Installing A Plaster Ceiling Rose

Installing A Plaster Ceiling Rose

This is ceiling rose tips from Plaster Ceiling Roses We’re just going to talk you through how to fit a ceiling rose. So fitting a ceiling rose is a two man job. The first thing you need to do is make sure your wires are prepared. You want to get an electrician to do this. We don’t want the power on. And we just want the bare wires so they can fit through the centre of the ceiling rose. Next thing if we can find any joists, you can see I’ve marked one up there, find a joist so we’ve got some fixing for the screws. Just test the wires, make sure nothing’s live. Safety first. Yep we’re all good. Once we’re at this stage we’re ready to prepare the ceiling rose. Ok, so here we’ve got the ceiling rose This one has already got a hole made in the centre for the wires. The one you get may not have. So what we need to do is make sure that hole’s big enough Just to fit the wires through, depending how many many wires you’ve got up on the ceiling. And then… …we need to add adhesive to the back of the ceiling rose. Spin that round there Dave. So, I’ve got a bowl of adhesive. I’m just going to add it to the edge. We don’t need to go all the way around. As long as we’re going to get enough fix in. We’re also going to be using screws on the ceiling rose. Now we’re ready to fix the ceiling rose to the ceiling. We’ve got our joist mark, I’ve got a drill, I’ve got some screws. This is a patterned ceiling rose so what we’re going to try and keep is is one of the patterns running parallel to the walls of the room. Let’s go for it Dave. So we feed the wires, through the centre of the ceiling rose line up our pattern. Have you got it? Yep. And then, I’m going to countersink, a screw, into the ceiling rose. Obviously using the joist line, so we know we’ve got a definite fix in there. And then one more screw. And that should be plenty, to keep the ceiling rose in place. Then we’ve just got to take the excess adhesive, off the side of the ceiling rose. Lovely! So now I’m going to fill the ceiling rose. First thing we need to do is dampen down the edge we’re going to fill. with plaster of paris. Take our plaster of paris, just like we’re filling cornice. Squeeze the plaster into the gap. There we go. Also not forgetting our screw holes. A bit of plaster on there. Using our busks… we’re just running against the ceiling, to take the plaster off. A wet brush again to take the excess off the edges. Don’t be shy about brushing it. Then just taking off, our screw hole, again a wet brush. All the way round. Then the ceiling rose is ready for decorating.

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  1. Hi lads, thanks so much for the great instruction ! We also liked the rose you used as a demo. May we ask – where did you get it as I cant find one close online at all. Cheers.

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