Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin | House Tour 2019 | Toluca Lake, Beverly Hills & Canada!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, well now
Hailey Bieber as you know, recently tied the knot again with a traditional ceremony in
South Carolina. The newlyweds already made their marriage
official last year in a Manhattan courthouse but this time it was a bigger celebration
with friends and family members, 154 guests to be exact. The couple seems like a match made in heaven
and have been happily cohabitating with one another for quite some time now. I guess that Justin and Hailey are really
enjoying living together to say the least, along with their cute pets, their pup Oscar
and their new exotic kittens Sushi and Tuna I’ve seen some comments requesting a house
tour for the couple, so what better time than now, considering Justin also recently took
to Instagram posting pics of their Beverly Hills mansion. Justin is 25 at the time of this recording
and Hailey is 22. Although the couple is young, they’re both
super successful and it looks like they’ve made more than one real estate investment
together so far. Pre Hailey, Justin had a few different properties,
including a mansion in Calabasas that’s now owned by none other than Khloe Kardashian. Back then, Justin still hadn’t settled down
and was actually charged for vandalizing the neighbor’s property. Pretty sure the incident involved eggs. Now as a married man, it seems Justin has
been tamed. We know that the couple has a mansion in Beverly
Hills, and prior to this rented another home for the modest price of 100k per month. That’s not all though, we know the Biebs
is a proud Canadian so of course, the two purchased a beautiful house in Ontario, close
to Justin’s hometown of Stratford too. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. We’re going to look at where Justin and
Hailey Bieber call home, including their Beverly Hills spot and their mansion in Canada. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
subscribed and ring that bell to be notified when we post so you can always be up to date. We’ve also done house tours on the likes
of Katy Perry and the members of the Kardashian Jenner family and we’ll have links to some
at the end of this. I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this video. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. For starters, let’s see the crazy expensive
rental Justin and Hailey lived in before their current Beverly Hills home. The couple was renting a mansion on Toluca
Lake for almost 100 grand per month, which went on the market afterwards for 8.5 million. This Spanish style home was 6500 square feet
and had 5 beds, 7 baths and a ton of other features. There was a chef’s kitchen, a professional
recording studio, a gym, and a 6 car garage. To go along with the perfect lake views, Justin
and Hailey also had a 600 square foot covered patio, pool and private dock. In the master suite there was a separate seating
area, large ensuite bathroom, and walk in closet. The bedrooms also had private balconies with
views of Toluca Lake. Justin and Hailey apparently paid the amount
they did for rent because they were doing it month to month, so they could move whenever
they wanted. The two enjoyed this house for awhile up until
they found their Beverly Hills mansion that they now call home. Earlier this year, Justin and Hailey decided
to put down some roots in LA when they bought a 1930s Monterey Colonial house in Beverly
Hills. The house came with a price tag of 8.5 million,
and was completely renovated by the previous owner. This mansion is 6132 square feet and has 5
beds and 7 bathrooms. Justin took to Instagram recently and decided
to show off him and Hailey’s gorgeous mansion. The star posted a bunch of photos of the home,
writing in the captions about selling the place and asking If anyone wants to buy it. Who knows if Justin was serious, but if he
was, he also said he’d include the furniture. We can see from the pics that Justin shared
that him and Hailey decorated the house and gave it their own vibes. There’s a snowboard lined staircase and
plenty of unique art. The cellar has wallpaper that was inspired
by the Beverly Hills Hotel and a blue neon sign that reads “The Tropics”. There’s also a bar, fooseball table, wine
cellar, and wooden swing here. In the game room, we can see another swing
and there’s also a giant photo of Hailey and Justin on the wall. How romantic. Of course, the home has a bunch of other rooms
and features that Justin didn’t fully show off on his Instagram tour. The couple has a gorgeous master suite with
a fireplace and cozy seating areas, and their spacious bathroom has a walk in marble shower. The mansion also has a movie theatre where
the couple seems to enjoy date night, and a wood paneled library. Outside, there are more impressive features
including a brand new infinity pool, cabana, outdoor fireplace and of course a garage to
store their fancy cars. For some reason I think that Justin was kidding
when he said he wanted to sell the place. I mean they only bought it earlier this year
