(calm music) – All right, friends. I’ve been doin’ all kinds of movin’ vlogs, you’ve been with me. We’ve fought those movers,
we’ve packed those boxes, we’ve been searching for a while, we have found the perfect house for us. Today is actually our walk through. We’ve got double closings
getting ready to happen, we have contractors coming today to start some projects here,
and the kids are running in the sunshine playin’ already. So anyway, real quick before
things start percolate here, I wanna give you a before house tour. We’re not doing anything
too terribly exciting, but it’s still gonna be fantastic. Why do I feel I have to
give that disclaimer? Anyway, here’s the before,
and then in a few days, I’ll give you the after. This is the empty house
tour with some of the stuff that the people have left here. So here we go, okay! Come in in the front
door, now I couldn’t get, oh yeah that light is on. Okay, so this is a foyer area. Real awesome and cool baseboard
heating, original, 1963 We will be putting in
new heat pump et cetera, but yeah, really nice, big foyer. The big thing the
contractors will be doing besides some repairs, we’re
gonna do all the walls a fresh color, fresh ceiling,
and then all this trim is gonna be a different color, so. But anyway, just a nice big area. This is, ta-da! The living room, fantastic window. This is the furniture they
left, I don’t know why, we’ll see what happens with it. And then, Zion has been playin’
this every time we visited. We didn’t know if they’d leave it or not, so apparently Zion gets an organ. So this is the living room,
we got a fireplace here. Now right here, this, we’re
gonna have a wall built. This dining room, which would be a normal size dining room here, is too small for us to
really use as a dining room. I would like to get a 12 foot table or so, can’t get those lights on but they probably just need fresh bulbs. Anyway, this is gonna be Zion’s bedroom. Has a door that closes,
gonna have a wall here, again here’s the other
view of the living room. Kids are outside playin’,
yes, so Zion’s room. So this is the room I’m
super excited about, we’re gonna live our whole lives in here. So this is the big family
room, down there’s the kitchen. Again, colors are changin’. Got another fireplace,
it’s got three fireplaces. We don’t plan to use any
of ’em, but they’re here. Like I always say, good
for the zombie apocalypse. This’ll be painted, so I’m planning to have nice, big table here. There’s a deck off of there, that’s another heat system thing, but again we’re gonna switch all that out. Kitchen, aha, fantastic. Again, I can’t get any lights on. Way too small, but it’s
gonna be lots of fun. We have our original 1963 stove with push buttons, how fancy, be jealous. The hood, got some good cabinets. Here is the super cute oven which I say is a camping stove size oven. I don’t know if I could get
a pizza in there, maybe. So lots of fun still, we got
wallpaper, again original. Original refrigerator, wow! Yes, okay, so little kitchen area. I’m gonna get new hardware
for these cabinets, they’re gonna be painted. This floor is obviously
nothing to write home about. We’re not doing a huge
complete renovation, but we are doin’ a quick
fix up to get in the door and be comfortable for the time being. Like one of the things
is they’re gonna take this post out for me. But I’ve got one color picked, I’ll show you in my big
reveal here in a few days, and I’m just so excited to
do all this cooking in here and then have a big table out there, probably have another couch there. Just fun times. So again, then this will be Zion’s room, so his room will be off the
kitchen, but you know what? He’s got a room. Hey, here’s some light switches. Let’s figure, any mysteries here? Nothing, nothing, okay. All right, and then in here,
so we got a little pocket door. Laundry room. Then there’s the garage
is directly connected. So there we go, garage. Now in our moving, our plan is, I’m gonna put the pantry
things, kitchen things up here, the rest’ll go in the basement
and we’ll work from there. But there ya go, oh and they have, so because in the ’60s I’m guessing everyone didn’t have washers
dryers, I think they had washer and then they did their clothes outside, the dryer out here was an
afterthought which is fine, so we will be getting a stackable
washer and dryer for here. I’m so happy to have a utility sink. There’s a little shed out back and that’s gonna be my
chicken coop for now. So we will have to take that cabinet down, but I just saw these! This is exciting. I’m just so happy to have a laundry room that has doors we can close, yay! So stackable washer and dryer, let’s see, any lights comin’ on in here? Nope, okay, new light bulbs everywhere. Stackable washer and dryer. Over here we have some closets, yes Naomi and I were super thrilled. Look at this ironing
