Episode 2: Southern Living Showcase Home – Living Room

Since this is a Southern Living Showcase Home,
we decided that we wanna define the space, so that when you arrive at this home, you
walk in the front door, your eye is drawn outside to the outside space. The positioning of the home on this lot is
done by Silverton Custom Homes. They perched it overlooking a lake and so
when you walk in the front door, your eye immediately goes outside to catch the negative-edge
pool, which then connects to the blue of the lake, which is unbelievable. It’s also allowing the outside to come in,
because it’s just simply separated with a bank of walls of windows. The style of this home incorporates a Southern
Living Showcase look. And since this house is perched on a lake,
we brought the Coastal in it also. So you’ll see all this beautiful millwork
in here that actually exemplifies very much of a Southern look, but it also shows as Coastal,
because the millwork goes all the way up, and it just gives a very clean, livable feeling
in here. It’s completely different for this area that
we’re in. The Texas part of this house is the warmth
of it, the warmth in your fireplace, the warmth in some of your darker pieces of wood furniture,
the warmth in the wood, in general, the wood floor. And also the stone that we’ve got, with a
lot of oranges in the stone, and we’ve got some dark grays in the stone, but yet it just
brings a whole warmth to the whole situation. The lighting helps define the whole space. Between the foyer and the living room, we
have a wall, but they have cutouts in the wall, which allows the natural light from
the windows that are up high, that filters into the living room, and filters down, and
brings light up high in this living room, which is absolutely wonderful. We have incredible lighting that goes with
each space. For instance, the dining room light is a rustic
brown and it defines the dining room. We also have rustic browns over the living
room and that defines the living room. In the foyer, we have silver lighting, and
yet they’re not all the same color, but they blend beautifully, because that’s defining
that space. And then when you go outside, you’ve got the
natural lighting, so it’s covered all the way around. It’s very functional, and yet, it’s beautiful.

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