[Music] hey y’all and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be a complete disaster clean with me and you are gonna see why in just a little bit but I don’t think I’ve ever done this much deep cleaning in one video so I’m so so excited about all the motivation you’re gonna get from this one so hopefully you guys have your list ready and you are ready to clean along with me if you like doing it that way some of you prefer to clean along with me with it on your screens and some of you prefer to get the motivation first and then start your own cleaning but either way whichever one you choose I want you want to let me know in the comments what you’re doing while you’re watching this video and if you do have a list going I want you to let me know what all you get done while you’re watching now if you’re new to my channel then welcome I’m so so glad that you are here I hope you love my content and if you do then maybe you’ll consider subscribing and joining our little YouTube family now if you are a current subscriber then welcome back I’m so glad that you are here y’all are seriously the best for choosing to come back and watch another video and I’m so so grateful for you guys alright so let’s go ahead and get started cleaning and as you can see what I did for myself was I set myself a timer for one hour and I’ve been doing this a lot recently and it has helped me so much to get a lot more done and stop procrastinating so what I’ll do is set the timer and then after that timer is up I’ll stop what I’m doing and give myself like a 15 minute break if I’m eating lunch it’ll be more like a 30 minute break but I will give myself a break so that way I can kind of have a little downtime between tasks and then after my break I’ll set another 1 hour timer and get started on the next thing now another thing that you could do is use a cleaning video as your timer as well so if you want to use this video as your time we’re going to see how much you could get done during the video and then you can check off all that stuff give yourself a break after it’s over then that’s another cool way to get all your stuff done without side tracking hopefully that little tip will help somebody else out I know it’s been great for me now we are starting here in the master bedroom as you can see and I’m gonna do some deep cleaning in here today and since I will be doing our bedding today as well I like to go ahead and dust our fan on that day so that way I can dust it and then I’ll pull off the bedding and start washing that and as you can see here I’m using an older pillowcase just to get all the dust off the fan so it’s not falling all over the floor and then I’m going back in with my duster to get whatever I missed now one more really quick thing I wanted to mention earlier in this video was that we are going to be doing this or that question throughout the video you guys have been loving it I love reading your answers and getting to know your personalities a little bit better just from these deserve that questions so there will be three questions throughout the video they will pop up on the screen and then once you see it you can answer it in the comments and then if you want to see what my answers are I will have a pinned comment at the very top of all the comments below so that you can see my answers so let’s have fun and I hope you enjoy this now that I have all the bedding off I’m gonna go ahead and just stick the pillows in the closet for right now so that way they’re off the floor and out of the way that way I can do some more testing [Music] don’t be sad [Applause] [Music] you can be spices [Music] the teens [Music] second chances [Music] now that I have everything picked up and put away around the room including my laundry that needed to be hung up I swear that’s probably been sitting there for like five days but now I’m just gonna go ahead and start dusting my shutters and our windows in here whenever I do a deep cleaning I tried it I’ve been trying to do like the zone cleaning you guys have been talking about zone cleaning a lot so I’m trying to do that and it feels so good to have an entire room completely cleaned at one time I know in the past I’ve gone through and like I would do all the dusting one day or all the vacuuming one day but it really does feel so good to have a room completely clean at once so for my shutters I’m gonna be using the mrs. Meyers multi surface spray and then for my windows I’m using the method glass and surface cleaner [Music] [Applause] [Music] as a reason baby let it come here [Music] there’s outside started leaving please passions gone we do [Music] baby you and baby you and I [Music] [Applause] now that all the windows and shutters are done I’m going to go around the bedroom and dust the rest of the bedroom just using the same mrs. Myers multi-surface spray I still have panty scent I’m still going strong with it it’s almost out though so I will be using a different scent soon I will probably switch to honeysuckle or I think I have some mum scent left but I’m telling you peony mint and honeysuckle are my absolute favorite mrs. Meyer sprays so it is behind the clouds we just have to believe it we can make the Sun come out let’s lose those in can say what’s wrong only ones who can baby when baby [Music] [Music] [Music] so right around this point my timer did end up going off but because I was almost done dusting I decided to go ahead and finish it up before I took my break and actually on this day I was going to eat lunch with a friend so I got dressed went and ate lunch came back you’re gonna see I had an outfit change but then later after I make up my bed and all my bedding is put back on the bed I changed back into this outfit because I was hot [Music] all right I realized I didn’t just show you guys earlier but I’ve already taken my clothes from the washing machine they’ve been in the