Kanye West | House Tour 2020 | His TWO New 28.5 Million Dollar Ranches

Kanye West | House Tour 2020 | His TWO New 28.5 Million Dollar Ranches

In recent news, Kanye West has purchased not
one, but TWO massive multi million dollar ranches in Wyoming just months apart. Kanye always loves to do it big, and these
new properties are no exception. Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian West have
built quite the empire, and the main 22-million-dollar estate they call home is in Hidden Hills,
California beside the rest of the Kardashian Jenner clan. Let’s see what Kanye’s new multi million
dollar ranches look like as well as his family home with Kim. Kanye West is a man who wears many hats including
rapper, singer, songwriter, fashion designer and more. Let’s not forget he’s also a husband and
father and has created a pretty big family with his also, mega famous wife Kim. Together they have 4 children – North, Saint,
Psalm and Chicago. At the time of this recording Kanye is 42
years old and he’s become one of the world’s best selling music artists of all time. He’s also won 21 Grammy awards alone, and
made the list of “Most Influential people in the world” twice before from Time magazine. Some may say that Kanye’s views and life
outside of music are outspoken and controversial at times but I don’t see him changing anytime
soon. He’s definitely a unique artist and his
homes are no different. Kanye has come a long way from his childhood
and although he was raised in a middle class, suburban life for the most part it certainly
doesn’t compare to the crazy success and money he has these days. Kanye is officially the highest paid person
in hip hop according to Forbes bringing in an estimated 150 Mill last year alone. Although Forbes estimates his net worth at
around 250 Million, Kanye insists he’s a billionaire. Either way, combine Kanye’s bank with his
wife Kim Kardashian West, and you get an insane fortune considering her net worth is over
370 million. So I’m not surprised with the multi millions
the couple spends on properties and their mansions. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. We’re going to take a look at Kanye West’s
real estates including his TWO new multi million dollar ranches in Wyoming, his family home
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the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. Before we jump into Kanye’s properties,
let’s look at where he was living as a kid before he made it big. We know that Kanye was born in Atlanta but
grew up for the most part in Chicago with his mother since he was 3 years old. The home he lived in as a kid was a humble
1600 square feet and was located on South Shore Drive. In 2016, the organization Donda’s House,
founded in honor of Kanye’s mom Donda West, acquired the childhood home after it was abandoned
for years. The foundation had the intention of turning
Kanye’s childhood house into a type of Arts centre, but the building had a lot of damage
and they opted to rebuild instead. Just to note, there has been a lot of drama
between Kanye and the Donda House organization and I don’t think he’s been involved with
the charity for a few years now. Since Kanye made it big he only moved up from
his 1600 square foot childhood home. Before he started a family with Kim, of course
he had a bachelor pad too. Kanye purchased a home in the Hollywood Hills
for 1.7 million ALL the way back in 2003. His old place was 4200 square feet and had
3 beds and 4 baths. It was a multilevel home and had a lot of
the minimalistic and unique design Kanye loves so much. There was a cartoon style mural in one of
the main areas and a fish tank in the master bath. Other features of Kanye’s Hollywood bachelor
pad included a den, a home movie theatre, and balconies on 3 levels. Kanye put this place on the market for a hopeful
3.9 million but had to shave down the price because nobody bought it for 7 longggggg years. Apparently the final selling price was 2.95
mill. Let’s also take a look at where Kanye lives
these days with his fam in Hidden Hills. First of all, Hidden Hills is a neighborhood
in Calabasas California where a ton of celebrities live, most famously the Kardashian Jenner
clan – give or take a couple family members. Makes sense that Kanye and Kim bought their
property next door to Kim’s family. You need MILLIONS to buy anything in this
area, and Kanye and Kim spent over 22 Mill for their home. But the couple wasn’t interested in the
original house – nope. They demolished that, and spent ANOTHER 20
million to build their palace. The Kardashian West family home is 15,667
square feet and has 8 beds and 10 baths. Kanye made SURE this home was made with his
artistic influence, and it might look cold or slightly empty to some but it was the look
he was going for – “minimalistic”. The Hidden Hills mansion is very open concept
and offers a lot of white and neutral tones. One bathroom in this home Kanye is especially
proud of. It has a ton of light, a large square tub
that fits all 4 of their children, and these fancy – sort of weird – sinks. Kanye actually helped to design the sinks. Kanye and Kim completely redid the 3.5 acres
of land the mansion sits on too. They added a basketball court for Kanye’s
birthday and added a massive pool which was 20 by 60 feet. So big they had to get a building permit for
it! The vineyard that was there when they bought
the home stayed put though. We could go on and on about Kanye’s minimalistic
