How do I enter UPM?! || Q&A || Sharing Is Caring Episode 2

How do I enter UPM?! || Q&A || Sharing Is Caring Episode 2

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Welcome to the second episode of sharing is caring! It’s basically a Q&A video where I will be answering your questions from the comment sections.
Without further ado, let’s begin! First Question by Danial. Yes, of course Danial. I got 6A+, 2A, 2A- and 1C+.
I choose UPM in fact I chose all the engineering courses such as Civil
engineering, Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering, Electronic
Engineering and Chemical Engineering in UM and UPM. And the reason is simply
because that these two universities are the nearest to my house.
Next question by Tharshan. Alright, let me explain! In Malaysia, everyone is required to take a
Pre-University program before taking any degree. (Only for MALAYSIAN) A few examples of Pre-University programs are Matriculation, Asasi Form 6 and Diploma. Take note that all
the pre-university programs that I mentioned just now are mainly for
local universities, they are not designed for private universities. Now, let me show
you a simple table, then you understand what are the differences and which one
is suitable for you. Now let’s look at the duration to complete all the
Pre-Universities programs. Form 6 require approximately 2 years,
diploma 3 years, Asasi and Matriculation only one year. Next, let’s look at the
difficulty of the Pre-University courses. In my opinion, Form 6 is the most
difficult to score, whereas Diploma, Asasi and Matriculation
is above the same. Lastly, let’s look at the availability.
Form 6 is the easiest to enter, followed by Diploma then followed by Asasi and Matriculation.
My suggestion is to take Matriculation and Asasi first
because these two pre-university courses only require one year to complete and it’s
relatively easier to score. If you can’t get Asasi or Matriculation, then you can
go for Form 6 because it’s much easy to enter but it’s very very hard to score
in exams. Lastly, if you are certain on what do you want to take in degree, then
you can go for Diploma because Diploma allows you to focus on one field only.
For example, if you know that you want to be an electrical engineer in the future.
Then, you can take Diploma courses on electrical engineering and only focus on
that particular field. Next question by Emma and Heng. Before I enter UPM, I took
a one and a half year of Form 6 as my Pre-University program. Back then, I
took chemistry, physics, mathematics T, general study, MUET which stands for
Malaysian University English Test. Then, I got a CG beer that is slightly over
the threshold to enter UPM. Eventually, I got Computer and Communication System’s
Engineering in UPM. For the scholarship part, I used to be a PTPTN holder
but I am a JPA holder now. I’ve dropped a link about scholarship down in
the description box below feel free to check it out. The qualify result of Form
6 student to get my course are minimum CGPA of 2.8, GPA of 3.0 for maths and
physics and Band 3 in MUET. No worries, I’m going to drop the link that contains
all the requirements down below. I used to think that UPN is extremely hard to
enter but then I realized that if you want to enter your desire University
such as USM, UM, UTM, UPM and etc. You just have to work hard and work smart. Good luck to all of you.
Alright, next questions by Satyajit. First of all,
congratulations to your daughter. It’s undeniable that UTM is famous for its
engineering courses but UPM is a great choice as well. Most of the lecturers from
UPM are very nice and experienced. So, I really think that you won’t go wrong
with these two universities. Next questions by Film Star.
Well, I don’t really feel homesick in UPM here because my
house is very near to UPM. It’s only about 45 minutes of driving.
If I’m missing home a lot, I’ll just give my family a call. Or I would just keep
myself busy by editing video, exercising, reading. Next questions by Labibah. Alright, in Malaysia, Kolej means Hostel.
For example, Kolej Sepuluh (10 in malay) means tenth college and we will just call it K10 in short. There are 17 hostels in UPM. The hostels in UPM can be
divided into three parts. K10 and K11 is here. K1 to K9 and K12 to K16 is here.
And lastly, K17 is here. This is the distance between K10 and K12. This is
the distance between K12 and K17. Engineering students and Design &
Architecture students will be staying at K10 & K11. Because Faculty
of Engineering is at opposite of K10 whereas Faculty
of Design & Architecture is just beside Engineering Faculty.
K17 is for Veterinary, Dietetic and Medic students because the faculty is at
opposite of K17 whereas the rest of the students will be staying at K1 to K9
and K12 to K16 as the other faculties are gathered in the big main campus which is
located here. Therefore, the best hostel is from K1 to K9 and K12 to K16
because the Faculty of Science is located at the big main campus.
Last questions by Ivan. Alright Ivan, all the core courses are in English such as Microprocessor and
Mathematics whereas the university courses such as Malaysian Nationhood
are Malay but if you are registered as an international student that doesn’t
understand Malay at all, then all your courses including university courses are in English. Alright, thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it.
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  1. Seanchang i am in malaysia right now.l will come one of students in upm in engineering.can l get room in K10.

  2. Went to upm the other day for the mbbc quiz (dream uni, dream faculty). Really got me pumped up to get into upm. Thanks for sharing this great info sean 😍😍😍. Keep up the good work.

  3. Really like your videos!! Could you please make a video on the medicine faculty and building please it would be a lot of help!!

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