Johnny Depp | House Tour 2020 | Bahamas Islands, French Village and Hollywood Hills Properties!!

Johnny Depp | House Tour 2020 | Bahamas Islands, French Village and Hollywood Hills Properties!!

From what I know it’s been a rough few years
for A list actor Johnny Depp. Let me start by saying he was probably my
first Hollywood crush EVER and I still think he’s amazing. But around 2017 it was reported that although
Johnny made around 650million from his long running film career alone, almost all of his
fortune was gone. It’s a long and confusing web of stories
which I wont get into, but there were a ton of lawsuits too. Johnny was suing his business manager and
company for “negligence”, fraud and more and he claimed he didn’t know where a lot
of his cash was going. It also had to do with his family blowing
millions of his dollars, especially his sister Christi. And who could forget the crazy legal battle
with his ex wife Amber Heard. It was just so much drama in such a short
amount of time. We also know that Mr Depp has enjoyed a lavish
lifestyle, between his insane monthly expenses and more than 14 homes he owned. Even an ENTIRE French village. John Christopher Depp the Second who we all
know as Johnny Depp, is 56 at the time of this recording and he’s an actor, producer
and musician. He’s not on social media but I’m not surprised
because Johnny never seemed like the type to me. Johnny is known as one of the world’s biggest
film stars and he’s been nominated for 10 Golden Globes, winning one for best actor
in Sweeney Todd as well as 3 academy award nominations. Forbes estimates that with Johnny losing a
lot of his fortune as we know, his net worth sits at around 200million now. But that’s up for debate. So you guys requested a house tour on Johnny
and he definitely has a pretty crazy real estate portfolio. We know the actor owned properties all over
the WORLD at one point, but these days he has sold a handful of them. Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
another House Tour here on Famous Entertainment. Since Johnny Depp has owned too many homes
to count over the years this video’s going to be a little different. I’m not totally sure which of Johnny’s
places he still owns and which exact home he’s living in present day, but we’re
gonna list the real estate we know about. And it’s over the top to say the least. If you like these videos, make sure you’re
subscribed and ring that bell to be notified when we post so you can always be up to date. We’ve also done house tours on the likes
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because I love connecting with you guys! I’ve also been reading all your comments
and I’m going to be responding to some at the end of this. I need you to let me know who to do next in
the comments down below, and who’s home you’d like to see. Now let’s get into this video. PREVIOUS HOMES/STUFF HE SOLD
So like I mentioned, it’s no secret that Johnny has had a habit of spending his millions
pretty freely. To get an idea, during some of his 2017 court
battles about his funds, he was accused of digging himself into a financial hole with
2 mill in monthly expenses. The star allegedly spent 30K on wine, 300K
on staff, 150k on security for him and his fam, and 200K on a private jet every MONTH. And these bills don’t even include the homes
he bought. YACHTS One of Johnny’s previous living quarters
we know about is his yacht. Unfortunately it was costing him too much
to keep, and he actually sold it to JK Rowling but she didn’t own it for long either. Apparently Johnny spent 18 mill on this yacht
that was named “Amphitrite” after ex wife Amber. But I more recently found that Johnny owns
another Yacht named Vajoliroja, which is a name he created combining the names of himself,
his ex partner Vanessa, and their two children. Except you can actually rent out and charter
this yacht if you’d like for only 130K a week in peak season! Johnny’s yacht was designed to reflect his
personal style and looks pretty royal and vintage. He wanted the yacht to also resemble the “classic
gentleman’s yachts of the 1930s”. There are 5 main cabins on this yacht, the
master stateroom, VIP cabin, double cabin, twin cabin, and a bunk cabin. It can sleep up to 10 guests AND 8 crew members. So if Johnny didn’t actually sell this yacht,
maybe he’s making the money back from renting it out to others. KENTUCKY FARM
We know that in 2017 Johnny was also trying to sell his horse farm in Kentucky at auction,
but at the time it wasn’t sold. Johnny is a Kentucky native and bought this
house in 1995, sold it, and bought it back in 2005. Although Johnny’s mother Betty Sue passed
in 2016, she lived there for some years before. So it makes sense that Johnny wanted to sell
the place after her passing since he wasn’t even living there. Johnny’s Kentucky horse farm was situated
on 41 acres and had a 6000 square foot brick house, guest house, and three barns on the
property. It looked like a picture perfect classic farmhouse,
but still had a lot of space and modern add ons. There was even a pool out back. The Kentucky home had 6 beds and 6.5 baths
which was likely more than enough space for his mom to live. BAHAMAS ISLANDS
Although Johnny’s Kentucky farm may be a little modest, don’t be fooled. The star used a handful of his cash to buy
an ENTIRE CHAIN of islands in the Bahamas back in 2004. Back then, it was apparently only 3.6 million
to purchase but im guessing he spent more to build on the islands too. The land Johnny bought was called “Little
Hall’s Pond Cay”, and the island is 45 acres with 6 beaches. Naturally, Johnny named the beaches Paradis,
Lily Rose, Jack, Brando, and Gonzo. Johnny said about his little slice of paradise:
“I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20
beats. It’s instant freedom.” There’s even a scuba diving spot in the
area that Johnny called Health’s Place after the late actor and friend Heath Ledger. Although Johnny loved his Bahamas land, I