dryer for like the last 30 minutes while these were washing maybe longer because these are now done these are wet but I really need to get my comforter cleaned so basically what I use for this is I’m just using some regular laundry detergent so this is what I used earlier but then I’m also gonna use C I’m also gonna use my bleach this is what I use on my sheets and my comforter because this is a down comforter I will wash it on delicate though just because I don’t want it to get torn up and it doesn’t take as long that way either so I always get questions about what I use for my sheets and my comforter to keep it white and that is basically what I’m a new so the bedding was the last thing to do for my bedroom today and so what I did was as soon as everything was done washing and drying and I got back from lunch then I went ahead and put everything back on the bed now I’m so excited because this part of the video is actually sponsored by Home Depot you guys you are the ones that made this possible for me I just can’t even believe that I’m saying that Home Depot is sponsoring this video but they are and I’m so excited to work with them now today I’m going to share with you the extreme cool mattress protector from home decorators collection at Home Depot we’ve been sleeping on this mattress protector for a few weeks now and we can honestly say that we absolutely love it my favorite part about this mattress protector is that it has cool to the touch fabric which helps divert heat from the skin and then it’s also 100% waterproof which helps to ensure that your mattress stays clean and fresh the mattress protector is intended to be put on underneath a fitted sheet and then another great thing about this mattress protector is that it is machine washable so if there were any accidents or spills or anything like that you can just throw it in the washing machine and wash it yourself the mattress protector also provides a grip wise stretch to fit bed skirt which ensures secure fit on every mattress like I said earlier we’ve been sleeping on this mattress protector for several weeks now and I can honestly say that we have stayed nice and cool at night and then it’s also good to have that reassurance that if any accidents or anything were to happen with our kids spilling a drink or anything else then we know that our mattress is going to be protected the mattress protector that we got is a California king to fit our mattress but it also comes in a variety of sizes so you should be able to find one to fit your mattress as well so if you’re interested in getting the extreme cool mattress protector for yourself then you can always check the Home Depot website and then I will also have a link in the description box that will take you straight to this product now I’m going to finish making the bed and then I’ll be completely done with cleaning the master bedroom [Music] welcome back your place wake up in mind same question always I’m getting tired we could have breakfast got in your close to the west boom stop why don’t we just get please together mornings in our so much better balcony some bathtubs watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] we just get a place together [Music] windows all right so now the master bedroom is all nice and clean and I can move on to the next thing on my list which is going to be the kitchen I’m changing back into my athletic wear because by this point I was a little warm and then I’m gonna start deep cleaning in the kitchen all right now we’re moving onto the kitchen area coming over here we’ve got a few dishes and sink it’s not too too bad here in the kitchen but I do need to wipe down counters I need to wipe down our cabinets and our appliances because that’s what day it is and the dishes in the dishwasher are dirty so all I’m gonna do is load those into here so I don’t have a bunch to do there I don’t have anything to unload got shoes new shoes by the way these have never been worn sitting on the counter so that stuff needs to be put up but all right let’s get this kitchen clean now so I have the same little system I’m gonna go ahead and pick up everything put everything back where it belongs before I start doing the deep cleaning [Music] [Applause] [Music] we just got now in our house we have several different little spots that are catch-all spots we have basically one in every more room I feel like so this one is the catch-all spot for tiny things like gum glasses little papers that chance has from work things like that they all get thrown right there and I always end up having to put things back where they belong and then also on the edge of our countertop where the wood block is I feel like that’s a big catch-all spot for us too because the kids will put water bottles they’ll put their shoes down on the ground right there and then any papers things like that because as we come in from the garage this is like the first spot where they can put things down so I’m always cleaning there as well so anyways that being said y’all let me know if you have any catch-all spots in your home and where your catch-all spots are for the deep cleaning in the kitchen today i started with dusting the top of the cabinets i do that first because i like to work from top to bottom I just feel like the dust is gonna end up on the floor or on the counter so I like to go from top to bottom and it seems to work out really well and then after I’ve dust at the top I’m gonna go ahead and do our cabinet and I’m using the multi surface spray again here and then also I get a lot of questions about the rags that I’m using you’re gonna see I have a bazillion blue rags and these are actually surgical clocks my husband works in the hospitals and they give these away for free because they’re gonna just throw them away if you don’t take them so I’m sure if you’re a nurse or you work in the medical field then you