House Probes Military Travel To Troubled Trump Resort: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

House Probes Military Travel To Troubled Trump Resort: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “House Probes Military Travel To Troubled Trump Resort: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. It’s not funny. Trump is a criminal. Not funny at all. If any American service member did that based on command emphasis they should have said no. The limits to which company grade officers can choose to do things like this off the usual itinerary are limited so somebody higher up the chain of command told them to reroute to trumpville. But you know what they say “the bigger they are the harder they fall”.

  2. Is anything really shocking. The Orange clown bankrupted the Secret Service at his Mara logo property. Willing to bet the same folks funneling money through Cohen's DE LLCs have spent a lot of time at Trump resorts. Now he's taking money off the top for the "largest defense budget ever". Our spineless politicians still do nothing except serve their donors.

  3. Please stop calling Drumpf 😈 🔥 President!! He's not a President!! He's a disgusting TRAITOR POS!! 😈🔥 Impeach him NOW!! 👏

  4. He's been lining his own pockets since the beginning when he had his luxury hotel finished in D.C. Then anyone who came to the White House stayed there. And there was a group of Generals and their wives who came to the White House for a photo op and that was it. But they stayed at Trump's Hotel and I'd bet each of them stayed in the suites. I bet we paid for their plane tickets, their food and their hotel suites. Trump and Pence are criminals and pretend Christians. Both abusing their offices. Neither have consciences at all and think about all the people who we pay for as well. And the bullet proof cars that travel with them by planes. The cost is massive and we pay for them all. Why isn't Trump in prison? Why? He's openly cheating the American people. Again. Remember the foundation he had where he helped himself to the money in it that was supposed to go to charity? Right in Trump's pocket. 🙁 Songs

  5. Commander and thief. I'm so ashamed of the military leaders who are going along with this robbing of the American people. A draft dodger who never respected the military some how has now poisoned them. I would never have believed it of them had I not seen this. "Evil flourishes when good men(women) do nothing." This is open stealing from the pockets of hard working Americans. Shame on them! I thought the military had a conscience but I guess not. How did the thief get them to do this? 🙁

  6. Btw.. it's not a shower curtain.. it's a sheer, likely voile curtain.. Behind that appears to be an area that is squared with crown molding..

  7. Love ya, Rachel – Shannon, in County Clare, is much more than "…an airport" Otherwise, great reporting, as usual.

  8. Getting others to pay is Trump's madness. Using his privileged status to get a project started and stiff the contractors. As a symbolic victory he needs to put his name on everything like his Trump towers since he grifted and scammed so many. He's a hollow shell of a human being.

  9. There's a number of things democrats could have been doing about Trump and all this corruption we all know is going on. We have weak house leadership to blame.

  10. What you are describing is impossible because Donald Trump put his sons at the helm of the Trump organization. Now he can't have a conflict of interest.

  11. Wouldn't it be truly tragic, I mean heartbreaking if some people thought this would work? Getting a bit wiser and indeed a bit older? 30 years past your prime?Time catches us all friend and we retire. The kids mow the lawn for you, it's kind of awesome. Golf all day, that's the life I say. Just sell out to Mr Mephisto Pheles here. He develops projects and assets for a group of investors shut out of the US market by silly sanctions. Cutting military schools whilst turning a buck seems petty on 9-11, Patriots day answered with 10,000 soldiers since. So let's play the role of respectful Americans one last time folks, OK? Then games!

  12. Congrats on 11yrs love your Reporting, but the reporting on the Russian spy and exposing him even now is foolish, that man should be left alone. Thanks for exposing flint corruption years later.

  13. I don't know what is more obscene; Trumps blatant abuse of US taxpayers money, or the complete and total impotence of the US congress to do anything about it? Trump is a monster, but the democrats are a bunch of useless seat warmers who sit around whining "The President does this. The President does that." and does nothing, but sit around waiting for ……. what are they waiting for? Every day they look weaker, and more like the political parasites that they are.

  14. Being Irish I have no doubt that Trump's resort in Co Clare is under financial pressure because of the Trump effect regarding his outlandish behaviour. He has no base to support his criminality in Ireland.

  15. Maybe its because they dont trust trump and pence and dont feel they deserve the red carpet because of how the trump is treating Americans openly.

  16. So Trump doesn’t believe in our Constitution? Is he telling us that other Americans must honor our Constitution but not him? He needs to be impeached.

