(FREE PATTERN!) #DIY Unique Wall Hanging Idea – HANDMADE FELT ORCHIDS FLOWERS | Home Decor Idea

(FREE PATTERN!) #DIY Unique Wall Hanging Idea – HANDMADE FELT ORCHIDS FLOWERS | Home Decor Idea

Hello everyone! Welcome back to S Nuraeni channel. As requested, here I’ll show, How to make felt orchids flowers. Felt flowers wall decor. Stay tuned… And click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Prepare pieces of felt fabric with this size. Put the wire in the middle. Then give glue on it. And fold in half. Cut to form the felt orchid leaves. Do the same thing with another size. Fold in half. Then cut it. And divide into 4 parts. Cut the corners. Take two pieces of tissue. Give glue. Then roll it to the wire. Give glue evenly on the tissue roll. And wrap it with petals. Press on the edges. Then trim it. On the edges and also the top. Wrap it on the stem. Next, wrap it with floral tape. And bend the wire. Here I have prepared a pattern for the felt orchids. This one is the pattern for the middle part. Cut according to the pattern that was made. Color it with red crayons. Then twist the bottom. Next, give glue on the edges. Then stick it. And press. Trim it. Then pull a little. Use floral wire no.24 And fold it to close the wire. There is also a pattern for the felt orchid petals. Then cut according to the pattern. Fold it. Cut it in half Like this. Then cut again in the middle. Give glue. And stacked on it. Then pull the petal slightly. Do the same with the other petal. Give glue on the back. And stick it. Cut according to the pattern. Pull each petal. Fold the tissue. And wrap it to the wire. Then wrap with floral tape. Bend the wire. Arrange the felt orchids one by one and wrap them with floral tape. Cut the clear hose as needed. Give glue so the hose doesn’t come off. Make a hole with scissors to put the felt orchids. This is piece of felt fabric with the width of 0,5 cm. And the length is approximately 15 cm. Give glue evenly on it. And wrap it to the wire. Then bend the wire. And make 10 pieces or more. Here I use mushrooms that have hardened like wood for the medium. I have given this mushroom paint and varnish, to be like this. And behind this, I stick a few nails, to hold on to the rope later. Roll the hemp rope on the nail. And connecting to other nails. Make sure the roll is tight, so the rope is strong. Connect the rope to the first nail. Then tie it. Next, add glue so the rope doesn’t come off. Arrange one by one the leaves face to face. And wrap with floral tape. Arrang the felt orchids flowers. Then tie with floral wire no. 24 Next tie with the mushroom using wire. Glue and attach the felt orchid to the mushroom. Then stick the remaining pieces of green felt fabric. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial… Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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  1. Un trionfo di colore e di bravura. Dire che sei bravissima è davvero poco, bellissime anche queste orchidee. Non ho più aggettivi per i tuoi capolavori. Sei davvero unica Nuraeni!…..e insuperabileeee! Ciao buon lavoro!

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