hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel my name is Hannah if you’re new here and in today’s video I’m going to
be sharing with you guys some Dollar Tree organization ideas I got tons of
organization items as you can see so I’m excited to share all these items with
you and share with you some ideas on how to use them to organize in your home it
has been a really long time since I’ve filmed a dollar store organization ideas
video so I thought it would be fun to go into the Dollar Tree see what new items
that they have for 2020 I haven’t been in the Dollar Tree for months so I was
excited to go in there and see what new items that they had one of the most
viewed videos on my channel is actually a dollar store organization ideas video
I think that video is at 1.7 million views which is crazy and I know that a
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items Dollar Tree organization items are great
if you’re living in a temporary space or if you’re on a budget because everything
is only a dollar you can find a lot of great organization items at the Dollar
Tree first Dollar Tree item I’m gonna start off with is actually a bucket so
they have a couple of different colors of these I grabbed the black one these
would be great to keep underneath your kitchen sink and put all of your
cleaning supplies in here easy to carry around put everything back in here you
can have your rags and stuff in here and then you can also use this to put like
some soap and water if your washing down cabinets or something this is actually a
really good quality bucket the plastic is really thick it seems like it would
hold up for a really long time so I snagged one of these to put under my
sink next I grabbed two of their glass jars
they have several different types of glass jars that you can pick from these
are great to have on your kitchen counters or in your pantry you could
keep like some dry beans in here some chocolate chips some candy these are
just really cute jars for only a dollar they would be neat all lined up in your
pantry with some labels on them I also grabbed this little glass container at
the Dollar Tree now this is more for like storing food in the fridge or like
packing lunches with but I’ve never seen a little glass bowl like this with a lid
there before and this lid actually really does seal on tight so it would
keep your food fresh for a while though these little glass bowls are definitely
a must grab at the Dollar Tree okay so while we’re talking about food storage
containers they also have a ton of these Betty Crocker ez sealed storage
containers to put like leftovers fruits salads if you’re taking food to like a
potluck or something these are obviously a must-have for any kitchen and they’re
only a dollar these are really good quality the lid seal up great and I just
grabbed two of them they do have different sizes there they have smaller
ones but I just grabbed the bigger ones because I actually haven’t seen one this
big there before usually they just have the smaller ones these little veggie
storage containers are new I have never seen these there before but like I said
I haven’t been in there for a couple of months they had these in a couple
different colors I grabbed these in the teal color these look like they would be
great little containers they would look cute in your fridge I’m interested to
see how well these will hold up you can keep like very strawberries raspberries
different things like that in here and I always get at least one comment
about this people saying don’t store your food and plastic containers from
the Dollar Tree because of BPA but it says right here on the front here that
it’s bpa-free and most of the plastic containers that are made for food will
say bpa-free on the front of them so the Dollar Tree does have utensil trays to
keep all of your utensils organized in your kitchen drawer if you’re on a
budget and you can’t afford to go out and spend 15 to 20 bucks on a utensil
tray for your drawer then just go and grab one from the Dollar Tree and these
seem like really good quality or really thick plastic they seem like they would
hold up well so if you’re looking for a cheap cutlery tray for only a dollar you
can go grab one at the Dollar Tree okay so next thing are these three pack of
travel bottles for only a dollar these are great for trips everybody should
have some little travel bottles that you can put your shampoo conditioner can put
little labels on these too and say what they are so you don’t get them mixed
okay so now we get to the good stuff they have so many of these type of items
literally almost a whole aisle of just different colors of these type of items
I think I’ve shared every other type of container that they have here on my
youtube channel but these two I have not shared before and I actually haven’t
seen their before so this first one is a great little bucket and this does seem
like good quality they had a couple of different colors of these there’s so
many uses for these I could use these in the boys room to store stuff in you
could have a couple of these in your pantry for like bags of chips different
things like that and you could tie little labels to the handles of these
you could put these on the top shelf of a closet okay so this one is a new one
as well that I haven’t seen before they’re usually they have the smaller
square ones but this one is more of a rectangle shape these are awesome for
storage in your pantry you can put some labels on the front of these and just
have a whole bunch of them lined up in there these are really good quality and
they will last a long time I have some green ones that are like the square
shape not this rectangle shape but they are the same kind I’ve had those for
years and they still look the same as they did the day that I bought them they
haven’t cracked or anything I definitely would grab a couple of these for your
pantry or organize it in a closet or just wherever these are just great to
have on hand and I’ve shared all these items on my channel before but I just
