Full House | 풀하우스 EP.16 [SUB : ENG]

Full House | 풀하우스 EP.16 [SUB : ENG]

This is for you. What is it? Don’t you know what it is?
It’s a ring. What? Will you marry me? Marry me. Young-jae… What? So…wait… it’s just that it so sudden,
it’s strange… What do you mean strange? You just finished wishing me luck with
Min-hyuk and then you left… And then now this…
it’s strange. Why are you so fickle? I’m not being fickle… I thought it was the coolest thing to
do at the time… Hey, regardless, are you going to
accept this or not? What? Are you going to marry me? I’m going to have to think about it. Is it, by any chance,
because of Min-hyuk? What? No…Min-hyuk and I have decided
to be good friends. Oh…really? Then what is it?
Am I not that great? No, I want to think about it,
how can I answer you right away? Then when?
When will you answer me? Um…in one week. Hey, one week?
No way, that’s too long. Then…three days? No. By tomorrow, okay? What? You have to give me
an answer tomorrow. Look at this house,
hurry up and clean. Ji-eun..it’s time to exercise. Hey, Kookooroo my chicken,
it’s time to exercise. Kookooroo… Are you just waking up? Let’s clean the whole house after
breakfast, look at this place. Young-jae, did you touch this? Huh? What? Did you touch the computer? Why? Is something wrong? I lost everything I’ve written. No, I saved everything
before I turned it off. Then where is it?
Where is it? Hum…where did it go? Why are you asking me? Oh my gosh, I’ve lost everything. No, look for it.
I’m sure it’s there. Where is it?
Oh, you drive me crazy. How many times did I tell you?
At night, you should just sleep. It’s none of your business whether I
sleep or not, why do you touch my stuff? Who do you think you are? I did it for you…
it’s a waste of electricity and why do you sleep
slumped over on your desk? I pay for the electricity, not you. Why are you butting in?
You should concentrate on yourself! What? Butting in? Yeah, why are you butting
in my business? I lost everything because of you. I worked so hard on it…Ugh! If you lost it, just write it again.
You’re making such a big deal out of it. What? Talented writers don’t suffer over
writing. They sit at their desk and the words
just flow out…you’re just not talented. A chicken that thinks she’s a writer… Then why would someone as great as you
want to marry a chicken like me? What? Why do you want to marry me?
Why do you want to marry a chicken? That’s…hey, do you think I’m marrying
you because I like you? I just feel sorry for you…
yeah, that’s right, why? What? If I don’t, who will? You’re little, you’re stubborn and
you’re dumb. Who’s going to want to take you? What do you mean?
There’s Min-hyuk. Young-jae, I’m going to give you
an answer to your proposal. I won’t be able to marry you… Young-jae… What? When are you going to move out? Your movie flopped,
you lost your commercial deal, and your popularity is waning…
now, you don’t even have a place to go? What? So why aren’t you moving out? I’m going to stay here
until I find another studio. I’ll pay for my living expenses… I don’t need money… I’ll hire you as a housekeeper
while you’re here. What? A housekeeper? Forget it if you don’t want it. Breakfast must be ready by 9 am. Nine? Nine in the morning? Yup. And since you love cleaning so much,
let’s see how well you’ll do it. Ji-eun… Hey, Ji-eun… What? We finally learned how precious
marriage is after the divorce. So, you shouldn’t so easily make a
decision on marriage while you’re mad. What? I just don’t want you
to regret not marrying me because you were angry at me. What? Regret? You’re really going to regret it. I didn’t make that decision because
I was angry, I was married to you before. And it wasn’t that great… – It wasn’t that great?
– Would you have liked it? Always being told to clean the house and
the only memories I have are of fighting. Our personalities don’t match very well
and we don’t know each other very well. Let’s just be good friends. Friends? Or our relationship can be as the
owner of a house and housekeeper. Whichever one you prefer. Someone’s here…go get the door. Oh…yeah. Who is it? Hello. Oh… I knew you would be back… Your agent wants to talk
to you about a role, so she wants you to come
to the office. Tell her I’ll be there in a few days. See, if you were going to come back,
you shouldn’t have left in the first place. Be quiet and start
organizing the clothes. I’m tired of bringing these clothes
back and forth, too. Dong-uk…don’t unpack those clothes. Huh? Why? Ji-eun turned down his proposal,
so he’s going to be moving out soon. What are the three of you doing? Why did you touch her computer?