  17. When US airforce use Prestwick airport in Scotland, the crews go to Trump Turnberry – another of his golf resorts on the west coast of Scotland

  18. Hitler and his henchman appeased the approval of the German people with the illusion of prosperity in exchange for the pursuit of the master race..

  19. I don't know why they even bother to report this stuff anymore. The president won't be impeached and this is so far gone there is no way the US can recover from what Trump has done to the US and globally. We all see how corrupt it is but no one has the guts to do anything about it.

  20. BIGGEST TRUMP TAX SCAM YET @17:15 She explains how the pure, untarnished Air Force crew was confused when Trump corrupted them, blind to the facts, that they would be re-fueling their planes by his hotel in Scotland so they can be forced to stay in the Trump hotel and pay with U.S. tax payers money to the airport's fueling station and the Trump hotel.

  21. @17:15 BIGGEST TRUMP TAX SCAM YET. Trump told that Scotland airport next to his Scottish hotel that he can make them both money by charging USA tax payer's for the US Air Force to refuel at their little airport so the airport makes tax payer's money selling the fuel and the landing. Then, Trump would force the Air Force crews to stay at his nearby hotel and pay with tax payer's money. How many time has he pumped tax payer's money into his failing businesses? #IMPEACHNOW

  22. The food at the Turnberry resort was too expensive for the per diem allowance of diverted military crew members. You'd think if Trump insists they stay there that he at least would institute a policy that active military members eat free.

  23. Mmmhhh …. soooo,… politicians using military spending, funneling money trough private company's to enrich themselves is…uncharted waters??? … Rachel Maddow clueless as ever…

  24. FYI: A C17 holds 28,000 gallons of fuel. Current cost per gallon for Jet A fuel: $7.86. Cost to fill a C17: $220,080. $11,000,000 spent to date. That equals 50 fill-ups. FIFTY!!! Fifty illegal stops!

  25. This implies that there was an AF general that started redirecting flights, having been given directives from someone within the National Security apparatus. Flight plans/schedules are pretty regulated, and for a good reason….it's all about the efficiency when it comes to planes.

    There will be a paper trail, follow it upward until you find the originator of that order.

    Needless to say, someone needs to go to jail. Doubt you can prove Trump ordered it, but, some lackey somewhere can be charged under federal statutes.

    All the best.


  26. It is obvious that the Trump administration is corrupt. Really corrupt. If we do not impeach Donald Trump, the United States and what we claim to stand for is a sham. Will the democrats stand up and do the job?

  27. Why hasn't anyone pointed out, that Pence's circuitous justification for staying at a Trump property.. well, shouldn't he be doing that on his own time and expense??

  28. Obama Admin signed the military refueling deal back in 2015.. there has been over 900 stops there, half under Obama, b/c its open 24hrs for overseas flights. Trump hotel cost America $95/ night vs $170 at cheapest local hotel. Sorry FAKE NEWS! This info took about 10 min to find and write you the TRUTH. Lets hope your viewers learn to just automatically fact check you LIARS!

  29. The milirary has stopped at that facility in Scotland since 2016 when they signed a contract to do so. In 2016,before Trump was elected, the military gased up there 95 times. In addition, the cheapest hotel stay in that area is double the fee charged at Trumps Turnberry. Rachel, you're a hack! Your constant manipulation of the facts is tiring. Please go away.

  30. Once again Rachel and the others spreading inaccurate news. Obama signed into order the planes landing there to refuel because they're open 24/7. The price to stay at the hotel is half the cost of any other hotel. Spin, spin, spin is what Rachel does best. No wonder she's being sued for defamation

  31. Trump's supporters do not care how inept or corrupt this administration is. Their support is blindly ideological – actual democracy and legal process does not produce the outcomes they want. Law and order, morality, ethics and accountability are only valid if they can be used against their political opponents – otherwise they are simply irrelevant technicalities.

