DIY Decoration Paper Ball | Decoration thermocol paper ball | Home decor Idea | Festive decor idea |

Hello friends! You are watching Ankita Hobby Classes. Today we are making a decorated ball. For this, we need termocol ball, favicol glue, color paper and scissors. Cut the paper into small chits of same size. With help of a small chopstick piece, fold the paper chit like this. Using favicol glue, stick them on the thermocol ball …like this. Stick all chits the same like this all over the ball. Cut the edges to make the ball look perfectly round. Friends! if you are new to my channel, please subscribe, like and share. Please do not forget to comment. And also press the bell icon. For hanging, stick a thick thread end on the ball. What do you think about this decorated ball, do tell me. Will meet again in next video trying something new. Namaste!

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