Graham sounds off on US House, wants an oversight of the Bidens

Graham sounds off on US House, wants an oversight of the Bidens

100 thoughts on “Graham sounds off on US House, wants an oversight of the Bidens

  1. Something of biblical proportions is happening at this time. There is a reckoning afoot and the corrupt status quo will not survive … President Trump has the hand of a higher power resting on his shoulder … Gods blessing to all with righteous ambitions for delivering us from the evil that lurks all around … Let good people everywhere rise up and help to make changes beginning with strong values and strong family units … Let every man, woman and child with a righteous heart join together with other righteous and help make the changes that will elevate our country and our people to new heights of progress, truth, integrity, love and respect for one another …

  2. If I commit a crime, it will take at least 6 months in many cases for the prosecution and defense teams to gather evidence. Every once in a while during the trial admissible evidence can be introduced. Lawyers are always looking for smoking guns. From talking to three of my family members that are attorneys this very seldom makes a difference. Bolton could have been subpoenaed but they didn’t really want him as Graham stated, so why now other than to create more questions that will not change. I don’t think any judge would consider this as admissible since the prosecutor did not deem it relevant during their investigation. Just being logical here. I know, the left knows not what logic is.😂

  3. The Fox News messaging machine is sputtering, cycling through defenses — it didn’t happen, Trump’s not competent enough to do it, it was a failed quid pro quo so it doesn’t count, he did it but it’s not impeachable — that contradict one another from day to day. — David Roberts

  4. Hey Sean I see you praying thank God that these evidence are coming out that's going to finally get that bum out of the office

  5. Be done with it. Tired of dems refusing to accept the results of the 2016 election.
    Hey Republicans and RINOs, the dems are gonna smear you no matter what, so try standing up for us Americans that voted for Trump.

  6. We the people, feel that president should be okay ,to take Shciff Nadler joe Biden and the whistteblower be exposed …

  7. It’s getting good! Parnas will set Trump free. Trump’s kids are doing deals all over the world, maybe those deals should be checked out!

  8. Agree with Graham 100%. The Democrats hope to turn this trial into a forum to stage another trash-fest circus of irrelevant, manufactured nonsense—like the “Cavanaugh-is-a-rapist” thing. Don’t give it to them.

  9. Obviously Lindsey hands are just as dirty, Rudy Giuliani has all the evidence against Biden, If he really wanted he could get the evidence against Biden. Lindsey is trying to get this over with quick as possible

  10. We've lived in this country with people like Biden forever, aided by our govt. to at least look the other way. Disgusting. Vote them all gone.

    RUNNING FROM THE FACTS DOES NOT CHANGE THE TRUTH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  14. They would have needed evidence to go through the courts or at least proof that any crime had been committed. The Supreme Court would not enforce subpoenas on what the house had

  15. I haven't an ounce of respect for Lindsey Graham. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Telling people Adam Schitt did a good job, and Biden isn't corrupt, and then the next minute talking about investigating Biden. He says that now, but once the Impeachment trial is done, he will drag his feet and do more dog and pony shows on FAUX investigations that result in NOTHING AND NO ONE GOING TO PRISON … LIKE BENGHAZI, FAST & FURIOUS, ET AL.This man is one of the biggest RINO's out there. Ditch this fraud in the next election. He wants this issue to be ditched because the DS obviously has dirt on him.

  16. If you stop giving all birthers in the future automatic rights to citizenship…it will slow illegal immigration to a crawl.

  17. We need to pass some new laws on impeachment to maje it fair. The house leaders should each pick jurrors just like criminal court. But a jury of 100 people. A few from each state. Same with the senate when it comes to them. Acctually every new law going up for vote should be voted on by the people. The congressman can act as witnesses and lawers. It would fix our country.

  18. The Lower House did not impeach Him , Dose it not Have to be Bipartisan in the lower house too … it was only one sided … in the Dem's favor …

  19. We need to send anti-missile defense systems for our own military personnel in Iraq !!! Get some in or get our people out !!! This crap is a waste of time !!!

  20. Lindsay and Hannity are Idiots. Lindsay is in Trump's pocket. Why didn't you guys investigate in 2017 and 2018? Ukraine is not the most corrupt country in the world. A simple Google search will tell you which country is the most corrupt. Stop going around with your lies. Lindsay, you are an educated fool.

  21. Let’s stop partisan politics! I’m not worried about what the Biden’s did or didn’t do… it’s been exposed and if there was wrong doing it will come to light given enough time.
    We need oversight to ensure these ‘bagmen’ don’t continue being barnacles on our country! Regardless of party!