family mansion, but we’re gonna focus on the new Wyoming properties. Let’s talk about Ranch number 1. Reports in September of last year spoke about
Kanye purchasing a 14 million dollar ranch in Cody, Wyoming called Monster Lake Ranch. It was given this name because the freshwater
lakes that surround it are full of “monster trout”. Makes sense. Kanye’s ranch is in Northwestern Wyoming
and sits about 75 miles from Yellowstone national park. It’s an estimated 1400 acres of land, complete
with a mountain backdrop and grassy plains. Monster Lake Ranch also includes a restaurant
and saloon, a ranch style event venue, a maintenance shop, an office building, and other ranch
necessities like horse barns, sheds, corrals, and storage facilities. Not to mention there’s a state of the art
shooting range. Kanye’s ranch also has two ranch manager
homes on the property and 8 luxury cabins which fit up to 20 guests. Miss Kardashian West confirmed that they got
a ranch in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, when she said:
“We love Wyoming; it’s always been such an amazing place. My husband did just buy a ranch there. His dream and his vision is to move there. I love LA, so I envision summers; I envision
some weekends. But yeah, we love it.” So like I mentioned, one giant ranch just
wasn’t enough for Kanye. Just a couple short months after purchasing
Monster Lake Ranch, Kanye bought another multi million dollar ranch in Wyoming. This new acquisition was an estimated 14.495
Mill and it’s known as the Bighorn Mountain Ranch which has been around since 1906. It’s nearby to the first ranch, but located
just outside Greybull, Wyoming. An area known for beautiful natural landscapes. Kanye’s new ranch sits on a massive 6,713
acres of land that are full of canyons, mountains, creeks, and grounds for hunting. I think the property would be beautiful I
would just stay away from the hunting – not my thing. Bighorn Mountain Ranch has a main log home
called the Lodge at Bald Ridge which has 5 beds and 4 baths. The home overlooks a large canyon and pond,
and also has a wraparound porch to enjoy all of the surroundings. Of course there’s a wood burning fireplace
and large commercial kitchen too. The Snowshoe Lodge is another large home on
Kanye’s new ranch, with 3 beds and 3 baths. It also has some cool features like a wet
bar in the basement and attached walk-in sauna. Sounds perfect for the colder days. There are three more cabins surrounding this
lodge that can fit 4 to 6 guests each. There’s an additional cookhouse cabin which
can fit 2 people and what’s called a more “rustic” Cow Camp cabin. Also on Kanye’s Big Horn Mountain Ranch
there are some fancier amenities like the two heated helicopter pads that provide year
round access to the property. It’s only a short 10 minute flight from
the town of Greybull. Some outdoor features of the land include
the fact that it’s home to plenty of wildlife. There are about 2000 elks that use the ranch
and the nearby public lands. The creek onsite, White Creek, is also perfect
for small trout fishing. More activities available around Big Horn
Mountain Ranch include biking, skiing and climbing. We can’t be sure what exactly Kanye and
his family plan on doing with both of these massive Wyoming ranches but it seems like
for now, him and the family are enjoying some serious down time out there. Now we’ve looked at Kanye’s epic real
estate from his ultra modern, mega family mansion in Hidden Hills that’s worth over
60 mill to his two new multi million dollar Wyoming ranches and more. We know that Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian
West have joined forces to build a crazy successful empire, and with their pretty much billionaire
status, they can afford all the properties they please. Kanye’s real investments pre Kim were a
bit smaller scale, but still fancy. We saw the bachelor pad he sold, finally,
in the Hollywood Hills. Kanye and Kim also owned a fancy New York
City condo too but they put it on the market last year for 4.7 mill. Either way, Kanye and Kim’s Hidden Hills
family mansion is impressive enough, but I guess he wanted some space outside of LA. Now Kanye owns both Monster Lake Ranch AND
Bighorn Mountain Ranch in Wyoming to go enjoy some downtime with the fam whenever he pleases. What do you guys think about his two new multi
million dollar ranches? Ok guys now I’ll read out some comments
from previous vids. On our recent Chris Brown House tour video,
Aleshay Burke said: “Thank you so much for doing a tour on chris
brown’s house. Thank you. Thank you. So much I truly truly do appreciate it so
much, I do” and also on the same vid, Kayla Wilson said:
“youre not the only one who’s seen the movie 14 cameras I’ve seen it too”
Seems like a few of you guys have seen it. I thought the guy in that was one of the biggest
creeps Ive ever seen And finally on our Will & Jada Smith house
tour, Dreamergirlbaby said: “Their home is my dream I love the earthy
warm colors and vibes” Aright guys, that’s all I could find Kanye’s
new massive ranches in Wyoming he recently bought. Did you guys like his new properties? Which was your fave. I’m not a huge fan of the family house in
Hidden Hills, I like something a bit more homey but those ranches look gorgeous. Let me know in the comments as well as what
other celebrity houses youd like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!

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