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Hello, John Talley here with, and welcome back to the next video in our series where we’re
going to be tricking out this 2018 Honda Grom.
Today we’re going to be focused on some of the controls and just making the
machine look a little bit sleeker. We’re going to get rid of those really large
turn signals and go with a set of units from Koso North. Then we’re going to turn
our attention to those big mirrors on the handlebars. They’re going to come off
and we’re going to put on a set of bar end mirrors from Driven Racing. And to
finish it off, we’re going to change the hand controls– your brake and your clutch– with a set from CRG Group. And if you didn’t realize, we’re actually going to
deck this thing out, make it handle better, make it faster, make it look
better– and then we’re going to give it away in a sweepstakes. So if you would, go
down below and look in the description. There’s going to be a link that’s going
to carry you to a landing page where you can enter to win this. So now that we’ve
got our parts together, there are no special tools, so let’s head over see if
we can knock this out. So let’s start on the rear turn signals.
Most of this is going to be plug and play, so not a whole lot of special tools
going to be required. So we get the seat out of the way. If you were watching when
we did the fender eliminator kit, you know that all the wires are routed up
through the middle and then went back to the factory connections. Well we’re just
gonna unplug those, replace our lights, and get them plugged back in. The stock
bolts are 14 millimeters. Now here’s where you need to pay a little bit of
attention because the new ones are actually not color coded as the ones we
took off. So you need to remember to carry the right one over to the light
blue, and the left one over to the orange. Feed our wire through the bracket and
through a washer and that nut that’s gonna hold it in place.
The Koso lights have different sized bolts from stock. The stock ones are 14, these are twelve
millimeter. So we don’t get confused there, let’s go ahead and plug this one in.
Now of course your black is going to go to your your ground which on a Honda
is the green. We’re gonna carry the red over to which side? Orange. One side down
one to go. This is identical to the other side. We only have one place left
to plug it in. Like I said this is going to be really simple. The only tricky parts gonna be
when we head up front and we go to pull the full headlight assembly off and get
to that relay. Get that zip tie back together and we’ll tuck that up under
the corner. With that done, let’s pop the seat back on and then attack the front.
It just doesn’t look right does it? give me a minute I think I can fix this.
Alright now that’s more like it. Let’s get the front done. So let’s start
by removing these four 5 millimeter hex bolts. And we get under here you’re
gonna find other than the wiring is the relay. It’s gonna be somewhere in here on
the backside of that plastic. You just want to lift out to get it out of the
indentions. And there she comes. All right, what we’re
gonna do is just disconnect it from the main harness, because everything we’re about
to do is right here. We’re gonna replace of course the turn signals and there’s
your relay that we’re going to end up swapping out. Let’s take this over to the
teardown bench, lay it on something soft, and get it taken apart. We want to remove
these outer sections and we’re gonna start by getting this eight millimeter, I
guess you call it a leveling adjustment screw out or bolt. Then, this little
plastic rivet and you release it just by pushing it in in the middle and then
it’ll pop out. Now with those out, you just separate it right here like so. And what
you’re gonna do is right here, this arm goes up and then you can pull it through.
Now you can rotate it to get this part up above the plastic. There she goes.
Just disconnect your blinker wire. One down, one to go. Pops right out. Now we can get those
removed. One last piece to get out. One down, one to go. Simple stuff here. It’ll
make a big difference in the looks of the machine. So, they’re already broken
down, let’s go grab the new ones and get those installed. Pretty simple to do. Just
put this adapter plate on the outside, feed it through. Then you have an inner
plate, then a washer, then the nut. Just put your wires through one at a time. Now
we just need to reach in there for the 12 millimeter and get it tightened down.
One down, one to go. Same procedure. Now if you’re gonna use
these lights, make sure that you order this little mount kit. Otherwise this is
going to be really tough to do without it.
So now’s where the soldering iron comes out because we’ve got square peg, round
hole. Now there’s a couple of different companies that make adaptors where you
can just plug and play. Well I have no intention on reusing this and is this is
actually a three wire plug. So we’re going to cut this and then just solder
it together and then heat shrink it and it should look pretty good when I’m done.