wanted to really quickly show you these are ones that I already
had here on hand I didn’t just buy these but this white basket right here is my
absolute favorite storage container from the Dollar Tree these are great for a
pantry a bathroom under your kitchen sink in your laundry room anywhere these
are amazing qualities are also great and so awesome for organizing in your
kitchen drawers the little ones have held up awesome but these bigger ones a
couple of them have started to crack as you can see there but I still do have a
couple that haven’t cracked but just as a heads up I do have a couple of these
that have cracked they have tons of these at the Dollar Tree – these are
great to just stick in a drawer to organize things in and these ones
usually come in a two or three pack for a dollar if you guys have been here for
a while then you recognize these I have these up on the shelf in my laundry room
and I had some little chalkboard tags on them to just keep like cleaning cloths
in and stuff these are also great little baskets from the Dollar Tree Dollar Tree
does also have the collapsible storage containers and these are surprisingly
really good quality for being only a dollar they have these smaller flat more
rectangular ones and then they have these larger square ones I think the
larger square ones are new they usually had some smaller ones but they just came
out with these bigger ones this little desk organizer is over with the office
supplies at the Dollar Tree T’s are great to stick in the drawer of your
desk and keep all of your pens pencils paperclips
erasers all of the things you can keep organized in your desk drawer and if
you’re trying to organize your files then go to the Dollar Tree because they
have a ton of organizational items for organizing files they have folders I
already have one of these little file folders but I wanted to grab another one
just because they’re so great they have a couple of different colors in these
these are great for organizing receipts and other smaller things like that they
have little tabs that you can put labels on they have one for organizing coupons
and then larger ones for files so definitely go and check those out
okay so I’ve never saw these at the dollar true before these were in the
craft aisle and they had I think pink and blue in these I grabbed the pink one
for the boys because I thought this would be great to keep all of their
markers and pencils different things like that in here and this does seal
this little thing clicks up here so that they don’t fall out
okay so mixed in with the stickers at the Dollar Tree they do have packages of
labels that you can pick from this is a pack
fifteen these come in either blue or red I wish that they had these and just a
plain white these are great to put on the containers when you’re organizing
you did also have them in this gold color and there’s a couple of different
shapes in here there’s actually 50 labels in this package so that’s a
really good deal for a dollar okay so these are the last two containers and
then we’ll be done with this video we’ll start with this smaller one these two
containers I haven’t seen their before so that’s why I grabbed them this is a
great little container it seals up really well you could use this in so
many different spaces in your home the first idea that popped in my head for
these was to have a bunch of them stacked up inside of your big container
that you keep all of your Christmas decorations in you could put like
ornaments in these different things like that I love clear plastic containers
like this for storing items like that because then you can easily see what’s
in there if you’re looking for a certain ornament or you’re looking for a certain
thing needs to be great stacked up in a craft closet okay so this last container
I’ve never seen there before and this one I have seen though at like Target
and Walmart there are a couple of bucks at Target and Walmart and they seem like
the same quality and this one’s only a dollar at the Dollar Tree so definitely
grab a couple of these these types of containers are made so that you can
stack them on top of each other if you see the lid is indented about the same
width as the container so that you can easily stack them on top of each other
you can fit more into the space that you are storing them so again these will be
great for seasonal decoration storage or pretty much for any type of storage in
any closet in your home or cabinet only a dollar at the Dollar Tree
so I would definitely recommend these ones as well and I think that is going
to be it for this video if you want to see all the other organizational items
that Dollar Tree has then just head to your nearest Dollar Tree and just walk
the aisles and see what all they have it’s just a great place to go if you’re
wanting to organize your home for 2020 but you don’t want to spend a ton of
money on organization products also share down in the comments which of
these organization items was your favorite and how would you use these
items to organize in your home it’s always fun to read through all of your
ideas down below in the comments when you guys share how you would organize
with these it helps me out and it also helps
everyone else out who’s reading the comments so thank you guys so much for
watching I hope that you stick around and you can watch all the other videos
that I have over on my channel and if you enjoy my channel then please
consider subscribing and clicking that red button down below and I will see you
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    I use the small blue rectangular containers to hold clothes pins, dish sponges, and dishwasher pods.

  8. Another tip: if you're going to be needing multiples of certain items, check the website to see if you can do the pick and pack option on them. Usually about 4 of 1 item and it guarantees you to be able to get what you need! Love your videos! Thanks for sharing, Hannah!

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