She hates that more than anything. He also told her she had no talent so
she should just give up. She hates hearing that the most, too.
Why did you do that? Forget it,
it’s none of your business. Listen, Young-jae…we’ll help you. We’ll tell you what she likes, what
she hates, secrets, her weak points, what happened in her youth…
In return… Please invest in our video store, huh? What? You guys really are something.
Are you trying to do business with me? Business?
You shouldn’t say that. To be honest, I think Min-hyuk is much
better for Ji-eun than you. What? He’s got money, he’s good-looking and
he really cares about her a lot, isn’t that right? Hey, Hi-jin…we still have to be loyal. And because we’re loyal, we haven’t
told Min-hyuk all this great information. He’s so annoying.
What a turnoff! Aren’t you the movie star,
Young-jae Lee? Even if you loved another woman,
you should’ve protected your marriage. And why are you wearing sunglasses
indoors…you loser. Young-jae… Hello. Why are you so late?
What is it? Give it here! Yes, here you go. Ji-eun’s blood type,
her favorite color, flower, food, movie, and
stories about her childhood. 48th place? Was that her freshman year in high-school?
It was her worst ranking. I didn’t expect her to have done well…
But 48th place? There’s a reason I call her a chicken. When she did well, she placed 11th. Oh, geez… “How to capture her heart” And what is this? It’s a guide based on our love affair. Please read it and apply it…
and be successful! A restaurant with atmosphere?
Natural physical affections? This is so childish…what they’ll
do to get some money… Where did you go? Oh…I just stepped outside
to meet someone. JI-eun..I’ll pay you a lot of living expenses,
so will you please make food? If you don’t want to cook,
then move out. Hey, what kind of person are you? What do you mean? I didn’t do that on purpose with
your computer… It just happened.
What do you want me to do? What? Who said anything? Ji-eun, let’s go out to eat. What? It’s a pain to cook and I promised
you before that I would take you out. First step…eat at a place
with atmosphere.. the first rule in dating a woman. Why are you laughing? Just because. It’s good that you eat everything… Geez, you’re easy to please. Ji-eun, do you want me
to tell you a joke? What? A long time ago, bean paste and red
bean paste had a terrible relationship. So, whenever they got together,
they fought… but bean paste always lost. So, he got mad and asked God to help
him fight better…”please let me win.” God listened to his prayer, so guess
what happened? God made him “ssam-jang.” How did you know that? It’s okay if it’s stupid, but why does
it have to be something I already heard? It’s good, isn’t it?
Isn’t the atmosphere nice here? I heard this place is really famous.
Min-hyuk brought me here before. I ate this the last time, too… But it’s still so good…
Price really does make a difference. If you’re finished, let’s go. What?
I’m not done yet. Let’s go! You’ve got to do laundry on a bright
day like this. Don’t just sit around, get up
and exercise a bit. Step on it harder.
Run, run, chicken… Why do you make me do this after
such a great meal? You’re really are so strange…really! You share natural affection
with a woman. Ji-eun…use your strength. It’s too hard. Really?
Let me help you. Oh…does it hurt? Nothing is working…nothing. Level three…confess your true
feelings with a romantic proposal… and then a hot kiss!! Go over there…don’t ever come
near my computer again. How do you feel? Don’t you feel good after
doing the laundry? Good? What’s good about doing laundry?
It wasn’t good at all. Let’s go jogging every morning and once a week, we’ll come out here
and do the laundry together. Soon, our little chicken… Sorry, our Kookooroo..okay, okay.
Don’t look at me like that. Our Ji-eun will become
strong in no time. Young-jae… Yeah? How many times do I have to tell you? If you like doing laundry so much,
go ahead and do it yourself. Don’t bring me into it.
You’re so annoying… Hey, do you have something
planned for tonight? Why? Oh, if you don’t, I wanted you
to go somewhere with me. I have to work. Can’t you do it later? No, I can’t.
I’ve got to finish it by tomorrow. Hey, come to Magic Land
when you’re finished. Magic Land? Why?
Is it a special day? No, it’s not a special day… Just come to Magic Land
when you’re done. Let’s go another time.
I’m really busy today. No, come to Magic Land, okay?
You better come or else! I’ll see you later at Magic Land.
You HAVE to come. You’ll be sorry if you don’t!