That’s much longer than we need so we’re gonna cut it back. I said earlier that
this was a three wire system. We’re actually only going to be using two, and
the two or after are the green and the orange. Your green is going to be your
negative. The orange with the white stripe we will not be using, because
that’s the running lights and this is a single bulb system. So the way we’re
gonna do this to where we don’t have a big section there is we’re gonna cut one
back on either side so that the connections are not made at the same
point. So okay that’s going to line up just like this, and here’s what most
people forget to put the shrink tube on before they solder. Now let’s make a few
connections. Way I typically do this is just wrap them around once. Get this
tinned up, that’s all she takes. Now aim away from that long piece because we
don’t want to shrink it yet but let’s get these two small ones done. I’m gonna bring this one up. There you are. One down, one more to go. Now see if we can get this put back
together. Then we’ll turn our attention to that relay because this relay is not
going to work with just a regular 12 volt bulb which is what we took off. What
we’re actually installing course is LEDs so it has a different resistance and we
have to take that into account by swapping out the relay. Get our pin back
in. This time we’re just gonna push it flush like that and set our adjuster
back to zero which was that line that you see right here. Now all we have to do
is plug it up. That should do. Next we just need to turn our attention to the
relay. And we’re going to use spades to make the connection into the harness and
then we’re gonna have to put an eyelet and make a ground for it. Big believer in
heat shrink, aren’t I? That comes from working on boats for too long. So we’re
gonna use that as our ground. Now I just need to see what size connector I need.
That should do it. So we’ve got our eyelet on, last thing we
need to do is make the connections into the harness to the relay. And I guess you
call it your signal wire goes to the gray on a Grom. And this is kind of
counter-intuitive, but the 12 volts is actually over on the black wire with the
silver marking on it. So let’s see if we can tuck this down here. I think
that’ll work. Go make our ground, get it mounted, and test it real quick. So we can connect up our main harness,
pull that back over our headlight. Looks like she’s ready to go up now. Now before
we put those bolts back in for the headlight assembly and turn signals,
let’s test it real quick. Key on. There’s our right. Off. And left. Success! Now let’s do something about
these mirrors. I’ll tell you what, let’s go one step further. Let’s go and get the
mirrors and the levers off. Since we are going to go with bar end mirrors, that
means we’re gonna have a threaded hole left. I’m thinking I’m gonna head to the
hardware store here in a little bit see if I can find something that matches up
so we can plug that off, maybe with a button top give it a finished look. Now
let’s go ahead and get our clutch. There’s a 10 millimeter on the bottom
and then a flat blade up top, so we’ll break the 10 loose because that basically
just locks it in place. Then we can unscrew that one. For the brake, it’s just
a 10 up top and below. Now let’s go ahead and get our brake on. But before you put
it on, go ahead and get some grease and put it inside the pivot point. Otherwise
it’s gonna wear prematurely. We’ll put some– we’re just pushing against that
cylinder. Oh that already looks so much better. The cool part with these is
they’re actually adjustable as to how far out you have to reach by just moving
this top section. All the way out or if you just want a short pull right there.
Alright let’s go get the clutch. Same scenario on the pivot bolt. Grab your cable,
go ahead and get it in. Bring it around, see if we can do this
without having to loosen up the main connector downstairs. Yeah, no problem. Our pin on the bottom, lock it in place. Cool. Look at that. That should do it. Alright, now let’s get after the
mirrors. So all you need to do is of course, take this off the bar end, put it
through and then just screw it back down. Get it roughly in the position we want
it, roughly parallel with the ground. Now just need to tighten those down and
that’ll cinch it down on to the bar end. Be patient doing this, otherwise you run
the risk is stripping it. If you have to force it, you’re not doing it right. There
we go. How about something like that?Now, let’s just get the other side done. Now
the trick with a throttle side is you’re gonna need to have a spacer in here or
you have to cut your grip. Well I don’t want to do that, so I’m gonna go with the
spacer to hold it off the end of the grip. That’ll work. Now a word of advice
here once: you’ve got everything where you want it, you may want to go back and
remove each one of these screws and put a little bit of Loctite on there and
then mount it permanently. Otherwise these have a history of wanting to back
out and loosen up. Well alright guys, that’s pretty much gonna wrap up this
video. Well listen, if you need these or any other parts for your machine, why don’t you come see us at and we can get you taken care of. And once again, I
want to mention that we are actually giving this one away so if you would
check the link in the description below and you can enter to win this exact
machine. Listen, if you have any comments or questions, why don’t you go ahead and leave
them in the section below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Listen we just want
to say thank you for shopping here with us at, and we will see you in the next video. Y’all have a great day.

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