board, good old fashioned ironing board, how fun, how fun is that. It’s exciting, I’m excited! Yes, whoop, whoop, whoop, let’s not get hit in the head with it though. Another closet, ooh some goodies. Some goodies to clean out, okay. So little desk, and I like these, we’re gonna have these
part of our big paint. So the whole house, top to bottom, top to bottom fresh interior paint. There we’ve got deck,
little deck out there. Okay, so then this is
the door to the basement. So glory of glories, the
main house, all on one level. I mean, you all can say
this with me by this point, super excited, all on one level, we got about 2100 square
feet, it’s like 2050, main level living, then there’s
a 2200 square foot basement, thank you Jesus,
underneath, with all kinds of hopes and dreams, so
that’s the basement door and then let me think. I think I’m gonna take you this way. This door here, that is the
master bedroom bathroom, but it’s like a Jack and Jill bathroom, a little bit in that it’s got two doors, not another bedroom in
between with the bathroom. I guess that might technically
be a Jack and Jill bathroom. Anyway, tell me, is a Jack
and Jill bathroom a bathroom with two doors, or one that has a bathroom in the middle and a room on either end? Oh well, but then we’ve
got the family room here. Whatevs, we got a bathroom, that’ll have all kinds of adventures havin’ two doors on that. I’m gonna take you back this way. So then down a dark hallway. Oh, lights, lights, yay. All kinds of closets goin’ on here. Again these will not be
green, but yeah I think, yeah there’s another light in there. Closet. Another closet, we’re
thinkin’ of actually using that side garage entrance
as our main in and out, but believe me, momma
can have lots of closets, no complaints here. These are nice, big closets. So again these are all
getting painted, woo. Okay, then hallway, so
this is the bedroom end, so we have, again this will be painted, this is the girls room, yep. So we’re gonna have new beds in here, girls have a nice big closet,
it’s already a pink but again, you’ll see our colors soon. Nice floors. This is, oh again, be jealous! Teal sink, original, retro! Fantastic bathroom, so we’ll
be workin’ through this. This will be boys room, we’re
gonna have Gabriel and Liam. So Liam’s gonna have a new, I
wanna do those Ikea loft beds so he’ll have his bed up top
and his fun world underneath. Gabriel’s over there, and
then here a mini bunk bed for Daniel and Benjamin, look
we get a stained mattress with this deal, it’s pretty good. So oh, and then I also love
the original light covers. So I’m gonna have this little light cover put in the girls room
and then the girls room has one with navigation,
gonna put that in here. But big closet for those four boys. Lots of good storage, yes! God bless it. Okay, and then here we
have mom and dad’s room. Not huge at all, fantastic
retro TV with the antennas, but we’ll get, oh look. My kids are gonna be like,
“Mom, what kinda phone is that?” They’ll have no idea. Anyway, this room will pretty
much be for our king size bed, but our room doesn’t have to double as a living room now so that’s fine. Glorious walk in closet. Let’s see, it lights! So this is bigger than
my walk in closet now that’s also my office. I think I’m gonna use this as a closet and not an office, isn’t that nice? And so this’ll be all painted too. So again, for 1963, this house
was the bomb dot com, right? So okay, then the other bathroom. This is the one where the
door leads out that way. Yep, I tell ya, only the
best, only the best here. So there we go! So thank you for joining
me for this brand new, really this house is in, it
needs a good cleaning condition. If you haven’t seen my other videos, the history of this house was
a couple in their early 40s, about Travis and I’s age,
built this house in 1963. They lived here until they passed. The last of the couple passed at age 97 just a few years ago. So I believe probably
when they went into care about 10 years ago this
house went on the market and they couldn’t sell it then. Then they gave it another
go and we were here ready to buy it. And this house has the size footprint and it’s seven acres and
it’s a fantastic location. Again, living rurally,
we’re still gonna have times where we drive an hour,
but it’s not gonna be an hour every time we just
go out to civilization. We have big shopping
centers three minutes away, church is 25 minutes away, our
big city’s 20 minutes away, Aldi, 20 minutes. I mean, so just super, super
exciting stuff goin’ on here, and we’re just gonna
work through this house and make it our own. Be looking for my upcoming videos that are gonna show the updates
the contractors are making, we’re gonna go to Ikea, we’re gonna work through
organizing, a lot comin’ on. And I am gonna be cookin’ food
in the middle of all this, so stay tuned, I’ll talk to you in those comments below, bye bye. (calm music)