Bring it on! Go for it, Ji-eun! What do you mean “Bring it on and go
for it” after you say I’ll be sorry? Ji-eun, let’s get married. I’ll make you happy. You know how different I am from
before, right? Ji-eun, let’s live together. I’m a new person because of you…
Because of you…geez… This is yours…I like you a lot…
I love you, but…geez…but…but… Please accept me. Tada…I wouldn’t take me, either. He really is so strange!! They’re closed…where does he expect
me to go? Hey, Ji-eun… Do you know what time it is?
Where are you? Hey, forget it, don’t come.
Don’t come… where? Okay… What are you doing here? What do you mean?
I’m standing here. But this…
Is it for me? Wow, that’s a surprise. Where are you going? Are you okay? Are you still mad? I’m not mad.
Why would I be mad? Look, you have a runny nose. What’s wrong? Your nose is running. It’s okay, you use it. But why did you suddenly want to
come to Magic Land? Because you said you had
wanted to come… I also knew… And what about these flower? Is it Wednesday?
It’s not Wednesday… Ji-eun… Yes? The truth is…
I have something to tell you… Yeah?
What is it? Ji-eun… Ji-eun Han… Ji-eun Han…I love you… What’s all this noise? Excuse me…what are you doing there?
We have to clean this area. I think we have to leave. Please…come back in 5 minutes
It’s really important. We can’t we have to clean.
Please leave now. Let’s go, they say they have to clean.
Hurry. Oh, shoot! I told you I was busy today. Even still, how could you make me
wait for so long? I’m sorry,
but at least we were able to skate and I got an apology from you and I’m not
mad anymore. Isn’t that enough? Enough? Do you think I waited there so
I could apologize to you? Then why did you wait? Geez, forget it…
I don’t need this… Okay, I’m sorry. And how was I supposed to know you’d
be sitting there freezing to death? I wasn’t freezing. I don’t ever get cold…
since I exercise so much. Okay. So, you should exercise, too.
Like me… Your nose is running… I’m an idiot for trusting you… What time is it?
Why haven’t you made breakfast? Hello? It’s me, Dong-uk… Hey, you con artist…what do you mean,
“Is it going well?” I’m not investing in that video store
or whatever, so you’re on your own. What?
Forget it…I don’t need it. Hello? Hey!
Now, what? Hello? Young-jae…wait, please don’t
hang up. Listen to me. There something I haven’t told you yet,
because Hi-jin told me to wait. It’s the last level… What? Do what at night?
And do what? What?
What kind of person are you? Bye! Young-jae… What? Aren’t you going to make breakfast? I always made breakfast for you
at 7 in the morning. Why are you having so much trouble
making it by 9? Are you sick? What? It seems like you’re sick. Hey, I never get sick
because I exercise. Ji-eun, do you want to go camping? What?
Why suddenly camping? Summer’s over and you haven’t even
gone on vacation. So, let’s go somewhere close,
take a tent, and enjoy ourselves. I have an appointment tomorrow. What appointment? I have a meeting with Min-hyuk. We’ve got to cast the roles and start
on the next screenplay… No. What? You’ve got to go camping with me
before you meet with Min-hyuk. Tell him you won’t be able to make it. How can I cancel a work meeting
because I want to have fun? Say something that makes sense. Then…we’ll go camping today and
you can meet him tomorrow afternoon. Why go through the trouble?
We can have fun another time. Do you know how long I waited for
you at Magic Land? Do you know how cold it is there? You make the sushi. And don’t forget the tent. Young-jae, I made all the sushi rolls.
Let’s go… Young-jae? Young-jae… you have a fever. Get up, Young-jae. What… We won’t be able to go camping today.
You caught a cold and you have a fever. Hey, stop joking. I don’t catch colds and we have to go
camping before you meet with Min-hyuk. Go upstairs and change… Ji-eun… The tent…
Don’t forget the tent. I know,
I’ve got the tent. Here’s medicine. Just sleep for one hour and
then we’ll leave. Okay, I’m only going to sleep for
30 minutes and then we’ll leave. Don’t forget the tent. Ji-eun…
You have to stay with me. You can’t go to Min-hyuk. You can’t go to Min-hyuk… Are you awake?
The porridge is almost ready. Porridge?
I don’t need porridge. I told you to wake me up
after 30 minutes. How can a sick person go camping?
Eat some porridge. No, I don’t want to. We can go camping after you
finish your porridge. You like being in the tent? Huh? You like it? I like it…I do. I like it so much,
I think I’m going to lose my mind. This is not good when you are sick.
