DIY Mirror Decor | Large Silver Mirror DIY

DIY Mirror Decor | Large Silver Mirror DIY

Hi guys This is Lu-Ann Skaggs And welcome to the channel Last week you all had two projects to choose from This mirror And this vase And most of you all Chose this mirror So this week we’ll be making This mirror Now all the materials needed for this project Would be found in the description down below Now let’s get started Now to get started We’ll measure 24 1/2″ And that’s the center point of this tray Then we’ll mark or center point And cut it in half Music Now we’ll cut along this line Now to make it easier We’ll push down one side And this will make it easier to cut around the curve Now I’m using this flower mesh shape rap For the measurement And it’s about 3/4″ wide Now I cut two pieces of this flower mesh shape rap And all I’m going to do Is place one on one side And one on the other side And this would give me This sliding mechanism And I’ll be using this as the guide To cut out all the pieces Now guys if this is your first time here Consider Subscribing ✅😃. We have great videos like this Coming every Thursday Now if you all cannot find this trey You all could use poster boards And I found that working with the poster boards Made this project a lot easier to do And you could spray paint them In any color that you choose Now these are the amount of pieces I was able to get And this is what I had remaining Now I glued the pieces together like this Now this material is very smooth So I’m using these clothespins To keep them together Until we’re ready to put them together completely Now if you’re using the poster board This material is much easier to use You don’t need the clothespins Now we’ll continue gluing all of the pieces together Music Now we’ll take our three largest sizes And we’ll be gluing them together like this Music Now we’ll take our clothespin And we’ll keep all of them together Now we’ll take our three smaller sizes And we’ll repeat the same process Music Now we’ll take the pieces that we glue together Now I’ve stocked up some cardboard on my table And we’re going to make two holes Right in the center here Now you could use a hot knife Or whatever you have to make these holes It does not have to be a drill Now I’m using this wire That I picked up from the Dollar Tree And I’ve cut a piece I’ve made a u-shape And we’re going to stick that in between the holes And twist it So this would absolutely hold our pieces together Now these are the pieces that we would
have now this little one will be using this to make a necklace project coming
up very soon so stay tuned for that as well now we’ll be using this bling up
and we’ll be cutting it four by four and we’ll be gluing it right here to cover
up the wire and we’ll be using one of these flower mesh a prop in the middle now I’m using this Dollar Tree wire and
this wire is not that strong so you guys could choose a stronger wire now this
material you need to have this funded on this side and this side now if you’re
using this poster board you don’t have to do this step now we’ll take our wire
shape it our piece and then we’ll glue that in place now we’ll be cutting some
strips of paper and we’ll be using these to reinforce the wire now we’ll repeat the same process for
the other side now we’ll cut the excess wire about seven inches long now once we
have our two pieces we would take our pattern piece and we would lay it down
and we would place this point at this point now we would shape our wire to add
on our second piece now we will make sure that our smaller set is sanded all
the way up on the boot side now we would line up the pieces
and make sure we line up the top piece as well and then glue them all together
just like this and now that we have this part glued in place we could raise up
the top part and glue this in place as well now while we’re setting it in place
we want to make sure that this side is in the front now we’ll continue gluing
our paper the finish of this side now this is how it looks at the front
and it is perfectly study this holds up very nice and it looks like it’s
floating in mid-air now we’ll repeat the same process for the other side we will
line up our piece making sure that these points line up and we’ll place our piece
right here and line it up and glue it in place just like we did the other side now you could paint the back of this
block so it matches the rest of the piece now we’ll take our bling wrap and
we’ll cut nine rows by eight rows now we’ll take a piece of poster board cut
the size that we need and glue all Blumer up onto the poster board now we
will stick this slow machine wrap in the middle now we’ll take these coffee
filter sticks and we’ll cut them in half now we’ll stick the piece onto our
coffee filter sticks now we’ll glue three of our floor Machir up onto our
coffee filter sticks and cut off the excess now we will glue it in the middle
here and this is how it looks in the back now we will repeat the same process
for the both of them now this is how it looks after we are done putting it
together now we need nine of these four 13-inch mirror now we will take this and
we’ll glue it onto our coffee filter sticks now we will glue on our floor
mache bra and we need nine of these as well now we will get a piece of
cardboard and cut it the same size as all mirror now we’ll glue all pieces in
place making sure that this edge is of the cardboard now we’ll reinforce it
with people now we’ll repeat this process for all
the other pieces now we’ll take these pieces and we’ll glue them in the middle
here now we want to have them centered right around this area once we have
finished gluing on the pieces these portions would be raised more than these
so we are going to use these cardboard to fill in this pieces and also to give
these some more reinforcement now we will do that throughout the cardboard so
that we could glue on our mirror now we’ll glue a mirror in place now we’ll
take a piece of bling wrap six rows by five rows and we’ll stick this right
here to cover up these pieces now we’ll stick this floor machine wrap in the
middle and we’ll repeat this process for all of them now I’ll be filling in these
spaces at the side with the floor mushy Brock now to hang it on the wall I took
this 14 gauge wire I bent it like this and this is how I stuck it to the back
of the mirror now I use these cardboard here for reinforcement just to make sure
that this mirror isn’t going anywhere now this is how this mirror looks on the
wall I absolutely love this mirror guys it’s really gorgeous now some of you
guys voted for the base and we’ll be making that in next week so guys if you
all like this mirror and we’d like to recreate it let me know in the comment
section down below you know I love hearing from you guys thanks for taking
the time out to watch the video you have a blessed and awesome day now if you
like this video you may also like these as well
and don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe see you in the next one

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