  22. You republicans are beyond belief. You Applaud treachery and Condemn patriotism, Why don't you vote for Benedict Arnold as well he seems to be your new hero

  23. Hey, Lindsay Graham just use the Patriot Act declare the Bidens as terrorists and they don't get no lawyers! As if they will ever punish their own kind….

  24. Joe Biden is on video record bragging he extorted the Ukrain President to drop the investigation into Hunter Biden what do we hear from the Dumbocrats? crickets.

  25. Search "CNN" here on Youtube.. its all CNN videos. Then search "Fox News"… its all CNN videos trashing Fox News. Try it. Conservatives are gonna rise up soon.

  26. It sounds good until the rabbit get the gun. There will be a democratic president who is really wrong and needs 2b impeached and all these actions will be duplicated when the Va gov type get into office. Watch time will show you.

  27. Why didn't Graham just say that the Biden's committed really bad CRIMES in Ukraine? Why is he trying to pull a ilhan Omar stunt to say that SOME people did some things?

  28. Joe Biden is on public record, a released video where he BRAGS about withholding aid until the prosecutor of his son is sacked – there is the real quid pro quo and the real abuse (bragged about) of power by a vice (spelling deliberate) president.

  29. Graham is a coward. He doesn't want the truth to be known. Hiding documents shows proof. Let Bolton testify. Its funny how trump defenders believe trump over all these witnesses. Oh wait. They don't believe trump, they just don't care because if trump goes down they are all doomed.

  30. Everytime something comes out showing how corrupt trump is they bring up Obama, Clinton or the Bidens. If it weren't so sad it would be laughable. This will be written in history books. Disgusting.

  31. If they believe there was wrong doing why didn't they go to DOJ. If Trump did nothing wrong and the call was perfect why are they claiming executive privilege. Hannity is not news.

  32. Not giving Obama any credit but how come nobody is pointing out how Obama doesn't back Joe for president maybe have anything to do with his knowledge of Joe's crooked work as a VP and knowing it is going to come out

  33. This is an "Emperor's New Clothes" situation you guys. If you're only watching FOX, you're being intellectually disingenuous. I've watched all the channels, FOX is hiding key information from you (and brutally spinning the rest.) BTW, I'm not a democrat.

  34. This is not a fair trial. We need evidence and witnesses, just hurry up and do it so it can get over with. Could Trump just come and clear this up in just a few hours? He is calling Parnas 'rotten', fine. But now he's calling John Bolton a liar too? You guys admit that Trump is not the most honest person right? And if you could only hear his words (removed from him) it would look like a guilty person's words right? C'mon you guys…

  35. Grahamnesty just can't figure out who to slow dance with. Will it be his very dear demoncrap friends across the aisle or the lame stream media branch of the Demoncrap Party. He never saw a camera that he didn't want to cuddle with or a microphone that he didn't want to wet kiss.

  36. All of these politicians are dirty to the core, for panty waist Graham to sit up there acting like he’s a good guy trying to expose corruption is laughable. All politicians must go through AIPAC, and are totally controlled. All MSM is Zionist owned including Fox, or Faux … Hannity is a joke.

  37. Senator Graham is very correct. The impeachment trial is not the proper venue for the Bidens to be witnesses. The Bidens , etal are supposed to be investigated about their corruption in Ukraine . This will be a long process and some Democrats will be implicated. This the reason why Pelosi , Schiff ,Nadler are afraid off.

  38. If the Republicans agree to witnesses they better get Joe Biden and Hunter Biden first cuz Joe Biden just won't show and Hunter Biden will take the fifth.

  39. Graham is a hypocritical liar. He is saying the opposite of what he did during Clinton's trial and if anyone can't see through his lies needs to turn off this trash network and start thinking for themselves. I would love to hear Graham explain why his position on impeachment changed.

  40. "Obama didn't do a good job looking for corruption". You're kidding me? He and his half dead pervert VP and the Democrats are the corruption.

  41. If the Dems think Biden is innocent, then why do they think investigating him would affect the election? Other than swing it in his favor?

  42. And while we're at it, let's also get oversight into Harry Potter's use of magic. He shifts through time and stuff. That can't be right.
    Cookie Monster doesn't speak in proper English; investigate him too.

  43. C'mon people.. talk here about trumps fake university and had to pay back 25 million and stealing money from his own charity and had to pay that back and court ordered him to Never have a charity again.. .Lets talk about this.. Why are republicans not wanting to talk about it on here. Oh. his adultery. Lets talk

  44. last 24 hours YouTube cuts Hannity and other fox news videos to just 2 seconds, Google/youtube shutting down our ability to keep upo with actual legit news , youtube are beyond shameful

  45. Don't ever do that AGAIN????
    HOW MANY REGULAR AMERICAN JOE,anJILL'S have gotten away with this CLOWN'S SHOW?Absofknlutly ZERO!👌
    Or else it DON'T AND WON'T STOP!

