Inside Leanne Ford’s Minimalist Retreat | House Beautiful

Inside Leanne Ford’s Minimalist Retreat | House Beautiful

(soothing piano music) – Hi, I’m Leanne Ford. I’m giving you an exclusive
look at my home in Pittsburgh. Hey, guys, come on in. (soothing piano music) So I describe the style of
this home warm minimalism. I mean, there’s a lot of white paint. The floors, the ceiling,
the walls, inside, outside, everything is pure white
and I love how it looks, but there’s a lot of natural
elements that keep it warm, so. I have a couple favorite
features about this house. One is the massive marble counter. This is from Armina Stone in Pittsburgh. They have the best stuff. And this marble is the fancy marble, and I couldn’t really afford
to do the whole thing, so the creative solution was
a seam right down the middle, and kinda just play with
two marbles living together, which I love how that turned out. This family room is all about the windows, so it’s all about inside
outside in this house and this room is no different. I loved this room. It was carpeted and the brick was dark, but I saw the potential, so we painted all of the brick white, which I love, love white brick. This is such a massive room, so how we handled it is just go with it. Two big sofas on either side. Two coffee tables, two chairs. I love these big huge doors. Open it up, kinda live inside outside. We have these Origins doors,
these massive doors that open, so now we live in a tree house. And this changed the entire
feeling of this house. So this was really big, I loved these. The woods are outback, so
we did this big old door. So there’s kinda indoor
outdoor living, even down here. It’s like a camp out every night. And three is, I’m a bathtub girl, so there’s three magical
bathtubs in this house. Which I’ve used all of them. This is called Native Trails. This big old bathtub, this is fun. So when the water spills over, there’s actually a
drain under these rocks, so that the water does
not get onto the floor. It goes right onto that drain. The style of this home reflects
me at this time of my life and what’s going on. Honestly, I think it’s the
antithesis of the chaos that’s been my life, so. But I found some kind of quiet simplicity to what I do daily. (soothing music)

15 thoughts on “Inside Leanne Ford’s Minimalist Retreat | House Beautiful

  1. The rocks outside of the bath! Ouch..🦶🏼I’m guessing she does not have a.. Dog 🐶 my dog would turn that white upside down 😂 and make a mess of those couches..

  2. Too white. I can't afford it with the two little monsters I got at home plus a 40 plus grown up man that acts as a 4 year one.

  3. I feel that her esthetic is very idealistic. There is no way any family or couple could live here and have it look as crisp as it is in the video. It is incredibly staged and seems like a design hypocrisy. The closet with 12 black shirts and little else? This is just like her show, a big pinterest/Instagram moment, an empty white shell. If this is an expression of her life… I don't understand.

  4. Aaahhhh! Yes, I could live there. So serene and calm and beautiful. I'm a long time fan of Leanne. Haven't seen a project of hers that I didn't like.

  5. I love Leanne’s style but with a little more color. I’ve lived 10 years in Pennsylvania, and I don’t know how you’d control all the bugs with all the open doors!

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