have seen these but they’re just surgical cloths that we get for free we have so many of them I do wash them but we get like bags and bags of them from the hospital so they do make really good cleaning cloths only outside I really wasn’t sure what I was getting I was on the sea waiting for something to get to me [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I didn’t know what it was telling me that in song just gotta keep on keepin on [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] now I’m moving on to cleaning the appliances and I’m just going to use the method steel for real and if you’ve been a follower of mine since I started my channel I feel like I’m still using a lot of the same products especially the method products I just feel like they work so so good and I love this stainless steel cleaner because it always leaves my appliances straight free and it smells good as well [Music] maybe going I just wanna [Music] now for the inside of my sink I’m going to be using the baking soda cream cleanser from mrs. Myers and this stuff works really really good it you can use it on stainless steel or on white porcelain like my sinks but I always get questions about how I keep my seat clean and I love this stuff I feel like it does a really really good job I usually use it at night almost every single night I will clean it with this but I also use it when I’m doing like a deep cleaning like I am today here I’m moving things off of my countertop because I’m gonna go ahead and spray them down with the method granite cleaner I love this product these are some of my absolute favorite product sha I love the method granite cleaner and then I also love the method wood for good cleaner which I’m going to use on the wood countertop in just a minute but I like to kind of stack things especially when I’m doing the deep cleaning I like to move things off of the counter so that way I can clean under and around and all of that and then I realized after I had already cleaned my countertops that I forgot to do the window I wanted to do this before I did my countertops but I made sure to not put my feet up on the counters when I was cleaning [Music] and the last thing I’m going to do in the kitchen is just wipe down my countertops and it’s going to be all nice and clean [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all right and now it is the next day and I am picking up where I left off from my cleaning checklist and I’m gonna be moving into the office and this was the biggest area that needed to be cleaned because we had just had our back wall repainted it was a big mess but if you saw my video that I posted a few weeks ago about where I gave you guys the office update you would see you would know exactly what was going on here but basically long story short is we tried putting up some peel-and-stick wallpaper but our walls were not from beforehand and it didn’t look good so when I pulled it off the paint was all pulled off the wall it was horrible we had to have someone come in and sand the wall down rhe mud it paint it do all that so now there’s dust all over the room all over the place all over the furniture and so I’m gonna do a really good deep cleaning in here so that we can get this room finished and I can give you guys an office makeover video all right so now I don’t have everything pulled out there I actually went changed into some workout shorts and a shirt I even put some socks on because there is literally dust everywhere I also went got a mask out of the garage chance has like a pack of these so I wanted to put this on so I’m not breathing in all of this dust while I’m cleaning but I’m about to tackle this room it is horrible y’all it is so so bad I know that you could probably see it on the floor but there is literally dust everywhere in here so hopefully I can get it all clean and we can start fixing up this room the first thing that I decided to do is go around the room and even wipe down the walls and the shutters and everything with these little handheld slippers and they actually come with several different pieces I think I got like four or five Swiffer heads in a pack and you just slide it on to the little handle but I’m gonna dust those off I did start wiping down the shutters with the multi-surface spray and realized that the dust was literally caked on top of everything so I needed to Swiffer it off first before I could actually wipe it down now in just a second you’re gonna see the floors and see how bad the dust was I know it’s kind of hard to see like on the walls or on the shutters but you’ll see like you can even see it right there a little bit but in just a second you’ll see where I vacuum it all up and it was so bad and my advice to anyone who is having a wall redone or sanded down pull everything out of the room because even though they covered up all of our furniture and everything when they pulled the sheet off it went everywhere so it still got all over the furniture I ended up having to wash all the bedding it was just so bad and I started and when I first started cleaning the room it was actually in my other video I was planning on cleaning that day but once I started cleaning the dust was so bad my throat was getting all scratchy and I just decided that I needed to make sure that I had a mask while it was cleaning so that way I didn’t get sick and so I’m glad I used the mask because y’all I can’t even say how much dust was all over everything and I know you’re probably like okay we get it but seriously I was shocked [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] my best friend didn’t care about the rules cut on the weekends I’ll be imposed ripped in the deep space so cravings are stupid just like the movies I was gonna say in the fight with you just think it we couldn’t do it each and every with you you will be so clueless [Music] we’re Toodee [Music] [Music] now