believe it’s been up for sale since he’s been “liquidating his assets”. FRENCH VILLAGE
Next up on Johnny’s real estate list is his French Village. Yes, he bought a whole damn village. Back in 2001 Johnny got this 37 acre spread
but we don’t know how much he spent on it. We do know that more recently he had been
trying to sell it for about 63 million US. This personal village is in Plan De La Tour,
France, about 10 miles from the yacht harbor at Saint Tropez where Im gonna guess Johnny
used to park his yacht. The property is a village because it has more
than a dozen buildings that measure over 10,000 square feet combined. There are a total of 15 beds and 14 baths
across the structures as well. Johnny’s main house in this French village
is 4300 square feet and had 5 beds and 3.5 baths and there are six guest cottages. There’s a guesthouse that used to be a church
at one time, and the confessional was converted into a closet. There is also a gypsy style wagon that acts
as a guest suite with a bathroom and kitchen. It’s all very charming, and looks exactly
like it was designed in Johnny’s tastes. Also on this property there’s 2 swimming
pools, an art studio and private restaurant Johnny named Café Marcheline. Not to mention a “wine cave” (photo wine
cave) which I’m sure came in handy for the 30K Johnny spent drinking wine every month. LA PENTHOUSES
Now let’s look at Johnny’s LA homes. Over 10 years back the star bought not one,
but FIVE penthouse apartments in Downtown LA’s luxurious Eastern Colombia Building
for around 10mill. Instead of making one giant house of 9 beds
and 14 baths, Johnny preferred to keep the suites separate and lived in them “like
rooms in a home”. You can see from the listing that design in
Johnny’s LA penthouses were all very artsy and colourful, with a ton of personality. Apparently Johnny also put these on the market
a few years back and sold the last of the 5 apartments in 2017. HOLLYWOOD HILLS
Finally, also in LA, Johnny owns 5 houses in the Hollywood Hills. I would assume he still lives here as he hasn’t
sold them, but I also heard that he rents some of the homes out from time to time to
friends. Johnny even considered building a tunnel between
the Hollywood homes, but he never got around to that as far as we know. The main mansion that Johnny owns in his Hollywood
Hills out of the five, is a 1930’s mansion which resembles a Gothic castle. I wish there were more pics of the place and
how he designed it inside, because it sounds like somewhere I would LOVE to live. Johnny’s mansion is 7,430 square feet and
has 8 bedrooms and 10 baths, including a master suite with a fireplace. Outside there’s a pool and hot tub and sits
on four acres of land. This castle had an interesting history and
was actually owned by the 1930’s Dracula Star Bela Lugosi I’m not sure what the other 4 houses look
like, but apparently all of his Hollywood Hills real estate is worth over 19 million. CONCLUSION
Like I said, this house tour would be more of a list because Mr Depp had way too many
properties to keep up with. It seems like the star had to put a lot of
his real estate on the market because of his financial issues, but I think if Johnny still
owns 5 neighboring mansions in the Hollywood Hills he’s not doing all that bad. Aside from the homes we just saw, Johnny also
owned another villa in an upscale Paris suburb but I’m not sure if he still does considering
he put his other French village property up for sale. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure where
Johnny is living these days, but we know he still owns his mansions in LA. During a tell all interview with Rolling Stone
back in 2018 it was also reported that Johnny was living in a 10,000 square foot mansion
he rented out in the Highgate neighborhood of London, so I’m not sure how long he lived
there. If you guys know, be sure to tell me in the
comments! After seeing all of Johnny’s eccentric properties,
including his French village, private island, multiple penthouses and more, which was your
fave? I definitely love his main estate in the Hollywood
Hills. Even though I haven’t seen the inside, it
had me at ‘gothic style castle’. COMMENT SECTION
Ok guys now I’ll be reading some comments from previous videos. On our recent Jeffree Star House Tour of his
new mansion for 2020, Kandy Apple said (photo comment 1):
“This was a great video. The presenter is not over the top, like so
many other similar videos. The editing is amazing and it has very good
pace. Nicely done.” Thank you! It’s nice to read the positive comments
– I’m glad you liked the vid Luna Girl also commented on the same Jeffree
vid saying (photo comment 2) “My favorite part is that he is moving his
mom in (she has been ill the last year) & also his long time assistant & dear friend Madison
is moving in & has an entire wing of this palace to herself. I love the brother/ sister connection they’ve
had as Jeffree is an only child and back in the day referenced how as a young child he
longed for siblings.” Thanks Luna! I didn’t know this. I love when you guys post stuff that I forgot…
totally sweet how Jeffree is doing that too. And Lis Q requested a house tour for Jay Z
and Beyonce, (photo comment 3) and we’ll definitely have that one ASAP. Aright guys, that’s all I could find on Johnny
Depp’s real estate. Even though it was more of a list than a house
tour, you can see how Johnny put his personal style into pretty much every property he owned. His French village was charming and vintage,
kind of like his yacht, and you can tell he also likes art deco and gothic style as well
from his LA properties. What do you guys think of Johnny’s homes? Where do you guys imagine he’s living now? Be sure to lemme know in the comments or if
I Missed anything. AND tell me some other celebrity houses you’d
like to see. Follow me on Instagram if you want to chat
more (@kara_emi) And I’ll see you next time with some more
videos. Bye!