You really don’t listen to me. I’m not sick. Oh, please… Ji-eun… Yes? I’m sorry for what happened with
the computer… and for calling you a bird writer… Oh, so you even know
how to apologize? I know how, it’s just that
I’m not very good at it. I’ll forgive you if you agree to take
the lead role in my movie. I’ll decide after I read the script. I’m telling you, it’s a winner… I heard you like green… How did you know? You like all kinds of flowers
but your favorite is the rose, you fall asleep
when you listen to classical music, and your first love was your junior
high school art teacher. What? How did you… Did Dong-uk tell you? No…you said I didn’t know you very well…
so I asked around. If you were so curious,
you could’ve just asked me… I would’ve told you what I was thinking,
what I was saying…you dummy. Ji-eun, can I ask you one thing? Will you marry me? You have to answer me now. I can’t wait until tomorrow,
we might fight again tomorrow. Are you stupid?
We’re already married. So, how can I marry you again? Look here…
At this… Hey, you still have that? You lost yours didn’t you? Tada…
I have mine, too. Wow, that’s a surprise.
Young-jae you… Hey, the last time I lost it,
you had a fit. At first I wondered
whether this ring was real or not… whether it was all a lie… but to me it was the real thing. The ring became real to me as I waited
for you, had my heart broken by you, while still being happy with you. I thought I would lose my mind when
I thought I couldn’t protect you. I was always thinking about you,
worrying about you, and missing you. It really was painful. Loving someone is
so hard and painful, but I can’t stop… I can’t stop myself. Ji-eun… I love you. I love you so much that my love could
make the universe explode, or dry up all the waters of the ocean
and burn up my soul. I love you so much. Why aren’t you saying anything? I said I love you very much… Come on out Young-jae…
Let’s exercise. I don’t feel like exercising today,
you go on… I’ll make something good for you
to eat. Hey, you can’t do that. Don’t be shy and come out. Hey…I’m not shy. Okay…so come out. Hurry up or else! You have to listen to me, okay? Okay. Oh…you’re so cute…
my little chicken. This is the hottest video… “The Housekeeper and Me.”
It’s really a great film… Young-jae Lee has the lead role… I used to be his manager…
I’m the one who made him a star… He was able to make a comeback and
even win an award because of us. First of all, congratulations. Many people are commenting that
your acting was very realistic. There were many people
who helped me. I learned especially a lot from a bird. A bird?
A chicken? Congratulations again. Thanks, Min-hyuk. Come to our house tomorrow.
We have to have a party. Of course we do.
Let’s invite Hae-won, too. Okay. Hello? It’s me.
Of course I did well. Do you want to come out?
Let’s eat… do you want me to pick you up?
Really? Okay. Thank you. Honey…tada. Thanks.
Come over here. You like this kind of style, huh? Me? No, not this… I like this… I’m not going to play with you… Who is it? Hi. Congratulations… What’s this? You have to try this later. You know grandmother’s house?
Ilsan? – Yes.
– There’s a garden. I picked each one from there.
Please eat a lot. It looks so fresh.
Let’s just eat it by ourselves later. Hurry up and grill.
I’m hungry. My father wants to see you. Okay, I’ll go see him. Here have a drink too, Ji-eun. Cheers! – Cheers!
– Congratulations. – Bring it on! Go for it!
– Go for it! – I’ll do it.
– I’ll do it. They’re good together, huh? Yes, they are. What? Are you jealous? Yeah, I am. If you had just come to me,
you wouldn’t have to be jealous. What did you say? It’s a joke, a joke. We’re going.
Goodbye. Goodbye… Goodbye, take care… – Drive carefully.
– Bye. No, that’s not it…
That’s not it… Min-hyuk… Oh my… Ji-eun… Aren’t you tired?
Come over here! You jerk! You jerk! Ji-eun Han. – Hey!
– What? Baby bear is so cute…
Oh, they live happily together. Three bears live in one house…
Oh, live happily together. Sushi? Don’t even try making it again?
You’re dead if you do. That person graduated from a famous
women’s university, majoring in English Literature. A rooster is a bird… Go, hurry… What kind of person is he? Hey, you better stop. Haha… You better get back here!
You’re dead! come on. Ji-eun… What are you doing in here? Playing a fun game…hide and seek. I’m home… Why are your arms so long? We’ve changed the rules, so you better
tell me where you going from now on. Rollover… What? What? Bring it on! Go for it!

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