How to Restring a Cellular Honeycomb Shade (Hunter Douglas)

How to Restring a Cellular Honeycomb Shade (Hunter Douglas)

The tools you’ll need for this repair are
– Scissors, a Phillips & flat head screwdriver, a tape measure, needle nose pliers, and a
restring needle. Measure the length and width of the shade,
then cut the new strings you’ll need for this repair.
Twice the length plus the width is the formula used to ensure proper string length.
Loosen the Phillips screws on the bracket behind the shade 2 full turns. The shade should
come out towards you. Remove the shade from your window and lay
it on a flat, covered surface. Remove the condensers and tassels and set
them aside. Remove the cord lock from the top rail.
Remove the end cap from the top rail. Slide the top part of the top rail off.
Flip the shade over. With the pliers, pull the string with the
pocket and ferule until it releases. Then pull the ferule off and set aside.
Pull the old strings out and discard. Thread a string the needle and pull it through
the fabric. Thread the string through the ferule, leaving
about a one inch tail and pull through to seat.
Repeat for the other strings. Flip the shade over and install the string
guides. If the guides show any wear, they should be
turned so the string rides on the unworn side, or they should be replaced.
Slide the top rail on being careful not to snag the fabric.
Replace the end cap. Thread a string through the cord lock and
the latch as shown. Carefully slide the cord lock into the rail
making sure not to snag the strings. To rehang the shade, slide the top front portion
onto the bracket first. Make sure the front tab of the bracket is
seated in the slot at the front of the headrail. Then push the shade back until seated. Tighten the Phillips screws to secure.
Test your repair. With the shade all the way up, cut the strings
a few inches below where your shade should stop when it’s lowered.
Install the condenser and tassel.

25 thoughts on “How to Restring a Cellular Honeycomb Shade (Hunter Douglas)

  1. I appreciate your efforts – sincerely – but this made what should have been a 10-minute activity take two hours with lots of swearing.

    You really need to put yourself in the position of someone who doesn't know how these stupid things work! It's not the level or speed of your instructions – that's fine – it's that you go from A to D leaving out B and C.

    The most egregious problem is that your instructions tell you to cut the cord too short. 2L+W isn't enough; it needs to be 2L+W+ at least 12", preferably more! Fortunately I had enough cord left over to do it a second time.

    Then you don't identify the top and bottom – just "turn it over, turn it over, turn it over." Which is which?! All of a sudden you start talking about stringS plural. Where do they come from?! I did it without cutting the strings into two; good thing I left a little extra length for safety the second time, because I didn't have 1/4" to spare.

    Finally, you rushed over the one part you couldn't train a monkey to do: threading the cord stop. Jesus. Show which way up it is and which way the cord goes through, then which way you're turning it over! It certainly didn't help that you had two cords.

    To summarize: OY FREAKING VEH!

  2. Thanks for a great video!Just fixed 3 strings shade , followed the instructions for each steps, the measurements for the strings worked fine for me.

  3. Our blind has three lift strings, each topped with a barrel to roll up the string. Where is the video for balancing those puppies?

  4. I don't have a Hunter Douglas, but it looks a lot (almost identical) to Hunter Douglas. Everything was going fine until I tried to put the needle through the hole. It just stops like there's no hole all the way through. Mine is a blackout so maybe that has to do with it?? I'm so frustrated and trying to get it done so my son's window is covered! Grrrrr.

  5. Wow – when one of my strings came loose and went inside, I used a pair of surgical forceps going in from the side to tediously thread it through every honeycomb, one at a time. Took forever.

  6. I viewed this a couple of times, then followed it very carefully step-by step as I did my repair. It was perfect, and the equipment/string I ordered from you was great.  Thank you for making this easy.

  7. Thank you for this tutorial, I was able to finish this in about 15 minutes, and only because I didn't know if i needed two pieces of cord that are 2xL+W or one…i ended up using two with some cord left over, which was fine…and also because i put the blinds on backward (put the cord on the wrong side). Otherwise, this would take 10 min. Thank you so much again for this tutorial this was very helpful and a money saver! 3 Day Blinds wanted to charge me $150 for this job. Got the string and needle off amazon for like $16 bucks. : )

  8. How many pieces of string, how long each piece. This said one string 2x width plus length but directions are talking about pieces.

  9. I have my three-string shade down and feel certain I can tackle this task with a minimal amount of frustration because of this video, thank you! Something handy to know is before you unscrew the shade pay attention to how the tiny brackets hold the shade into place. Make sure you don't get any material caught under the bracket when you reinstall. I was told by a drapery/blind saleswoman that these blinds last only 10 years … hahaha! mine are about 20 years old and look great! I leave them open all day and only close them at night so that may save them from UV damage. Knowing how to restring them is adding more life to mine : )

  10. Does this also work for the Easy Ride Duette models(Those are the parts they sent us)? We have a rope-y loop pull tassel, but otherwise construction looks pretty similar.

    It’s a little hard to tell if this is different than ours. Ours are easily 25 years old, but seems they haven’t changed much.

  11. This is a great tutorial. I finally got 2 of our blinds fixed within an hour (being really cautious) after putting off the repair for years.

  12. Excellent video for do-it-yourself restring a cellular shade, thank you for posting it. However, I tried the 2H + W for the length of the repair string (2X58" + 30" = 146"), but came out short 14", so I had to undo what was done and redo it with a new 160" string (14" longer), which was the correct length. I wonder why did this happen?

  13. so this is so lame if you have a blind that is about six inches at its tightest. So way you can get that need to reach all the way through and you're just stuck.

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