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  4. 1. WRONG. The Yacht, formerly known as Vajoliroja, was sold and then renamed into Amphitrite and is somewhere in Greece now.
    That with the chain of islands is also wrong. It's one island called Little Hall Pond Cay. And it's not been sold. WRONG. Again.
    And I'm not sure if you can call a place with 7-8 buildings a village. It also HAS NOT been sold! Also, the church is his bedroom. Not guest quarters. (To be read in the interview with him that the Britsh GQ did.)

    Apparently you have your facts together when you want to point out all his expenses and bad things, but can't get everything else right.
    Don't call yourself a fan again before you get your homework done, please.

  5. THE LIES:
    1) you're taking the word of the company that stole money from him on how much money he spent.
    This is called a " smear campaign" & even though the Judge ordered TMG to stop spreading the lies, you are still doing it.
    He settled with TMG over the stolen money, so we can assume he got it back.
    TMG is currently being investigated by the FEDS for….yes STEALING MONEY & laundering money.
    2) He did not say he spent $30,000 a mo on wine in Rolling Stone, he said he spent "far more than that".
    This is because he has owned a winery in France for decades, & the quote was taken out of context…again still being spread by you.
    Mr. Depp cleared this up in the British GQ article.
    It's not serious research. Try it.
    3) Of course he wants to sell
    1) a boat named after the vile creature that attempted to kill him
    2) the penthouse he once shared with the vile creature who committed perjury lying that he hit her….but won't continue to commit perjury, she has no "witnesses".
    The "witnesses" were her friends he was allowing to live there, & even allowing Raquel Pennington to start her jewelry business in his penthouse, as WELL as living there. She went to court with the vile creature because she was promised the penthouse for lying. When that fell through, so did her "witness".
    All the fond memories of abuse, I can't imagine why he would want to sell.
    3) The French town was bought so his children could have room to play & be free of the press. Now they are grown. He probably has no use for it, or time to spend there.
    4) This doesn't mean he's "liquadating" because crooks stole his money then said he over spends. He made more than $350 MILLION ON POTC ALONE!
    5) He's probably getting rid of everything that had that vile creatures name on it.
    IN SPITE OF the fact she made him go through a 2nd wedding out of jealousy on his Island, then practically chased him around verbally abusing him, stole his medication (which he wouldn't have needed if she hadn't severed his finger requiring 3 surgeries, THEN put a cigarette out on his face, THEN causing him to contract the deadly MRSA 3 times, all while he was filming POTC 5) stole his much needed medication causing him to have seizures…..he MAY NOT HAVE FOND MEMORIES OF THAT PLACE!
    Above info is in COURT DOCUMENTS NOT MEDIA….which anyone…who can read…can look up for themselves.
    You have NO business having a YT channel & spreading further lies. Ever heard of GOOGLE? It's so easy, even my Grandfather can use it, but not you!
    There's more, but I'm done….for now.
    I HATE LIES! And people need to stop believing everything they read & repeating it, UNLESS IT'S A COURT DOCUMENT!

  6. It always strikes me weird when someone like Johnny Depp is beyond super rich and yet here we are talking about his money problems. I think anyone with a brain can see that owning private islands, houses, villas and castles throughout the World, a private airplane, staff and security with a spending budget in the millions every month….there is going to be financial trouble somewhere down the road. Johnny only has himself to blame for his financial stupidity.

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  13. Let’s be real – – his net worth at this point is $200 million, that’s not including the value of any of his properties. Even if he spends 2 million per month regularly, that will last him almost 9 years **assuming he never does another movie again**. But he will do movies so there will be more income.

    Aside from that, $30,000 worth of wine is not that much when you consider he prefers vintage. A bottle of Domaine de la Romanée Conti goes for about 15,000 a bottle, so we’re talking maybe two bottles of vintage a month? What a lush! :Sarcasm:

    This just amounts to more media “spin” from groups that are either owned or paid for by Elon musk/Amber Heard’s smear campaign. Everyone wants to talk about “what’s wrong with Johnny” and ignore the solid and credible evidence that he has against her for gaslighting, abuse, and her attempt at character assassination.

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