  1. J – I think your house is so charming! Thank you Travis for not being afraid of whatever the inspector found. Your new roof saved you 21 grand – we bought a fixer upper last year and had to do a roof. Your house was so lonely for such a long time, and now its cup runneth over! 🙂 Blessings.

  2. Give us a tour after the painting is done. I would use at least one of the fireplaces if they are in good condition especially the one in the kitchen. You could roast some Marshmallows in them for the kids. The kitchen cabinets look like real wood. With that much room in the basement, you could divide them up and put a nice recreation/family room down there. Lots of good closets was a plus too.

  3. It does seem to be in great shape though! It’s so cool to see them “preserved” lol that bathroom looks like a public pool restroom.
    Hope you love it! It’s so nice to finally be where you need to be.

  4. All one level 🙌🙌❤️❤️ and Laundry room ! Such a great home! and that little tv 📺😂

  5. Nice house… the walk through….word of advice…..KEEP THE ORGAN!!!!!! My aunt in Ohio had the exact model and I played it too.

  6. That is called a "Continental" bathroom I believe, when it connects to the bedroom and then the living area.

  7. I’d be enjoying that fireplace every night….such a cozy space and close to kitchen. Amazing house……be blessed

  8. Love them old houses .. congratulations on your move exciting the floors are beautiful lots of it

  9. Woah cool house but I see a ton of updating that needs to be done. You need to get Joanna & Chip on speed dial.
    Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing!

  10. It beautiful and I would have fireplace clean and use them if they are safe lower heating bills and great fun

  11. LOVE the teal sinks! Fun for girls. Please don’t paint your tile… people on Facebook are telling you to do it. Please don’t… I’m in my 40’a and see these retro styles everywhere…. we house search all the time because we are nosy lol Love the potential of this house…thanks for sharing with us! Xo

  12. Congrats so excited for y’all!!! We did the same thing with our house it’s an adventure but definitely doable. Have a great day!!!

  13. Wow for a house that old it looks like its been well taken care of. I love older homes as they have more character. Tons of potential in this home. I am excited to see your next video.

  14. Just my opinion… maybe read some reviews on front loading washer and dryers. I had one and had them stackable. The space saving was nice for us. Over all though I did not care for the front loading. Everyone is different though.

  15. I’ve watched you for many years and excited for your move. I loved watching the Duggar family, and it’d be awesome if you had an industrial kitchen they have in there back kitchen. Especially for your large family a restaurant grade Viking stove would be awesome!

  16. Definitely dated, but looks like it’s in great condition! Congratulations! Excited for your family’s new adventure 😊

  17. So much YouTube content available in fixing up this old house. Can’t wait. IKEA watch out here comes Jamerrill

  18. Love your new house, it's a working project for you all to enjoy. You will have it lovely at the end of it all. Good luck on your next chapter of your life..x

  19. "Only the best" It IS the best! So glad you were able to find what you were looking for! And 2000+ square feet in the basement, HECK YEAH!!!

  20. What a beautiful home! I love how your channel is almost at 200k subscribers! It's so hard to check all the boxes..but as long as you can do most of them it's a score! I love the French Doors and the gorgeous wood floors! My husband and I have been looking to move as well & we've seen some really great deals..I've been calling some rooms the "Paint must have been on sale room" lol bc the room would have been the most electric blue or crazy color that you've never ever seen before in your life! Lol. The last one I looked at today was a wallpaper nightmare..thx for the'll make a lovely home even better!

