Yeah EVERGLOW Hit the drums Pa rum pum-pum-pum-pum-pum Go ahead and sing Tra-la-la-la-la-la-la I’m going in fierce from the start Don’t be shocked I’m spreading by word of mouth They say that kid that just passed by isn’t average This deep jungle is just a thrilling playground to me Alright I’ve chosen nananananana I’ll leave my name in that heart of yours So, You had better run You are so done– You are so done Now you’re done Trapped in my light (Dun! Dun!) Like a young lamb Dun– Baby you’ll be frozen I’m more fearless than I look so strong Don’t let down your guard or I’ll flip the tables bomb, the bomb I’ll dominate in a flash and leave you breathless Talking cool but my gestures are hot like uh Elegantly now I won’t stop, can’t stop I’m aiming for you Even if you run it’s a deserted island Alright it’s all over nananananana I’ll leave my image in that heart of yours So, You had better run You are so done– Now you’re done– Trapped in my gaze (Dun! Dun!) Like a young lamb Dun– Baby you’ll be frozen Deeper and deeper I’ll dig into you Clutching to the end without a doubt Hail me (you’ll stare) Shout my name (you’ll call) That’s right (you’re mine) I’ve seen right through you You are so done– You are so done– Now you’re done– Trapped in my gaze (Dun! Dun!) Like a young lamb Dun– Baby you’ll be frozen (Dun! Dun!) (Dun! Dun!) Baby you’ll be frozen

100 thoughts on “EVERGLOW (에버글로우) – DUN DUN MV

  1. I’m so new with this Everglow group. I saw the the center is very attractive at the clickbait and I just click. To be honest this girl crush group really impressed me. What more surprise me is the member is someone I know from pd48…They’re my favorite Yerin and Seoyoun (forgive me I’m still not remember their name). And the rappers also impressive.

  2. why it feels like mia ft.everglow? or maybe mia and the backing vocal? please YueHua ent. make the line distribution more fair. bcs of this i'm depending should i stan them or no….

  3. People: wondering about a millions views
    Me getting about 63874 notifications this mv and watching ad this mv on youtube too: wow its so wondering wow

  4. Loveeee all of these girls sooo much! They have so many talents, and has snatched millions of hearts since debut. This comeback was good like any other else. I just want their company to be fairer in line destribution and screentimes. Other than that, everything's going in its own pace so it's great!

  5. Lemme say it louder,

  6. xin lỗi nhưng có nhiều đoạn thấy giống concept và phụ kiện của idol em quá nhưng vì mấy chị quá đẹp, nhảy quá sexy, bài hát quá hay nên em quên mất chuyện đó luôn rồi

  7. "People aren't hating Mia" I've been seeing people all over social media saying she isn't worthy of being main vocal because her voice is annoying or her expressions are ugly etc etc all because of the line distribution as well as comment sections where people are praising every member EXCEPT mia because they think she's favourited enough therefore deserves mo support.
    Some of y'all really don't use your brains at all huh.

  8. yuehua didn't distribute their lines tho, it's the producers who produced this distribute it. all yuehua do is listen to it and give feedbacks. and i don't think producers on this song is not from yuehua's powerhouse. bye

  9. Artist name:everglow
    Bushers name:neverglow

    Everglow:your so dun dun dun dun
    Also Everglow:goodbye adios
    Everglow gives you:bon bon chocolat,. Before u left:》

  10. Aisha is my bias and she gets only like 18 seconds to sing in this song. I legit rewind and begun to count the parts she sang in. Please distribute the lines fairly to ALL the members and not just give them all to Mia. I am NOT hating, I just want to see fairness in the kpop world for once. I am also not saying it's Everglow's fault, it's the "companies" fault.

  11. Most of the lines are given to mia … It's not her fault but the company need to realize that other members also have potential for creating equality .

    BTW love the the song 💜

  12. How i can relate everglow to every kpop group (not comparing,or hating live all groups)

    Onda being the shuhha, yeri w literally no lines

    Mia being hated on like jennie on bp , suzy from missa or being nancy from mmlnd having the most lines

    Yiren having the most iconic lines yet has little lines like dara from 2ne1

    E:u being the most swag member shes just like lisa from bp

    Shiyeon being compared to missa suzy and not actually focussing on her uniqueness like nancy mmlnd

    Aisha being the tallest lmao

  13. Everyone is talking about how unfair the line distribution is but have you heard the demo of adios? Did you hear the lines given to Onda esp. the pre chrous one? Tell me, did it sound good? See? Onda's voice wasn't the issue, but it just doesn't FIT.

    Y'all, line distribution isn't just all about fairness. It's also about the FITTING OF THE VOICE. If you were the producer, would you give the line to a member which his/her voice doesn't even fit to it? If you made or produced a song for a group, you can't just distribute the lines that easily! You have to consider their voices if it fits the line!

  14. I’m liking the concept they were going for I’m also liking the background and the whole music video itself what I’m not liking is the line distribution and how the spotlight was only on her like I’m hating on her or anything I think she is a beautiful and talented person and I know it’s not her fault she gets a lot of lines and lot of screen time it’s the company fault they should make the line distribution even so that every member can shine not just only one member

  15. Uhm…. WOW THE SOUND IS GREAT AND uh… Im just know this member OK so I'm her new fans dont judge meh :'v

  16. Now after Adios, some people cough haters will finally realize Everglow didn’t copy Blackpink. This song is a bomb and really attractive with badass girl crush vibe. And the stage performance is ugh! So good! They are getting bigger and bigger, keep fighting Everglow❤️

  17. Can’t believe that it’s #6 trending in the Philippines. Someday EVERGLOW will shine and it’s already starting

  18. This choreo really same as EXO… WOW… u all not creative… poor u, take down the mv and change the dance…. POOR U…. LOSER

  19. I came this because this song became trending and nothing special with this song… And i read comment section and just found Mia ft Everglow… So this company same with other companies just focus to One person to be famous… Whatever…. Maybe it's fair if the chorus Line not just say DUN Dun DUN …. For people their feel bad for people Don't Stan this group.. i just Wanna say, we Stan more talented and not focus to One member only.. if your like this just go and stop judge.. hahaha

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