tampa – Honest Review of Lennar Homes in Tampa FL

  1. Sorry Lance. I have enjoyed learning a lot with all of your videos except this one I can't believe you are standing behind Lennar Homes when they've been exhibited on TV shows and with consumer groups showing the poor quality and how they don't stand behind their product Unfortunately this also reflects on your reputation and I find it hard to trust you now

  2. Lennar has totally ruined Riverview by approving everyone, I'm come experience. Luckily all the hoodlums that were approved by Lennar are slowly moving out thanks to HOA starting to enforce the rules. LENNAR JUST SUCKS IN GENERAL

  3. Lennar is a big falsifier. They are cheating people a lot, please stay away from Lennar! They are showing so beautiful model of your future house, but a house that you are going to buy is looking so terrible and horrible! I agree 100% with the person who said: "Lennar has a horrible reputation!"Just be careful what are you buying from Lennar!

  4. The Lennar home I am building in Texas had me go to a design studio. It was pretty nice actually. I told the lady I wanted no upgrades so just show me what I can buy without additional money and all of my options were pretty nice. No upgrades needed when what is provided is so nice 🙂

  5. Their salesmen are dishonest and they sold me a home with a leaky roof and refused to fix it.Lennar probably paid him for the review

  6. As a homeowner, Lennar has been an absolute nightmare. I'm in Tampa and have 80+ outstanding construction issues and cannot even list the property. Their senior leadership knows it all and just went silent. Would never recommend them. https://mylennarhome.com/lennar-homes-background

  7. You say on your video that Lennar builds custom but you just contradicted yourself by saying they pick the property…..they show you what floorplans are good for you that doesn't sound custom to me or any other ACTUAL custom home builder…..I know it sucks to wait find a great property that you like the location and having to fill out all the paperwork to it pay for it….then find a great bank fill out all that paperwork and then an honest home builder……that does great work not just great 3 level 4 level work but excellent work for that grade…..that you would trust….TRUST….your hard earned money with!! These videos are an injustice to either the Builder or the home buyer……Get some actual building inspectors to get someone to help them video some of these Building for these Companies or Corp. because you don't need experience to hold a camera…Rotten two by fours?? (Pulte)And they got a three?? Lennar a five star and there not even Custom…..???

  8. How is this an honesty review when you can see 50 one star reviews on many websites. Come on man. I'm currently living in a westcoast home 112 years old. In all my life my house never had any of the issues I read about with supposedly new Lennar homes. I'd want a 10 year warranty on their foundations. I would never trust that company. Nice looking homes. Poor build quality.

  9. Just found you Lance

    I plan to move to Tampa
    Do all new homes have HOA?
    I prefer home with no HOA fee.
    I may call you in future.

  10. This is crap you are right when you say that you make them lots of money I do not hear you talking about the hundreds of default Lennar homes have the moles that are killing people cancer and all kind of diseases they need to shut them down

  11. Lance, Im looking for a home in Land-Olakes, FL area. Lennar is an option. However I have a question regarding the service you say they gave you shortly outside your warranty window. Do you think you got that service because you also sell homes and they treated you differently then they may treat the rest of us that do not sell homes? Thanks for any response.

  12. All homes have to meet the minimum code requirements for all trades including insulation. Anything less would be criminal. What sets Lennar apart from Ryan, Del Webb KHov etc? Unless they do something that exceeds the code requirements because they want customers to be satisfied, they are the same as any other builder. Extra caulk or insulation doesnt make them great,just cheap.

  13. Also, they have to turn in a master plan. In other words the floor plan approved by the building official is the floor plan you have to use, thats whats been approved and thats why you cant make structural changes to a floor plan after the fact,design studios dont matter. Your right though, the construction process has a lot of people confused.

  14. Hi Lance. Thanks for these great videos. I'm thinking of buying a Lenar home. Do you still recommend them? Have you heard anything bad about them? Thank you

  15. If you like rats, mold, poor workmanship, bullshit, substandard work, delays, late closings and lots of headaches….then Lennar is the builder for you. I'm an owner so I know 1st hand.

  16. Hi, how does Lennar compare with Taylor Morrison – i.e. who has better build quality, features, uses better materials, labor, vendors, etc? Thanks!!

  17. It’s so sleazy to recommend a company that has so many outstanding issues with customers. Any company that cuts off their clients rather than honor their warranties or even to fix obvious code violations out of warranty should not be in business. I know they make you a lot of money. But how can you talk people into buying these disasters?

  18. You are a liar and instead of doing what you can to rectify the issues ALL of the people are having AROUND THE US, you make this fake video!! I will NOT be purchasing a Lennar home and I came close!! Thank you customers for taking the time to review this horrible builder.

  19. I really appreciate this video. I’m due to close on a Lennar Home in 2weeks and I’ll be honest I was that person that read all the bad reviews and of course panicked. I have already research and found my own inspector I’ve made a list of all the things to check on my walkthrough. I have an amazing realtor and LO who helps me understand the fine details in my contract. I am curious, if I should have something that goes outside the warranty (expires) is there any advice you can get to still get those things fixed. Lennar gets a bad rap about not responding to service request as well. Any suggestion how to best avoid the run around with them???? Thanks in advance

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