here I’m gonna be using the method glass and surface cleaner to clean off our little mat that goes on the floor this is for our chair to roll on because we noticed that we were starting to get some spots on our wood floor so we went ahead and got that for our office chair and then I’m also using the glass and surface cleaner on our computer screen but then the rest of the furniture I’m just going to use the method antibac to wipe everything down [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we [Music] [Applause] [Music] I’ve been feeling too small [Music] all right and now that the walls and the furniture and everything in the room has been dusted down I’m gonna go ahead and mop so that way after I finished mopping the floors can dry while I clean off all the stuff that’s in the entryway and I could start bringing it all back in after the floors are dry so I’m just using my trusty o-cedar spin mop you guys know how much I love this thing it’s my favorite mod that I’ve ever had and all I do is I’ve put hot water and then a little bit of the pencils wood floor cleaner inside of that hot water and that’s my solution that I use for my wood floors I love the way it smells and I love how shiny my floors look after I’m done cleaning that’s your car I think break me nothing can break me down but I’m in this town as beautiful stars I want to take a trip to Mars having to pray [Music] ooh [Music] that’s beautiful stars I wanna travel faster car they my troubles too bad smokin a cigar that’s looking fine all right now the room is all nice and clean even cleaned off the doors and handles and things but I forgot to film that part cleaned off all the desk stuff cleaned off the bottom of the chairs as well I did go back over the rails to on the on the bed just to make sure I got all of the dust off but look at this mess so now I have to get all of this stuff cleaned up it is a disaster and we are gonna get rid of this mattress because I want this one has like the wood piece at the bottom so it’s really really hard to get on and off the trundle on the bottom of the bed and then I got to put all this stuff up now as you saw earlier every single bit of this stuff came from our office a lot of it was just thrown in there so it didn’t really belong there I was just thrown in there I don’t know I guess another catch-all spot you could call it but basically what I’m gonna do is wipe down everything as I’m going through it and then also get rid of some stuff and trash some things if I have things in boxes I’m trying to pull it out and put them where they go and also a lot of decor and things that need to go back in other spots of the house I’m gonna put those back so that they’re not just thrown into the office now in this stash you’re also gonna see a few things that I actually bought for the office that are part of the wall to floor like that wall calendar right there there’s a few floating shelves that I’m going to be putting up but after painting the wall it says on the directions for the peel and stick wallpaper that you have to wait at least 2 to 5 weeks for the paint to completely dry on your walls before you put the wallpaper up so in just a few weeks I’ll be able to actually start putting the wallpaper up in the office and then start decorating and get it all finished so that you guys can finally see how our office turns out and I can be done with it and be released because this has been such a project so many little hiccups here and there so I’m so ready for it to be done [Music] that was still [Applause] [Music] safely side [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] to give in but somehow love always win but then [Music] take me back that was [Music] that was still [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now that all that is done I’m gonna vacuum the rug really quick and then when chance came home later I actually got him to help me put this rug back in there and we did take it outside and beat it off outside as well just to make sure that we got rid of all the dust before we put it back in the office [Music] I sing until my lungs give out you’re beautiful [Applause] [Music] I think I’m crazy what are you doing isn’t that bad about your hips you owe me for that one camera all right so we’ve got this in here I can put the sheets back on the bed okay since playing roblox eh what’s that buddy we got booed today did you already eat your sucker what kind of sucker was it a Frankenstein sucker all right let’s get the bedding on now the last thing that I’m gonna do is put the bedding back onto this bed and I’m so glad to have this room finally a clean I hope that this video gave you guys some extreme cleaning motivation and that it motivated you to tackle a big project or something that you have in your house or even your little to-do list items while you were watching if you did enjoy this video please make sure to give it a thumbs up it helps me out so much and if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and tell me where you’re from in the comments so that way I can get to know you guys a little bit better alright y’all so thank you again for choosing to come watch another one of my videos I’m just so blessed to have you guys as my friends and family and subscribers I just don’t know what I would do without you and like I said if it weren’t for you guys I never would have even had the opportunity to be sponsored by Home Depot and be able to work with friends that I love so thank you thank you thank you for all of your support it means the world to my family and I alright so I will see you guys in my next video I hope you have an amazing week bye [Music] tires before you climb on the hillside a different view you but I don’t care [Music] everything’s gone everything that we could [Music] ready to help me with this [Music]


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