so I’m sure only now is the mansion really starting to feel like “home” for the couple. Do you guys think he’s serious? Let me know in the comments. Since Justin is Canadian from a small town
in Ontario called Stratford, it makes sense that a home in Beverly Hills wasn’t quite
enough for him and Hailey. Even before the newlyweds bought their LA
home, they already had purchased a mansion in Canada, probably so Justin could have a
spot close to his family too. Justin’s hometown of Stratford is less than
an hour drive from him and Hailey’s mansion which is located on a private lake called
Puslinch Lake, in Wellington County Ontario. Locals would call the county one of the sleepier
areas of Ontario – definitely not like Toronto, which would make it the perfect home for the
Biebers to escape celebrity life. According to records the house was on the
market for awhile and when Justin decided to purchase, he paid around 5 million. The mansion sits on over 100 acres of property
and the house itself is 9000 square feet. There are four beds, six baths AND a three
car garage. Although Justin and Hailey have yet to share
personal photos of the home, you can tell from the listing pics that the place is definitely
impressive. The exposed beams and wood accents give it
a bit of a cozy, Canadian feel – as much as possible considering how huge the place
is. The four bedrooms are spread over two storeys
and the master bedroom sits on ground level, with super high ceilings and a ton of windows. Of course it also has its own fancy bathroom
and walk in closet. Some other features of Justin and Hailey’s
mansion include a two level wine celler, private gym, games room, and a movie theatre. Of course there are also a few fireplaces
and heated flooring – because we know those are necessary for the COLD Canadian winters. And just to clear it up, it isn’t cold year
round we have a hot summer I SWEAR – winter just happens to last like, half the year. Moving outside, this is one of the celeb mansions
that doesn’t have a pool, but considering it offers private access to the lake I don’t
see why Justin and Hailey would need one. And they have a gorgeous pool at their Beverly
hills mansion anyways! Of course with a lakefront property there’s
also a full boathouse. If the couple decides they want some horses,
not to worry – this house has an equestrian training facility on the property which is
a space built to house and train them. It’s complete with stables and a private
race track. Hailey and Justin’s mega mansion is also
just an hour away from the house Justin bought for his dad back in 2013 near Stratford, so
visits would definitely be convenient. Their house is super private and secluded,
but they only need to drive 20 minutes to the closest Tim Horton’s, and im sure Justin
and Hailey could get someone else to do a coffee run for them. So we don’t know if Justin was serious about
selling him and Hailey’s Beverly Hills love nest when he posted on Instagram, but whatever
the case it allowed us to catch a glimpse into the couples’ gorgeous home. The 8.5 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion
that Hailey and Justin purchased earlier this year is nothing short of impressive, and it
looks like they’ve spent enough time living in it now to make it their own. Justin and Hailey clearly don’t spend as
much time in Canada which might be the reason that they haven’t shown it off much or maybe
I just didn’t catch it. Either way, according to the sources, this
lakefront mansion is really gorgeous as well. I’d say the two aren’t doing so bad for
a young couple that just got married. I’m sure their real estate portfolio will
just keep growing along with their relationship – and their bank accounts. OK GUYS now its time for me to read some of
your comments from previous videos. This one was from our Khloe Kardashian house
tour, Glenda Baugh Johnson said Me too Glenda. I think for me it’s between hers, and Kris
Jenner’s original family home. On our Kris Jenner house tour, Kirra Flynn
said Same here Kirra. I love the original one – I think most people
seem to like those two houses of Kris’ the best. And finally on our Kim K house tour “the
family show of 4” said RIGHT? That was what I meant when I threw shade at
their home in the video…it’s a beautiful property it just totally looks like no one
lives there. Agreed. Aright guys, that’s all I could find on Justin
and Hayley Bieber’s mansions. As far as I know the only real estate the
newlyweds own at the moment is their Beverly Hills home and mansion in the great white
north. But seeing as theyre both multi million dollar
spots it’s probably enough for now. Let me know what you guys think about Justin
and Hailey’s homes OR if there’s anything that I missed. Maybe they have a third one that I have no
clue about. Which one of Justin and Hailey’s homes do
you like best? I love them both, but the mansion in Canada
is probably a little bit too secluded for every day living. Perfect for a cottage though as us Canadians
would say. Lemme know in the comments. AND let me know some other celebrity houses
you’d like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next week with some new videos. Bye!

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