Exclusive: See Inside The ‘Hype House’ Mansion For TikTok Creators | TODAY

Exclusive: See Inside The ‘Hype House’ Mansion For TikTok Creators | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Exclusive: See Inside The ‘Hype House’ Mansion For TikTok Creators | TODAY

  1. but honestly like they're right. they film their whole lives and if they make on little mistake everyone attacks them for it. and what people dont realise is.. is that everyone makes mistakes and I'm sure everyone has done some of the mistakes they did. and just because the mistakes people do aren't filmed that makes it okay?
    everyone makes mistakes but people just attack them because their mistakes are filmed. and honestly most of them are just teenagers and they have their whole lives ahead of them so if none of them made mistakes they wont succeed

  2. “talented content creators” i’m so confused, talented??? huh. let’s give the hype to the ACTUAL talented content creators on tik tok that are under appreciated

  3. Is nobody going to talk about that guys that said a house of 20 people, filming 3-4 times a day = over 150 videos a day?

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  5. it’s exactly like vine and the magcon boys… nash and cam were on the news for being famous creators ..
    it’s just the way the world works

  6. Few months later-

    “Why did I leave the HypeHouse”
    “I left the HypeHouse..”
    “Dear the HypeHouse..”

  7. No offense but I feel like they should hire more younger interviewers for these kinds of videos just so they can talk better and relate to the people, not young adults trying to act younger or cooler.

  8. I’m mad cuz alex is just making money off of being a david dobrik impersonator & the rest of them make money off of posting 15sec-1min videos????? Why why whyyyyy

  9. i have to say, some of them are genuinely talented tho. some dance outside of tik tok, avani is literally a makeup artist, and some are actually good at acting or POVs. so yes there is talent just not always in TiK tOkS. i also don’t wanna argue with anyone so don’t come for me thanks :). just saying MY opinion which, i think i’m aloud to do.

  10. I would say "where's charli" but this hype house is gonna turn into team 10 in about a year .. so let's charli in that toxic place ✌🏽💀

  11. when she said "talented tik tok stars" I questioned existence 0:32 like some I guess dance, but there was this video that got 2 MILLION likes from people knee chafing

  12. Wait, when she said 150 millions followers, I saw 7.something and she said 100 million views, I saw 1 millions, umm am I trippy or what😂💀

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