  32. You have your facts wrong. Refer to: the following response to Politico by the Air Force:
    First, the Prestwick Airport was independently contracted by the Department of Defense, and both parties agreed to terms that would allow the department to refuel at “standardized prices” — precisely the going rate that Maddow scoffed would be available only at a military base. Next, the Air Force’s use of the airport adjacent to the Trump hotel does not appear to be a novel phenomenon meant, as the Politico article speculates, to “line the president’s pockets.” Instead, well before the president’s inauguration, records show that the Air Force had used the small airport 95 times in 2015 and 145 times in 2016. While the number of stops there has since increased — the Air Force reports stopping in Prestwick 259 times through August of this 2019 — it is not as though the location was unknown to the Air Force or the Department of Defense until the president roped them into a secretive money-funneling gambit. And there are strategic features that make the otherwise obscure airport in Prestwick a preferable location for refueling. From the Air Force’s statement:
    Additionally, Air Mobility Command [AMC] issued a flight directive to mobility crews in June 2017 designed to increase efficiencies by standardizing routing locations, with Prestwick being among the top five locations recommended for reasons such as more favorable weather than nearby Shannon Airport, and less aircraft parking congestion than locations on the European continent that typically support AMC’s high priority airlift missions. By considering factors like these to save costs and increase operational efficiencies, Air Operations Center contingency planners have increasingly turned to Prestwick to develop route plans for lower priority contingency needs such as training, deploy/redeploy and Guard airlift missions.

  33. Liberals need their own COUNTRY to ruin….. They a dolts… & devilcrats…. 🤡🤡👹👹 I'd put… lol…. on here but it's true….

  34. Wake the h — up Dems and MSM, it's Trump who is running the blackmail scheme, duh. That's why he selects as a rule, compromised men and why he wants the secret service and military and dignitaries at his property. Duhhhhhh ….

  35. Imagine what he will do if he gets reelected . He will triple down on filling his pockets saying he did it in the open and people still voted for him so its ok.

  36. Hold the phone here, Rachel. The “the US Military is also implicated here” statement is problematic. If we have orders to take the VP somewhere, we take the VP there. That’s not a wrongdoing on the part of the military, that’s the military following orders. That doesn’t justify the order. It merely acknowledges that the military shouldn’t be considered a “coconspirator”.

  37. What if trump actually loses the election in 2020? He's going to claim it's fake news and stand his ground, refusing to allow the next president to enter the White House. There will be orange rage aglow.

  38. hey what are the American Taxpayers paying for the White House? I always thought it was a place
    that secure enough to hold a meeting with foreign Government officials as well as Congress and House members.
    So why do we need to meet on his properties?

  39. It also raises a question that I have heard, That President Trump also profited from the Real estate crises some years ago.
    The G.O.P should have taken a good look into that and determine whether or not this was true { which I have to believe is )

  40. I wonder if the US Treasury is going to go bankrupt from all these funds getting siphoned off to Trump. Clearly he's making hay while the sun shines.. cuz his business and his fortunes will sink like the Titanic the minute he gets thrown out of the White House.


  42. Rachel Maddow works for the “father of all lies “ . Rachel Maddow is just jealous ( coveting other people’s property ) that he/she does not have hotels! Trump properties were actually transferred to his family, so he is not collecting taxpayer funds for these properties. Government civilians and foreign dignitaries are also not mandated to stay at any hotel , they have the freedom to choose .

  43. everything that Trump has done within the white house when it comes to policy change should be questioned. Everything he does is to benefit himself and his family business. That is not in the best interest of the USA so every policy should be scrutinized. They should all be put back the way Obama had it which was on the way to a safer planet for all people. Trump doesn't care about the people; he cares about enriching himself only

  44. Now the investigation is complete, and there was nothing inappropriate about routing through this airport, nor the rare instances where a few crews stayed at the Trump (when hotels closer to the airport were booked).

    From the Wall St. Journal:
    "To dig in a little deeper, Scotland’s Prestwick Airport, which sits about 20 miles from the Trump Turnberry, is often preferred for operational reasons: It runs 24/7, with no quiet hours. It has long runways and fewer weight restrictions. Diplomatic clearances are easy to get from the United Kingdom, even for missions carrying hazardous cargo, and the weather is better than at other airfields in Britain."

    So, this whole intense hate-fest on Trump, once more, is completely false.  "Incredible scoop" Rachel called it.

    The real scandal here is leftists using their privileged positions in the media to promote lies for the sake of political propaganda.  Distorting reality to their many viewers.  And they do not care.  Think Rachel will do a follow up piece to clarify how wrong she was?  Not a chance.  Because again, she does not are about truth.  She is entirely a political machine.

  45. This super Christian Pence needs to show his alleged Christian ethics and tell the truth “so help me God”, and “shame the devil”. Or maybe he is also part of Trumps scheme. “Can Pence lie”?

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