  21. Can not wait to see what you do with the place. I like several of the features and where are you putting the chickens (love the chickens).

  22. Oh girl! I would love that house!! I am feeling the bathrooms. If you wanted you could paint it when that time comes.

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  24. We have the same oven! I cant fit a augers large pizza in there, think Aldi take and bake unfrozen size. But I can fit a normal frozen pizza in it.

  25. The house is a little bit dated but I have to say everything's nice and clean and kept in good condition .

  26. i really like your new house. It's charming. Can hardly wait to see how you make it your own. So happy for you all. 😊

  27. I’m so excited to see your house transformation!! How fun! We did that slightly with our first home (where we are now) it’s a 1980 and it had been a rental for years, possibly decades. It needed a good scrubbing and maintenance but now it feels so good to have put in the work and made it ours!

  28. Congratulations! We have a 1961 home that was considered top of the line back in the day. It has similar features to your house, with retro bathrooms (blue tub & floor tile, we had to replace the blue sink & toilet), retro kitchen (steel cabinets & double drainboard sink) that is small, wood floors, tongue & groove walls & we have big gas wall heaters (like 5ft tall) in 4 rooms. Oh & built ins. Our home still needs cosmetic touch ups but it's sturdy and suits us. A basement is something we don't have here though. I think I would put the laundry room down there or in the garage & knock out the wall to extend the kitchen where the laundry room currently is.

  29. 1963 is my birth year. And I love mid century modern. Yep no dryers back then. We hung on the line out back. I do love stackable washer and dryer. I think it’s a bath (tub) in the middle of two potty rooms. I like the teal. Those light shades are really valuable. My teenage phone. Yes these house was like the Bewitched house. Very nice. Congratulations! Leslye

  30. I love it! Who cares if it is retro?! If the space will fit your family better then that is all that matters. You can update later at the pace you can afford and desire to do so. I can't wait to see it after you decorate it.

  31. Don’t let anyone tell you those bathrooms are wrong they look cute and with some decor they will look amazing European looking thats how many of us live Europe we live in old houses I lived in 500 year old one. That house is stunning bathrooms included just needs cleaning and painting. It’s not small either for our standards. Camper oven in my book is piece of metal that you put on the fire! Kitchen is beautiful! Amazing house❤️
    My cousin has 6 kids has a small kitchen small house in the countryside don’t let people tell you that’s a small kitchen that’s American standards who like everything big… it’s beautiful❤️ you’re going to be so happy there God bless your family

  32. I love that the homes in USA are huge. Ours in the UK are tiny in comparison. And all that storage in the closets. I'm sure you are going to make it perfect for you all and i am so looking forward to watching the journey. Much luv and blessings to you all. xx

  33. Please don't pay attention to the negative people.

    Momma you're rocking it! Love your new home!
    Many hugs and kisses to you !

  34. Before you switch out heating system…live with and try..baseboard heating…we loved…it was the warmest on our feet..and cleanest on our …hubby's allergies…was less sick in that home…make sense?? We dont know why??? …easier to keep duct work…electric bill…same..if not less than having electric and gas heat..the final for 3 bills averaging 3months each season…dont know why.?? 🤔🤔
    Beautiful home!!👩‍🦳👍👴🙏❤congratulations.

  35. The living room and kitchen/diner reminded me so much of rooms in your old house! I like the little utility room 🙂

  36. I love your new home and I know it's dated but that green on the doors and trim it's amazing to me!

  37. The house is beautiful. The best materials were obviously used when it was built, and they have been well cared for. Just curious why four boys would go into one small bedroom?

  38. Congrats I actually love the retro bathrooms so many people would pay top dollar for the fixtures.
    I'm so excited for you because you look so happy. I know there were some issues at the old house and now you just look so happy. Brenda from Chicago. I'm laughing about the tv the first time my son saw a black and white tv he was about 4 and he said mommy this tv is broken there's no color lol

  39. Oh girl….. hang in there mama!!! Moving is so stressful but so worth it. I can’t wait to see what all the contractors did to update the house.

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