How to Make Cake Pops: Tips & Decorating Techniques  | Cake Decorating Tutorial

How to Make Cake Pops: Tips & Decorating Techniques | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Cake pops are super fun and easy to make.
Here’s how to make and decorate your own. Hey guys!  I’m Joshua John Russell, to get
started let me show you how to make the cakepop dough
First add the cake crumbs to the mixer.  This is a great way to use up cake scraps!
Turn the mixer on low and add the icing a little at a time.
Now you can use buttercream, but I like to use cream cheese icing for a richer flavor.
Once you achieve a cookie dough like consistency, the dough is ready. So you may not have to
use all of the icing. To make the pops, you will need to roll the
dough into bite size spheres.  I like to use a scoop and then split them in half so
all of the pops are the same size. Next, insert the sticks all the way through
Now we will refrigerate the pops for a couple of hours.  This is an important step!  You
want to make sure your pops are not too cold or the coating will crack!  See as the pop’s
insides warm up, they expand, and if the outside coating has set, it might crack.
But this can be prevented by pulling a few pops out at a time and let them warm a bit
You can also add a little oil to your coating chocolate!  This will allow the coating to
harden more slowly and BONUS it makes the chocolate thinner which is easier for dipping!
For a two toned look, we are gonna double dip. 
Dip the pop once making sure the chocolate touches the stick (this will hold the pop
on the stick after they have thawed). Once the first coat is set, dip again in a
different color, but only half way! To add sprinkles, you will need to work quickly
and get the sprinkles on the pop before the chocolate sets, so have them handy!+
To add a little texture, put some chocolate to a piping bag, cut a small hole and stripe
each pop. And there you have it: Three easy cake pops!
Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you can click the “i” in the top-right corner
of this video to learn more Decorating techniques or to find the supplies I’ve been using in
this video.

14 thoughts on “How to Make Cake Pops: Tips & Decorating Techniques | Cake Decorating Tutorial

  1. Is there a ratio of crumbs to icing? or is it just by feel? Which cream cheese icing recipe works well?

  2. i did loved them everyone loved them thank you so much only thing i did differently that i saw u didnt do but i did try ur way first was wen u put the stick half way through later i put my cake pop in the chocolate it fell off so i ñulled them all out put a lil melted chocolate on the stick put it bak in the cake pop cooled for about 30 and tried again worked perfectly thank you

  3. I've made these and they are not easy 🤣 I made them for my grandsons baby shower an now his 1st birthday. It's time consuming but I guess I'm good at it now, but it's definitely not quick an easy

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