  46. Fox News is looking more and more like "Pravda" every day. It was a Communist Party organ of public disinformation, designed the feed the populace controlled information. Fox news lives in an alternate reality. Amazing to watch and fascinating to dissect these "news" sessions. But at the same time very sad for the USA. Like watching a loved one suffer from Alzheimers. Brain rot.

  47. I think they do need to call the Bidens and the following questions with answers need to be formally established, before the Senate.
    1. Does Trump have the authority to investigate corruption in the Ukraine like Obama did, when he made Biden his point man? Of course he does.
    2. If Trump has the authority to investigate the Ukraine before giving more money to make sure they are in fact using it to fight corruption, if an American politician is involved is it Trump's responsibility to include that American in the investigation? Of course it is.

    3. Did Hunter get paid 5 times the normal Salary on the board for Burisma with no experience? – yes and it looks bad. Maybe not a crime at this point.
    4. Did Joe Biden know that his son and Kerry's son were getting huge salaries working for the known corrupt Burisma? – How can he not have and it looks worse
    5. Did Burisma put in for some of the money Obama, through Biden, gave the Ukraine? – If so, taxpayer dollars are then funding Hunters huge salary and this is corruption.
    6. Did Joe Biden threaten to withold money from Ukraine if they didn't fire the investigator investigating Burisma? Voktor Shokin, the investigator testified to that through affidavit in Europe and that's Quid Pro Quo by Biden. Makes the U.S. look stupid for investigating corruption, when they should be looking at their own selves.

  48. I dont know why Hannity keeps bringing Lindsay to talk, doesnt he remember what Lindsay used to say about Trump, this guy is swamp rat.

  49. Im sure Lindsey youll do nothing. why dont you work on some pre crime bills that strip god given rights away your good at that.

  50. The BIGGEST problem in America is a bloated , bribed government, a crooked money system, crooked courts, crooked cops, polluted air, polluted water, a ripoff healthcare system , and nonsense and liars on TV news.

  51. What a crock of s^^t….Biden is caught on tape admitting he threatened to withhold $1Bn dollars if the guy investigating his son wasn’t sacked. Why is he still walking round? THAT was an abuse of power

  52. ​Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall. Not just any wall a beautiful wall that we were "just gonna love". He said he was a builder and that only he knew how to build the wall. Over and over he'd ask the crowds, "who's going to pay for the wall?". When they would scream "Mexico!", Trump would put his hand to his ear- because like most really old men he can't hear – and the crowd would scream even louder, "Mexico!" When he got in office and Mexico refused to pay for the wall, he blamed the Democratic party. I have no idea why a wall that Trump knew how to get Mexico to pay for was supposed to be paid for by the American people but according to Trump, the Democratic Party was to blame. Later with a 2,400 mile long nothing where Trump's wall was located, he lied and said it was being built. Now, Republicans believe we need to "finish the wall"? Technically since the wall was never started, I supposed "finish the wall" and "start the wall" are the same thing. Nevertheless, the check from Mexico never arrived and never will. So, now Trump is claiming that via "deals" he's put together and by removing NAFTA from our trade agreement with Mexico and Canada and changing the title to USMCA, he has saved the American public so much money that it's equal to paying for the wall. But, he did raise taxes and the money he supposed saved (and for the record he didn't), is in the hands of the American People. So, the only way to pay for the wall is with tax increases.

    So, @​Christine Daniel, if you can ignore the wall lie, ignore the billions in additional debt we incurred to float the disaster of a trade war with China, ignore the fact that we've lost manufacturing jobs to the point that that industry is in recession and continue to pretend that NATO countries are not paying their dues (or is the story of the day that NATO countries are now paying their dues?) when there are no dues to belong to NATO, then you and the rest of your trump voting family should turn in your diplomas from your "education" because you failed your logic classes.

    Trump is a conman. Educated people don't fall for conmen and if you have, you are not educated.

    Oh, and one more thing that constantly makes Trump supporters seem uneducated is calling the Democratic Party the "Democrat" Party. I used to find it insulting. Now I find it as proof that people who can't say or spell Democratic Party just aren't well educated.

  53. Complaining about how much time there was for due process? "Take the guns first, go through due process second". Give him a taste of his own medicine.

  54. Biden was Vice President and as part of the executive branch he can do whatever he wants if he thinks it is in the best interest of the country. And Biden is a candidate for the presidency so we need to let the people decide.

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